GH Update Friday 4/30/10

General Hospital Update Friday 4/30/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky is at the police station talking to Cameron on the phone. He promises that he will not forget their picnic that they have planned. When he hangs up, Mac asks him where he would hide if he were Michael Corinthos.

Michael Morgan, Kristina, and Molly are sitting together on a bench outside the Quartermaine boathouse. Morgan produces candy bars for everyone. He says they can celebrate the end of their fatherís trial. He anticipates that Sonny will be free and Michael can come home. Kristina says the major obstacle is that Michael confessed to Dante. Molly observes that Dante didnít turn Michael in. Morgan says Dante wonít turn Michael in because Dante is an awesome big brother and he will make sure Michael is ok.

In the courtroom, Judge Carroll tells Dante that he is in contempt. Dante says he is telling the truth; Michael wasnít held out of court to avoid testifying against his father, but to prevent him from confessing. He says Michael killed Claudia and everything including the defendantís plea of self-defense has been a cover-up and he can prove it. Jason whispers to Carly, then to Sonny, then he gets up and walks out. Diane tells Judge Carroll that she canít sit by while Dante makes a mockery of judicial procedure. Claire stands up and says she agrees with the opposing counsel; this is a last minute effort for Detective Falconari to grandstand. She tells Dante she will have his badge for this. Dante says he would think that Claire would be grateful that he saved her the embarrassment of prosecuting an innocent man. Judge Carroll tells everyone to be quiet. He tells the jury to disregard everything they heard and not to talk about it because they are not dismissed. He tells the bailiff to escort the jury back to the deliberation room. Once the jury has left the courtroom, Judge Carroll says Claire may state the prosecutionís objections. Claire says Detective Falconari has a conflict of interest because he is the defendantís son. She says he is trying to direct the court into mistrial to protect his father. He says any proof he claims to have is a fabrication unless Michael comes to court and confesses.

At the police station, Lucky says it is easier to disappear than people think and that Michael could be hiding in plain sight. Lucky says he could probably find Michael, but he has misgivings about trying because Michael is his cousin, which is a conflict of interest. He says he doesnít want to hunt down family. Mac concludes that Lucky thinks Michael saw Sonny kill Claudia. Lucky says he does think that Michael was in the cabin. Mac says he feels sorry for Michael and that Michael doesnít need the whole force after him, but he has to be brought in. Mac says he would like it to be as easy as possible on Michael. Lucky agrees to find Michael.

On the bench outside of the boathouse, Michael tells the kids that they did a great job of keeping his secret. Morgan says except him, because he blabbed to Dante. Michael says things are working out the way they are supposed to. He says he never liked hiding from what he did. Molly says everyone should have told the truth from the beginning because Claudia was a nutcase and Michael was brave to protect his mother and sister. Kristina says telling the truth isnít working out for their mother after she told the truth about hitting Keifer with her car. She says Alexis will be on trial next because the Bauers are calling it murder even though it was an accident. Michael says they need him and that he should have been there. Morgan says they all need each other, and now they have Dante too. Kristina says she wouldnít count on Dante because he is a cop and he is mad at their dad. Morgan says they will work it out. Michael tells them they should go because the guard will come by soon. He tells Kristina that their dadís trial will be over soon and he has a feeling that everything else will work out too.

In the courtroom, Judge Carroll instructs Dante to sit down and tells Diane she may present her arguments. Diane stands up and says Michael is deeply troubled. She tells the judge about Michaelís brain injury from the gunshot wound, the coma, and the neurological surgery. She says he has become dark and withdrawn but the one thing that hasnít changed is his love for his father. Judge Carroll asks her if she is objecting to a development that could exonerate her client. Diane says Sonny doesnít want to go free at his sonís expense and that his story that he killed Claudia in defense of Carly and Josselyn Jax still stands. She says any confession by Michael is simply a well-meaning but misguided attempt to save his father. Dante stands up and asks if everyone missed the part where he said he had proof. Judge Carroll tells Dante to be silent and follow the rules of the court or he will charge him with contempt and toss out any evidence that Dante has. He calls Dante to the stand warns him that his story had better be good.

Michael is standing outside the boathouse when Lucky walks up and says that when a person is hiding from the police, it is better to stay inside.

The bailiff swears Dante in. Dante says he thought he built a solid case to put Sonny away and he doesnít like having to present evidence that exonerates him. He says Sonny deserves to be locked up for a crime that he did commit, but he didnít commit this one; Michael did and the poor kid has been living in hell ever since. Claire objects. She says Dante is sermonizing and he hasnít presented any evidence to support his accusation. Judge Carroll agrees that so far, he has only heard an opinion but he overrules her objection. He says Detective Falconari is not a witness for the prosecution or the defense; he is Judge Carrollís witness and he will question him without interference from lawyers. He asks Dante to continue and tell him what made him believe his investigation focused on the wrong perpetrator.

