GH Update Wednesday 5/12/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/12/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Jax and Claire meet at the Metro Court restaurant. Claire is surprised that Jax showed up. Claire wants to help Michael. Claire urges Jax to call some contacts. Claire names two appeal judges who would be more lenient toward Michael. Claire feels sorry for Michael. Claire wants to be pro-active in helping Michael.

At the Queen of Angels Church, Olivia advises Sonny to remain hopeful about Michael’s future. Olivia suggests praying for Michael. Olivia maintains that Michael is all that matters now. Sonny worries that Michael will be labeled a murderer. Sonny assumes that his children are better off without him. However, Sonny has no idea how to walk away from them. Sonny brings up Olivia’s decision to raise Dante on her own. Olivia insists that Dante was brought up around good male influences. Olivia reminds Sonny that Dante never knew violence as a child. Sonny doesn’t know what to do in regards to his kids. Sonny speaks of the time when Carly took Michael and Morgan from him. Sonny wants to protect his children but is hesitant to say goodbye to them. Olivia holds Sonny’s hand in hers. They kneel down and pray.

At the loft, Lulu suggests to Dante that they go for a walk to blow off some steam. Dante doesn’t want to leave his place. Lulu insists that Dante had no control over the outcome of the sentencing. Lulu says that Dante had “pure motives” when he turned in Michael. Dante is disappointed that the judge didn’t rule in Michael’s favor. Dante wants to correct his mistakes regarding Michael. Lulu says that she’ll stick by Dante no matter what. Dante and Lulu discuss Michael’s appeal. Dante thinks it is impossible for the ruling to be reversed. They both concur that someone influential has to speak on behalf on Michael. Lulu brings up the Quartermaines and Edward’s fondness for Michael. Dante decides to contact Claire. Dante is convinced that Claire feels responsible for Michael’s predicament. Dante hurries out the door to meet with Claire.

At home, Carly tells Jason that Dante will pay for Michael’s current situation. Jason thinks it’s a bad idea for Carly to seek revenge on Dante and Lulu. Jason knows that Carly ends up getting hurt everytime she tries to mess with someone’s life. Jason asserts that he’ll take care of Dante. Jason implies that Dante will “disappear”. Carly is resolute that Dante cannot be killed for two reasons – he’s a cop and Sonny’s son. Jason makes it clear that Dante’s body would never be found. Carly asks Jason to back off Dante. Carly promises to “dismantle” Dante. Carly doesn’t care how Lulu is affected. Jason agrees to Carly’s request.

Patrick returns home. Robin is sitting in the living room. Robin is surprised to see Patrick since he was supposed to be working. Patrick mentions that he left work after his last surgery. Patrick is worried about Michael. Robin is looking at an old diary with journal entries about Stone. Robin comments that it’s been a while since she looked through the diary. Robin is sentimental since she was eighteen when Stone died. Since Michael is eighteen now, Robin worries how Michael will be affected by his stay in prison. Patrick speaks of Emma and her future. Robin and Patrick hope that Emma won’t have problems like Michael. They agree that they will support Emma one way or the other. Patrick thinks that he and Robin should go to Jake’s. Robin doesn’t feel up to it. Robin wants to be alone. Patrick respects Robin’s wishes.

Lisa runs into Steven at Jake’s. Steven admits that he has missed Lisa. Lisa wants to go out with Steven again. Lisa mentions their concert date. Lisa asks Steven why he’s single. Steven speaks of his former relationship with a pharmaceutical rep. Steven says that they lived together for a year. Patrick interrupts the conversation. Rudely, Lisa tells Patrick that she and Steven are in the middle of something. Patrick feels awkward so he walks away. Lisa apologizes for the interruption. Steven continues talking about his failed relationship. Steven recalls wanting to propose to his girlfriend. Lisa listens intently. Lisa thinks that Steven is “romantic”. Steven blurts out that he was too late in proposing since his best friend and girl were already engaged. Lisa senses that this is a touchy subject for Steven. Lisa comments that she’s very territorial when it comes to relationships. Steven wonders if Lisa is talking about someone in particular. Nearby, Patrick and Coleman talk about Lisa and Steven. Coleman confides that the two have been flirting back and forth all night. Patrick tells Coleman that he doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Patrick storms out of the bar.

Dante and Claire talk at the MC restaurant. Claire is about to leave but Dante brings up Michael’s release. Claire fears that Dante will orchestrate a prison break. Dante laughs at the idea. Claire tells Dante that he needs some influence in regards to Michael’s case. Claire suggests that Dante talk to Jax. Dante asks Claire if there are any loopholes to consider. Claire says that there are none. Dante criticizes the court system. Claire tells Dante that he needs to “grow up”. Dante acknowledges the harsh reality of being Sonny’s kid. Dante wishes that Michael wasn’t paying the price for being a Corinthos. Claire believes that Dante is naïve. Dante claims that he’ll do anything for Michael. Dante suggests that Claire call Michael as a witness to another trial. Claire doesn’t like the idea. Dante wants Michael to be transferred out of Pentonville. Claire knows that the judge would never allow it. Dante figures that Claire only cares about her reputation. Claire reminds Dante that he could have saved Michael if he would have told the truth about his own shooting. Claire blames Dante for Michael’s lockup.

