GH Update Friday 4/23/10

General Hospital Update Friday 4/23/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Olivia is behind the bar at the Metro Court Bar scheduling a massage on the telephone. She drops her phone and while she is crouched behind the bar to pick it up, Carly and Jax enter. Carly tells Jax she is not having this conversation with him again because they always end up in opposite corners. He says the case against Sonny is in the hands of the jury and Michael didnít testify. He asks her why she is still so mad at him.

Jason is at Danteís apartment looking for Michael but no one is there. He hears a noise, so he hides behind a door. Claire Walsh enters the apartment and tells Jason to come out. Jason reveals himself and asks her what she is doing there. She says she could ask him the same question but she wonít because she followed him and saw him pick the lock. She thanks him for making it so easy for her to get in here and says that she is so grateful that she wonít have him arrested for breaking and entering. She tells him that she can only think of one reason that Jason would be here and warns him that if Detective Falconari turns up missing, Jason will be her chief suspect.

At Luluís apartment, Michael says he knows he has been distracted lately, but he seems to have missed the moment that Lulu turned against his dad. He says that the last he checked, his dad was a good friend to Lulu and her family. He says Sonny loves Lulu and he thought she felt the same way. Lulu tells him that she did love Sonny and she was one of his biggest supporters until she shot Dante at point blank range knowing that he was unarmed. Michael says Sonny had just discovered that Dante was a cop. Lulu says she is sick of hearing that excuse. She says it didnít matter to Sonny that Dante saved both Sonny and Morganís lives. She says she wonít be able to look at Sonny the same way again and she wonít be able to forgive him. Maxie comes home and wonders what Michael is doing there.

At Sonnyís house, Dante says it all makes sense now; Sonny has been covering for Michael because Michael killed Claudia. Sonny tells him he is way off base. Dante reveals that Michael was his source. Sonny says Michael is just trying to show that he is brave and tough so that Sonny will let him join the organization. Sonny tells Dante that he was right the first time; he killed Claudia and he would do it again.

In the office at the Haunted Star, Luke tells Tracy that she canít possibly consider Helena Cassadine a threat to their marriage. Tracy says Helena told her to her face that she could seduce Luke whenever she wanted to. Luke says Helena couldnít seduce him with a chorus line of centerfolds. He says Helena is trying to divert Tracy. He says Helena was in there earlier yammering about how it would be in Luckyís best interest if Elizabeth were out of the picture. He says they all know that Helena doesnít give a damn about any Spencerís best interest, so she must be planning something. Tracy says she is over Helena Cassadine and she suggests that Luke get over her too. She tells him that fidelity will be strictly enforced or he will find his freeloading ass selling pencils on the street. Tracy leaves the office.

At the Metro Court bar, Carly tells Jax that she is mad at him because it is his fault. She says that Michael wouldnít be living like a fugitive; Morgan wouldnít have come home in tears after Jaxís handpicked prosecutor put him on the witness stand, the two of them would still be together, and he would be a full time father to Josselyn. Jax reminds Carly that she wanted the separation. She says that is because he cares more about sending Sonny to prison than he does about his familyís welfare. He asks her how she can say that. He says he is concerned about their children, especially about the danger that Sonny poses to their lives every day. He says the thing that really did it for him was Michael being in a coma for a year because of a bullet that was meant for Sonny. He says he told Claire Walsh that it was not ok to put Morgan on the witness stand, but Morgan didnít suffer any permanent damage from it. He says with Sonny in prison. Morgan will be safe from the mob for the rest of his life. Carly asks him how it feels to be right all the time. He says it feels great. She tells him he is righteous. He says they will never agree about Sonny but he wishes she could see that he loves them and would do anything to protect his family, at any cost. He throws up his hands and walks away. Carly pushes her purse over the bar in a fit. Olivia gets up from the floor behind the bar and walks around the bar to the other side with Carlyís purse. She tells Carly that she is about to throw away the best thing that will ever happen to her.

At Lulu and Maxieís apartment, Maxie asks Michael if he isnít supposed to be hiding. Michael says things change fast. Lulu asks Maxie what she is doing there and Maxie reminds her that she lives there. Lulu says she thought Maxie would be with Spinelli. Maxie says she got off work early so she came home to change. She says she doesnít have to explain; she has a key so she can come and go as she pleases. Maxie tells Michael that he canít stay there because every cop in town is looking for him. Maxie then says she gets it. Dante found Michael and Lulu agreed to keep him here until the cops come. Lulu asks Michael to go into her room so she can talk to Maxie for a minute. When Michael leaves the room, Maxie says she is going to call Jason. Lulu tells her to put down the phone or she will cut off her arm.

