GH Update Wednesday 4/28/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/28/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Helena and Spencer are sitting in the Wyndemere living room. Spencer asks Helena if their family is related to Santa Claus. Helena laughs in response. Helena speaks of a well-known Cassadine story. Nikolas walks in. Nikolas tells Helena to stop talking to Spencer. Nikolas suggests bringing Spencer to the park. Spencer quickly agrees. Before they can leave, a man walks into the room carrying a wooden box. Helena introduces the tall man as Thor, her manservant. Nikolas makes it clear that he has enough help at Wyndemere. However, Helena insists that Thor is her own personal assistant. Helena speaks briefly to Thor. Thor vacates the area. Helena hands the box to Spencer, claiming that it’s a Cassadine heirloom. When Nikolas sees that a sword is inside the box, he quickly closes it. Nikolas is adamant that the gift is much too old for Spencer. Helena thinks it is nonsense but doesn’t press the matter. Nikolas maintains that Helena has to abide by his rules when she is at Wyndemere. Helena doesn’t think that Nik is raising Spencer to become a true Cassadine. Nikolas won’t back down. Nikolas says that it’s his decision how Spencer is raised.

Elizabeth shows up at the hospital, with Cameron and Jake by her side. Elizabeth says hello to Steven. Elizabeth announces that she’s bringing Shirley to the park. Steven is visibly concerned. Elizabeth fears that something has happened to Shirley. Steven says that Shirley is fine, but worries that a trip to the park will be exhausting. Steven adds that he is troubled by Elizabeth’s budding friendship with Shirley since her prognosis isn’t good.

Maya brings some food to Michael at the Quartermaine boathouse. Unbeknownst to Maya, Ethan is lurking around outside. Ethan tries to hear the conversation by leaning near the door. Maya speaks to Michael. Maya thinks it is funny that her cousin is a fugitive. Maya wonders how long Michael will hide in the boathouse. Michael knows that his mom and Jason are worried about his safety. Michael leaves to get some fresh air. Maya waits a minute before exiting the boathouse. Ethan scares Maya by yelling out “boo”. Maya isn’t impressed with Ethan’s joke. Maya feels that Ethan is spying on her. Ethan lies and says that he wanted to get a boat. Ethan admits that he saw Michael leave the boathouse, and reminds Maya that she is harboring a potential witness in a murder trial. Ethan insists that he is the “right bad boy” for Maya. Maya makes it clear that she isn’t interested in Ethan. Maya fears that Ethan will call the police. Ethan says that he’ll keep quiet because he has already had his share of run-ins with Sonny. Ethan warns Maya to watch out.

Lulu arrives at Dante’s place. Lulu is worried when she sees that the bedsheets are a mess. Lulu searches the apartment. Dante returns home. Lulu is visibly agitated. Lulu admits that she was scared that Jason had gotten to Dante. Dante laughs nervously. Dante admits that his place definitely looks like a “crime scene”. Dante divulges that he is a slob. Lulu quickly agrees. Dante confides that he tossed and turned all night, and stubbed his toe on a chair. Lulu says that she didn’t sleep either. Dante apologizes for putting Lulu through this. Dante feels bad about Lulu and Carly’s strained relationship. Lulu is adamant that she is sticking by Dante. Lulu figures that Dante will make the right decision concerning Michael. After taking a shower, a shirtless Dante approaches his newly made bed. Lulu is busy wiping the dishes. Dante is impressed with Lulu’s housekeeping skills. They kiss. Lulu wants to know if Dante has thought about a solution in regards to Michael’s situation. Lulu senses that Dante wants to wait until the verdict is announced.

Claire is making a phone call at the Metro Court restaurant. Johnny walks up to Claire’s table. Johnny is curious as to why Claire has summoned him to the restaurant. Claire fears that her best efforts were not enough for a conviction. Claire confides that one of the jurors is leaning toward an acquittal. Johnny asks Claire what he needs to do to sway the juror’s vote. Claire reminds Johnny that jury tampering is a federal offense. Johnny knows that the jurors are staying at the Metro Court. Claire blurts out that Lisa Niles is convinced that Sonny’s innocent. Claire tells Johnny to stay away from Lisa but it is clear that she is thinking the opposite. After Johnny leaves, Mayor Floyd approaches Claire. The mayor realizes that the trial is not going in Claire’s favor. Mayor Floyd worries that Sonny will be acquitted. The mayor leaves the restaurant. Claire hears a beep coming from her laptop. Claire clicks on an icon, and a picture of a baby comes up on the screen. Below the photo, it reads “miss you, Angela”. Claire smiles at the photograph. Claire’s happy moment is ruined when Carly shows up. Carly tells Claire that she isn’t welcome at the Metro Court. Carly doesn’t want to be judged for her actions. Claire can’t understand how protecting Sonny is helping Carly’s children. Carly is sickened that Claire would use children to get a conviction. Claire insists that Sonny is dangerous and should be off the streets. Carly warns Claire that she shouldn’t “pick on a mother”. Claire makes it known that she’ll be a better mother than Carly.