At the boathouse, Michael tells Lucky it is private property, hence the wall that surrounds it. Lucky says there are ways to get in, like by climbing the tree by the rose garden and dropping over the wall. Michael concludes that Lucky and Emily got in that way when they were kids, but says Lucky is grown now and a cop. He asks him if he shouldnít have come to the door with a warrant. Lucky says he had probable cause; he saw a candy wrapper and suspected a burglar. Lucky asks Michael if Edward is hiding him here, but Michael say Edward doesnít know he is there and no one come to the boathouse except when Alice comes to clean it and he has not seen her. Lucky informs him that Alice is a juror on Sonnyís trial and they should come back with a verdict soon. Lucky says he has to take Lucky in, but he wants Michael to do something for him first.

In the courtroom, Dante explains that he found out where Michael was and went to serve a subpoena. He says Michael told him that he was a smug, stupid cop who is obsessed with taking his father down, and then he told him the events that took place the night Claudia was killed. Claire asks him if he got the confession on tape. Judge Carroll fines her $500 for speaking out of turn and threatens her with a night in jail if she interrupts again. Dante says he did not get the confession on tape; he didnít believe Michaelís confession until Michael gave him a bloodstained shirt that he said he was wearing when he killed Claudia. He says he brought Michael back to Port Charles and sequestered him while he had the shirt analyzed. He says forensic determined that the blood was Claudiaís and the DNA on the shirt was a match to Michael. Judge Carroll tells the bailiff to go get the shirt. Judge Carroll asks Dante if Michael confessed to hitting Claudia with intent to kill.

Outside the boathouse, Lucky asks Michael to tell him what really happened that night because he wants to hear the story with out Carly or Danteís embellishments.

In the courtroom, Dante says Michael has been struggling since he came out of the coma. He says Michael was an emotional, volatile kid with impulse control issues because of the neurological damage and that night set him off. He says after Sonny unexpectedly went off on Claudia, Michaelís pregnant mother went into labor when Claudia took her hostage.

At the boathouse, Michael tells Lucky that after Jax took him home that night, Sonny showed up and got into a fight with Jax. He says he thought that none of it would be happening if he had revealed that Claudia had got him shot. He said he decided to take off so he got into his car and headed for the Canadian border.

In the courtroom, Dante says that as Michael was driving, he saw the car that Claudia had stolen, but Claudia and Carly were not with it.

At the boathouse, Michael says he yelled out for his mom. He says he was afraid of what he might find because his mother had a risky pregnancy and any stress could have caused a stroke so he was afraid for her.

In the courtroom, Dante says Michael followed the tracks through the woods to a cabin and he was relieved to know that the women had found shelter.

At the boathouse, Michael says as he was making his way up to the door, he heard his mother screaming.

In the courtroom, Dante asks the judge if he can imagine what must have been going through Michaelís head when he saw that his mother had just given birth and a madwoman was about to steal the baby.

Michael says he didnít have time to think; he just knew that he couldnít let Claudia leave the cabin with his baby sister so he grabbed the axe, ran inside, and hit her as hard as he could. He says Claudia crumpled to the floor, blood pooling under her head.

In the courtroom, Dante says Michael got Claudiaís blood on his shirt when dropped to his knees beside her.

At the boathouse, Michael tells Lucky that Claudia was dead, but he didnít mean to kill her; he just wanted to stop her.

Kristina and Molly return to the lake house. Kristina says she still canít believe that their mother called the cops on Michael and that he has to hide out in his own hometown. Molly says she hopes Kristina isnít going to feel guilty about that too. Kristina says Michael wouldnít be there if she werenít such a mess. Molly says Michael wouldnít want Kristina to blame herself and that he would have checked on her anyway because he loves her. Jason enters and asks them where Michael is. He says he knows Michael was there and they need to tell him where he went. Kristina suggests that Michael doesnít want to be found. Jason tells them that he needs to get Michael out of the country. Kristina says Michael doesnít want to go. She asks Jason why Michael shouldnít be able to make his own choices. Jason says Michaelís choice was taken away. He reveals that Dante announced in court that Michael killed Claudia.

In the courtroom, Dante tells Judge Carroll that Michael said he didnít mean to kill Claudia and he believes him. He says that if there had been a proper investigation, law enforcement would have believed him too, but Michaelís parents and Uncle Jason donít trust the system so they engineered a cover-up. He says that when it appeared that Sonny was guilty they went with that and told Michael to keep his mouth shut. He says Michael has a conscience so he was compelled to confess but when he came forward, Commissioner Scorpio didnít believe him. He says the fact the Michael held on to the bloody shirt reveals his internal struggle. Claire asks Judge Carroll if she may speak. He allows it. She says this is about a conflicted cop with conflicted loyalties who is conspiring with a brain-damaged kid to try to save their dad from going to prison by presenting a more sympathetic killer. Judge Carroll tells her that he will not be basing his decision on anyoneís word; he needs to talk to the boy. He says he is issuing a warrant for Michaelís arrest.

