GH Update Monday 5/10/10

General Hospital Update Monday 5/10/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

The courtroom is silent after Michael’s sentencing concludes. Carly and Sonny look devastated. Mayor Floyd is ignored by Jax, who quickly vacates the premises. Jason consoles a grief-stricken Carly. Jason escorts Carly out of the courtroom. In the lobby, Carly tells Jason that Michael’s conviction is Dante’s fault. Jason advises Carly to calm down. Jason says that Michael is the only thing that matters now. Kristina, Morgan, and Molly are eavesdropping from nearby. Jason tells Carly that she needs to go to the police station and speak with Michael. Jason wants Carly to reassure Michael that he’ll get through prison. Jason promises that Michael will be protected in prison. Carly is doubtful that she’ll be able to accept Michael being in prison. Jason says that Carly needs to take care of Michael. Carly and Jason leave the area together.

At the police station, Mac walks up to Lucky, who is making a phone call. Mac asks Lucky to take care of a prisoner’s transport to Pentonville. Lucky is shocked to hear that the prisoner is Michael. Lucky agrees to help with the transfer. Mac thanks Lucky for helping Michael.

In the courtroom, Lulu suggests to Dante that they should leave. Johnny pipes in that Dante allowed Sonny to walk. Johnny chews out Dante in front of Lulu, Olivia, and Sonny. Sonny is sitting in the gallery. Johnny makes it known that Dante protected Sonny once again. Johnny criticizes Dante for his behavior. Lulu defends Dante. Johnny ignores Lulu’s words. Johnny asserts that Dante’s only concern is protecting Sonny. Olivia asks Johnny to be quiet. Johnny believes that Claudia deserved better. Johnny feels terrible that Michael is going to prison for Claudia’s death. Sonny intervenes and asks for everyone to leave so he can consult with Diane. As Dante, Lulu, Olivia, and Johnny are leaving the courtroom, Morgan shows up unexpectedly. Morgan confronts Dante about his promise to Michael. Morgan wishes that Dante was dead. Lulu and Olivia are in shock. Sonny butts in and says that Morgan doesn’t mean what he’s saying. Kristina enters the conversation and calls Dante “disgusting”. Kristina, Morgan, and Molly all believe that Dante let Michael down. The argument escalates to more verbal attacks. Kristina tells Sonny that she, Morgan, and Molly are going to the police station to visit Michael. Sonny doesn’t like the idea but Kristina ignores his wishes. Everyone leaves the courtroom except for Sonny, Diane, and Claire. Sonny is irritated that Claire won’t go. Sonny asks Diane how to fix the problem with Michael.

Carly goes to the police station where she runs into Lucky. Lucky apologizes for not allowing Jason to get Michael out of the country. Carly doesn’t want Lucky to blame himself. In fact, Carly feels only one person got Michael into this mess – Dante.

In the courtroom, Sonny urges Diane to look for a technicality in Michael’s case. Sonny brings up a friend in Albany who owes him a favor. Sonny thinks that Dante’s testimony should have positively influenced the judge’s sentencing. Diane argues that Judge Carroll didn’t have to listen to Dante. Diane figures that the Corinthos name tends to leave a bad taste in people’s mouths. Sonny insists that he has the money and means for Michael’s appeal. Sonny begs Diane to get Michael released. Sonny is desperate to help his son. Diane assumes that nothing will help. Claire pipes in with a suggestion. Sonny wonders why Claire would want to help. Claire says that Diane can use Michael’s brain injury as a way to show the court that he wasn’t thinking clearly when he confessed. Claire realizes that she and Diane made a mockery of the court system. Diane acknowledges that Claire’s idea might work. Sonny asks Claire why she cares about Michael’s predicament. Claire admits that her intention was for Sonny to go to prison, not Michael. Claire doesn’t want a teenager to suffer.

Michael enters the interrogation room wearing an orange prison uniform. Michael hugs Carly. Carly apologizes for the mess Michael is in. Carly wishes that she would have known sooner that Michael would confess before allowing his father to go to prison. Carly says that she and Michael are a lot alike. Carly mentions that they are both survivors and can persevere through anything. Carly speaks of her pregnancy with Michael. Carly feels that Michael “deserves better parents”. Michael disagrees with Carly’s reasoning. Carly promises that Michael won’t be in prison for two years. Carly says that Jason is “making arrangements” for Michael’s protection. Michael inquires about seeing Sonny before the transfer. Michael believes that he should pay for what happened to Claudia. However, Michael insists that he only killed Claudia to save his sister and mom. Carly holds Michael’s hand.

Lulu wants to leave the courthouse. Dante says that he wants to talk to Sonny. Dante knows that he screwed up. Dante wishes that he hadn’t failed Michael. Lulu reassures Dante that it isn’t his fault that Judge Carroll didn’t see things his way. Lulu tells Dante that she loves him. Lulu leaves just as Sonny is walking out of the courtroom. Sonny glances at Dante. Sonny makes it clear that he has nothing to say to Dante. Dante ignores Sonny’s words. Dante tells Sonny that they are both to blame for Michael’s current situation. Dante figures that Judge Carroll wanted Michael to break away from Sonny. Dante wishes that he hadn’t tried to play God with Michael’s future. Dante feels that he should have come clean about his shooting – that Sonny was responsible. Sonny confides that he feels most to blame for Michael’s prison sentence.

