GH Update Monday 4/26/10

General Hospital Update Monday 4/26/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the Jacks living room, Jax and Morgan discuss going shopping for an outdoor excursion.  Jax and Morgan give each other high-fives.  Carly walks in.  Jax brings up the kayaking trip.  Jax insists that Morgan will be wearing a life jacket.  Carly thinks that it’s a good idea for Morgan to have some fun.  Morgan pipes in that Carly and Jax are acting strange.  Morgan suggests that Carly and Jax don’t love each other anymore.  Carly and Jax maintain that they do.  However, Carly reminds Jax that he knew their marriage came with “attachments”.  Carly and Jax quarrel until Morgan tells them to stop.  Morgan states that he wants his mom to work things out with Jax.  Morgan brings up the fight he had with Michael over a video game.  Carly recalls the argument and tells Jax about it.  Morgan says that Carly and Jax should work things out, just like he did with Michael.  Morgan leaves the room.  Jax is impressed with Morgan.  Jax suggests that he and Carly need to compromise.  Jax asks Carly how the video game argument was resolved.  Carly explains that Michael and Morgan sat down and played a board game with their mother.  Jax thinks the story is amusing.  Nevertheless, Carly says that the game was fun because Morgan made popcorn and Michael gave him strategic advice.  Carly blurts out that Michael isn’t home because of Jax’s “vendetta”  against Sonny.  Carly feels like her marriage to Jax is ruined.  Jax suggests that their family spend some quality time together –  tonight.  Jax speaks of Josslyn, which makes Carly smile.

In Lulu’s apartment, Dante says that he has no idea where Michael went.  Lulu suggests that Michael headed to the police station to confess.  However, Dante figures that Michael would go to Sonny’s house first.  Dante assumes that Jason and Sonny will get Michael out of the country.  Lulu doesn’t think it’s a bad idea for Michael to leave.  Dante suggests putting an APB out on Michael but Lulu is against it.  Lulu reminds Dante that he did his job by bringing Michael back to Port Charles.  Dante knows that Sonny is innocent of Claudia’s murder.  Dante feels that he is in a no-win situation.  Dante fears that Michael will get mixed up in the mob if he doesn’t turn in his younger brother.  Lulu intently listens to Dante.  Dante is still in shock that Michael is responsible since all proof pointed to Sonny.  Finally, Dante decides to make a call to someone.

Kristina and Michael meet in town.  Kristina hugs her brother.  Kristina asks Michael how he’s been doing.  Kristina is rambling on and on.  Kristina makes it clear that she doesn’t want Michael to confess to the police.  Kristina apologizes for being so agitated.  Kristina confides that she’s still mourning Kiefer’s death.  Michael is confused as to why Kristina misses Kiefer since he beat her up.  Kristina tells her brother that he doesn’t understand where she’s coming from.  Michael brings up his and Kristina’s trip to Mexico.  Kristina admits that she lied to Michael when they were there.  Kristina feels bad that she made Michael believe that he caused Claudia’s car accident.  Michael tells Kristina that she’s forgiven.  Kristina begs Michael not to confess to Claudia’s death.  Kristina changes the subject to Kiefer.  Kristina insists that Kiefer wasn’t always bad.  Michael badmouths Kiefer.  Kristina explains how the physical abuse started “gradually” with a slap and then escalated to being hit.  Michael wishes that Kristina would have told the truth from the beginning.  Kristina justifies staying quiet because she feared Sonny would kill Kiefer.  Kristina is adamant that she still loves Kiefer.  Michael divulges that he has also screwed up a lot.  Michael finally gets why Kristina didn’t tell anyone about Kiefer – Sonny would have had him killed.  Michael asks Kristina to keep quiet about their visit.  Kristina agrees to remain silent about seeing Michael.  Michael comments that he will be staying at the Quartermaine boathouse.  Kristina tells Michael that she needs him.  Michael is resolute that no one will find him until the trial is over.

