GH Update Thursday 4/29/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/29/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Diane goes to meet Sonny at his restaurant, Pozzuloís. She informs him that the jury is still deliberating and that her instinct tells her that they are leaning toward a guilty verdict.

In Lisaís hotel room, Johnny tells Lisa that Claudia did the things that she did on the night she died as a reaction to what Sonny was doing to her and out of a need for self-preservation. He says Claudia was the victim and Lisa has the power to give Claudia the justice she deserves. Lisa tells him that she is just a juror and that she shouldnít be talking to him. Johnny asks her to put herself in Claudiaís position and imagine that Sonny announced to a room full of people that he was going to kill her. He asks Lisa how that would make her feel. He says Sonny believes that he is untouchable and that if the jury acquits him, they will prove him right.

At the lake house, Michael reveals to Kristina that he told Dante everything. Kristina asks what Dante said. Michael says he thinks Dante wanted to keep him hidden and let the trial play out because he wants their father to be convicted. He says he will come home if their father is found not guilty and if Dante wants to turn him in, so be it. Kristina doubts that Dante would do that. She says Dante has been nice to her, that he was supportive through her Keifer ordeal, and that they are starting to see each other as brother and sister. Michael is pleased that she had someone to talk to while he was gone. She says she thinks Dante cares about all of them. Michael says he doesnít know if Dante is a brother first, or a cop. Alexis comes home and demands to know what Michael is doing there.

At Danteís apartment, he concludes that Claire is resorting to threatening to have his badge if Sonny is acquitted. She says he is obstructing justice. She says he is choosing to protect his father over doing his job. Dante asks her if she thinks he cares about charges when he is already risking his life and putting everyone he knows through hell. She says he clearly isnít thinking like a cop. He tells her she can go to hell because he has bent over backwards to uphold the law and do the right thing and it has gotten him nothing.

In Jaxís office, Carly tells Olivia that Dante will just move on to the next case if he doesnít produce Michael but it will destroy Michael if he has to sit in the courtroom and say what happened to Claudia when she died. Carly says she is begging Olivia to help her but Olivia says she canít hurt her own son. Carly says that telling her where Michael is will help Dante. She says Dante is facing an impossible decision of whether to be loyal to his job or his brother. She says that if she gets Michael out of the country, it will be out of Danteís hands. Olivia says it is Danteís decision and that she canít risk making a decision based on what she thinks is for his own good.

At Danteís apartment, he tells Claire that she is getting transparent because he can see through her arguments that this is about justice. He says it is about getting a high-profile conviction to take her career to the next level. She says she has been called a lot worse than ambitious. She says she has worked hard to get to this place in her career. She says he didnít do his job. He tells her that he would make the decision that it is a bad idea to put a 12-year-old boy on the witness stand again. She tells him he should turn in his badge and go work for his daddy because he doesnít get to choose which laws to enforce. He concludes that she thinks she can bend the law to get the big win regardless of the cost. He tells her that he isnít interested in her getting the glory; he is only interested in justice getting done.

Sonny, Jason, and Diane go into the office in the back of the restaurant. Diane says the jury might be hung, in which case she would have a better case based on information she discovered during this trial or there might not be a second trial at all. She says the other option is that the jury is close to a verdict but they have a holdout. Sonny says they would have nothing to worry about if that person was Coleman. She says it is all speculation right now but that the verdict could come in at any time. Diane says she will call them as soon as she has any news, and she leaves. Sonny says the sooner a verdict comes in, the better it will be for Michael. Jason reveals that Michael called him last night and said he was ok, but didnít tell him where he was.

At the lake house, Alexis tells Michael that his presence in her house puts her in a terrible position because as an officer of the court, she has an obligation to call the authorities. Kristina tells her mother that she canít do that because Michael only came back to Port Charles because he was worried about her.

In Jaxís office, Carly reminds Olivia that she knew what Claudia did to Michael but she did nothing. She says that if Olivia had warned her, Carly could have gotten Michael out Sonnyís house where Claudia was a threat to him. She says that the way she sees it, Olivia owes her. Olivia says she wishes she could help Carly but she canít. She says she is sorry. Jax enters the office and asks what Olivia is sorry about. Carly tells Jax that Dante has Michael but he hasnít turned him in to the police yet, and she doesnít think he wants to. Jax asks her if they know where Michael is. Carly says she was asking Olivia to find out for her so that they can get Michael out of the country where he will be safe and Dante wouldnít have to make a horrible decision. Olivia says Dante is doing what he has to do. Jax says he thinks Carly is right. He says the jury is already deliberating, so there is no point in throwing Michael in the middle of the trial now. Olivia protests that it isnít her call to make. Jax says that the fact the Dante hasnít turned Michael in yet indicates that he is on the fence. Olivia says she wishes she could help them but she isnít going to pressure or trick Dante into giving up Michael. She says she has to trust that her son is doing what he knows is right. She tells Carly that she hopes that she can understand that as a mother. Olivia leaves.

