GH Update Thursday 5/13/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/13/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Shirley waylays Helena in the corridor of General Hospital and tries to engage her in conversation. Helena tries to brush her off. Elizabeth sees them talking and tells Helena to get away from Shirley.

At Carlyís house, she tells Morgan that she brought his baseball glove home from Sonnyís, but he informs her that itís Michaelís glove. He tells her that Jax was there last night and waited a long time for her. She says she was at Sonnyís house last night and that they made a big decision about his future.

Sonny goes to the Haunted Star to see Luke. Luke says he heard about Michael. Sonny says the judge put Michael in prison for being his son, but he isnít here to talk about Michael; he is there to apologize for accusing Ethan for beating Kristina. Luke says Sonny did more than that; he nearly murdered Ethan. Sonny says it would have been a tragedy if Ethan had died. Luke says it would have been the beginning of the bloodshed because Luke would not have let Sonny live if he killed his son.

Sam comes down the stairs at Jasonís penthouse and finds him standing by the window. She wonders if he slept at all because every time she woke up he was looking at her. He tells her he was just taking her in and appreciating how amazing she is. She asks him why it feels like he is saying goodbye and he replies that he is.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth tells Helena that harassing her patients is crossing the line. Steve comes over and asks the women what is going on. Helena say Shirley accosted her when she was passing by and tried to sell her jewelry. She tells Steve to decide if he is running a hospital or a flea market. Elizabeth tells Steve that Helena has no business in the hospital and that she is sick of her circling like a vulture. Steve asks Elizabeth to take Shirley back to her room. He tells Helena that she can leave or he can call security to escort her out. Helena walks away. Elizabeth tells Shirley that Helena is the woman she was telling her about. Shirley admits that she knew who Helena was before she approached her and that she wanted to get a good look at her. Elizabeth asks Shirley to stay away from Helena because she doesnít want Helena to hurt Shirley to get a reaction out of Elizabeth. Shirley says she is terminal; Helena canít do anything to hurt her.

Diane Miller is in her office rehearsing her defense of Alexis in the trial for Keifer Bauerís death. She tells Alexis that with the extenuating circumstances, any judge will giver her community service and a suspended sentence. Alexis observes that it didnít work out that way for Michael Corinthos.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny tells Luke that he wasnít thinking straight when he went to the hospital and saw his little girl beaten. Luke says he understands that, but he doesnít understand why Sonny was unwilling to listen to reason or to hear the truth. He says Sonny was ready to put Ethan on a slab in the morgue, and he asks him how he can ever forgive him for that. Sonny says itís Karmic justice. He says he threatened to take the life of Lukeís son and now he is losing three of his.

At Carlyís house, she explains to Morgan that she and Sonny made a lot of mistakes and that it is their fault that Michael is in prison. Morgan protests that it is Dante and the judgeís fault. Carly says that she and Sonny should have done things differently as Michaelís parents and that they canít go back and change things but they can do things differently with Morgan. Morgan says he wonít go to prison. Carly tells him that they will make sure of that. She says Sonnyís business is too dangerous so Morgan wonít be seeing Sonny anymore. She tells him that Sonny canít be a part of his life until he is an adult and able to make his own decisions. Morgan whines that he is losing everyone. He says Michael is in prison, he has already lost Dante, and Jax says that he and Carly are divorcing. Carly says Jax loves Morgan. She tells him that they all want him to be safe.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Sam that he deal he made with Anthony Zacchara to protect Michael isnít enough. He say he has to go to prison too so that he can protect Michael. He says he is going to go to Claire Walsh and offer to plead guilty to any charge she likes on the condition that he will be Michaelís cellmate. Sam concedes that Michael is alone and scared and that Jason should be with Michael.

Nikolas goes to General Hospital and asks Steve why he asked him to come there after he insisted that he stay away from the hospital. Steve tells Nikolas that his grandmother is roaming the halls terrorizing Elizabeth and bothering patients. He says he doesnít want Nikolasís family undermining his ability to run the hospital efficiently. Nikolas tells Steve that this isnít about Helena; this is about Steve being unhappy about Nikolas being the father of Elizabethís baby. He suggests that Steve focus on running the hospital and let him and Elizabeth work out their differences.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny tells Luke that Dante hates him, Michael is in prison, and Carly wants him to give up Morgan. Luke says that maybe he and Sonny shouldnít have been fathers with the lives that they lead. He says the fallout of living outside of the law and being unable to walk away from a fight is bound to hit the kids sooner or later. Sonny says that after what happened to Michael, he canít blame Carly for wanting to keep Morgan away from him. Ethan enters. Sonny goes over to him and apologies for the threats and accusations. Ethan says he hopes thing work out for Kristina. The two of them shake hands.