In the Corinthos living room, Sonny and Jason are discussing Dante.  Jason is certain that Dante cannot be trusted.  Sonny reasons that Dante will protect Michael and not give him up.  Sonny knows that Dante wants him to go to prison.  Jason wonders where Michael is.  Jason tells Sonny that he will be getting Michael out of the country.  Sonny wants Jason to leave Dante alone.  Jason fears that Dante will prove that Michael was responsible for Claudia’s death.  Sonny mentions that Dante doesn’t want Michael to confess since he is hell-bent on sending his own father to prison.  Sonny feels that backing Dante into a corner will cause him to hand Michael over to the police.  Jason isn’t happy with Sonny’s decision.

Tracy walks into Luke’s office.  Skye is flirting with Luke.  Tracy demands that Skye leave immediately.  Skye insists that she came back to Port Charles because she missed Luke.  Tracy laughs since she doesn’t believe Skye.  Tracy tells Skye that Luke doesn’t have any money so she might as well leave town.  Skye maintains that she isn’t after the Quartermaines’ money.  Tracy glares at Luke.  Tracy advises Skye to get away from her husband.  Luke reminds Tracy that he and Skye have “history”.  Tracy fears that Skye has already gone through all of Lorenzo Alcazar’s money and has moved on to Luke.  Tracy threatens to see Luke in divorce court.  Tracy storms out of the office.  Skye apologizes but maintains that she needs Luke’s help with getting money out of Alcazar’s bank accounts.  Skye and Luke flirt with each other.

Liz is standing by the nurses’  station looking at a patient file.  Steven is staring at Elizabeth.  When Liz walks away from the file, Steven grabs it.  Inside, a post-it note with the word “gotcha” is clearly visible.  Elizabeth laughs at Steven.  Steven apologizes for keeping a close eye on Liz.  Elizabeth brings up the cancer patient Shirley Smith.  Elizabeth asks Steven for a second opinion, claiming that Shirley seems to be getting better.  Steven agrees to check on Shirley.  After Steven walks away, Elizabeth speaks to Maya.  Elizabeth advises Maya to make friends with the nurses at the hospital.  Elizabeth asks Maya for a favor.  Elizabeth speaks to Maya about Shirley Smith.  Liz believes that Shirley will recover.  Maya reminds Liz that Shirley has stage-four cancer.

Steven speaks to Shirley in her hospital room.  Shirley is working on a new piece of jewelry.  Shirley senses that Steven doesn’t have a social life.  Shirley suggests to Steven that he should have some fun.  Maya and Elizabeth walk in.  Elizabeth teases that Steven will be set up with one of the nurses.  In private, Steven confronts Elizabeth about the blind date.  Elizabeth says that Steven will be going out with Candy.  Steven is irritated until Liz maintains that she is kidding about the date.  Steven gets a page.  Steven agrees to talk to Elizabeth later on.  Maya walks up to Elizabeth.  Maya comments that Shirley’s jewelry is “unusual”, and offers to speak to one of her friends who owns a boutique.

At the penthouse, Maxie, Spinelli, and Sam are trying to figure out where Michael is.  Maxie is preoccupied with business calls.  Spinelli can’t find anything on the surveillance feeds.  Sam leaves the apartment to look for Michael.  Spinelli overhears Maxie tell someone that she will be flying to Italy.  After the phone call, Maxie tells Spinelli that she has to get out of town.  Maxie is worried about Sonny’s trial which is troubling to Spinelli.  Spinelli senses that Maxie isn’t being truthful.

In the apartment, Lulu and Dante discuss Michael’s possible whereabouts.  There is a knock on the door.  It’s Lucky.  Dante discloses that he found Michael in the Caribbean.  Lucky figures that Michael is already in Claire’s custody.  Dante informs Lucky that Michael is missing.  Lucky wonders what’s really going on.  Dante relays to Lucky that Michael killed Claudia in self-defense.  Dante adds that there is DNA evidence linking Michael to Claudia’s death.  Dante doesn’t want to send Sonny to prison for something Michael did.  Lucky thinks that Michael would get community service if he confessed.  Lucky tells Dante that it is his sole decision.  Dante doesn’t know what to do.  Lucky offers to look for Michael.  Lulu pipes in that she likes Lucky’s suggestion.  Dante declines the offer.  Dante wants to find Michael.  Dante worries that he shouldn’t have brought Michael back.  Lucky hopes that Dante can live with his decision.