In Lisaís hotel room, Johnny asks her to think of all the innocent people who have gotten in Sonnyís way and died. He says Sonny has been getting away with murder for years. Lisa says she is the juror on this one case about one incident, not all the bad things that Sonny has done in his life. She says she has to base her vote on the testimony and the evidence that was presented in court.

In Sonnyís office behind the restaurant, Sonny asks Jason why he hadnít mentioned that Michael had made contact. Jason explains that Michael didnít call him; he called Carly. He says Michael said he will come home if Sonny is acquitted, but if Sonny id convicted, Michael will turn himself in. Sonny says if he is convicted, Dante will get what he wants and will go straight to Michael before Michael can tell anyone the truth. He says if he is acquitted, everyone will be in the clear because Dante doesnít want to hurt his brother. Jason says that Dante said the same thing, but with that being the case, he doesnít understand why he is keeping Michael at all.

At the lake house, Kristina tells Alexis that there is no reason to turn Michael in because the trial is already over and the jury is about to make their decision. Alexis says she is already in trouble and she canít risk anyone finding out that she is harboring Michael. She dials the phone. Kristina says Michael can leave and they can pretend they never saw him. Alexis says they wonít be doing any more pretending, lying, or covering up. Alexis tells Mac on the telephone that Michael is in her living room. When she turns around, she discovers that Michael is gone.

In Jaxís office, Carly says she is glad that they were able to put their differences on hold to spend time together as a family the other day. She says they were happy, and things were perfect. She tells him that he is perfect but that he is the reason that everything is happening. He says he told her why he did what he did. She admits that the cover-up was a huge mistake too. She asks him if he thinks Dante will choose his badge or his brother. She says she doesnít think she will be able to forgive Jax is Michael suffers because of him. Carly leaves Jaxís office.

Johnny goes home and as soon as he sits down, someone knocks on his door. He opens the door to Olivia, who is obviously flustered. He asks her if she is ok. She tell him that Carly is all over her because apparently Dante found Michael and Carly wants her to trick him into telling where Michael is so they can get him out of town to avoid testifying. She tells him that she said no. Johnny asks what good Michael will do anyway since the trial has already gone to jury. Olivia says that may be what Dante thinks, and Carly doesnít think Dante wants to turn Michael in. She tells him that when Jax came in, she thought he would agree with her, but he took Carlyís side. She says she just has to trust that Dante knows what he is doing. Johnny says Olivia deserves to know the truth. He explains that Carly and Jax are making themselves crazy to get to Michael because actually killed Claudia and Sonny, Jason, Carly, and apparently Jax have been trying to cover it up. She asks him how he could go along with the cover-up. He explains that Michael was just a kid acting out of instinct to protect his mother and his sister. He says that he would probably have done the same thing. He says that none of it would ever have happened if Sonny hadnít backed Claudia into a corner so Sonny needs to be held accountable for it.

Lisa goes to the court building and runs into Judge Carroll in the hallway. He asks her if he should be concerned that she is late. She tells him that everything is fine. Lisa goes into the deliberation room and apologizes for being late. One of the other jurors says she can make it up to them by changing her vote.

In Sonnyís office, Sonny is surprised to hear that Jason spoke to Dante after Sonny asked him not to. Sonny says Jason could have backed Dante into a corner and forced him to turn Michael in. He tells Jason he has to leave it alone. He says Dante he thinks he built a case that is strong enough to convict Sonny without Michaelís involvement. Jason asks Sonny if he really thinks that Dante will let everything go if Sonny is convicted. Sonny says he does not believe that Dante would turn his brother in out of spite. Jason says Sonnyís faith in Dante amazes him. He says Sonny doesnít know what Dante will do.

Ronnie goes to Danteís apartment. Dante asks him if he is there to confiscate his badge. Ronnie concludes that Dante is in trouble again. Dante says he and Claire Walsh have a few differences of opinion about what is right and wrong. Ronnie says he wouldnít mess with Claire because she is a Federal prosecutor. Dante says Claire is a mercenary and that she would be defending Sonny if that were where the money and acclaim were. Ronnie advises Dante to turn Michael in. Dante says Ronnie might not like what Michael has to say. He says Michael told him that Sonny didnít kill Claudia; he wasnít even there. Dante tells Ronnie that Michael killed Claudia, but Ronnie laughs and asks Dante if he believes that. He says Michael has a history of false confessions, but Dante says this time it isnít false. He tells him that Sonny, Carly, And Jason covered it up to protect Michael but when it backfired, Sonny decided to take the rap for Michael. Ronnie says Dante got handed a gift. He tells Dante to say nothing and Sonny will go to prison.

