GH Update Monday 4/26/10

General Hospital Update Monday 4/26/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Jax is at Carlyís house making plans to go sea kayaking with Morgan. He notices Carly looks unhappy and asks her if she has a problem with him taking Morgan kayaking. She tells him it is fine as long as Morgan is safe. He assures her that Morgan will always have on a life jacket. Morgan asks them why they are being so weird and if they donít love each other any more.

At Luluís apartment, Dante says he should never have let Michael out if his site. Lulu says she thought she Michael would stay because he seemed to trust Dante enough to wait. Dante says Michael will never trust him. Lulu says it is probably just as well that it is out of Danteís hands now. She says Michael is probably at the PCPD making a confession. Dante says either that or he has gone to Sonny.

Michael is standing outside on the street hiding between buildings. He sees Kristina and reveals himself to her. She runs to him, hugs him, and tells him she has missed him. She asks him how long he has been back in town. He says Dante brought him back to testify against Sonny but he canít let their father go to prison for him so he plans to confess. Kristina begs him not to confess because she canít bear to lose anyone else.

At Sonnyís house, Jason tells Sonny that he doesnít trust Dante to protect Michael. Sonny says Dante understands that Michael didnít mean to kill Claudia and doesnít want him to pay any more than they do. Jason asks Sonny if he knows where Dante is because he is going to go get Michael away from him. Sonny asserts that Dante doesnít want to hurt Michael. Jason asks why he tracked him down and brought him back to Port Charles. Sonny observes that Dante has not turned Michael in. Jason says he isnít taking the chance; he is going to find Michael and get him out of the country. He tells Sonny not to try to stop him.

In the office at the Haunted Star, Tracy orders Luke to get out and take his pencils with him. Luke says she wounds him. Skye, who is hovering over Luke, tells Tracy that it is true; she hasnít stopped thinking about Luke since she left Port Charles and he is the reason she came back. Tracy asks Skye if she is trying to steal her money, the clubís or her fatherís because they all know Luke doesnít have any money. Skye says she wouldnít be so sure about that, not that it would matter. She leans over and positions her face close to Lukeís as is she is going to kiss him.

At the Jacksí house, Carly tells Morgan that she and Jax have serious differences about a lot of things. Morgan says Carly is mad because she thinks Jax doesnít love Michael. Jax tells Morgan that he loves his brother and his mother. Carly tells Morgan that she still loves Jax very much. She tells Jax she just doesnít love the things that he has done. He says he was just trying to help her break free from her unhealthy attachment. Carly says she doesnít need his help, and he knows that the attachments came with the deal. He says they will never be able to move forward as long as she keeps putting the attachments first. She says he makes it sound so easy. He says it could be. She says she would have to pretend that most of her life never happened. Morgan yells for both of them to stop fighting. He asks if they canít just be together if they love each other. Jax says that is what he wants. Carly says Jax wants it only if it is completely on his terms. Morgan asks them if they remember when he and Michael had the huge fight about the video game system when Michael chased him around the house and then they stopped talking. Carly says Morgan and Michael were acting like two year olds. Morgan says Carly and Jax should stop acting like two year olds now and work it out. Morgan storms out. Jax tells Carly that they were just told by a 12 year old. He tells her that he is willing to try to find neutral ground if she is.