At the Metro Court bar, Jax sits down to have a drink. Skye is close by. Skye senses that the sentencing didn’t go well. Jax confides that Michael received a five-year prison sentence. Skye cringes at the news. Jax feels that his own life is over. Skye maintains that Jax needs to fight for the kids. Skye adds that Carly needs Jax. Jax figures that Carly doesn’t want anything to do with him. Skye asserts that Jax needs to step up and help his stepson. Jax agrees with Skye that Morgan needs his support or he’ll turn to Sonny. Jax thanks Skye for her advice.

Nearby, Diane walks up to Max, who is seated at a table. Max speaks of taking Michael fishing since he is under the assumption that Michael will have a suspended sentence. Diane informs Max that Michael is headed to prison. Max can’t believe it. Diane praises Michael’s testimony on the stand. Diane feels that Judge Carroll ruled so harshly because the trial was a “sham”. Diane is sickened that everyone is paying for this, especially Michael. Max is remorseful because of his arrest in the Caribbean. Max doesn’t think that he protected Michael. Diane feels partly to blame for Michael’s situation since she knew Sonny was innocent of killing Claudia. However, Diane thinks that Sonny is largely responsible for Michael being in prison. Diane brings up that she makes a lot of money by defending Sonny. Diane is troubled by the fact that Michael is suffering.

Kristina, Morgan, and Molly arrive at the police station. Carly is happy to see them. Michael hugs his siblings. Morgan is crying. Michael sits down in the interrogation room. Molly thinks that the whole situation is terrible. Carly says that Jason is making some calls. Morgan makes it known that he won’t be watching any more Yankees games. Michael comforts Morgan by saying that he’ll be able to watch baseball on TV from Pentonville. The brothers agree to watch the games from different locations and continue to root for the Yankees. Unbeknownst to them, Lulu shows up at the police station. Lulu talks to Lucky about speaking to Carly. Lucky suggests that it is bad timing. Lulu says that it is important that she talk to Carly. Lucky disagrees. Lulu fears that Dante will be killed in retaliation. Lulu leaves the police station. Mac hands Lucky some chains for Michael’s transport. Everyone watches as Lucky puts the shackles on Michael. Michael says that he’ll keep in touch by e-mail since Pentonville probably has a library. Lucky reassures everyone that he’ll help Michael get settled into his prison cell. Michael hugs Kristina. Kristina says that she loves Michael. Molly hugs Michael, and says that he’s like a brother to her. Morgan advises Michael to pretend he’s “invisible” if he gets scared. Michael announces that he loves everyone in the room. Carly tells Michael to “be brave”. Carly hugs her son before he is escorted out of the room. Michael smiles at Carly, Kristina, Molly, and Morgan. Carly is an emotional wreck.

Ethan is summoned to Johnny’s apartment. Johnny is adamant that he is going to take Sonny down. Johnny relays that Michael confessed to Claudia’s death. Ethan feels sorry for Michael. Johnny figures that Sonny will be so consumed with grief that his organization will be vulnerable. Johnny knows that Sonny will lay low for now. Johnny asks Ethan for his help. Ethan feels that Johnny isn’t looking at this from a business viewpoint – he wants vengeance. Ethan declines the offer for the moment.

Jason pays Anthony a visit in prison. Anthony is amused that Jason has come to see him. Jason speaks of Michael’s five-year prison sentence. Anthony is outraged since he wanted Sonny to go to prison for killing Claudia. Jason wants a guarantee that Michael will be protected in Pentonville. Anthony comments that Michael is a “basketful of goodies” in prison. Anthony is smug until Jason tells him to shut up. Jason suggests a deal – if Michael is protected on the inside, he won’t come after Johnny. Jason relays that Johnny has been tampering with Corinthos shipments lately. Jason reminds Anthony that he hasn’t come after Johnny. Jason begs Anthony to accept the deal. Anthony laughs which angers Jason. Before he agrees, Anthony wants to make sure that Johnny is protected from the cops, as well as Corinthos’ enemies. Anthony implies that Jason be Johnny’s bodyguard on the outside. Anthony wants Sonny to back off. Anthony tells Jason that the deal is over if Sonny goes after Johnny.

Lulu shows up at Sonny’s house. Sonny is irritated that Lulu is sticking by Dante. Lulu defends Dante once again. Lulu feels that Michael shouldn’t have to pay for killing Claudia. Sonny thinks that Michael is a hero for saving Carly and Josslyn. Lulu asks for Sonny’s help with Dante. Lulu is worried that Sonny will have Dante killed. Sonny is furious with Dante but doesn’t want him dead. However, Sonny implies that Jason might feel differently about Dante.

Jason pays Johnny a visit at home. Johnny figures that Jason wants him dead. Jason thanks Johnny for his warm words about Michael at the trial. Jason speaks of his deal with Anthony. Johnny smiles and comments that his “job just got easier”.

Dante returns home. Dante takes out his gun and holster, and throws his badge on the table.

Jax returns home. Jax finds Kristina, Morgan, and Molly in the living room. Jax inquires about Carly’s whereabouts. Morgan says that Carly is on her way home. Morgan makes it clear that Jax isn’t welcome. Jax says that he tried everything he could to protect Michael. Morgan is sad because Jax lied. In fact, Morgan admits that he hates Jax as much as he hates Dante. Jax is hurt by Morgan’s words. Kristina pipes in and says that it is actually Sonny’s fault for Michael’s situation.

Michael is escorted into Pentonville’s visitor's area. Michael is frightened to see Anthony walk in. Anthony laughs at the sight of Michael.

Carly walks into Dante’s loft. Dante is staring at his gun. Carly mentions that Dante should consider a job change. Carly picks up Dante’s gun and points it in his direction.

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