GH Update Tuesday 5/4/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/4/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the courtroom, Judge Carroll asks Michael if he killed Claudia Corinthos. Michael remains quiet as he scans the room. The judge brings up Michael’s shooting and his subsequent brain damage. Carly shakes her head in disbelief. Michael repeats the judge’s question to show that he understands it. However, Michael refuses to answer. Judge Carroll reminds Michael that Detective Falconeri has evidence of his guilt. Michael announces to the court that he killed Claudia on November 4, 2009. Everyone is quiet. Sonny and Carly look devastated. Judge Carroll asks Michael to go through the events leading up to Claudia’s death in the cabin. Michael speaks of Claudia’s birthday party. Michael says that a desperate Claudia took his pregnant mother hostage. Michael states that Carly was scared of what Claudia might do. Michael mentions his intentions to drive to Canada. Michael says that when he came upon the stolen car from the Metro Court, he took the path through the woods which led to an abandoned cabin. Michael recalls hearing his mother screaming for Claudia to leave Josslyn alone. Michael maintains that he wasn’t thinking clearly when he grabbed the ax handle and entered the cabin. Michael talks about hitting Claudia with the handle and killing her instantly. The judge asks Michael to proceed. Michael asserts that it was self-defense. Michael says that the blood from the scene transferred on to his shirt. Michael tells the court that Sonny didn’t show up at the cabin until Claudia was already dead. Michael mentions that Sam and Jason arrived afterwards, too. The judge is saddened to hear that no one had any intentions of calling the police. Michael says that his father drove him home after the accident. Judge Carroll thanks Michael for being candid. Michael ends his testimony by saying that he was only trying to protect his mom and sister. The judge accepts Michael’s confession. Judge Carroll commends Dante for his heroism. Judge Carroll rules that Michael be put into custody for sentencing. Everyone gasps when it is announced that Michael will be charged with manslaughter. Bail is revoked. Dante stands up and asks the judge if he can take care of Michael’s booking. The judge allows it. Dante places Michael under arrest. Carly cringes as Michael is handcuffed. Dante escorts Michael out of the courtroom. Jason stands up. Judge Carroll announces that Sonny’s trial is over. The judge has harsh words for Carly since she perjured herself. Judge Carroll slams Claire for her unprofessionalism. In fact, the judge is disappointed in everyone – the attorneys, witnesses, and even Sonny, the defendant. Court is adjourned.

Afterwards, everyone is speechless. Olivia grabs Jason by the arm and makes it clear that he needs to stay away from Dante. Olivia and Lulu are visibly worried about Dante. Nearby, Jax and Claire talk about the implications of their actions. Claire fears that she and Jax could be charged. Claire tells Jax that the court won’t go along with Michael’s self-defense story. Claire feels that the only thing in Michael’s favor is that he was a minor when he killed Claudia. Jax worries that things don’t look good for Carly.

Carly and Sonny are still seated in the courtroom. Sonny turns around and promises that Michael will be fine. Carly doesn’t believe Sonny. Carly is outraged that Michael was handcuffed in front of everyone. Carly blames Sonny for Dante’s actions.

Michael is brought to the police station. Dante says that Michael will have his own jail cell. Michael asks Dante why he turned him in. Dante explains that he was doing his job as well as trying to protect Michael. Dante believes that Michael needs to face responsibility for what he did. Michael is scared that the judge won’t see things his way. Dante swears that Judge Carroll will rule in Michael’s favor – that the teenager will likely get a suspended sentence and no time in prison.

In the courthouse lobby, Carly confronts Sonny. Carly says that Dante cannot be trusted. Carly is irate that Dante turned in his own brother. Carly thinks it is terrible that Dante is looked upon as a hero. Sarcastically, Carly tells Sonny that he should go “bond” with Dante. Lulu intervenes. Carly doesn’t want to speak to Lulu. Carly implies that Lulu doesn’t care about Michael. Tracy intercedes on Lulu’s behalf. Tracy believes that Carly stole Michael from the Quartermaines. Carly wants Tracy to butt out. Lulu tells Tracy that she doesn’t have to fight her battles. Carly announces that Lulu isn’t loyal to family. Tracy retorts that Michael is just like Sonny. Tracy thinks that Carly is a hypocrite. Carly wonders what Tracy would do if Dante arrested Luke instead of Michael.

Michael is processed and put into a jail cell.

The judge tells the jury that Sonny’s trial is being dismissed. The jurors are outraged. Alice is visibly mad. Judge Carroll says that Sonny is free to leave.