On the street corner, Kristina tells Michael that it has been awful and now Keifer is dead because of her. Michael tells her that Keifer is no loss. Kristina says she knows Michael hated him, but she didnít. Michael says Keifer hit her. Kristina says he doesnít get it; it is complicated. She says she was wrong too. He asks her if she ever thinks about Mexico. She says she does sometimes. He says it would be great to be hanging out at the beach in Mexico right now, working at a no-pressure job. She says she was lying then, too because she let him believe he ran Claudia off the road when Kristina did it. He tells her it is ancient history and it is ok. She says she sometimes feels as if her whole life has been a lie. He says his life seems that way too. She tells him he cannot confess to killing Claudia. He says he is sick of thinking about what could happen or what he should do. He tells her to forget about him and asks that they talk about her. He asks her how it is possible that she doesnít hate Keifer. She says Keifer didnít always hit her and he felt awful after he did. She asks Michael not to remind her that Keifer put her in the hospital twice because if one more person says that, she will scream. Michael asks her when the hitting started. She says it was gradual. She says that first Keifer yelled like their dad does, then he shoved her, and then he hit her when they got into a fight because she changed her mind about having sex with him. Michael asks her why she didnít tell him. Kristina says that at first, she didnít think it would happen again and then when it did, she knew their dad would freak out. She says she knows that Keifer wanted to stop because he loved her. She says she loved him too and she still does. She asks Michael not to tell her how messed-up that is. He tells her that he is the king of messed-up. Kristina says she wanted to be good enough for Keifer like Michael wanted to be good enough for their dad.

At Sonnyís house, Sonny tells Jason not to look for Michael and not to get in Danteís face. Jason asks Sonny if he is protecting Michael or Dante and if Sonny is sure Dante can prove that Michael killed Claudia. Sonny says Dante doesnít want to prove that Michael killed Claudia; he is waiting for the jury to convict Sonny. Jason tells Sonny that he canít give Dante all the power. Sonny tells Jason that if he keeps pushing Dante he will force Danteís hand and he will have no choice but to turn Michael in. he tells Jason that the best way to help Michael is to leave it alone. He asks if Jason is clear on that and Jason says he is clear on what he has to do. Jason leaves.

At Luluís apartment, Dante says that if Michael went back to Jason and Sonny they will hide him again. Lulu asks if that is really so bad. She says the jury will do what it is going to do, and this will be over. Dante asks Lulu if she has any idea where Michael might go, but she doesnít. She says she thinks Dante needs to let it play out. Dante says she should have called Claire because she would have an APB on Michael by now. Lulu tells Dante that the jury will either find Sonny guilty or determine that it was self-defense but either way, Dante did his job. Dante questions whether sending Sonny to prison really constitutes doing his job. Lulu tells him that he knows Sonny is not innocent. Dante asks what will happen to Michael. He says that if Sonny is convicted, Michael will blame himself but if Sonny gets away with it, Michael will see how easy it is to manipulate the system. He says Michael will get deeper into Sonnyís business and one day he will end up dead. Lulu says she thinks Dante is getting ahead of himself. Dante says Michael will have a second chance at a life away from Sonny if Dante turns him in. Lulu doesnít think Michael will see it that way. Dante says he wasnít thinking like a cop because he was so focused on closing the case that he didnít see how Michael could have done anything. Dante takes out his cell phone, dials a number, and says he is doing something he should have done a long time ago.

At the Jacksí house, Jax asks Carly how Michael and Morgan resolved their fight over the video game. She reveals that they never did. She tells them that when she got sick of watching them glare at each other, she made them play a board game with her. Jax tells Carly that he misses Michael too. She tells him that Michael is gone because of him and that is hard for her. She says Jaxís vendetta against Sonny has torn the family apart. Jax tells her that they are there now and Morgan needs some family time. She agrees that Morgan has had a bad week. He observes the Josslyn hasnít seen them together since that day in the park and he suggests that they put their differences aside for the kidsí sake, just for tonight.

At her station in the Oncology Unit at General Hospital, Elizabeth gives instructions to an employee. Steve comes up and watches her. She slams down a folder and walks away. Steve goes over and looks in the folder. A sticky note inside says, ďGotcha.Ē Elizabeth comes up behind him and tells him that that is what he gets for spying on her. She assures him that she is doing fine since she has been in Oncology and that it has given her a whole new outlook. He says he had hoped it would.
She asks him to look at Shirley Smithís chart and says she has a feeling her doctors are missing something because she seems to be doing so much better. Steve agrees to look at the chart and he leaves. Maya enters and Elizabeth asks her how everything is going. Maya says she is still learning her way around but that everything is going well. Elizabeth says the best way for an intern to get along is to make friends with the nurses. Maya says Epiphany has made that abundantly clear. Elizabeth takes that as her cue to ask Maya to do her a favor.