Carly enters Claire Walshís office. Claire asks her what she wants. Carly says Claire sent her son away for five years she can at least give her five minutes. Claire says no one wanted Michael to go to prison. She says the only reason she wanted Michael in court was because she thought he was a witness. She says that if Carly and her entourage had been straight with her in the first place none of it would have happened.

At the penthouse, Sam says it isnít very comforting to have Anthony Zacchara as Michaelís protector. She adds that if anything happens to Johnny Zacchara, Anthony wonít protect Michael. She assures him that no matter how long he is gone, he will never lose her. He tells her how much he loves her and then he leaves to go see Claire.

At General Hospital, Helena goes up to Nikolas and thanks him. He tells her that if she is grateful for something he did, then perhaps he should not have done it. She tells him he defended her honor. He tells her that his putting Dr. Webber in his place was not approval of her behavior. He tells her to stop antagonizing Elizabeth. She denies antagonizing Elizabeth and says Elizabethís histrionics are just an attempt to gain mail attention. She warns him that Elizabeth is going to try to manipulate the child out of his life.

Shirley and Elizabeth go into a conference room and Shirley says itís the perfect place for a table sale of her jewelry. She says that if she falls on her face she will just pick herself up and try something else. Elizabeth says she should do the same thing with Lucky.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan and Luke are in the office discussing Lukeís search for Alcazarís hidden money. Tracy comes in and asks Luke about the charges from his trip to Hong Kong. He says they were legitimate business expenses. She asks him what kid of business he had in Hong Kong. He says the usual banking and investments, but she tells him she has no holdings in Hong Kong. Ethan interjects that Lorenzo Alcazar apparently did. Tracy concludes that Luke used her money to help Skye.

Sam goes to Alexisís office and asks her if she is ok, observing that she sounded weird on the phone. Alexis reminds her that her hearing on Keiferís accident is today. Alexis says she was looking at Kristina and Mollyís old birthday cards and realized she missed all of Samís birthdays. She hands her a stack of birthday cards for all the missed birthdays. She tells her that if things donít go well in court today, she wants Sam to take the girls. Sam says she doesnít anticipate that anything will go wrong, but she agrees to take the girls if something does. She says Alexis probably doesnít want the girls to be around Jason, but that it probably wonít be a problem.

At Sonnyís house, Sonny tells Jason that he saw Ethan and apologized to him about what happened with Kristina. He thanks Jason for preventing him from doing something that he would have regretted. Jason says he doesnít think his deal with Anthony to protect Michael is enough. Sonny says he has never trusted Anthony but he doesnít see another option. Jason says he is going to get himself into prison.

In Claireís office, she tells Carly that she came at her the way that she did because she had little respect for a woman that would cover for a man like Sonny Corinthos. Carly says Sonny is the father of her kids. Claire tells Carly that her first duty as their mother is to protect them from anything or anyone that threatens them, and being in the same room with Sonny puts those kids at risk. She says that she sees now that Carly wasnít lying for Sonny; she was just trying to protect her son. Carly says she doesnít want or need Claireís approval; she just wants her son out of prison. Claire says Jax is the best chance for getting Michael home.

At General Hospital, Nikolas asks Elizabeth what happened with Helena. Elizabeth says Helena was just her usual terrible self except that today she was also terrible to a terminal cancer patient. Elizabeth says it is time to send Helena away. Nikolas says he can keep a closer eye on her if she is in Port Charles. She tells him to keep a closer eye, then. He asks her if she might be overreacting. She asks him if he has forgotten his grandmotherís numerous crimes. She says she doesnít have the time or the energy to deal with his deranged grandmother. He suggests that the perceived threat is a way to get Luckyís attention. She tells him that she already has Luckyís attention and unlike Nikolas, Lucky wonít stand around and watch while Helena stalks her and her unborn child. She repeats that it is time to send Helena away. He tells her that he will deal with Helena the way that he sees fit. Elizabeth tells him that she intends to raise this child to be aware of the danger that the Cassadines represent even if the father is in denial about it. He tells her not to use history as a way to shut him out of his childís life. He warns her that he doesnít want to fight with her bur he will if he has to. Nikolas walks away. Elizabeth leaves a moment later. Helena reveals herself from her hiding place where she had been eavesdropping. Thor exits the elevator and Helena tells him everything is going as planned. He advises her that Tracy Quartermaine has been asking questions about the recently deceased lab technician.

