GH Update Wednesday 4/21/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/21/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In Luke’s office, Lucky asks his father to convince Ethan to stay in Port Charles. Lucky believes that Ethan will look more guilty if he skips town. Luke is mad that Warren Bauer is gunning for Ethan. Luke tells Lucky that he has an idea, but it means that Lucky will have to put down his badge for a few hours. Lucky wants Ethan to lie low until the investigation wraps up. Luke tells his son that he’s a great cop. There is a knock on the office door. It’s Maya Ward. Lucky is happy to see Maya. Lucky says that he has to get back to the police station. After Lucky leaves, Luke asks Maya how she is doing. Maya wants Luke’s opinion of Edward Quartermaine. Luke offers Maya a drink. Maya admits that Lucky gave good insight about Edward but she wants Luke’s feedback as well. Maya thinks it is strange that Luke and Tracy are married. Luke confides that he married Tracy for the Quartermaine money. Now, Luke says, he and Tracy are happily married. Luke advises Maya to get as much money out of the Quartermaines as she can. Maya laughs. Maya speaks of her great-grandmother’s admiration of Luke. Maya says that she agreed to Edward’s terms so her younger sister can live at the mansion. Luke replies that Edward “craves control”. Maya asks if Edward is trust-worthy. Luke’s comment – “hell no.”

Jason is walking toward his penthouse when he notices Johnny, Olivia, and a real estate agent heading to the apartment across the hall. Johnny and Jason glare at each other. Jason is adamant that the owner of the apartment won’t sell to Johnny. Olivia doesn’t want the two men to fight. Olivia grabs Johnny’s arm. Olivia and the agent enter the elevator. Johnny is smug toward Jason. Johnny teases that Sonny will be convicted.

Claire and Jax argue in the Jacks living room. Morgan is listening from upstairs. Claire tells Jax that she received a twenty-four hour extension from the judge. Claire wants to find Michael but Jax insists that he won’t be a helpful witness for the prosecution. Jax is mad that Claire is so willing to destroy the lives of children. Claire maintains that Dante will locate Michael in time. Claire is certain that Michael’s testimony will send Sonny to prison. Claire reminds Jax that they had a deal. Claire asks Jax if he still wants Sonny convicted. Jax is irritated that Claire was “ruthless” in her courtroom antics. Claire says that Sonny will be acquitted without Michael’s testimony. Jax worries how Michael will be affected by all this. Jax assumes that Sonny’s conviction will destroy Michael. Carly enters the room. Claire wants to vacate but Carly asks her to stay. Carly warns Claire that she’ll pay for calling Morgan to the stand. Carly boasts that the jury believed her testimony. Claire points out that Carly committed perjury. Carly doesn’t back down. Carly theorizes that Claire will lose her job once Sonny is acquitted. Claire storms out of the house. Carly asks Jax if he’s going to follow Claire. Jax swears that he is only concerned about Michael at the moment. Carly isn’t impressed when Jax says that he covered for Michael when Ronnie showed up at the Island. Jax tells Carly that he owes Michael for saving Carly and Josslyn the night of the thunderstorm.

Dante comes face to face with Michael. Dante hands a subpoena to Michael. Dante says that Michael needs to fly back to Port Charles and testify tomorrow. Michael wonders why it took so long for Dante to come looking for him. Dante says that it isn’t his responsibility to convict Sonny – it’s the jury’s. The phone rings in the hotel room. It’s Morgan. Morgan confides to Michael that he slipped up and told Dante his location. Michael doesn’t tell Morgan that Dante is with him. In fact, Michael reassures Morgan that the hotel is heavily guarded. Michael says that Morgan doesn’t have to worry. After the phone call, Michael tells Dante that he didn’t want Morgan to feel guilty for giving up his location. Michael wonders how Dante got past Max and Milo. Dante theorizes that Michael witnessed Sonny kill Claudia at the cabin. However, Michael tells Dante that he’s got it all wrong. Michael blurts out that he was the one who killed Claudia. Dante is speechless.

Max and Milo are sitting in a jail cell. They are arguing back and forth with each other. Milo insists that he only asked the guard for “bread”. Max says that the Spanish word for bread is “pan”. Max says that Milo implied something else, which led to their sudden arrests.

At the hospital, Nikolas runs into Elizabeth while she’s working. Nikolas is surprised to see that Liz is back at work. Elizabeth says that she’s feeling fine, as well as the baby. Nikolas is curious as to why Elizabeth is working on the oncology floor. Liz admits that it was Steven’s idea. Nikolas comments that Emily liked speaking to the cancer patients. Elizabeth remembers when Emily talked about her visits with the patients. Elizabeth divulges that she has already made a few friends on the floor. Nikolas and Elizabeth can hear music coming from the hallway. Patrick and Ms. Smith are dancing in the corridor. Nikolas tells Patrick that he isn’t that bad at dancing. Everyone laughs. Ms. Smith explains that Patrick is the same height as her rumba dance partner, Enrique. Liz introduces Nikolas to Shirley Smith. Patrick pipes in that he has to get back to work. Nikolas says that Shirley must have been a great dancer back in the day. Shirley reminisces about meeting a Cuban dancer during her teenage years. Shirley, Liz, and Nikolas return to the hospital room. Matt enters the room wearing a yellow boa.