On the street corner, Kristina says she used to think that her father would love her if she could be good enough or smart enough and it was the same way with Keifer She says she knows their father would have killed Keifer if she had told him that Keifer was hitting her. She says she just watched what she said around Keifer and tried not to make him mad. Michael says that kind of makes sense. Kristina asks him if their dad knows he is there. He says no and makes her promise not to tell anyone that she saw him. She asks him what he is going to do. He says that for now he will hide in a boathouse at the Quartermaine Estate. He says no one ever goes there so he will be ok. She says he had better be because she needs him. He tells her not to worry; no one will find him until he is ready to be found.

At Jasonís penthouse, Spinelli tells Sam that he is continuing to search through security footage as Jason has asked him to do but he doubts that Michael would turn up easily. He confirms that Michael has still not turned up at the police department. Sam concludes that Dante is still considering his next move. Spinelli doesnít understand why Dante wouldnít just wait for the juryís verdict. Sam says she bets Dante wishes he had never found Michael. Sam says she is going to go check a few places and she leaves. Maxie has been on the telephone the whole time. She says Milan would be perfect, Feddie would be surprised, and she could leave tonight. Spinelli asks what the hurry is. She tells him that she would love to stay in Port Charles but she knows too much. Spinelli wishes Maxie had never seen anything but he observes that Maxie has already testified twice about what she saw that night. She says she doesnít want to wonder if she did the right thing or worry about getting caught and charged with perjury. She says she wishes she only had to worry about hemlines. She says the only question that matters to her is what hemlines will be like next spring. She says the person that has the information that they arenít supposed to have usually wins in fashion and that is why she likes it. Spinelli asks her if she is implying that she knows more about Michaelís situation. She says that the truth became more important to her when she fell in love with Spinelli and friends became more important too. She asks him if they can just leave it at that.

At Luluís apartment, she tells Dante that Michael promised that he would stay put. Dante says that if Maxie tells Jason that she saw Michael, Jason will find him. Someone knocks on the door. Lulu asks Dante if he is ready for this, and he says yes, he just hopes he did the right thing. Lulu opens the door to Lucky who says he got Danteís message. Dante says he found Michael in the Caribbean at one of Sonnyís resort casinos. Lucky asks him if Michael is with Claire now. Dante reveals that Michael got away and he was hoping that Lucky could help him find him. Lucky says sure, but asks Dante to tell him what is really going on first.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy tells Skye that she has already scammed her brother, stolen ELQ stock, and broken her fatherís heart so she had better step away from her husband. Luke interjects that he and Skye had history before he knew Tracy. Tracy says that was before Skye dumped him for Lorenzo Alcazar because he had more money. Tracy says Lorenzo is dead now and surmises that Skye has already spent all of his money so she is probably looking for some illegal funds that he had stashed offshore. Luke says Tracy has a vivid imagination. Tracy says that if Luke wants Skye, he can take her; everybody else has. She tells him she will see him in divorce court and walks out. Skye apologizes to Luke. She says she needs to find that money, but maybe he isnít up to it. She sits on his desk and says that maybe he is so married that he canít take advantage of the opportunity. He says she is laying it on a bit thick. She says she doesnít see why she should have to share him with anyone, especially his wife.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth tells Maya that Shirley Smith is one of the most positive people she knows. Maya wonders what that has to do with Elizabeth wanting Maya to tell Shirley that she likes her jewelry. Elizabeth thinks the encouragement will keep Shirley going. Maya asks if Shirley isnít stage 4. She says that at her age, the odds arenít good. Elizabeth says never mind the odds, Maya will see when she meets Shirley.

