GH Update Tuesday 5/11/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/11/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Anthony pays Michael a visit in Pentonville. Anthony asks Michael if he recognizes him. Michael says that Anthony is Claudia and Johnny’s father. Anthony feels sorry for Michael’s predicament. Anthony knows that Michael is looking at a death sentence since he is a Corinthos. Anthony reassures Michael that he has an ally in Pentonville. Anthony believes that Michael feels “uneasy” in prison. Anthony confides that he will be protecting Michael. Michael is hesitant to believe Anthony since he loathes Sonny. Anthony feels that Sonny should pay for Claudia. Anthony speaks harshly of his daughter, and says that Claudia was a “disgrace” to the family. Anthony asks Michael how old he is. Anthony says that Michael has his whole life in front of him. Michael realizes that Jason made a deal with Anthony. Anthony says that Jason needs to be careful since Johnny is unpredictable. Anthony threatens that Michael will be “fresh meat” to the other prisoners if something happens to Johnny.

At Johnny’s place, Jason speaks of the deal he made with Anthony. Johnny thinks it is comical that Jason can’t come after him. Jason advises Johnny to lay low for now. Johnny speaks highly of Anthony’s loyalty. Johnny is resolute that Sonny, not Michael, should be in prison for Claudia’s death. Jason senses that Johnny is coming after Sonny. Johnny admits the truth – he wants to destroy Sonny. Jason is mad that Johnny has a vendetta against Sonny. Johnny asserts that Sonny needs to pay for his crimes.

At the Corinthos home, Lulu begs Sonny to speak to Jason on Dante’s behalf. Lulu fears that Jason will kill Dante. Sonny knows that Jason won’t back off Dante. Sonny is still in shock about Michael’s prison sentence. Lulu claims that Dante is a wreck over Michael. Sonny says that Jason stepped aside so he could raise Michael. Lulu points out that Sonny needs to stop the violence. Lulu convinces Sonny to get Jason to back off. Sonny agrees to speak to Jason but won’t guarantee anything.

At the loft, Carly points a gun at Dante. Carly warns that Jason is coming after Dante. Surprisingly, Carly hands the gun to Dante, claiming that he’ll need it for protection against Jason. Dante thinks that the gun is useless since Jason will stop at nothing to have him killed. Carly insists that Dante can stop Jason. Dante criticizes his own actions in regards to Michael. Dante admits that he made an arrogant decision to turn in Michael. Carly makes it known that it’s too late for apologies. Carly and Dante know that Jason is seeking vengeance. Carly hates Dante’s behavior but maintains that she is to blame for Michael’s current situation. Carly regrets getting involved with Sonny when Michael was an infant. Carly says that she ignored the violence in Sonny’s world. Carly feels to blame for exposing Michael to mob life. Carly confides that Olivia was smart for not allowing Sonny in Dante’s life. Dante is surprised by Carly’s confession. Carly says that she’s mad at Dante but is most angry with herself. Carly tells Dante that he had good intentions, and praises him for his kindness toward Morgan. Dante comments that Morgan is a “great kid”. Dante fears that Morgan won’t forgive him for not helping Michael. Dante is mad at himself since he assumed Michael would get a suspended sentence. Carly tells Dante that he can’t blame himself. Carly reassures Dante that she’ll talk to Jason. Carly promises Dante that he’s safe.

Lucky shows up at Jake’s. Lucky speaks to Coleman about Michael’s transfer to Pentonville. Coleman says that Michael’s conviction has been on all the news channels. Coleman wishes that he could have stayed on the jury because he thought Sonny was innocent. Lucky feels that the court system let Michael down. Coleman agrees that life can be unfair. Lucky asks for a scotch. Coleman pours Lucky a drink. Lucky stares at the liquor just as Maxie shows up. Maxie wonders if having a drink is a good idea. Lucky doesn’t answer Maxie. Maxie brings up Elizabeth, which makes Lucky cringe. Lucky grabs his scotch and heads for a table. Lucky confides to Maxie that he feels like he’s becoming a “drone”. Lucky is visibly upset about Michael. Lucky wishes that he would have listened to Jason. Maxie tells Lucky that Sonny, Carly, and Jason are most to blame for Michael’s conviction. Lucky makes the decision not to drink the scotch. Maxie suggests that they play pool. Lucky gets a phone call from Liz, who wants him to meet her and the boys at Kelly’s. Lucky is rude by quickly stating that he has other plans. Elizabeth can hear Maxie in the background. Lucky says that he’ll see the boys tomorrow. Elizabeth is irritated that Lucky doesn’t have time for her.

