GH Update Thursday 4/22/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/22/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Jason and Sam go to the Copa Del Oro looking for Michael, only to find that his room has been cleared out.

At Sonny’s house, he worries that Claire Walsh will find Michael and force him to testify. She asks him if it is possible for Claire to find Michael after Sonny had him moved.

In the courthouse hallway, Claire asks Jax if he had any luck finding Michael. Jax tells her he cannot help her with Michael. He tells her that she crossed the line when she put Morgan on the witness stand so he won’t do her any favors. Claire says Dante has less than an hour to find Michael and get him to court or the case will go to jury and Sonny will walk.

Dante is at his apartment talking to the forensics lab on the telephone. He says that if the blood on the shirt is Claudia Corinthos’, it is a game-changer. After Dante hangs up, Michael tells him that the blood is definitely Claudia’s because it got on him when he killed her. Dante hears the elevator and tells Michael to hide because they don’t know who is coming up. Michael says they will find out, and remains seated on Dante’s couch. Lulu exits the elevator and asks Michael what he is doing there. Michael says that is up to Dante.

At the Copa Del Oro, the hotel manager informs Jason that no one that he checked with has seen Michael. Sam wonders if max and Milo might have taken Michael to the sports complex, but the manager reveals that Max and Milo were arrested and that he has sent one of the hotel’s lawyers to get them released. Jason asks the manager to question every employee that was on the clock last night because someone had to see Michael leave.

In the courthouse hallway, Jax tells Claire that it is a shame that she hung her entire case on Michael’s testimony when she didn’t know where to find him and she had no proof that he was a witness to anything. She says that when he brought her into the case he promised that they would go to the wall to convict Sonny, but now he has tied her hands. He tells her he handed her the case of her career, but she says he did nothing when Carly perjured herself and he hid a pivotal witness. She says that if he really wanted to bring down Sonny he would have been ruthless. She says he backed down when he discovered what it would cost him. She says he is afraid to lose Carly and she can’t understand why because Carly would sacrifice anything including their marriage to save Sonny. Jax walks away from Claire and stands a few feet away at the courtroom door. Carly comes into the court building, walks over to Claire, and says her favorite part of the day will be when Sonny walks out of the courtroom a free man. Claire tells Carly that it isn’t over yet and that the hot celebratory kiss she and Sonny shared after her testimony was a little premature. Jax narrows his eyes as he looks at Carly.

At Sonny’s house, Diane tells Sonny not to be overconfident as she adjusts his tie. She says she mounted a brilliant defense, Carly was the icing, and her closing will bring him to tears, but a couple of things could still go wrong. Sonny protests that Claire knows that Dante didn’t put much effort into finding Michael, but if Dante thinks Sonny will be acquitted, he will find Michael because he is a good detective. Dante says Sonny is speaking as a proud Papa and is giving Dante too much credit. Sonny tells her not to underestimate his son because he is that smart. Diane advises Sonny not to worry about Dante because he is probably too busy to find Michael.

At Dante’s apartment, Lulu concludes that she chose the wrong morning to surprise Dante. Michael says that Maybe Lulu can help him convince Dante that he is telling the truth. Lulu asks what he is talking about. Dante reveals that Michael is trying to convince him that he is the one who killed Claudia. Michael tells her that his father is taking the blame so that Michael won’t have to. He says Dante refuses to believe him because it ruins his plan to put their father in prison.

Skye goes to see Luke at the Haunted Star and they discuss how they successfully got Kristina and Ethan to clear the air. She says they make a good team and he says that when she says that, it means she wants something from him. He asks her what she is up to. Helena enters and says it was dreary at Wyndemere so she needed a visit with Luke to boost her spirits.

Lucky goes to the Cancer Center at General Hospital. Shirley is sitting there so he apologizes for disturbing her. She says she thought she had already met all the handsome doctors, and then she notices his badge and gun. She pretends to take a drag off a Marijuana joint and swears it is for medicinal purposes only. He says he will let it go this time. She says she likes a cop that can look the other way. She asks him how she can help him. He tells her that the person at the front desk told him he might find Elizabeth Webber in there. Shirley concludes that he is the ex-husband that Elizabeth speaks of. He introduces himself and says it is a pleasure to meet her. Elizabeth returns to the room with Shirley’s blood test results. Shirley says Elizabeth’s timing could be better because she was busy flirting with the gorgeous young man. The machine monitoring Shirley beeps.