Steve Webber is in a room with Shirley and asks her if her oncologist had gone over her test results with her. She tells him that she is dying and isnít interested in knowing the details about which drugs or how much time. She asks him what he thinks of a necklace she made. He says he hasnít seen anything like it. She concludes that he hates it and says she thinks she will wear it when she goes dancing. She asks him when he last went out on a date. He says he hasnít lived in Port Charles very long. She tells him that is no excuse. Elizabeth and Maya enter the room. Shirley tells Elizabeth that her brother needs to get out of the hospital and have some fun. She suggests that Elizabeth set Steve up with the blonde floor nurse. She nods toward Maya and tells Steve that she isnít too bad either.

On the street corner, Michael tells Kristina that he will lay low for a while and then if their dad is acquitted, it will all be over but if Sonny is convicted, he will have to turn himself in. Kristina tells him he canít; she canít lose him. He tells her not to worry; they will figure something out. He hugs her and leaves. Moments later, Sam walks up and asks Kristina what she is doing there. Kristina says she was feeling cooped up in the house. She asks why Sam is there and Sam says itís a long story. She offers to take Kristina home and tell her about it when they get there.

In the jury deliberation room, Alice tallies the preliminary votes. Seven guilty, one not guilty, four undecided. One juror says it is obvious that Sonny Corinthos is guilty so they should just convict him so they can go home. Lisa says the state didnít prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Sonny murdered his wife and the only eyewitness swears that it was self-defense. She says she is sure that Carly Jax and her baby would both be dead if Sonny hadnít stopped Claudia and she isnít going to send him to prison for it. Another juror says Michel Corinthos saw it. Alice says that was never introduced in court. The juror says Sonny is hiding his son on some island to keep him from talking. He says they saw the surveillance photo. Alice produces the picture. Lisa asks her if she thinks that prosecutor wouldnít change a timestamp. She reminds them of what Claire did to Morgan. The juror says Sonny is a professional criminal and this case will not go beyond a reasonable doubt. Lisa says that in that case, they have a problem.

At Luluís apartment, Lucky asks Dante if he is certain that Michael killed Claudia. Dante tells him that Michael gave him his shirt with Claudiaís blood on it. Lucky says that when Dante notifies the court, Sonny will walk. Lulu says they all know that is a bad idea. She says after all the crimes that Sonny has committed over the years, it isnít so bad for him to pay for one that he didnít do, especially since that is what he wants. Lucky says Lulu has a point. Dante asks them to think about Michael. He wonders if it wouldnít be better for him to deal with a suspended sentence and community service instead of an ongoing cover-up for the rest of his life. Lulu asks if it wouldnít be better for all of Sonnyís kids if Sonny went to prison. Lucky says it is Danteís call. He has to decide whether to keep quiet and let his father go to prison knowing that he is innocent of this particular crime or tell the truth and turn his brother in.

At Sonnyís house, he asks Alexis how Kristina is doing. Alexis says she came there to give him an update. He asks her if Kristina has seen Michael. Alexis wonders why he asked her that. He tells her that he needs Michael to stay put until the jury comes back with a verdict. He asks her if Kristina is doing any better. She says Kristina is still blaming herself. He says that happens with abuse. Alexis says Kristina has had some therapy sessions with Dr Winters and that the two of them might be asked to sit in at some point. Sonny says he would love to but he may not be available. Alexis says Diane told her the trial was uncertain. Sonny tells Alexis she will need to explain to Kristina that her dad could be going to prison. She says that is great because there is a goo possibility that her mother is going to prison too. Sonny says he thought the hit-and-run was taken care of. She says she killed an 18 year old kid so she is either going to prison or Shady Brook. Sonny asks her if Mac charged her for leaving the scene. She says yes but that Warren Bauer is intent on seeing that she gets the maximum sentence of seven years, and he has the pull to make it happen. Sonny tells her it isnít going to happen. Alexis says they donít know what is going to happen and they need to make some decisions about the girls. Sonny asks if Kiefer's father is the main problem. Alexis says yes, Kiefer's father is determined to get what he wants. Sonny says it is no big deal; they will just shut him up. Permanently.