Carly shows up at Sonny’s house. Carly wants to update Sonny on Michael’s transfer. Sonny pours Carly a drink. Sonny figures that Carly wants to yell at him for messing up Michael’s life. Strangely, Carly confides that she is to blame as much as Sonny. Carly realizes that she and Sonny were too “arrogant” about the trial. Carly worries that they raised Michael wrong and failed miserably at parenting. Carly wishes that Michael wasn’t paying for their mistakes. Carly brings up Elizabeth. Carly recalls the time when Liz turned to Jason, which made Carly run right into Sonny’s arms. Sonny admits that he wanted to sleep with Carly since the very beginning. Sonny says that he lied repeatedly to be with Carly. Sonny has regrets since he broke his promise – Michael and Morgan weren’t safe. Carly discloses that she knew the whole time that Sonny was lying but chose to ignore his way of life anyway. Carly and Sonny admit that they bring out the worst in each other. Carly acknowledges that she and Sonny are a lot alike. Sonny fears that he is the worst thing that happened to Carly. Sonny tells Carly that she is the only one who really understands him. Carly leans over and kisses Sonny.

Jason returns home. Sam is blowing out birthday candles. Molly is sitting next to Sam. Jason realizes that he has forgotten it is Sam’s birthday. Molly thinks that Jason is just kidding. Sam defends Jason by saying he has been concerned about Michael. Sam tells Jason that they’ll celebrate later. Molly inquires about Michael’s safety in prison. Jason feels sorry that he let Michael down. Jason believes that his own choices led to Michael’s conviction. Molly is very observant. Molly tells Jason that best intentions aren’t always enough. Molly insists that people can’t change fate. Sam smiles at her sister. Sam comments that Molly is very wise for such a young person.

Lulu speaks to the Quartermaines about Michael. In their living room, Edward says that his hands are tied since Michael is a Corinthos. Edward knows that he was right about Sonny this entire time. Tracy pipes in that she made some phone calls. Tracy asks Lulu how she’s coping. Lulu insists that she’s fine but Tracy senses the opposite. Tracy tells Lulu that she’d be better off without Dante. Lulu defends Dante. Tracy feels that Dante is just like his father.

Patrick returns home from Jake’s. Patrick inquires about Emma. Robin says that Emma is sleeping. Patrick is surprised to see that Robin is still reading from her diary. Robin reminisces about Stone’s last days. Robin can’t believe that it has been five years since she looked at the entries. Robin stands up and tells Patrick that she’ll make him some food. Patrick glances over at the diary.

Lulu and Dante return to the loft. Both admit that their visits with Claire and the Quartermaines were unproductive. Dante vents about Claire’s criticism of his choices. However, Dante agrees with Claire’s opinion. Dante knows that he failed terribly at protecting Michael. Dante wishes that his emotions hadn’t gotten in the way of his undercover work. Lulu is puzzled since she thought Dante hated Sonny. Dante admits that he is still dealing with his father issues. Dante thinks it is ironic that his father turned out to be Sonny Corinthos. Dante fears that Michael will never forgive him.

Sam returns to the penthouse after bringing Molly home. Jason apologizes again for forgetting Sam’s birthday. Sam isn’t mad. Jason tells Sam that he loves her. Jason is stressing over Michael’s situation. Sam maintains that everyone played a part in Michael’s prison sentence, including Michael himself. Jason asks Sam to explain. Sam reminds Jason that Michael didn’t have to confess to Claudia’s death. Jason says that Michael is just a kid. Jason is blaming himself for this mess.

Jax and Morgan return to the Jacks home. There is no sign of Carly. Jax and Morgan both apologize to each other. Morgan tells Jax that he is forgiven for all of his lies. Morgan is certain that Carly will forgive Jax, too. Jax mentions that he and Carly might be getting a divorce.

After making love, Carly and Sonny talk about their volatile relationship. Carly thinks it is crazy how she and Sonny always end up in bed together. Sonny compares their sex to a “drug”. Carly tells Sonny that she doesn’t want to hurt him. Carly wants to protect Morgan so she asks Sonny to stay away from him. Sonny has tears in his eyes. After they are fully dressed, Carly reminds Sonny that he gave up his parental rights to Morgan. Carly thinks that Morgan still has a chance at a normal life. Sonny is glad that Carly made the decision for him. Sonny thanks Carly. Carly assumes that Sonny is talking about the sex. Sonny laughs nervously. Sonny says that he’s thankful that Carly stopped Jason from coming after Dante.

At the penthouse, Sam and Jason talk about the deal with Anthony. Jason hopes that Anthony will remain loyal. However, Jason knows that Michael isn’t completely protected on the inside. Jason makes a decision to do whatever it takes to make sure Michael’s safe.

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