At Dante’s apartment, Lulu says there must have been a gigantic cover-up if Michael killed Claudia. She says too many people would have to be in on it and it would be impossible to keep it quiet for this long. He tells her that keeping secrets and telling lies is what his family does. He says it is all part of life in the mob. Dante says it could be that or Michael could be lying to protect Sonny. Lulu observes that Michael was under 18 when Claudia died so if he says he killed Claudia he would probably get a lighter sentence than Sonny would. Michael says he shouldn’t be surprised that no one believes him because they did such a god job of rewriting history. He tells them that from the first day, Jason and Sonny decided that Michael would not be blamed and that is why they sent him away. Dante says Sonny sent Michael away so he wouldn’t have to testify against him. He says Sonny didn’t want him to tell the truth. He says they told him he was a hero for rescuing his mother and sister, but a real hero wouldn’t let his father take the blame. Dante says there was a strand of Sonny’s hair recovered from the scene as evidence. Michael says Sonny wasn’t there and that the hair probably came from his or Claudia’s clothes. He says all the physical evidence was supposed to have been destroyed in the fire and the one piece that survived led Dante in the wrong direction. Michael says that must really piss Dante off after all his hard work. Dante says that between Michael’s love for his father and hatred of Dante, Michael is motivated to lie. He says they will find out when the forensics report on his shirt comes back. Michael says he is going to go take a shower and that Lulu and Dante can feel free to talk about him behind his back. Lulu tells Dante she can’t believe he found Michael. Dante wishes he hadn’t.

At the courthouse, Carly tells Claire that she will do whatever works. Claire says at least Carly doesn’t pretend to have scruples. Carly tells Claire that if she could, she would rip her hair out and smack her silly. She says this case was all about Claire and her career and she was willing to sacrifice Carly’s kids to get a high profile win. She asks her hoe it made her feel to badger a little boy on the witness stand. Claire protests that she was looking for the truth so that Sonny wouldn’t get away with murder. Carly tells her that dream isn’t going to happen. Claire says they will see and goes into the courtroom. Jax asks Carly about kissing Sonny. She says she didn’t kiss Sonny; he kissed her to thank her for her testimony because it will save him, just as Sonny is trying to save her son Michael. She tells him that she will lie, cheat, steal, and probably kill for Sonny and if Jax doesn’t like that, then he married the wrong woman. Sonny and Diane enter the building so Jax goes into the courtroom. Carly tells Diane that she wants to sit in the gallery, but Sonny doesn’t think it is a good idea. Diane disagrees and tells Carly that her silent presence will remind the jury of her testimony.

In the courtroom, Judge Carroll announces that court is in session and advises Claire Walsh that she may call her witness. She calls Detective Ronald Domestico. In the jury box, Coleman laughs out loud and says this is so wrong. He stands up and says this must be a joke. Judge Carroll tells him to sit down. Coleman asks the judge why he isn’t banging his gavel at Ms. Walsh after she held them up for 24 hours and now the best she can come up with is a cop that has been there the entire time. Big Alice stands up and tells the judge she can make Juror #2 sit down if the judge wants her to, but Judge Carroll tells her to stay out of it. Coleman says the prosecutor is wasting their time because she has nothing new to offer. He tells the judge that Ms. Walsh has lost the case but she wants to drag it out and make the rest of them suffer with her. Judge Carroll tells Coleman that he is relieving him of his duties and locking him up for contempt. Coleman quietly apologizes to Sonny and says he hung on as long as he could, but this is a load of crap. The bailiff escorts Coleman to lockup. Sonny tells Diane that they are screwed now because Coleman was a sure “not guilty” vote. He asks her if they can ask for a mistrial but she says she doesn’t believe he wants to go through the whole trial again.