At General Hospital, Steve asks Elizabeth to tell him that she and Shirley arenít fixing him up with that ďperfectly lovely blonde.Ē Elizabeth informs him that her name is Candy, he is meeting her for coffee in half an hour, and she loves the Rumba. He rolls his eyes and she discloses that she is just kidding. He tells her that was the second time today; she is on a roll. She asks him if he got a chance to look at Shirleyís numbers. His pager goes off so he says he will talk to Elizabeth about it later and he leaves. Elizabeth asks Maya what she though of Shirleyís jewelry. Maya says it is unusual and adds that she has a friend that owns a boutique in Philadelphia that sells weird stuff like that. She says she will email her friend if Elizabeth wants her to. Elizabeth says that would be great. She says that if anyone can prove the doctors wrong, it is Shirley.

Sam and Kristina arrive at the lake house. Sam says she thinks it is great that Kristina is going out on her own and that the sooner she gets her life back to normal, the better. Kristina says she isnít sure what normal is. She is used to high test scores, Straight Aís, and volunteer work. She says that Keifer understood how much she had to study and she understood how much he had to get into Harvard and how important that party was. Sam tells her not to turn this into a way to blame herself for Keifer beating her up. Kristina says she is just saying that Keifer was under a lot of pressure to be perfect. She says Kiefer's parents didnít like her because of her father but he went out with her anyway because he loved her. Sam says Keifer didnít love Kristina enough not to hit her. Kristina asks if they can talk about something else. Sam says she actually wanted to tell Kristina that Dante found Michael and brought him back to Port Charles. Kristina asks Sam if she has seen Michael. Sam says Dante has him stashed somewhere but that she and Jason are looking for him so they can get him out of the country so if Kristina sees him she needs to let one of them know. Kristina says she will.

At the penthouse, Maxie tells Spinelli that she needs to stop by Crimson to get some clothes and then she is off to Milan. Spinelli asks her if she isnít stopping by her apartment. She says everyone knows she keeps a bag at Crimson. Spinelli asks her if there is a reason that she doesnít want to go home. She asks him not to ask him any more questions and kisses him to stop him from talking. He asks her if she is trying not to tell him something. She kisses him again. The door opens and Maxie blurts out that she knows where Michael is.

At Luluís apartment, Lucky tells Dante that the best course of action would be for Dante to remove himself from the case because of conflict of interest and let Lucky find Michael. Lulu says that is a good idea because Lucky is a good cop and he has known Michael his whole life. Dante says Sonny is his father and Michael is his brother so he has to do this. Lucky asks Dante if he is ready to send Sonny to prison for something he didnít do. He says personal ethics aside, Dante could lose his badge over this. Dante says he shouldnít have gone to get Michael. Dante tells him his instincts were telling him not to get on that plane. Lucky suggests that Dante take his time in deciding what to do because whatever he decides, he will have to live with it for the rest of his life. Lucky leaves.

At Sonnyís house, Alexis tells Sonny that she didnít say she wanted him to kill Warren Bauer. Sonny says it will be an untraceable accident. Alexis sarcastically tells him that no one would ever suspect either of them. She says they would suspect Molly because she already tried to hire Jason to kill Warren. She asks him if he can see how insane this is. He says insane is walking into the hospital and seeing your little girl after sheíd been beaten up. Alexis says that it is even more insane that Kristina stayed with that animal after he beat her up. She says they need to figure out why Kristina didnít get out of that relationship before she does it again. Sonny says they canít do that if Alexis is in prison. Alexis says they canít do that if Kristina sees that Sonny attacks every time he gets angry. Sonny tells her that sometimes it is the only way. Alexis says Keifer was probably thinking the same thing right before he hit Kristina. Sonny says he would still want him dead. Alexis says Sonny can want what he wants but she knows that he isnít going to do it because he loves his daughter. Alexis asks him if they havenít screwed Kristina up enough already. She says she will have Kristina call him and then she leaves.