At Danteís apartment, Claire asks Jason if he has any idea where Detective Falconari might be. He tells her he is there looking for him just like she is. Claire asks him why. She says the last time she saw Detective Falconari he was on his way to serve a subpoena. She says Dante should have been back by now so she wonders if he was waylaid before he got to Michael. She surmises that because Dante is Sonnyís son, Jason canít touch him. She says her mind is reeling with questions about how this will play out. She wonders if it will mean more to Dante to be a cop or to be Sonnyís firstborn son.

At Sonnyís house, Dante says the cover-up, the fire in a rainstorm, Michael trying to confess while everyone else tried to keep him quiet all fit. He concludes Sonny was worried about Michael incriminating himself. Sonny says Dante should try his hand at writing fiction. Dante says Michael came forward before but he caught a lucky break because no one believed him. Sonny says Michael confessed to protect him. Dante says the guilt is eating Michael alive. He says the truth always comes out and in this case, there is proof and Michael has decided to use it. Sonny asks him what kind of proof. Dante says Michael kept the shirt he wore the night Claudia died, and the shirt is covered in her blood.

At the Metro Court bar, Olivia explains that she was crouched behind the bar because she dropped her phone. Carly says that doesnít entitle her to an opinion. Olivia says she realizes that they are on opposite sides of a big issue, but that she still considers Carly a friend and she hopes they can pick up their friendship again when all of this blows over. Carly says she can see that down the road. Olivia advises Carly that she is entitled to feel hurt and betrayed, but it is a bad idea to push Jax away. She says she is so caught up in nursing grudges that she is losing sight of what she could stand to lose. Carly says Olivia is wrong; all she thinks about is what she could lose. She says that if Olivia wants to talk about nursing grudges then she should go find Jax so he can tell him about how he destroyed his family so he could stoke his grudge with Sonny. She says Jax lied to her and manipulated her family. She says she doesnít know how she can go back to Jax after that. Olivia says she guesses Carly has to leave him. Carly says she doesnít know how to do that either.

In the deliberation room, the jurors are sitting around a conference table. Alice passes out ďground rules on how to proceed in an orderly manner.Ē She says rule number one is to raise your hand when you have something to say. One of the jurors asks if they are in grade school and if they have to raise their hands to go to the bathroom too. Alice says they will notice that that is what rule number two says. Another juror asks her who died and made her God and she says they did when they voted her chairperson. The first juror says maybe they should vote for a new chairperson but Alice points out that that would violate rule number three. Lisa agrees that they need guidelines. She suggests that they take a preliminary vote before they start so they know where they stand.

Jason goes home to the penthouse and tells Spinelli that the bellhop at the Copa Del Oro saw Michael leaving with a man fitting Danteís description. He says that he just came from Danteís apartment and neither Dante nor Michael were there, but Claire Walsh was there looking for Dante too. Spinelli says that must mean that Dante has not turned Michael in yet. Jason says they need to find Michael, get him away from Dante, and get him out of the country.

At Lulu and Maxieís apartment, Lulu says nobody needs to know that Michael is there, especially not Jason. Maxie says there are other ways that Lulu can impress Dante that donít involve keeping Michael in their apartment until he is forced to testify. She says Lulu should stop playing cops and robbers and let her get Michael back to Jason. Lulu realizes that Maxie knows that Michael killed Claudia. She concludes that Maxie has been part of the cover-up the whole time. Maxie says she just found out recently. Lulu says she canít believe that Maxie didnít tell her. She says she would never betray Jason and Spinelliís secrets. Lulu says Dante trusts her to keep Michael safe and she isnít going to betray him either. She asks Maxie as a friend to walk away and not tell anyone about Michael being there. Maxie gets up and says she is definitely walking away from this but she canít promise anything else. Maxie leaves the apartment.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Dante that it was not Claudiaís blood on Michaelís shirt. Dante says Sonny apparently didnít burn everything and he left a loose end. He says apparently Sonny isnít as all-powerful as he thought he was. Sonny asks Dante to let it go. Dante says the blood on Sonnyís shirt that night probably came from Michael. Dante says he has a clear picture of what really happened that night. He asks Sonny to do him a favor and not lie to his face. Sonny just says it was an accident.

Luke is in his office at the Haunted Star talking on the phone with a feigned foreign accent. He asks how many times Helena Cassadine has visited Elizabeth Webber. Skye returns and asks Luke if this is a bad time. Luke says it is never a bad time for her and asks her if she is ready to tell her what has brought her back to Port Charles. She admits that she is in a little trouble and she needs his help.