At the Haunted Star, Luke tells Helena that the casino is closed and he is busy. She says she knows that, and she was hoping to see Luke alone. Skye sarcastically tells Helena that she wouldn’t dream of interfering because she knows how much Luke enjoys spending time with Helena. She picks up her coat and purse, but Luke asks her not to go. Skye tells him not to worry; she will be back. Skye leaves. Helena says Luke has to help her get that little tramp Elizabeth out of Lucky’s life.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth tried on necklaces that Shirley has made. Shirley says the jewelry doesn’t have to be genuine as long as the woman is. She asks if Lucky agrees. Lucky says his father taught him at an early age never to voice an opinion about a woman’s appearance except to tell her that she looks beautiful. Shirley tells Lucky that his father sounds like a wise man or a player. Lucky says he was both. Shirley asks Lucky which one he is, and Lucky says he isn’t much of either. Shirley tells him that if he questions his wisdom then he is probably wiser than most. He asks which one she is, and she says she is no player – anymore but she reeks of wisdom. Elizabeth says she and Lucky will let Shirley get back to her creations and they will be on their way. Elizabeth and Lucky leave the room. Outside Shirley’s room, Lucky tells Elizabeth that Shirley doesn’t look that bad. Elizabeth says she wouldn’t be surprised if Shirley goes into remission.

At the Copa Del Oro, Max tells Jason that Milo was standing guard at the end of the hallway by the elevators. He says that he brought Milo a sandwich, the elevator doors opened, and three cops arrested them. Jason asks why. Max says he doesn’t know because the police didn’t speak English and his Spanish is a little rusty. Sam says the police speak English; they just didn’t want to. Max says it was clearly a set up because the police wouldn’t let them make a call. Jason asks Max what Michael was doing. Max says Michael was in the room playing video games and ordering room service. Jason asks if Michael talked to anybody and Max says Michael talked to Morgan, but Jason gave the OK for that. The hotel manager returns to the room and advises Jason that a bellhop saw Michael leave at about 10PM last night with a man in his late 20s with brown eyes and shaggy brown hair. Jason concludes that it was Dante.

At Dante’s apartment, he explains to Lulu that after Carly’s testimony, Claire Walsh told him that if they didn’t find Michael, they would lose the case. Lulu asks him how he found Michael. Dante says he got Morgan to talk about how much he missed Michael and it spilled. He feels guilty that he used his little brother who trusted him. Lulu says he can’t let himself feel bad about that but he tells her that is easy for her to say. He says on the flight to Mexico, he kept telling himself that bringing Sonny to justice was the best thing for Michael and Morgan and that any pain it causes them would be worth it, but then when he found Michael, Michael claimed that he killed Claudia. Lulu says Michael might be saying that to protect Sonny. Dante says Michael has a shirt with blood on it that he claims he was wearing when he hit Claudia. He says Sonny burned everything else that night but for some reason, Michael kept that shirt. Lulu asks Dante if she thinks Michael felt so guilty that he held onto proof. Dante says forensics will come back one way or the other. He says that if it turns out that Michael really did kill Claudia, he has no idea what to do next.

Ronnie Domestico is on the witness stand in the courtroom. Claire Walsh asks him why he has not been able to serve a subpoena on Michael Corinthos III. Ronnie says that Michael’s parents Sonny and Carly claim that Michael is on a backpacking trip and can’t be reached. Claire asks him if he has any reason to doubt that. Ronnie says Michael has been sequestered on a private island that Sonny owns. Diane objects. Claire hands the judge photographs that she says corroborates Detective Domestico’s statement. Diane says the photographs were not presented during discovery, but Judge Carroll allows them anyway. Claire asks Ronnie to describe the photo. He says it is a surveillance photo of Sonny’s private island in the Caribbean. He says it was taken in the afternoon of April 15, 2010 and that it shows Michael Corinthos with Sonny’s bodyguards, Max and Milo Giambetti. He says they were so desperate to keep Ronnie from serving the subpoena that they had him removed from the island by force. Diane objects, Judge Carroll tells the court reporter to strike the comment from the record, and he tells the jury to disregard the comment. Claire says she has no further questions. Diane asks Ronnie if this is the first time that Sonny’s private island has been under surveillance. Ronnie says he doesn’t think so. Diane says that in that case, there could be any number of photographs on Michael on his father’s island. Ronnie says these pictures were taken during the trial. Diane asks Ronnie how difficult it would be to change a date and time stamp on a photograph. Claire objects. Diane says she has no further questions for the prosecution’s scary surprise witness.