At the lake house, Molly says Dante wouldnít do something like this. Kristina says Michael told her that Dante wanted to protect him. Jason says that is what Dante wanted Michael to think. He says that it is Danteís job as an undercover cop to lie to people and get them to trust him. Molly says Morgan will be bummed because he looks up to Dante. Jason says that he thinks it is great that the four kids have a bond as brothers and sisters, and that they want to extend that bond to Dante, but they have to remember that Dante is a cop before anything else. He says Dante will do anything to put Sonny in prison. Kristina reveals that Michael is at the Quartermaine boathouse. Jason leaves. Molly says it doesnít make any sense because Dante seems so nice. Kristina tells her little sister that lots of people seem nice. They say they care about you and make promises, but then they break them without warning. Kristina says she trusted Dante too and that he helped her get through a lot of stuff with Keifer, but now she sees that Dante was just using her. She says Jason is right; Dante is a liar and a user. She says they can never trust him again.

In the courtroom, Judge Carroll tells Dante that he may step down, but to stay in the courtroom. He calls Carly to the witness stand and tells her that perjury is a serious offense. He tells her this is her chance to tell the truth or what she says will be held against her son. He asks her if her previous testimony was accurate or if she wants to change her story. She says she wants to change her story.

At the boathouse, Lucky tells Michael that he is sorry he had to go through such a hellacious night. Michael says that he wanted to believe that Claudia wasnít dead. He tells Lucky that Jason and Sam arrived, took charge, and told him what to do. Lucky says he is certain that Jason was only thinking about protecting Michael. He says that Jason usually thinks clearly but sometimes people panic when someone they love is in trouble, especially when it is a child. Michael says Jason didnít panic, but Lucky says he must have because if someone had called the police, Claudiaís death would have been considered self-defense. He says when youíre terrified, you donít think rationally; you go with your instincts and the cover-up becomes automatic. He says he knows that because it is what his father would have done. Michael tells Lucky that when his father showed up, he said Michael did the right thing. Michael says he finally made his father proud.

In the courtroom, Judge Carroll asks Carly if Michael was in the cabin the night Claudia died. She says yes, Michael drove over with Sonny and walked in just after Sonny hit Claudia. She says he knelt down next to Claudia to see if she was ok. Judge Carroll asks Carly if the lie is Michaelís confession. Carly tells Judge Carroll that he has no idea what her son has been through. She tells him that Michael went to a coffee warehouse with his father and he was shot because Claudia had hired someone to kill Sonny. Instead, Michael was hit and he spent a year in a coma. She says Michael wasnít the same when he woke up and it has been difficult for all of them. She says Michael has not been able to control his impulses since then. She says he says things he doesnít mean, he has been in counseling and therapy for it, and they have medical records to support it. She admits that they tried to shield Michael from this case because they didnít want to put him through it, but Michael didnít do anything wrong. She says Michael definitely didnít kill Claudia Zacchara and she doesnít know what Detective Falconariís motives are for saying that he did. She says she can only guess that the prosecutor is right when she says Dante is using Michael to protect the defendant who happens to be his father. She tells the judge that if he doesnít believe that, he isnít as smart as she thought he was. Judge Carroll tells her that that was quite a speech and instructs her to step down. He tells the bailiff that he wants Michaelís medical records and the case file. He says court will be adjourned until Michael can go on record. He tells Diane that Sonnyís status has not changed; he is still the defendant. He says the jury is still sequestered and may be called to render their previous verdict or restart deliberations.

Diane goes over to Claire and says getting Michael on the stand will be a classis case of ďCareful what you wish for.Ē Diane goes back over to Sonny and asks him where Jason went. He says he went looking for Michael and with any luck, he has found him.

Outside the boathouse, Lucky tells Michael that growing up shouldnít be that tough. He says these should be the best times of his life and he should be dreaming about his future, not trying to cover up his past. Michael says Jason and his parents just want him to wakeup from this nightmare intact. Lucky asks him if he is. Michael says no, a piece of him died when he killed Claudia, but he has to take responsibility for his actions and live with the consequences. Lucky says that is the first step. The next step is to make sure that he can wake up every morning and look at himself. He tells Michael that he has to turn him in to the court, but it is up to Michael to decide whether to tell them that he killed Claudia or not.

