GH Update Tuesday 4/27/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/27/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis and Kristina sit down for a talk in the living room. Alexis wants to ask some questions about Kiefer. Alexis brings up when Sam brought Kristina to the clinic for birth control. Alexis asks her daughter to be honest – did Kiefer pressure Kristina into having sex? Kristina confides that she wanted to sleep with Kiefer. However, Kristina admits that it was Kiefer’s suggestion in the first place. Alexis shakes her head in disbelief. Kristina talks about going to the clinic and getting contraceptives. Alexis inquires about the physical abuse. Kristina speaks of the first time Kiefer slapped her. Kristina justifies Kiefer’s actions by saying that he was “frustrated” with their relationship. Alexis reminds Kristina that she isn’t responsible for Kiefer’s abuse. Kristina starts to cry. Kristina continues to defend Kiefer because she was ultimately the one who got him mad. Alexis confronts Kristina about staying with Kiefer. Kristina talks about Dr. Winter’s theory on the subject. Lainey figures that Kristina kept quiet about Kiefer because of low self-esteem issues. Kristina talks about her infatuation with Kiefer. Kristina says that Kiefer made all the decisions in the relationship, adding that he bought her a cell phone to keep in touch. Kristina recalls the first time Kiefer hit her. Kristina says that Kiefer was genuinely sorry and claimed that he wouldn’t do it again. Alexis can’t understand why Kristina doesn’t know how great she is. Kristina divulges that she was trying to prove something to herself by staying with Kiefer. Alexis apologizes for not seeing the warning signs. Kristina teases that Alexis didn’t have much help since Sonny has been so preoccupied. They both share a laugh. Alexis is proud of Kristina’s progress. Alexis promises Kristina that they’ll get through this. Alexis hugs her daughter.

In Sonny’s living room, Carly is desperate to find Michael. Sonny is certain that Dante won’t hand Michael over to the police. Carly doesn’t trust Dante at all. Sonny figures that if he’s found guilty, Michael will be off the hook. Carly disagrees; she believes that Michael will confess if Sonny is sent to prison. Sonny assumes that Dante will do everything to protect his brother. Carly is outraged because she wants to know if Michael is safe. Sonny warns Carly that she shouldn’t push Dante’s buttons. Sonny asks Carly to back off. Carly won’t back down because she is worried about Michael. Sonny knows that Michael is struggling with the fact that he killed Claudia in self-defense. Carly has no faith in Dante. Carly doesn’t want Michael to suffer because of the cover-up.

Jason shows up at Lulu’s apartment. Jason looks around and inquires about Michael. Jason pleads with Lulu to come clean about Michael’s whereabouts. Lulu remains silent. Dante pipes in and says that Lulu has no clue where Michael is. Jason asks for Lulu’s help. However, Lulu is standing by her boyfriend. Lulu stays quiet. Jason fears that Michael will want to confess. Jason wants to know Dante’s intentions toward Michael. Dante is resolute that he wants to protect Michael. Jason asks Lulu once again for help but she says she can’t. Jason leaves. Lulu is clearly upset. Lulu feels stuck in the middle. Dante apologizes for the situation. Lulu feels bad since Jason has always protected Michael. Lulu knows that Jason is loyal. Dante kisses Lulu. Dante leaves to go look for Michael.

Maya finds Michael in the Quartermaine boathouse. Maya doesn’t recognize Michael. Michael says that he is AJ Quartermaine’s biological son. Maya wonders why Michael is hiding out in the boathouse. Maya introduces herself to Michael. They shake hands. Michael confides why he is hiding – Sonny’s on trial and he is a potential “witness”. Maya thinks that the situation is all screwed up. Michael says that he needs time to think. Maya leaves the boathouse. Michael isn’t sure if Maya will keep quiet or not.

Patrick and Emma run into Nikolas and Spencer in the park. Spencer is playing in the sand box. Patrick gives the children some juice boxes. Nikolas and Patrick sit on a bench and watch the kids play. Nikolas admits that he still is leery when it comes to parenting. Nikolas thinks it is funny that Patrick was never the “textbook father material” type. Patrick laughs in response. Nikolas comments that Patrick is great with Emma. Patrick admits that he was a disaster at first. Patrick says that his thoughts about fatherhood changed when he first held Emma. Nikolas is sad that he hasn’t spent much time with his own son. Nikolas wants to make sure that he gets to know Liz’s unborn baby. Nikolas wants to spend his life with Liz. Patrick suggests shared custody. Nikolas doesn’t think that Liz will go for it. Patrick says that Elizabeth was a good friend when Robin was going through PPD. Nikolas assumes that Elizabeth blames him for her failed relationship with Lucky. Patrick wonders if Nik is spending time with Spencer just to impress Elizabeth. Nikolas says that he wants the best for Spencer. Patrick tells Nik that Elizabeth needs time.