Claire makes her closing arguments. She says Sonny’s ex-wife brought her baby into court, got on the witness stand, and put on a heart-rending show to manipulate the jury’s emotions. She says she knows the jurors are smart enough to see through a smoke screen. She says the facts are that Sonny threatened to kill his wife and he followed through with his threat that same night. She says Sonny believes that he doesn’t have to play by the same rules as everyone else. She asks the jury if it isn’t about time for Sonny to learn that he is not above the law. She asks the jury to consider the irrefutable facts and the physical evidence and find Sonny Corinthos guilty of murder.

At General Hospital, Lucky give Elizabeth the permission slip for the boys’ field trip. She asks him if he would mind taking the boys on Saturday so she can visit Shirley. He agrees to take them and observes that he has never seen Elizabeth connect with a patient like this before. She says she tries not to. She asks him if he has ever met someone and felt like they have known each other their whole lives. She says it is like that with Shirley. Lucky says he can tell that Shirley is fond of Elizabeth too. Elizabeth says that Shirley reminds her that she has a lot to be grateful for.

At the Haunted Star, Luke tells Helena that it will get bloody and ugly if she causes Lucky any more grief. Helena says she is just trying to spare Lucky more grief because he has been cuckolded by Elizabeth too many times and now she is pregnant with Lucky’s brother’s child. Luke tells her she wouldn’t spare Lucky anything. She tells him that nonetheless, if she gets her way, Luke will share in the benefits. She tells him that they all know that the best thing for Elizabeth’s child is to be raised as a Cassadine by Cassadines. She says that as long as Lucky is in the picture, Elizabeth will hold onto the hope that she can get him back. Luke tells her that that isn’t up to them; it is up to Lucky. She asks him what harm it is to him if she sees that her great-grandson is reared as one of her own. He laughs at the notion, says she is insane, and asks her what she is up to. She says she is glad she can still amuse him and leaves.

At Dante’s apartment, Lulu asks what will happen to Michael if Dante turns him in. Dante says he will have been defending his mother and newborn baby sister so he will probably get a suspended sentence, community service, and counseling, which he desperately needs. Lulu says Sonny would go free. Dante says Sonny has been getting away with murder for years. He asks her if Sonny will ever pay. Lulu says people keep covering for Sonny, even Dante when he was shot. Dante says he was so confident in the case he built that he thought Sonny would be convicted for killing Claudia. He says if he hands Michael over to the courts, Sonny will be a free man again. Lulu says that maybe Dante should do nothing.

In the courtroom, Diane delivers her closing arguments. She says this trial was never about justice; it has only been about Claire Walsh’s ambition and her desire to bring down a famous man at any cost. She says Claire Walsh put a child on the witness stand and stirred up speculation about a witness who never materialized. She says Michael Corinthos III never made any statement to anyone that he ever witnesses any killing. She says there is no evidence that Michael was anywhere near that cabin on that night. She says that sums up the prosecution’s case. She says it has all been smoke and mirrors with no attempt to hide the prejudice that a double standard applies when the defendant is Sonny Corinthos. She says justice is blind so that everyone is entitled to a fair trial regardless of reputation. She says the only thing that matters is the truth. She says Sonny is not a perfect man, but they are not there to judge his life, they are there to determine innocence or guilt regarding one action on one night. She says that on that night, Sonny saves lives that were being threatened by a crazed, vicious, vengeful woman. She says that Sonny was not a murderer that night; he was a hero.

Tracy goes into the office at the Haunted Star and asks Luke what he thinks of Helena Cassadine staying in Port Charles. He says not as much as he’d like to. He tells her that Helena was there earlier and that he is sure she is up to something. He says Helena told him that she wants him to help her to keep Elizabeth away from Lucky so that she can have that new rug rat all to herself. Tracy says Helena will do anything to get Luke’s attention. Luke says that the only thing that makes Helena happier than making him miserable is making sure that he knows she is making him miserable. He says the only thing he can’t figure out is how the baby fits into it. Tracy says it is an excuse to flirt and warns him to do so at his own peril.