The Jacksís doorbell rings. Morgan opens the door to Ronnie Domestico. Ronnie asks him who is home. Morgan tells him the nanny is upstairs with the baby and asks him what he wants. Ronnie says he has a search warrant and asks Morgan if he knows what that is. Morgan says he isnít stupid. Ronnie says he knows that as he enters the house. He asks Morgan where Michael is. Morgan says Michael is backpacking. Ronnie tells Morgan that the cat is out of the bag so he doesnít have to lie anymore. He says he knows that Morgan told Dante where Michael was, Dante went and got him, and now Dante told the whole court that Michael killed Claudia. Morgan says that is a lie; Ronnie is making stuff up to get Morgan to say something wrong again. He says Dante is their brother and he would never do anything to hurt Michael.

Johnny Zacchara goes over to Dante and Lulu in the courtroom. He says that Claudia was wrong in a lot of ways and she hurt a lot of people but she never sold her brother down the river. He says he hopes Dante is happy with the fallout, especially the part where Sonny goes free and Dante never gets another crack at him. Johnny walks out of the courtroom. Mayor Floyd goes over to Dante if he is stupid or just corrupt. He says Sonnyís trail of ruin goes back decades and he was finally about to be stopped but Dante ruined it. Lulu says Dante did his duty. Mayor Floyd say Dante just bought himself an Internal Affairs investigation. Mayor Floyd walks away.

Jax goes over to Claire at the prosecution table. She concludes to him that he didnít want her to get Michaelís testimony because he knew the whole time. She concludes that he brought her in on the case because he knew the charges against Sonny would be dropped. She says his lie could ruin her career. She asks him why he did it. He says he needed to keep his family safe. She asks him how that is working out for him.

Sonny goes over to Carly and asks her what is wrong. He says she was great on the stand. She tells him that it wonít matter if they find Michael because he will tell them everything. Sonny tells her that Jason went to find Michael before the judge issued a warrant. He says that hopefully, Jason will get Michael out of the country. She tells him that he wants to believe that because it lessens the damage that his bastard of a son did.

Dante and Lulu are standing by the courtroom door. He asks her if she is sure that she wants to stay. She says she isnít leaving when he needs her. He concedes that he might need her to watch his back.

Outside the boathouse, Michael thanks Lucky for telling him that he has a choice, but he has to step up. Lucky says he admires that. Michael says he is ready to go, so they start to go. Jason runs up to them and tells Michael that he has to go with Jason. Lucky says that isnít going to happen. Jason asks Lucky to turn his head and let Michael walk away. Lucky says he canít do that. Jason says that he is going to take Michael and Lucky canít stop him. Jason grabs Michael by the arm, but Lucky draws his sidearm on Jason and says they are at a stalemate. Jason says Lucky isnít going to shoot him. Lucky says not in any place that will kill him. Michael says no one is getting shot because of him. Jason asks Lucky to trust him and let Michael walk away. Lucky says Michael already told him what really happened to Claudia so he canít just let him go. He says it isnít up to Jason anyway; it is up to Michael to decide whether he wants to make a confession that goes on the record. Jason reveals that the court already knows that Michael killed Claudia because Dante gave him up.

Johnny goes to Oliviaís apartment and bangs on the door. She opens it and asks him if there is a verdict. He tells her that if there was a verdict, they never heard it because Dante rode in on his white horse and told the judge that Michael killed Claudia and now there is a warrant for his arrest. Olivia says that maybe it is all for the best and Johnny can finally grieve for his sister and Michael can get on with his life. Johnny asks her what she is talking about. He says Dante just told the world that Michael is a killer. Olivia protests that the judge will be lenient. Johnny tells her there is no deal on the table for Michael. Olivia says she doesnít care about a deal; her son will protect his brother. Johnny retorts that Dante wonít protect his brother; he threw his brother under the bus to protect Sonny.

In the courtroom, Jax tells Claire that Sonny has been a thorn in his side for years and he could have lived with that except that he gained a family along the way and he will do anything to keep them safe so he took a chance. Claire says she lost that bet and Michael will too. She says if Michael really killed Claudia, he is going down. She tells him that his family must really appreciate his efforts to keep them safe.

Standing by the courtroom door, Dante suggests that he and Lulu go outside for some fresh air. As they are walking out the door, Carly comes up behind them and asks Lulu if she is going to run off with her boyfriend or turn around and face her. Dante tells Lulu to let it go. Lulu says she canít. She turns around and tells Carly she understands that she is upset and scared for Michael. Carly tells Lulu not to patronize her. She demands that Lulu tell her how she could betray her like that. She asks her how she could help some don of a bitch she didnít know a year ago to destroy her kid.

Sonny goes out into the courthouse hallway asks Dante if he hates him so much that he would hurt his brother to get back at him.

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