GH Update Wednesday 5/5/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/5/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Lulu are stretched out on the couch in his loft. Lulu tells Dante that he did the right thing for Michael. Dante figures that one night in lockup won’t hurt Michael. Lulu suggests ordering a pizza. Dante announces that he has a surprise for Lulu. Lulu closes her eyes. Dante produces a large block of parmesan cheese. Lulu laughs nervously. Lulu inquires about the dinner menu. Dante wants to make “pasta for lovers”. Lulu insists that she’s a terrible cook. Dante offers to teach Lulu. Lulu feels overwhelmed by the situation. Dante reassures Lulu that everything is okay. Dante kisses Lulu.

Jax is sitting at the bar in the Metro Court restaurant. Skye walks up to Jax. Jax is preoccupied. Jax confides that his life is a complete mess. Skye sits down. Skye is shocked about Michael’s confession. Jax regrets covering up Claudia’s death. Jax speaks of Josslyn and how Michael saved her from Claudia. Jax wishes that Jason hadn’t already destroyed the evidence. Jax explains that the best person to blame was Sonny. Skye asks why Michael confessed to the crime. Jax laughs and says that Michael was protecting his father. Jax feels it was a mistake to bring in Claire Walsh. Jax says that Claire had no idea that Michael was the killer, not the witness. Jax says that Claire convinced Dante to find Michael. Jax has no clue what Dante will do next. Skye believes that Jax’s motives were pure. Jax speaks of visiting Michael when he was in a coma. Jax realizes that he didn’t protect Michael. Jax doesn’t want a divorce. Skye suggests that Jax be proactive about his life. Jax knows that Carly is stubborn. Jax worries that Carly will never forgive him. Jax wants the children safe. Skye thinks that Jax needs to stop wasting energy on Sonny. Skye mentions that Michael needs Jax’s support.

Michael is sobbing in his jail cell. Jason shows up for a visit. Michael stands up to face Jason. Michael makes it clear that Sonny cannot know that he was crying. Jason blames himself for the situation with Michael. Jason asks Michael what he needs from him. Michael apologizes for confessing, and admits that he didn’t think about the fallout. Michael divulges that Dante helped him through the booking process. Michael is sure that Sonny wouldn’t have survived in prison. Jason suggests that Michael forget about his present state and concentrate on a happy memory – whale watching in Mexico. Michael recalls the white beaches and sunny skies from their vacation. Michael insists that he’ll make it through this. Jason isn’t convinced.

At his apartment, Olivia and Johnny are talking about Claudia. Johnny recalls a childhood memory when he fell into the rose bushes and ended up covered in thorns. Johnny says that the guard wouldn’t stop laughing at him. Olivia listens intently. Johnny relays that Claudia broke the guard’s nose to shut him up. Olivia comments that Johnny did all he could for Claudia. Johnny is adamant that Sonny needs to pay. Johnny pours some wine. Johnny thinks that Olivia likes bad boys. Johnny apologizes for not being a nice guy. Johnny is annoyed that he couldn’t get justice for Claudia. Johnny wishes that Sonny wasn’t free. Johnny asks Olivia to spend the night. Olivia hesitates to answer.

Dante asks Lulu to chop the tomatoes for the meal. Lulu is struggling with the knife, which amuses Dante. Dante shows Lulu how to dice the tomatoes. Lulu assumes that Olivia taught Dante how to cook. Dante says that he learned by himself. Dante implies that Lulu was a challenge for him in the beginning. Dante says that he needs to add a secret ingredient to an old Falconeri recipe. Lulu sneaks up on Dante. Lulu is shocked that Dante is using sauce from a jar. Jokingly, Dante suggests fishing from the harbor. Lulu slices her finger. Dante runs to get a band-aid. After the bleeding has stopped, Dante kisses Lulu’s bandaged finger. Dante says that he’ll finish making dinner. Dante pours some red wine. Dante comments that he’ll figure out how to deal with Michael’s situation. Dante wants to make a toast about his relationship with Lulu.