Olivia is working in Jax’s office when Johnny creeps up behind her. Olivia jumps out of sheer fright. Olivia tells Johnny that she doesn’t like being scared like that. Johnny apologizes and leans in to kiss Olivia. Olivia is glad that Johnny isn’t mad about her decision to not move in together. Olivia gets a phone call from Nelson in Accounting. Olivia hurries out of the room to take care of the problem. It is obvious that Johnny wanted Olivia out of the office. Johnny accesses Olivia’s laptop and finds Lisa’s hotel room number.

Lisa and Alice return from the hotel’s workout room. Lisa can’t believe that Alice lifts weights. Alice confides that the jurors are annoyed that Lisa won’t back down from her non-guilty vote. Alice admits that she loves jury duty. Lisa intently listens. Alice’s main mission is to get the right verdict for Sonny.

Robin, Patrick, and Emma are sharing a family day in the park. They are sitting down for a picnic. Patrick relays to Robin that he saw Nik yesterday. Patrick says that Nikolas is looking forward to the baby. Robin is proud of Nikolas. Emma is talking incessantly. Patrick watches Emma in admiration. Patrick confesses that Emma is the “center of his world”. Robin smiles at Patrick. They kiss. Robin and Patrick are shocked when Michael walks through the park. Patrick pulls out his cell phone. Robin is astonished that Patrick wants to alert the police. Patrick reminds Robin that everyone is looking for Michael. Robin wants to stay out of it, claiming that it’s too late for Michael to testify against Sonny. Patrick is annoyed that Robin is defending Sonny once again. Robin doesn’t want to fight about Sonny. Patrick maintains that the police need to know about Michael. Patrick blurts out that Sonny should be in prison. Robin is disappointed that Patrick doesn’t feel the same way about Sonny. Robin brings up when Stone died and how Sonny was so supportive. Patrick doesn’t say anything.

Alexis and Kristina return home. Alexis offers to get them something to eat. Kristina wants to sit and relax. Alexis is thankful that Kristina’s therapy sessions are going well. Kristina speaks of her revealing chat with Sonny. Alexis says that it’s good that Kristina and Sonny are finally connecting. Alexis knows that Sonny is a complex person. Alexis tells Kristina that Sonny loves her very much.

Nikolas and Spencer are ready to go to the park. Spencer wants Helena to join them. However, Nikolas is against it. After they leave, Thor walks in. Thor closes the door. Helena implies that Thor got rid of the lab technician. Helena is thrilled that no one will ever find out that Lucky is the father of Liz’s baby.

Lulu and Dante are making breakfast in his apartment. Lulu and Dante talk about Michael. Lulu thinks that Michael is trying to emulate his father. Lulu and Dante sit down to eat scrambled eggs. Claire interrupts their breakfast. Claire demands to know where Michael is. Claire is rude to Lulu. Lulu hurries out of the apartment. Claire inquires about Michael. Dante says that he doesn’t have a clue as to Michael’s whereabouts. Claire senses that Dante is lying. Dante insists that he isn’t hiding Michael anywhere. Claire brings up obstruction of justice. Claire threatens that if Sonny’s acquitted, she will have Dante investigated.

In the park, Shirley and Elizabeth talk about past relationships. Elizabeth reminisces about Lucky. Shirley thinks that Liz is lucky to be having a baby. Nikolas and Spencer show up at the park. Elizabeth introduces Nik and Spencer to Shirley. Nikolas shakes hands with Shirley. Spencer heads for the swings.

Alice goes to Lisa’s hotel room. Alice mentions to Lisa that the other jury members are leaving for the courthouse. Lisa agrees to meet up with them later. Lisa closes the door. Johnny barges into the hotel room. Lisa is frightened. Johnny reassures Lisa that he’s not there to hurt her. Lisa tells Johnny that he is breaking and entering. Johnny says that he wants to talk about Claudia. Lisa agrees to give Johnny five minutes to speak. Johnny believes that his sister was treated unfairly by the court. Johnny explains how Claudia shouldn’t have married Sonny, and that his sister was Sonny’s victim. Johnny feels that Claudia kidnapped Carly out of desperation. Johnny wants justice for his sister.

In Jax’s office, Olivia is working when Carly storms in. Olivia brings up Carly and Claire’s heated argument in the MC restaurant. Carly wants Claire to go to another hotel. Carly asks Olivia for a “big favor”. Carly inquires about Dante. Carly asks where Dante is hiding Michael. Olivia won’t speak to Dante on Carly’s behalf. Carly is desperate to find her son. Carly assumes that Michael’s life is in jeopardy. Carly begs Olivia for help.

At home, Kristina tells Alexis that she doesn't want Sonny to go to prison. Kristina feels bad about her dad’s predicament. Alexis comments that she has an errand to run. Kristina tells her mother that she is going to watch some television. After Alexis leaves, there’s a knock on the front door. It’s Michael. Kristina runs to the door and hugs Michael. Michael says that he needs to speak to Kristina about their father’s trial.

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