GH Update Monday 5/3/10

General Hospital Update Monday 5/3/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky pulls a gun on Jason outside of the Quartermaine boathouse. Lucky wants to bring in Michael but Jason won’t allow it. Jason asks Lucky not to shoot. Lucky relays that Michael already confessed to killing Claudia. Jason announces that Dante spoke up before the verdict was read and told the court that Michael is Claudia’s killer. Lucky and Michael are speechless. Lucky says that he didn’t know that Dante was going to give up Michael. Jason asks Lucky to release Michael. Lucky won’t back down. Jason begs Lucky to look the other way. Lucky says that he will be escorting Michael to the police station. Jason has no choice but to back away. Jason makes a frantic call to Diane. Jason tells Diane that Lucky is bringing Michael to the police station. Jason wants to make sure that Michael doesn’t say anything incriminating.

At the courthouse, Claire is mad because Jax mislead her about the case. Claire can’t believe that Jax knew this entire time that Michael killed Claudia. Claire says that Jax’s actions were illegal. Claire threatens to take Jax down if her career is destroyed. Jax insists that Sonny can still be sent to prison. Claire reminds Jax that she is a Fed. Claire warns that Jax could be charged with misleading the court. Jax worries what the judge will do. Claire says that the judge’s decision could rely heavily on Carly’s testimony. Jax implies framing Sonny for Claudia’s death. Claire doesn’t like the idea. Claire is outraged that Jax lied from the beginning. Claire feels partly responsible for the situation at hand. Jax maintains that Sonny is a criminal who needs to be in prison.

In the courthouse lobby, Carly confronts Lulu about sticking by Dante. Lulu maintains that her boyfriend is trying to do the right thing. Lulu says that Michael confessed to the accident and kept evidence of the crime. Carly knows that Michael isn’t thinking clearly. Lulu insists that Michael wanted to confess. Carly is sickened by the fact that Lulu isn’t loyal. Carly calls Lulu a “selfish bitch”. Lulu is teary-eyed. Lulu defends Dante which infuriates Carly. Lulu believes that Dante is trying to “help” Michael. Carly is mad that Lulu knew for months that Dante was an undercover cop. Lulu says that confessing is Michael’s decision. Carly comments that Lulu is “naïve”. Carly emphasizes that Lulu is choosing Dante over family. Carly reminds Lulu that she was always there for her. Carly storms away. Lulu is sobbing.

Nearby, Sonny and Dante have an intense argument. Sonny is disappointed that Dante betrayed Michael. Sonny figures that Dante’s motive was hatred. Dante asserts that his decision had nothing to do with Sonny. Dante claims that he is trying to help his brother. Dante wants Michael as far away from the mob as possible. Sonny doesn’t understand why Dante didn’t protect Michael. Dante says that Michael has been carrying the guilt from Claudia’s murder. Dante feels that he “stepped up”. Sonny disagrees; he thinks that Dante gave up Michael. Dante defends his actions in court. Dante wants Michael to get counseling.

Kristina and Molly walk into the Jacks living room. The girls update Morgan regarding Dante’s outburst in court. Kristina replies that she and Molly told Jason that Michael is at the boathouse. Morgan is saddened that Dante would give up Michael. Molly reminds Morgan that Dante tricked him into giving up Michael’s location in the Caribbean. Morgan wants to go to the courthouse to speak to Dante in person.

Johnny and Olivia talk about the trial at her apartment. Olivia is still reeling from the fact that Michael, not Sonny, killed Claudia. Johnny can’t believe that Dante would rat out Michael. Olivia is adamant that Dante hates his father. Johnny blames Sonny for Claudia’s death even though he didn’t actually kill her. Olivia is “proud” of Dante. Johnny suggests that Jason might go after Dante. Olivia thinks it would be foolish for Jason to kill Dante since he’s a cop. Johnny proposes that Jason will protect Michael at any cost. Johnny knows that Jason would make Dante’s death look like an accident. Olivia is visibly worried about her son’s safety. Johnny asserts that he’s mad at Dante but doesn’t want Olivia to be upset about the situation.

Lucky and Michael arrive at the police station. Diane is already waiting inside. Diane wants to speak to her client but Mac intervenes. Mac asks Lucky to have Michael booked. Lucky blurts out that Michael hasn’t been Mirandized. Mac reads Michael his rights. Diane is irritated that she can’t confer with Michael. Lucky escorts Michael to Processing. Jason shows up and speaks to Diane. Jason fears that once Michael talks, he’ll be sent to prison. Jason waits to hear word about Michael. Sam enters the station. Sam has already heard about Michael being in police custody. Jason is mad that Dante ruined everything. Jason tells Sam that Dante has DNA evidence linking Michael to the crime. Jason speaks of his uncomfortable meeting with Lucky. Jason worries that no one can get access to Michael before he talks to the judge. Jason knows that he and Sonny shouldn’t have trusted Dante to do the right thing. Jason can’t believe that Lucky pulled a gun on him. Sam tells Jason that he has to find a solution to Michael’s problem.