Shirley is in the middle of her chemotherapy treatment when Liz walks in with Cameron and Jake. Shirley is happy to see the boys. Elizabeth introduces her sons to Shirley. Cameron speaks briefly to Shirley. Shirley asks Cameron to make her a picture. Liz produces some construction paper for the boys. Steven pulls Elizabeth aside. Steven fears that these sort of visits might be “tiring” for Shirley. Elizabeth maintains that Shirley needs a distraction. Steven reminds Liz that Shirley is terminally ill. Steven and Elizabeth are speechless when Cameron asks Shirley if she’s dying. Elizabeth interrupts and tells the boys that they have to go. Shirley answers Cameron’s question with a vague response. Shirley thanks Cameron for the picture. After they leave, Steven tells Shirley that they have to talk about her test results. Shirley skirts around the issue. Shirley is thankful for Liz’s visit.

During jury deliberations, Alice suggests talking about the case once again. Lisa is adamant that Sonny didn’t intentionally kill Claudia. The older man brings up Sonny’s outburst in court when he said he wanted Claudia dead. Lisa points out that there is no evidence showing it was premeditated. Alice says that the jury should vote again.

Carly shows up at the penthouse. Carly is frantic to find Michael. Jason says that he talked to Lulu but she isn’t talking. Carly is mad that Lulu won’t say where Michael is. Carly wants to speak to Lulu. Jason tells her to calm down. They both agree that Michael needs to get out of the country as soon as possible.

In the Quartermaine living room, Tracy is complaining about Skye. Ethan and Monica are laughing at Tracy. Edward and Maya walk in. Edward asks Maya if she is missing any jewelry. Edward wants to call the police but Maya begs him not to. Ethan senses that something is up. Maya insists that she isn’t defending Ethan. Tracy doesn’t want Ethan stealing anything from the house. Everyone knows that Tracy is really mad at Luke. Maya walks out on the patio. Ethan follows her outside. Maya says that she has to get to work.

In the boathouse, Michael flashes back to conversations he had with Jason and Dante.

At the nurses’ station, Steven talks to Elizabeth about her visit with Shirley. Elizabeth thinks that remission is possible for Shirley. Steven doesn’t want Liz to get her hopes up. Steven fears that Elizabeth will become too “attached” to Shirley. Elizabeth checks in on Shirley. Shirley raves about Liz’s children. Elizabeth says that Cameron is just like Lucky.

Carly shows up at Lulu’s apartment. It is obvious that Carly is angry. Carly demands to know why Lulu didn’t call. Lulu starts crying. Lulu swears that she doesn’t know where Michael is. Carly senses that Lulu is lying. Lulu defends Dante which makes Carly angrier. Dante walks in. Dante tells Carly that she should be mad at him, not Lulu. Carly screams at Lulu. Carly feels that she and Michael deserve better from Lulu. Carly storms out of the apartment. Lulu bursts into tears. Lulu tells Dante that she betrayed Carly. Lulu wants to know what Dante plans to do. Dante’s only concern is Michael’s protection.

Kristina shows up at Sonny’s house. Sonny is thankful to see his daughter. Sonny inquires about Kristina’s recovery. Kristina makes it known that Sonny cannot kill Warren Bauer. Kristina talks about Kiefer. Kristina asks Sonny about his stepfather. Sonny recalls that Deke would flip out over the stupidest things. Sonny talks about his mother being punched and kicked. Sonny says that he would intervene on his mom’s behalf and get beaten up too. Kristina and Sonny are both teary-eyed. Sonny hugs Kristina. Kristina talks to Sonny about Alexis’ opinion on the subject. Alexis feels that Kristina turned to Kiefer because she was rejected by Sonny. Sonny is disappointed that Kristina stayed with an abuser. Kristina says that she is seeing Lainey now. Sonny wants the best for his daughter.

After the vote, eleven jury members think that Sonny is guilty, one believes that he isn’t. The older man is irritated by Lisa’s refusal to vote with the majority. Lisa doesn’t think that Sonny killed Claudia with intent. Alice suggests meeting again tomorrow.

Carly returns to Jason’s place. Carly says that Lulu was no help. Michael calls Carly. Carly wants to know where her son is at. Michael won’t give up his location. Michael insists that he’ll confess if Sonny receives a guilty verdict.

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