Carly returns home. Carly reads a note left by Morgan. There is a knock on the door. It’s Lulu. Carly ignores Lulu. Carly is holding a picture frame containing a baby photo of Michael. Lulu finally breaks the silence. Lulu apologizes for Michael’s prison sentence. Carly is irritated that Lulu showed up on Dante’s behalf. Lulu justifies Dante’s actions by saying that he wanted the best for Michael. Lulu is baffled as to why the judge didn’t see things Dante’s way. Lulu begs Carly to stop Jason from coming after Dante. Carly blurts out that she just saw Dante and promised him that he’s safe. Carly admits that Lulu was right about Michael. Carly says that she, Sonny, and Jason are most to blame for Michael’s predicament. Carly apologizes for chewing out Lulu and Dante at the courthouse. Lulu is relieved to hear that Carly doesn’t hate her. Lulu thanks Carly for being understanding. Lulu starts sobbing as she confides that this has been bothering her. Carly says that they are working on Michael’s appeal. Lulu and Carly hug. Lulu thanks Carly for the heartfelt chat. After Lulu leaves, Carly has a vindictive look on her face.

Olivia goes to Dante’s loft. Olivia asks how Dante is doing. Dante feels that he “betrayed” Michael, and admits that he is a “traitor”. Olivia tells Dante that he shouldn’t be so hard on himself. Dante knows that Michael is vulnerable in prison. Olivia tries to reassure Dante that he did all he could to help Michael. Dante speaks of his earlier conversation with Carly. Dante is amazed that Carly admitted to the mistake of allowing Sonny in Michael’s life. Olivia is shocked that Carly commended her decision to raise Dante alone. Dante relays that he’s protected from Jason. Olivia senses that something’s eating at Dante. Dante feels torn up over Michael. Olivia wants her son to stop blaming himself. Olivia reminds Dante that he has no influence over Judge Carroll.

Jason and Sonny speak in the Corinthos living room. Jason confides that Anthony is willing to work with them under one condition – Johnny is off-limits. Sonny doesn’t like the idea. Jason is adamant that Johnny is “untouchable”. Sonny is annoyed that Johnny can do whatever he wants. Jason urges Sonny to consider Michael. Jason tells Sonny to back off Johnny. Sonny says he will but he needs something from Jason – “leave Dante alone”. Sonny makes it clear that he doesn’t like Dante’s choices but he is still his son. Jason is furious with Dante. Jason can’t understand why Sonny is defending Dante. Jason implies that actions speak louder than words in reference to Dante’s decision to turn in Michael. Sonny wonders what would happen to Michael if Dante was killed. Jason changes the subject. Jason asks Sonny if he saw Michael before his transfer to Pentonville. Sonny shakes his head no. Sadly, Jason informs Sonny that he didn’t see Michael, either. Jason walks out. Sonny sits down at his desk.

Elizabeth walks into Jake’s. Elizabeth cringes at the sight of Lucky and Maxie playing pool. Elizabeth confronts Maxie. Liz figures that Maxie wants Lucky to get drunk. Lucky shows Elizabeth that he’s only drinking root beer. Before Liz can apologize, Maxie makes it clear that she isn’t welcome. Maxie speaks harshly of Elizabeth’s decision to sleep with Nikolas. Elizabeth says that Maxie shouldn’t judge since she pretended to be pregnant at one time. Lucky intervenes and says that Maxie stopped him from taking a drink tonight. Lucky maintains that he doesn’t need a babysitter. Elizabeth wants Lucky to stop worrying about Helena. Lucky claims that Helena is dangerous. Elizabeth says that she doesn’t need protection from Helena. Elizabeth storms out of Jake’s. Maxie tells Lucky that she’s proud of him for standing up to Elizabeth.

Sonny goes to church. Olivia is praying in one of the pews. Olivia tells Sonny that she’s praying for Michael’s safety and his release from prison. Sonny feels terrible that he can’t fix this. Sonny admits that he’s “helpless”. Olivia speaks of her visit with Dante. Olivia divulges to Sonny that Carly wishes that she hadn’t allowed him to be Michael’s father. Olivia says that Carly promised that Dante will be protected from Jason. Sonny feels solely responsible for Michael’s situation. Sonny mentions that Olivia was right when she said that he is “poison” to his children. Olivia compliments Sonny on his fatherly love. Sonny feels that he was trying to prove something to himself. Sonny comes to the conclusion that his children are better off without him.

Jason appears on Carly’s doorstep. Carly talks about her earlier chat with Dante. Jason worries that Carly would have shot Dante. Carly laughs in response. Carly tells Jason that she was very convincing when she talked to Dante. Carly hates Dante but doesn’t want him to know this. Carly is disgusted by Lulu’s support of Dante. Carly feels that Lulu is disloyal. Carly is resolute that Jason needs to stay away from Dante and Lulu. Carly wants to get her own revenge on the couple. Jason asks about Michael. Carly says that Michael is “brave” and a “hero” for saving Josslyn. Carly wonders why this is happening to Michael. Jason insists that it isn’t God’s fault. Carly speaks of her last visit with Michael. Carly starts bawling. Jason hugs Carly.

Lulu returns to Dante’s loft. Lulu is relieved that she got through to Carly. Dante is impressed. Lulu tells Dante that she loves him. They hug. Dante thanks Lulu for standing by him. Lulu feels like things will get better now that Carly has forgiven them. Dante’s only concern is Michael’s safety. Dante wishes that he could get Michael out of prison.

Michael spends his first night in prison.

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