Robin and Emma are at home. Robin is looking forward to some alone time with Patrick. There is a knock on the door. It’s Jason. Jason enters the home. Robin brings up Michael’s arrest. Jason feels that he perpetuated Michael’s predicament. Robin says that Jason did everything he could to protect Michael, even from the beginning. Robin maintains that Michael needs Jason’s support. Robin puts Emma down for a nap. Robin and Jason stand near the terrace. Jason apologizes to Robin. Jason acknowledges that Robin was right – he should not have lied about being Michael’s father. Robin confides that Jason’s brain injury clouded his thinking. Robin adds that the Quartermaines might not have been a good influence on Michael. Jason doesn’t agree since Michael still ended up killing someone. Jason fears that Michael will be treated differently now.

Michael is in his jail cell. Michael thinks back to his last conversation with Jason. Michael closes his eyes and thinks about Mexico.

Johnny and Olivia are lying on the living room couch. Johnny brings up moving in together. Olivia makes it known that she doesn’t agree with Johnny’s vendetta against Sonny. Olivia won’t be put in the middle. Johnny teases Olivia. Johnny wants to know if Olivia will move in if he gets a regular job. Olivia stays silent. Johnny assumes that Olivia hates his place over the garage. Olivia doesn’t want Johnny to lead a dangerous life. Johnny would rather keep his job since he loves to buy Olivia such extravagant gifts. Johnny changes the subject when Olivia won’t budge. They kiss.

After dinner, Lulu comments that the pasta dish wasn’t bad. Dante senses that something is troubling Lulu. Lulu is worried about Carly’s opinion of her. Lulu wonders if she should just take Carly’s verbal attacks. Dante doesn’t want Lulu to leave. In fact, Dante asks Lulu to help him with the dishes. Dante wipes off the dinner table. Lulu agrees that the pasta was better than pizza. Lulu teases Dante; she says that she can blackmail him now that she knows his family’s secret ingredient. Suddenly, Lulu feels awkward. Lulu makes up a story that she has to get to work. Lulu is about to leave when Dante says that he loves her. Dante asks Lulu to stay. Lulu has been waiting to hear these words all night. Lulu runs to Dante and kisses him.

Patrick returns home. Robin apologizes for the messy living room. Robin is looking at baby photos of Michael. Patrick says that Lisa told him about the trial. Robin mentions that Jason stopped by. Robin worries that Jason blames himself for Michael’s predicament. Robin brings up the time when she was diagnosed with HIV. Robin says that Jason was a life-saver during that difficult time, and that he helped her move on. As Robin scans the photo album, she says that Emma wouldn’t be here without the love and support of Jason and Sonny, as well as Patrick. Patrick says that he didn’t know love before meeting Robin. Patrick tells Robin that she taught him how to love. Patrick doesn’t want to lose Robin. Patrick realizes that Robin will always have a deep connection to Sonny and Jason. Robin kisses Patrick.

Jason returns to the penthouse. Sam is waiting inside with a bag of Chinese food. Jason isn’t hungry. Sam realizes that Jason went to see Michael. Jason admits that he is scared for Michael. Jason knows that he can’t control the situation. Jason believes that he didn’t do enough to help Michael. Jason is bummed. Sam hands a beer to Jason. Jason says that he broke his promise to Michael. Sam believes that Michael still has a chance. Jason can’t believe that Michael is sitting in jail. Sam thinks that Michael will be looked upon as a “hero” for killing Claudia. Sam suggests that Michael’s opinion of the mob might have changed. Jason feels bad that he doesn’t know how to help Michael.

Jax pays Michael a visit. Jax inquires about Michael’s mood. Michael says that the jail is “quiet”. Michael says that he has been thinking about Mexico’s beaches. Michael speaks of Sonny and Jason’s earlier visits. Jax figures that Michael will be released on Friday. Jax apologizes for the way things turned out. Jax says that he should have ignored his hatred for Sonny. Michael understands that Jax was looking out for Morgan and Josslyn. Michael makes it clear that he will take responsibility for killing Claudia, no matter the consequence.

Dante lights some candles. Lulu unbuttons Dante’s shirt. Lulu figures that they will be interrupted by someone. Dante reassures Lulu that no one will barge into the loft. Lulu takes off her shirt. Dante and Lulu make their way to the bed. After making love, Lulu and Dante both proclaim their love to one another.

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