Lucky is summoned to the judge’s chambers. Judge Carroll speaks of Michael’s arrest. The judge wants to know if Lucky knew about the warrant beforehand. Lucky is evasive with his answers. Lucky claims that he was only serving a subpoena to Michael. Lucky mentions that Michael confessed to Dante. Judge Carroll thinks it is fishy that Lucky didn’t ask Michael questions about Claudia’s death. Lucky doesn’t think that Michael is very credible. The judge wonders why Lucky didn’t arrest Michael at the boathouse. Lucky brings up that Michael is his cousin. The judge focuses on the matter since it is a conflict-of-interest. Lucky maintains that Mac told him to find Michael. Lucky defends Michael. Lucky says that Michael has been through a lot, and asserts that the teenager is very troubled. The judge senses that Lucky cares for Michael even though they aren’t close. Lucky tells Judge Carroll that Michael “deserves mercy”.

Outside, Jax runs into Carly. Carly doesn’t want to talk to Jax. Jax apologizes for what happened in court. Carly is crying. Jax realizes that he made a big mistake by bringing in Claire. Carly tells Jax that she warned him that this would eventually happen. Jax says that Michael is an adult who can make his own decisions. Carly will do anything to protect her kid. Jax acknowledges that Michael saved Carly and Josslyn’s life. Carly thanks Jax for being present in Morgan’s life. Carly makes it known that she and Jax have no future. Jax is saddened by the news. Jax proclaims his love for Carly and the children. Carly gets a phone call from the court clerk. Carly tells Jax that Michael has been arrested and will be speaking to the judge soon.

In the courthouse, Dante notices that Lulu is upset. Lulu fears that Carly will never forgive her. Dante isn’t sure how this will all play out. Lulu is proud of Dante. Dante is resolute that Michael needs to step up to the plate. Dante figures that Michael will spend one night in jail. Morgan rushes into the lobby, Kristina and Molly in tow. Morgan confronts Dante about betraying Michael. Dante apologizes to Morgan, but says that Michael needed to take responsibility for his actions. Morgan doesn’t have any faith in the law since he was dragged out of school by Claire Walsh. Dante reassures Morgan and Molly that Michael will get community service for the crime. Kristina pipes in that Dante could be wrong. Lulu speaks up that Dante is trying to help Michael. Morgan points out Michael’s dislike of Dante.

Olivia shows up at Sonny’s home. Olivia says that she heard about Dante’s courtroom outburst. Sonny feels that Dante will do anything to get back at his own father. Olivia insists that Dante is trying to protect his younger brother. Sonny laughs at the suggestion. Sonny says that Dante’s actions are “unforgivable”. Olivia reminds Sonny that he did an unforgivable thing by shooting Dante at point-blank. Sonny remains quiet. Olivia asks Sonny if he plans on having Dante killed. Sonny tells Olivia that he won’t be coming after Dante. Olivia defends her son once again. Sonny worries about Michael’s testimony since Carly committed perjury on the stand. Sonny is mad at Dante. Sonny wonders why Dante went after Michael instead of himself. Sonny tells Olivia that Dante is betraying his own self.

At the courthouse, Dante tells Morgan, Molly, and Kristina that he’ll do everything he can to help Michael. Morgan wants Dante to make a promise. Their conversation is cut short when Carly and Jax walk in. Carly is infuriated that Morgan is at the courthouse. Carly kindly asks Kristina to bring Morgan and Molly home. In private, Carly and Dante argue. Carly wants Dante to stay away from Morgan.

In the courtroom, Diane and Claire prepare for the emergency hearing. Claire thinks that the whole thing is ridiculous. Claire is visibly concerned about Michael. Diane says that she hasn’t spoken to Michael since his arrest. Both attorneys wonder how this will play out.

In the court lobby, Dante and Lulu reassure one another that Michael will be okay. Olivia and Sonny arrive together. Dante pulls Olivia aside. Sonny confronts Lulu. Sonny is sickened that Lulu is sticking by her boyfriend. Sonny doesn’t understand why Lulu never called Carly. Lulu insists that Dante wants what’s best for Michael. Sonny reminds Lulu that Michael is family. Sonny asks Lulu why she isn’t loyal to her family.

In private, Dante asks Olivia why she came to the court with Sonny. Olivia is worried but proud of her son. Jason and Sam walk by. Jason glares at Dante. Dante and Lulu enter the courtroom. Sonny follows them inside. Sonny talks to Diane about Michael. Diane informs Sonny that she couldn’t get access to Michael beforehand. Diane says that Dante made a mess of things.

In the courtroom, Olivia sits in front of Jax. Carly walks in and looks at Jason. Carly sits behind Sonny. All rise when Judge Carroll enters. Judge Carroll talks about the reasons for the hearing. The judge wants to hear Michael’s testimony. The judge says that Dante implied that Michael confessed to Claudia’s murder. Judge Carroll asks that there be no objections or disruptions in the court. The judge makes it clear that there will be no contact, gesturing, or coaching, or the guilty party will be arrested immediately. Michael is escorted to the witness stand. The foreman removes Michael’s handcuffs. Carly watches in agony. Michael swears to tell the truth. Judge Carroll introduces himself to Michael. The judge doesn’t hesitate to ask Michael if he killed Claudia. Michael looks around the courtroom.

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