At Johnnyís apartment, he explains to Olivia that Jason told him about Michael when Franco dug up Claudiaís body. Olivia says that must have been horrible for Johnny to hear. John says that he was actually relieved to know what happened and that he never blamed Michael for a second because Claudia was out of her mind. He says Claudia was dangerous and he blamed Sonny for it because he systematically broke Claudia down and sucked out her spirit until she eventually went insane. He says Michael was just an innocent and Sonny needs to pay for what he did.

In Sonnyís office behind the restaurant, Jason says he doesnít think Dante has earned Sonnyís trust. Sonny says he is well aware that Jason doesnít like Dante, but he cannot ignore the fact that Dante is his son. He says Dante didnít turn him in after he shot Dante point blank. Jason reminds Sonny that Dante is trying to put him in prison, but Sonny says that is Danteís job. Jason says Danteís job is his loyalty. Sonny says that when this whole thing started, Dante was not aware that he was Sonnyís son but he is obligated to finish the job that he started and Sonny respects that. He says that his brother is a different story. Jason asks Sonny if Dante protected Morgan when he tricked him into giving up Michaelís location. He says Dante used Morgan and chose his job over his family. He says that trusting Dante is Sonnyís risk to take, but he could drag a lot of people down with him.

In Danteís apartment, he says the law dictates that he has to take in the real killer. Ronnie says that might be the law, but it isnít justice. Dante says it isnít as clear as it used to be. Ronnie says Sonny deserves to go to prison because he has been breaking the law and killing people for a long time. Ronnie says Michael is a mess because Sonny forced him to go along with a cover-up and that there is no justice if Michael takes the fall. He says justice will be served if they leave Michael out of it and let Sonny go to prison.

Claire Walsh goes to see Jax in his office. She says she has good news; Alexis Davis saw Michael and called the police. She says she is sure he will be in custody soon. Jax asks what the point is when the case has already gone to jury. She tells him that Judge Carroll is allowing her to put Michael on the stand, although she doesnít think she will need to because it appears that they are close to a guilty verdict since the jury is taking so long. She says Jax is about to get everything he wanted.

In the deliberation room, Alice tells the jurors to remember that they are there to do a job, not just get it over with. A juror says the job would be done if the holdout would use common sense. Alice says she is getting sick of him judging Lisa just because she expressed her opinion. She reminds him that Lisa has a vote just like everyone else does. She says she respects that Lisa wants to be sure beyond a reasonable doubt. Lisa says she appreciates that Alice said that, but she agrees that there is no point in dragging this out any longer, so she is ready to vote again.

Lulu goes to Danteís apartment. She tells him she has been swamped at work since Maxie has been in Milan. She says Maxie claims that she is in Milan for work, but she thinks she is hiding from the fallout after she violated girlfriend code by ratting out Lulu to Jason. She asks him if he has made any decisions about Michael. He says he has been thinking about his childhood mentor, Vince Poletti and how he wishes he were still around because he always knew the right thing to do. He tells her a story about a little league baseball game that he was thrown out of for arguing with the umpire. He says he thought Mr. Poletti was going to chew him out but Mr. Poletti told him that he made a great play and that the ump made a bad call, but that he was disappointed because Dante had robbed himself of being able to make a difference in the rest of the game and he let his teammates down. Dante tells her that Mr. Poletti is the man that Sonny had killed. He says he has to go take care of something so they leave the apartment.

In the deliberation room, Alice passes out ballots to the jurors and tells Lisa not to feel pressured. Lisa says she is ready. She says she wants to make it clear to them that she is not defending Sonny Corinthos and that she thinks he is a despicable person who hated his wife and wanted her dead, but she still believes that he was trying to save Carly and the baby when he killed Claudia. She says they arenít there to vote on Sonnyís character; they are there to determine if Sonny was trying to kill Claudia when he swung the axe handle or if he was trying to save Carly. Alice tells everyone to cast their votes.

Carly goes to the courthouse. Claire says Carly couldnít stay away. Carly says Claire is hovering like a vulture. Claire says it is a good thing that a guard is posted outside the deliberation room so Carly canít try to influence them with her lies. Carly says she has the right to check on the juryís progress. She says it is just a matter of time, but if the jury needs any more information, they can probably get it from Michael. Carly asks her what she is talking about. Claire says apparently Carly hadnít heard that Michael came home. She says Alexis saw him and called the police so he will be in custody soon and Carly canít do anything about it.