Elizabeth is walking toward the elevator at General Hospital. Helena exits the elevator and asks Elizabeth how she is feeling. Elizabeth says it is none of her business. Helena says hospitals are full of germs and she was wondering if it is a good idea for Elizabeth to continue working during her pregnancy. Elizabeth says that it is a good bet that she will do the opposite of whatever Helena thinks is good for her. Helena says that would not be advisable especially now that they are family. Elizabeth says she will live her life the way she chooses without advice from Helena. Helena says Elizabeth’s efforts to be noble and courageous are wasted on Helena because Helena knows the truth that Elizabeth is a narcissistic slut, she greedy, manipulative and needy of men’s’ attentions. She says the pregnancy is an inconvenience to Elizabeth but she will turn it to her advantage by playing on Lucky and Nikolas’s sympathies. Lucky walks up and tells Helena to leave Elizabeth the hell alone. Helena says that as predicted, Lucky couldn’t be more protective of Elizabeth’s child if it was his. Helena walks away.

In the courtroom, Judge Carroll instructs the jury to consider the facts, the material evidence, and the testimony that were presented during the trial. He tells him to ignore the theatrics and any remarks that were stricken from the record. He says if they determine that Sonny was acting on his intent that he stated earlier on the night that Claudia died, they must find him guilty. However, if they determine that he hit her in the moment without malice of forethought in order to stop her from stealing Carly Jacks’ baby, they must find him not guilty. He says the court thanks them for their service and he thanks them in advance for their fair and balanced deliberation. He releases the jury to the deliberation room and says the court is in recess until the jury returns with a verdict.

Claire rushes out of the courtroom. Jax goes after her and tells her that at first he thought that putting Detective Domestico on the stand was a bad idea but she did ok and it may have saved the case.

Inside the courtroom, Carly asks Diane what she thinks. Diane says she thinks losing Coleman was a disaster and she thinks that Claire did an effective job of proving that Carly and Sonny are hiding Michael and that the only logical reason to do that is that Michael saw Sonny kill Claudia. Diane’s phone rings. Carly’s phone chirps. Jason had tried to call both of them. Sonny says he has a bad feeling about it.

At Dante’s apartment, he tells Lulu that he gave Claire a good case and now it is up to the jury. Lulu concludes that Dante hopes the jury finds Sonny guilty. Dante says Sonny is guilty. He says that even if Michael killed Claudia, Sonny has killed plenty of people that he has never had to pay for. Dante tells Lulu about when Sonny ordered him to take one of his soldiers out to the Pine Barrens and kill him because Sonny suspected was feeding information to the cops. He tells her he took him out there and got him to turn state’s witness but it got him thinking about how many times Sonny must have given that order and how many body must be buried out there. He says Sonny has destroyed lives and ruined families so he deserves to go to prison and it would be great if he went for something he actually did, but all that really matters is that they are finally bringing him down. Dante’s phone rings. The forensics lab confirms that it is Claudia’s blood on Michael’s shirt. Dante tells Lulu that Michael was telling the truth. Michael comes out from the other room and asks Dante what he is going to do about it now that he knows their father is innocent.

The jury goes into the deliberation room. One juror says he doesn’t need to sit down. He says Corinthos killed his wife with malice of forethought so they should just find him guilty and get out of there. Alice says she is the jury foreperson and no one is going anywhere. She orders him to sit down.

Jason goes to Dante’s apartment looking for Michael no one is there.

Lulu and Michael enter Lulu’s apartment. She tells him to make himself comfortable. He asks her where Dante went. She says Dante has a lot to think about. Michael says Lulu looks disappointed. She says what happens next isn’t up to her; it is between him and Dante. She says she supposes the truth has to come out, but she admits that she is disappointed. Michael says Lulu hates his father and she still wants him to go to prison.

Sonny goes home and finds Dante sitting in his living room, but doesn’t say anything to him. Sonny goes over to the bar and pours himself a drink. Dante asks him if he is celebrating or drowning his sorrows. Sonny says the case went to the jury so all he can do now is wait for the verdict. Dante asks him what the point of a jury deliberating is when the whole trial has been a waste of time. He reveals that he knows Sonny didn’t kill Claudia and that Michael did.

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