At General Hospital, Steve tells Shirley that they need to talk about pain management. She says she wonít spend her last days zonked out on pain medication. He says he can work with her on that but their priority is to keep her as comfortable as possible. Elizabeth enters the room and asks them if they want anything from the coffee shop. Shirley says no, but she will take a beer later. Elizabeth likes the necklace Shirley is holding so Shirley gives it to her and says it will bring Shirley luck if Elizabeth has it. Elizabeth leaves. Steve tells Shirley that she is allowed to be tired in front of the nurses. Shirley says she and Elizabeth need each other and that is buying her time.

At the lake house, Kristina asks Sam if she has any idea where Michael might be. Sam says she is just hoping that Michael will call Sonny or Jason so someone can convince him that he shouldnít come forward. Kristina says Michael hated Keifer right away and she should have listened to him. Sam says she should have paid attention when Kristina said things werenít right between her and Keifer. She says she was sending Kristina mixed messages when she said she didnít like him and then took Kristina to the clinic to get birth control so she could sleep with him. Kristina said she would have slept with him anyway because Keifer wanting her made her feel special. Sam says she knows, she is just saying she should have listened to her.

At the penthouse, Jason asks Maxie where Michael is. She tells him Michael is at her apartment with Lulu and that Lulu will never forgive her for telling so she is going to go hide in Milan. Maxie leaves. Jason tells Spinelli that Lulu sided with Dante over Michael.

At Luluís apartment, Dante says he will eventually have to tell Claire that he found Michael. Lulu says he doesnít have to rush into anything. Dante says it isnít fair that a kid should have to pay for killing the woman that put him in a coma for a year and he shouldnít have a murder rap for something that was self-defense. Lulu says that if Michael hadnít stopped Claudia, Carly and Josslyn would be dead. Dante says Sonny wants to take the fall to save Michael and spend the rest of his life in prison. He wonders why he is having such a hard time letting that happen.

At the Jacksí house, Carly, Jax, and Morgan play a board game while Josslyn sits on Jaxís lap. Morgan wishes Michael was there. Carly answers her cell phone and says it is a bad time. Sonny tells her he needs to see her right away about Michael. She tells him she will be right there. Jax guesses that it was Sonny.

In the jury deliberation room, the latest vote tallies eight guilty one not guilty, and three undecided. The talkative juror asks Lisa to knock it off with the not guilty vote. He says that even if Corinthos didnít whack his wife on purpose on this particular night, they all know he whacked plenty of other people. Alice says Sonny has been getting away with crime for as long as she has been in town and she is ready to put a stop to it. She asks if Lisa isnít too.

At the Jacksí house, Jax talks to Josslyn about all of them living together soon. He tells her that they will all be safer when Sonny is in prison.

Carly arrives at Sonnyís house and asks if Michael is ok. Sonny tells her that Dante found Michael at the Copa Del Oro, that he is ok, and that Dante is not going to turn him in. Carly demands to know where her son is. Sonny tells her that Michael is with Dante. Carly tells him she wants Michael back.

Michael enters the boathouse on the Quartermaine estate. Maya enters after him and asks him who the hell he is. He tells her his name and asks her who she is,

At Luluís apartment, Date says he should be looking for Michael. Lulu tells him he should figure out what he is going to do when he does. Dante says he came to Port Charles to put Sonny in prison. Lulu says he should let Sonny pay for his many crimes. Dante laments that Sonny didnít kill Claudia. Someone knocks on the door. Lulu opens it to Jason who asks where Michael is.

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