When Molly goes home to the lake house, Kristina tells her that Michael is back. She says he was there but that their mom had to call the police so Michael left. Kristina says she does, but it is a secret. Molly promises not to tell anyone, so Kristina discloses that he is staying at the Quartermaine boathouse. She invites Molly wants to go there with her now.

Michael is standing outside the boathouse remembering the night he killed Claudia. Morgan arrives and asks Michael why he decided to come back. Michael says Dante found him. Morgan admits that he told Dante where Michael was. Michael says it is ok; he is glad that Dante showed up and he told him the truth. He says that when Dante didnít turn him into the cops, he escaped and came to the boathouse. Morgan wonders why Dante didnít turn Michael in since Dante usually follows the rules. Michael tells him that Dante doesnít want to ruin his case against their father. Morgan says he thinks the real reason Dante didnít turn him in is that he is trying to be a good older brother and he doesnít want Michael to get into trouble.

Dante goes to the courthouse and asks the bailiff if he has heard any news from the jury. The bailiff tells him that they havenít returned a verdict yet but that he heard them talking before the last vote and it appeared that they are going to find Sonny guilty. He congratulates Dante, saying it looks like he is going to win.

In Sonnyís office behind the restaurant, he tells Jason that he wonít deny that he wants a relationship with his son. He says he knows they have a lot to work out but he hopes that someday Dante accepts him as his father. He says all of his children are equally important to him. Sonnyís phone rings. When he answers it, Diane tells him to meet her at the courthouse because the jury has announced that they have reached a verdict. He tells her that he will be right there, hangs up, and then he relays the news to Jason.

Michael and Morgan go inside the boathouse. Morgan says there must be a way for them to get an update on the trial. They hear voices, so Michael closes the door and the two of them peer out the window through the blinds. When they see that it is Molly and Kristina, they go outside to greet them. Michael hugs Molly. She says she missed him and that she is glad he is back and ok. He says it is good to be back and that he missed them all. He tells her that he is ok; he is just hiding out at the boathouse until the jury announces their verdict. Molly asks him if he is going to tell the truth about Claudia, and he tells her that he cannot allow his father to go to prison for him. He says he hopes the jury will say his father is not guilty because it will all be over. Kristina asks him if he thinks Dante will turn him in. Michael says Dante said he wants to do what is best for Michael so he thinks there is a good chance that everything will work out.

Sonny and Diane are in the courtroom. Dante is sitting on a bench in the hallway. Claire Walsh clops past Dante and enters the courtroom, followed soon after by Jax. Sonny goes and sits down beside Jax. He tells him it is time to see if all the money he spent pays off. He says he hopes its worth it after all the strings he pulled and the damage he did to Sonnyís kids. Jax says watching Sonny finally go to prison where he belongs and he canít hurt anyone anymore will be worth it. Diane goes over and suggests that Sonny goes back over to their table. Johnny enters the courtroom and Sonny makes his way over to him. Diane tells Sonny to get back over to their table but Sonny ignores her. Dante watches from the doorway. Sonny tells Johnny that no matter what happens today, he wants Johnny to know that his sister was a psychotic bitch and she really did get what she deserved. Mayor Floyd enters the courtroom and tells Sonny to go to his seat. He says it is long overdue, but Sonny will finally get what is coming to him. Sonny smugly says, ďOh, really?Ē and goes back to his table.

Carly enters the courthouse and walks past Dante to meet Jason in the hallway. She asks him if he found Michael and he tells her no. She updates him on what Claire told her about Alexis calling the police when she saw Michael at her house. Jason tells her that Michael knows how to avoid the cops and that he is just glad Michael isnít with Dante anymore.

In the courtroom, Diane instructs Sonny to stop antagonizing people because it isnít too late for the judge to call a mistrial. She tells him that if it is a guilty verdict, Sonny must remain calm and emotionless because it will help them if they need to appeal. The bailiff instructs everyone to stand up and announces that court is in session. Carly and Jason enter the courtroom and the bailiff closes the doors behind them. Judge Carroll enters and instructs everyone to sit down. The jury enters and takes their seats in the jury box. Judge Carroll asks the foreperson, Alice if the jury has reached a verdict. She stands up and begins to speak when Dante enters the courtroom and interrupts. He says he says new evidence to present before the verdict is announced. Both Diane and Claire stand up and object. Judge Carroll tells Dante that this had better be damned good. Dante apologizes to the judge but insists that the truth needs to come out. Lulu appears in the courtroom doorway. Dante announces that Sonny Corinthos didnít kill his wife; his son Michael did. Claire looks at him, dumbfounded. Johnny rolls his eyes. Carly covers her face with her hand. Sonny picks up and then throws down a pen. He glares at Dante for a moment and then casts down his eyes.

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