In the office at the Haunted Star, Luke tells Tracy that Skye needed help so she came to him. She concludes that he and Skye took off together, but he tells her to check the receipts and she will confirm that he was alone. Tracy asks him if the plan was to find the Alcazar loot and then dump her. Luke says thatís ridiculous. Tracy tells him that he has had his eye on Skye since long before he tricked her into marrying him. Luke says he loves being married to Tracy and asks her if she doesnít love being married to him too. She tells him that she will not pay the freight so that he can run off with another meal ticket. She walks off. He yells behind her that that isnít whatís happening. Ethan apologizes to Luke. Luke asks him whatís happening to his discretion. He tells Ethan to do him a favor and never mention Skye and Luke in the same breath in front of Tracy.

In Alexisís office, Alexis asks Sam if she is ok. Sam says Alexis should probably focus on the hearing right now. They hug and Sam says they all love Alexis, they are proud of her, and they believe in her. Sam say Diane will make sure that Alexis doesnít go to prison so she will see her later.

Sonny tells Jason that he would be giving up a lot if he goes to prison. Jason says that when Michael was born he promised to give him a good life and keep him safe, but he has failed. He says he canít fail again. He says that they still need Anthony to keep Michael safe for now so he asks Sonny to lay off of Johnny. Sonny tells Jason that Carly asked him not to see Morgan anymore and he is agreeing to her terms. He says Morgan will grow up not knowing Sonny the way that Dante did. He says no kid should grow up not knowing that their father loves them. Jason says kids should grow up safe and Michael didnít but Morgan still can.

Tracy meets Helena at General Hospital and tells her that she is glad that she called because she wants to let her know that sheís kicking Luke to the curb and Helena can pick him up if she wants him. She tells Helena to get to the point quickly so she can get to Vegas and get a divorce. Thor comes up behind Tracy and Chloroforms her.

Carly goes to see Jax in his room at the Metro Court. She tells him that Morgan informed her that he came to see her last night. He tells her that he called all his contacts to set things into motion to get Michael released. He says that unfortunately, they are the same people who were gung-ho to send Sonny to prison.

Sonny goes to Carlyís house. Morgan answers the door and says he thought he wasnít going to see Sonny any more. Sonny says he wanted to come by to make sure that Morgan understood why. Morgan says Sonny doesnít want him to end up in prison like Michael did. Sonny assures Morgan that Michael will be fine. Morgan says Carly wants him to stay away from Sonny so that he will be safe. Sonny tells Morgan that if he wants to continue to spend time together, he will find a way to arrange it. Ď

Jason goes to Claire Walshís office. She asks him to make it quick if he is there to kill her. He tells her he is there to confess to anything that will get him sent to prison with Michael.

Diane and Alexis return to the office and Diane offers Alexis some warm champagne that she billed to Sonny to celebrate Alexis getting community service and a suspended sentence without a day in prison. Alexis says this isnít anything to celebrate because an 18-year-old boy is dead. Alexis calls home and tells Kristina that everything is ok and that she will bring pizza home. Kristina tells her to bring enough for Sam. When Alexis opens the door to leave, Warren Bauer is on the other side of the door. Observing the champagne that Alexis is holding, he says it isnít every day that you get away with murder. He informs them that they are initiating a civil suit alleging wrongful death. He says that since Alexis isnít going to prison for killing his boy, he will have to settle for taking her for every penny that she has.

At Carlyís house, Morgan gives Sonny Yankeeís tickets for a game in August. He says he got four tickets for the two on them, Dante, and Michael, but it doesnít look like that is going to be possible now. He says he hates Dante. Sonny tells him that he canít hate Dante. Morgan says Dante promised him that Michael wouldnít go to prison. Sonny tries to give the tickets back to Morgan, but Morgan tells him to take Max, Milo, and Bernie, but if he catches a foul ball, he has to give it to Morgan. Sonny says itís a deal.

In Jaxís room at the Metro Court, Carly says she appreciates anything Jax can do for Michael. Jax tells her not to act like he is doing her a favor; Michael is his stepson and he loves him as if he was his own. She just glares at him. He asks her how many ways he can say he is sorry. He concedes that she warned him that this could happen. He concludes that she will never forgive him. She tells him she needs him to do something for Morgan. He tells her that he will do anything for Morgan. She says she wants him to adopt Morgan and give him his name so that Sonny has no connection to him at all.

In Claireís office, she asks him if she understands correctly that Jason wants to go to prison so he can keep an eye on Michael. Jason says Michael doesnít belong in prison and they both know that he isnít a killer. She says Claudia Corinthos might disagree. Jason says Michael was protecting his mother and sister. Claire tells him that he isnít the first person to ask her to have him arrested. She says Olivia Falconari thought he was going to go after her son. Jason says he wants the same sentence that Michael got and the condition of the plea is that he serves his time by Michaelís side. Claire says Michael got put away because all of them including her tried to game the system. She says they already pissed off one judge and they donít know what the next judge will do. He tells her to do the right thing, charge him with something, and send him to prison so he can protect Michael.

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