Jason returns home to the penthouse. Jason makes a call to Bernie. Jason wants to make sure that Michael is being “protected” at the police station. Spinelli is disappointed to hear that Dante betrayed Michael. It is confirmed that someone will keep an eye on Michael at the station. Jason advises Spinelli to go with Bernie on a business trip. Spinelli senses that Jason wants him out of town for “deniability” reasons. Spinelli wonders if Jason is going to kill Dante. Jason doesn’t want to answer Spinelli. Finally, Jason says that Dante failed Michael. Spinelli is concerned that Jason would get life in prison if he killed a cop. Spinelli points out that Jason would have Sonny’s wrath if Dante died. Spinelli asks Jason to reconsider, claiming that Dante’s demise would make things worse for everyone.

Sonny runs into Olivia outside the courthouse. Olivia is adamant that Jason needs to stay away from Dante. Sonny wants to know why Dante turned his back on Michael. Olivia feels that Dante was doing his job. Sonny disagrees. Sonny senses that Dante did this out of spite. Olivia criticizes Sonny on his choices. Olivia thinks that Michael’s situation is Sonny’s fault. Olivia says that Sonny is naïve when it comes to his children. Sonny wants to protect his kids. Olivia feels that the “damage is done”. Olivia brings up Michael’s troubled upbringing. Sonny cringes when Olivia says that he is “toxic” to his children. Sonny wishes that he could have raised Dante. Sonny insists that no child is 100% protected. Olivia warns that Jason better back off from Dante.

Carly enters the interrogation room. Dante walks in. Carly glares at Dante. Carly demands to see Michael. Dante knows that Carly is mad at him. Dante justifies his actions and claims he was only helping Michael. Carly doesn’t want to hear any excuses. Dante fears that Michael would get mixed up with the mob. Carly reminds Dante that it isn’t his business what Michael does. Carly believes that Sonny wouldn’t have let Michael become involved with the organization. Dante speaks of Michael’s fondness of the mob. Dante is confident that Michael won’t be serving time. Carly asks to see Michael. Michael enters the room. Carly tells Dante that he can leave. Carly inquires about Michael’s booking. Michael relays that he is in a jail cell by himself. Michael apologizes for speaking the truth in open court. Michael says that he confessed because he didn’t want Sonny in prison. Carly isn’t mad at her son. Carly promises that everything will work itself out. Carly doesn’t think that Michael should be in jail. Carly hugs Michael. Carly assumes that the judge believed Michael’s self-defense story. Carly tells her son not to worry about the outcome. Carly makes it known that Dante cannot be believed. Michael sighs when Carly tells her son to heed her advice. Carly is thankful that Michael saved his sister. A guard enters and says that the visit is over. After a tearful goodbye, Michael is escorted out. Carly is sobbing.

Johnny and Olivia are having a chat in her living room. While drinking red wine, they speak of the trial. Johnny fears that Michael will be going to prison. Olivia knows that Sonny is devastated. Johnny blurts out that he’ll be going after Sonny. Olivia believes that Claudia wouldn’t have wanted Johnny avenging her death. Olivia wants the violence to stop. However, Johnny is adamant that he’ll stop at nothing to take down Sonny and his organization.

Lulu shows up at Dante’s apartment. Dante is relieved to see Lulu. They hug each other. Lulu inquires about Michael’s booking. Dante relays that Michael was rattled during the entire process. Dante thanks Lulu for her support. Lulu brings up Carly’s verbal attacks. Lulu feels sad because she and Carly are like sisters. Dante is certain that the judge will be lenient toward Michael.

Carly returns home. Morgan is waiting her arrival. Morgan asks about the hearing. Carly informs Morgan that Michael confessed to the judge. Carly hesitates to tell Morgan that Michael’s sitting in jail. Morgan is teary-eyed. Carly tells Morgan that Michael loves him very much. Morgan senses that his mom is scared for Michael. Morgan blurts out that Dante made a promise to protect Michael.

Sonny walks in front of Michael’s jail cell. Michael glances up to see his father. Sonny looks somber. Michael stands up to face Sonny. Michael apologizes for coming clean. Sonny doesn’t blame Michael for speaking the truth. Michael is impressed that Sonny would have went to prison for him. Michael is resolute that he had to take responsibility for killing Claudia. Sonny admits that he “respects” Michael. Michael reassures his father that he can get through this. Unbeknownst to them, Jason is listening from nearby.

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