Maxie goes to Jason’s penthouse. Jason bluntly tells Maxie that he’s busy right now. However, Maxie ignores Jason. Maxie says that Jason needs a decorator. Jason is resolute that he doesn’t want a sauna nor a patio. Maxie insists that Spinelli needs a home with fabulous décor. Maxie says that Jason should have the pink room re-painted. Jason senses that Maxie is there for another reason. Maxie vents about Spinelli. Jason knows that all Spinelli cares about is Maxie. Maxie discloses that she loves Spinelli but worries about their relationship. Maxie says that her outlook on life has changed since her brush with death. Maxie wants to be in an exciting and dangerous relationship. Maxie fears that she and Spinelli are in a rut. Maxie tells Jason that the decorating project is a “distraction”. Spinelli returns to the penthouse. Maxie hugs Spinelli.

In the hotel room, Michael tells Dante how he ended up at the cabin that night. Michael says that he was headed to Canada when he spotted the vehicle in the woods. Michael goes over the events leading up to when he hit Claudia with the ax handle. Dante assumes that Michael is lying. Dante points out that even Mac didn’t believe Michael’s confession. Dante figures that Michael is covering for Sonny since he doesn’t want his father sent to prison. Dante asks Michael for proof. Michael walks over to a dresser and pulls out his backpack. Michael produces a bloody t-shirt. Michael announces that he was wearing the shirt when he killed Claudia. Dante laughs nervously. Dante doesn’t think that the t-shirt means anything. Dante wonders where Sonny was during this. Michael is adamant that Sonny wasn’t at the cabin. Michael adds that the only ones there were Claudia, Carly, Josslyn, and himself. Michael tells Dante that his clothes were destroyed except for this one t-shirt. Dante doesn’t buy Michael’s story. Michael brings up Franco’s incriminating photos and how the graffiti artist was blackmailing Jason.

Patrick shows up at Jake’s. Claire is sitting at a table. Claire and Patrick make small talk. Robin pages Patrick. Patrick is disappointed that Robin won’t be coming to the bar. Patrick senses that Claire is having a bad night. Claire brings up an ethics class she took in law school. Patrick surprises Claire when he says that he knows who she is. Claire is visibly embarrassed when Patrick informs her that he’s married to Robin. Patrick thanks Claire for her commitment to the trial. Patrick offers to buy Claire a beer. Patrick speaks of Robin’s obsession with Sonny. Patrick tells Claire that she’s lucky since she has no emotional connection to Sonny. Patrick hopes that Sonny will be convicted.

Maxie and Spinelli sit down at Jake’s. Spinelli can’t believe that Maxie is re-decorating Jason’s penthouse – again. Maxie maintains that she wants to do something nice for Spinelli. Spinelli says that he doesn’t care about material things.

Jax and Skye meet at the Metro Court restaurant. Jax is sullen. Jax vents about Sonny’s trial. Jax believes that Carly’s testimony saved Sonny. Jax is fairly sure that Sonny will be acquitted. Jax tells Skye that he called in some favors and got Claire Walsh to prosecute Sonny. Jax is furious that Claire called Michael to the stand. Jax considers making some calls and having a mistrial declared. Skye asks Jax about his motives for getting Claire to work on the case. Jax maintains that he was trying to protect his family. Skye tells Jax to sit back and see what happens with the trial. Jax is worried that his marriage to Carly is over.

Johnny, Olivia, and the agent look at another apartment. The agent steps out of the living room to make a call. Johnny and Olivia both agree that the fully furnished apartment is nice. Olivia doesn’t understand why Johnny is looking for a new place. Johnny wants to impress Olivia. Olivia cringes when she finds out the monthly rent amount. Johnny pulls Olivia out on the terrace. As they look at the view, Olivia notices that the apartment is across the street from Jason’s penthouse. Olivia isn’t amused. Olivia assumes that Johnny wants to be able to see Jason. Johnny skirts around the issue. Johnny suggests that he and Olivia move in together. Johnny insists that they both love each other. Olivia sadly tells Johnny that she can’t live with him. Olivia walks out of the apartment.

Sam shows up at Jason’s place. Sam wants to sit and talk. Jason speaks of Maxie’s earlier visit. Jason says that Maxie wants to redecorate the penthouse. Sam listens as Jason talks about Maxie and Spinelli. Sam understands that bad boys can be tempting. Jason apologizes for wanting to confess to Claudia’s murder. Sam admits that Jason’s confession bothered her. Sam ponders whether Jason could walk away from their relationship. Jason says that he is sorry for considering Claire’s deal. Jason tells Sam that she matters to him. They flirt back and forth. Jason and Sam head for the bedroom.

Michael and Dante are on an airplane. Dante tells Michael that he’ll have the t-shirt tested for Claudia’s DNA. Michael asks a key question – if the blood is indeed Claudia’s, what is Dante going to do? Dante knows that he has an important decision to make.

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