Michael confides to Kristina that he’ll confess if Sonny is found guilty.  They hug each other.  Michael leaves before Sam shows up.  Sam wonders why Kristina is in town.  Kristina mentions that she needed to get some air.  Sam offers to bring Kristina home.

In jury deliberations, Alice reads the preliminary votes – seven are for guilty, four are undecided, and one is not guilty.  Lisa makes it known that she has doubts.  Lisa believes that Claire Walsh didn’t prove that Sonny murdered Claudia.  One juror brings up Michael’s whereabouts.  Most of the jury members think that Sonny is hiding Michael.  Alice speaks of the photos showing Michael on the Island.  Lisa proposes that the photo’s time stamping could have been altered.  An older juror is adamant that Sonny is guilty.

Alexis shows up at Sonny’s home.  Sonny inquires about Kristina.  Sonny brings up Michael.  Alexis confides that Kristina is still blaming herself for Kiefer’s death.  Alexis informs Sonny that Kristina has seen Dr. Winters.  Alexis wants to know if Sonny would consider being present for one of Kristina’s therapy sessions.  Sonny says that he doesn’t know if he can because of the trial.  Sonny comments that he might be headed to prison.  Alexis answers back that she might be also.  Sonny is puzzled since he thought that the hit-and-run investigation was over.  Alexis speaks of Warren Bauer’s vendetta.  Alexis knows that Warren wants her to receive the maximum penalty –  seven years behind bars.  Sonny implies that Kiefer’s father can be killed.  Alexis doesn’t want Warren dead.  Alexis worries how Molly is being affected by all this.  Alexis can’t understand why Kristina kept quiet about the abuse.  Sonny and Alexis talk about Kristina for a while.  Alexis says that she will update Sonny on the hit-and-run investigation.

Sam and Kristina return to the Davis home.  Kristina brings up Kiefer and their busy schedules.  Sam wants Kristina to stop blaming herself for what happened to Kiefer.  Kristina speaks warmly of Kiefer and maintains that he went against his parents’ wishes to date her.  Sam isn’t impressed since Kiefer beat up Kristina.  Sam announces that Dante found Michael.  Kristina plays stupid and asks where Michael is.  Sam agrees to keep Kristina updated.

Maxie is still acting strange.  Maxie tells Spinelli that she has to go to Milan right away.  Spinelli wonders why Maxie is avoiding going home to her own apartment.  Maxie kisses Spinelli.  Spinelli knows that something is wrong.  Maxie blurts out that she knows where Michael is located.  Suddenly, Jason walks into the penthouse.  Jason demands to know where Michael is.  Maxie is evasive but finally admits that Lulu is keeping an eye on Michael at their apartment.  Maxie hurries out the door.

Steven speaks to Shirley about her cancer diagnosis.  Steven brings up pain management.  Shirley doesn’t want to be heavily medicated.  Liz interrupts their conversation.  Shirley hands Elizabeth a necklace to wear.  After Elizabeth leaves the room, Shirley tells Steven that she needs Liz and vice versa.

In Lulu’s apartment, Dante is still stressing over Michael’s location.  Dante knows that he needs to tell Claire about Michael.  Dante feels that Michael shouldn’t go to prison for killing Claudia in self-defense.  Lulu reasons that Carly and Josslyn would have died if Michael hadn’t been there.

The Jacks family is sitting in the living room playing a board game.  Jax is holding Josslyn.  Morgan is winning.  Carly wishes that Michael could be present.  Carly gets a phone call.  It’s Sonny.  Sonny relays that he has to talk to her about Michael.  Carly leaves in a hurry.  Alone, Jax tells Josslyn that their family will be safe once Sonny is in prison.

The jury continues to deliberate.  Eight members believe that Sonny is guilty, three are undecided, and one still feels that he is innocent.  Many people think that Sonny should be sent to prison.

Carly shows up at Sonny’s house.  Carly asks about Michael.  Sonny sadly informs Carly that Dante found Michael.  However, Sonny is adamant that Dante won’t turn in Michael.  Carly doesn’t care.  Carly wants to see Michael – now.

Michael heads to the Quartermaine boathouse.  Maya walks in.  Maya doesn’t recognize Michael.

Lulu and Dante patiently wait in her apartment.  There is a knock on the door.  It’s Jason.  Jason wants to know where Michael is.

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