At Sonnyís house, Sonny tells Dante that Michael overheard a fight between Sonny and Jax after the scene at the Metro Court. He says apparently Michael had had enough, so he was going to Canada. He explains that Michael saw the car crashed on the side of the road, so he got out and followed the path to the cabin. He says Michael heard his mother scream so he picked up the axe handle from the porch, he went inside, and he hit Claudia to save Josselyn and Carly. He says that when Sam and Jason arrived a few moments later, Claudia was already dead. Dante asks Sonny why he orchestrated the cover-up when it was a clear case of self-defense. Dante says that all Sonny had to do was pick up the phone, call the cops, and tell the truth. Sonny asks Dante if he is delusional. He says there is no way he was going to put his sonís freedom in the copsí hands. He says the cops would have railroaded his son and made an example of him. He says they would say they couldnít get Sonny Corinthos, but they got his son. He says Michael had already gone through too much and he didnít want him to be branded a killer. He says that isnít what he wanted for the rest of Michaelís life and he doesnít think Dante wants that either.

At the penthouse, Jason asks Spinelli what is taking so long. Spinelli says the area where Dante lives is primarily industrial so there are few surveillance cameras. Jason says there must be something. Maxie comes in and Jason tells her that this is a bad time for Spinelli to be distracted. She asks what they are doing. Jason says they are looking for Michael. Spinelli says they think he is with Dante. Maxie offers to help.

At Lulu and Maxieís house, Michael tells Lulu that they both know that Maxie went straight to Spinelli, which is the same as going to Jason. He asks her how much she wants to bet that Jason will be at the door within fifteen minutes. Lulu tells him not to underestimate the power of female friendship. She says Maxie knows how important it is to her that Dante can trust her. Michael asks her what about Maxie needing to be someone that Spinelli can trust. Lulu says she just doesnít see it going that way. Lulu says they will just wait and see. They sit down and she asks him why he waited so long to come forward. He tells her that he has wanted to since his dad got arrested but no one would let him. He says his mom, his dad, and Jason kept talking him out of it until they finally decided to remove him. Lulu says that sounds like a lot of pressure. He tells her that even before Dante showed up, he had planned to come forward. He says he canít let his dad go to prison for him because that isnít right. He wonders where Dante is says he may have confessed to Dante but that doesnít mean he will let him decide what will happen to him or his dad.

At the Haunted Star, Skye tells Luke that as Lorenzoís only surviving child, her daughter Lila Rae inherited all of Alcazarís holdings, but she reveals that she spent her daughterís inheritance. Luke surmises that Skye needs to get her hands on Alcazarís hidden funds. She tells him that if he locates the funds she will give him a handsome bonus. He agrees to help her.

Olivia and Carly are sitting at a table together at the Metro Court bar, sharing a bottle of wine. Carly tells Olivia that she isnít mad at Jax because he is going after Sonny; she is angry that he plowed over her kids to do it. Olivia says that obviously Jax didnít think about the consequences to Michael and Morgan when he helped Dante go after Sonny. She says Carly should to consider whether breaking up with Jax would lessen or compound the boysí hurt. Carly says she doesnít think Michael would care because Jaxís actions towards Sonny have eroded Michaelís trust. She says Morgan is a different story; Jax has been more of a father to Morgan than Sonny ever was and Morgan adores him. She says Morgan would be hurt and disillusioned if she and Jax split up permanently. Olivia tells her to add Josselyn to the equation. Carly says she doesnít want to deprive her daughter of her father and she doesnít want to deprive herself of her husband, but there has to be a line. Olivia says the thing about drawing lines is that sometimes you go so far over that you canít get back. Olivia says Jax did a bad thing, but his motives were good. He says he put his family on the line in order to save it. She says that maybe Carly canít see how awesome that is right now because she feels so hurt and betrayed but if she throws Jax away, he wonít be lonely for long.

At the penthouse, Maxie asks Jason why they donít let Michael tell the truth. Jason says he should have let Michael tell the truth a long time ago but instead, he made a wrong decision and destroyed all the evidence that proved that Michael acted in defense of Carly and Josselyn and because of it, Sonny is on trial, Carly and Jaxís marriage is falling apart, and Morgan had to testify against his father. Spinelli says he canít find Dante or Michael anywhere. Jason says they will have to tell Sonny that Michael is in town and they donít know where.

At Luluís apartment, she tells Michael that Dante will figure out what is right. Michael says he doesnít trust Dante. Lulu asks him if he doesnít trust that Dante will act like a cop. She tells him that so many things could go wrong and says that after everything that has already happened to his family it is best to wait a little longer and let Dante take the lead. Michael says he will wait, but not long.

At Sonnyís house, Sonny tells Dante that he thinks they both know what needs to happen. He says that is why Dante came to him instead of going to Claire Walsh. He says that for Michaelís sake, the truth can never come out. He says Michael shouldnít go to prison for an accident, but has gotten away with murder for decades, including Lieutenant Poletti. He says the trial is over, and his own lawyer thinks the jury will find him guilty and he will go to prison, which is what Dante wants. He asks Dante what it will hurt to let it play out and let justice take its course. Dante leaves without answering.

In the deliberation room, Lisa says it seems clear that Sonny accidentally killed his wife while trying to protect his ex-wife, then covered it up, and law enforcement pounced on the opportunity to convict Sonny of something. Alice tells Lisa that she is violating rule number seven, which prohibits unnecessary editorializing. Lisa says she was simply voicing her opinion. Alice says no one asked for her opinion and that they are taking a preliminary vote to see where people stand before anyone tries to sway them. Lisa apologizes. Alice asks everyone to pass their votes forward.

Spinelli taps on his computer at the penthouse. Maxie observes that he is frustrated. He tells her that he knows how heavily it will weigh on Jason if he isnít able to protect Michael. He says he doesnít want to see Jason become more burdened by Michaelís confession. He says there must be a way to find Michael as he taps on his computer again. Maxie says this is difficult for both of them. Spinelli looks at her quizzically. She says she is torn because there is no clear bad guy in this situation. She says Jason is supposed to be a bad guy but he is ok in her book, Dante is just a cop doing his job, and then there is Lulu. Spinelli agrees that it s a never-ending quagmire. Spinelli recalls Josselynís christening when Lulu was so worried about Dante but Spinelli didnít say anything even thought he knew that Jason and Sonny were planning to kill Dante. Maxie asks Spinelli if he regrets that decision. Spinelli says no, he thinks that things have to take their course without outside interference. He says that when the stakes are higher for other people than they are for you, sometimes the most prudent choice is to do nothing.

Jason goes to Sonnyís house and apologizes for taking so long to get there. Sonny interrupts him and says Dante has Michael. Jason is surprised that Sonny already knows. Sonny tells Jason that Dante came directly to him when Michael confessed. He says that not only does Dante know that Michael killed Claudia, he has proof because Michael kept the bloody shirt that he wore that night and Dante had the blood tested. Jason asks Sonny where Michael is now and Sonny says he doesnít know. Jason asks him if that means Michael could be at PCPD confessing right now. Sonny says Dante wonít let it get that far because he is after Sonny and he wonít do anything that affects his brother.

Dante returns to his apartment and Lulu is there to greet him. He asks her where Michael is. She tells him that Michael is at her apartment and that he promised to stay there while Dante handled things. He tells her that he went to Sonnyís and confirmed that the cover-up was for Michaelís protection. He says Sonny tried to convince him to let this play out to its natural end and let Sonny be convicted of murder. Dante says he should be happy to have justice with Sonny taken off the streets, but letting Sonny go down for a crime he didnít commit isnít the honorable thing to do even if it is what Sonny wants.

At the Haunted Star, Luke and Skye are looking at her accounts on his computer. He tells her that she wasnít kidding; she really did go through all of Alcazarís legitimate funds. She says that at first, it seemed like a bottomless well and she didnít realize that more was going out than coming in. She asks him if he really track Alcazarís illegal gains. He says he is offended that she would even ask; of course he can. He asks her where she thinks Alcazarís favorite offshore place to throw money would be. She suggests the Far East. He says that is predictable and makes it easy. He accesses information in Hong Kong while Skye hovers over him prominently displaying her cleavage. He tells her she still smells as intoxication as ever. Tracy enters the office and simply says, ďWow.Ē

At Sonnyís house, he tells Jason that he thinks he convinces Dante that Michael killed Claudia by accident but there is no way to prove it so the only way to rectify the situation is to let Sonny take the fall. Jason protests that Sonny cannot trust Dante. Sonny says perhaps not about himself, but they are talking about Danteís brotherís life. Jason says all Dante wants to do is make his case. Sonny says that isnít true, he says Dante didnít turn him in when he shot him, which means he is capable of bending the law, and he will do it now. Jason says Sonny is fooling himself. Sonny says that Dante wants him in prison and if it comes out that Michael is Claudiaís killer, it will end the case, and Sonny will be back on the street doing what he does. He says that even if Jason is right that Dante doesnít care about helping Michael, he still wonít give Michael up because Dante cares more about stopping Sonny. He says Dante will let this play out all the way to Sonnyís conviction.

Lulu and Dante return to Luluís apartment. In the hallway before they enter, Lulu tells Dante that Maxie came home unexpectedly earlier. Dante says that means Jason knows that they have Michael. Lulu says she doesnít think Maxie will tell Jason because she asked her not to. Dante says he canít take that chance; he has to move Michael now. Lulu asks if he isnít going to turn Michael in. Dante says he doesnít know. They enter the apartment and call Michaelís name. When he doesnít answer, they look in the bedrooms only to discover that Michael isnít there.

Michael is outside talking on his cell phone. He tells the person he will be waiting on Baker Street.

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