GH Update Tuesday 4/20/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/20/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In Sonny’s office, Molly tells Jason that Mr. Bauer is furious with Alexis. Molly begs Jason to stop Mr. Bauer. Jason assumes that Molly wants him to kill Kiefer’s father. Jason says that he can’t hurt Mr. Bauer. Molly wishes that Kristina hadn’t lied about Kiefer. Jason theorizes that Kristina kept quiet because Sonny would have wanted to kill Kiefer. Molly suggests scare tactics to have Mr. Bauer back off, but Jason is against it. Jason doesn’t want Molly to talk about these kinds of things. Jason feels bad that Michael was exposed to mob life. Jason says that he is to blame for Michael, and adds that children shouldn’t be around the business. Jason tells Molly that Sam wouldn’t want her sister talking about the mob. Molly agrees, but insists that she wants Alexis and Kristina to be safe. Molly realizes that Jason can’t fix this. Jason advises Molly to “love and support” her family. Jason offers to bring Molly home. Molly asks Jason if he is going to marry Sam. Jason remains mum.

Sam punches Warren Bauer at the police station. Warren suggests that violence runs in the Davis family. Lucky intervenes on Sam and Alexis’ behalf. Warren can’t believe that no one wants to prosecute Alexis for the hit-and-run. Warren speaks badly of Kristina. Warren believes that Ethan, not Kiefer, assaulted Kristina. Alexis justifies Kristina’s actions by saying that she was protecting her boyfriend. Warren ignores Alexis. Warren makes it clear (in front of everyone) that Alexis will be sent to prison.

From home, Morgan talks to Michael over the phone. Michael says that Max and Milo brought him to a new hotel. Morgan speaks of his testimony at trial, and worries that he messed up Sonny’s chances of an acquittal. Morgan says that Claire told the jury that his answers were coached. Michael tries to reassure Morgan that it didn’t go as bad as he thinks. Michael tells his brother that everything will turn out in Sonny’s favor. Morgan doesn’t agree.

After sharing a kiss at the courthouse, Sonny tells Carly that she was brilliant on the witness stand. Dante and Claire sense that Sonny will be found innocent of his crimes. Claire reminds Dante that Michael needs to be found so he can testify against his father. Claire wants Dante to find Michael. Claire tells Dante that he has twenty-four hours to find Michael. Nearby, Sonny and Carly both agree that the jury bought the self-defense theory. Sonny thanks Carly for her help. Carly says goodbye. Sonny walks into the courtroom and sits down next to Diane. Diane admits that she was wrong about Sonny’s case – it appears he will be acquitted after all.

Skye shows up at Alexis’ house. Skye knocks on the door. Kristina answers but doesn’t recognize Skye. Skye insists that she used to live in the Davis home. Kristina asks Skye to come in. Skye can’t believe that Kristina is all grown up. Skye recalls when Kristina was a little girl. Skye mentions that she used to be married to Jax. Skye talks about motherhood and Lila Rae. Kristina figures out that Skye and Alexis don’t get along. Kristina blurts out that she is a “disaster”. Kristina feels remorse for lying about Ethan. Kristina wonders if she can get over Kiefer’s death. Skye offers to help Kristina.

In Luke’s office, Ethan comments that the casino’s profits are low. Ethan figures it is because of his assault arrest. Luke tells his son not to worry. Luke doesn’t understand why Ethan is so glum. Luke tells Ethan to chill out since he has been exonerated in the assault case. Ethan grabs a cigar and pours himself a drink. Ethan still can’t believe that Kristina lied about Kiefer. However, Ethan admits that he isn’t entirely innocent. Ethan feels responsible for leading Kristina on. Luke doesn’t want Ethan to blame himself. Luke reminds Ethan that Kristina hacked into his e-mail. Ethan says that Kristina had a crush on him. Ethan feels he made a mistake by not telling Kristina that he wasn’t romantically interested in her. Luke says that Ethan isn’t responsible for Kristina protecting Kiefer. Ethan replies that he made things worse. Suddenly, Skye and Kristina enter the office. Kristina tells Ethan that she is sorry. Skye and Luke leave the office. Kristina apologizes again. Ethan says that he messed up too. Ethan speaks of his teenage crush on an older woman. Ethan says that he made a fool out of himself when he kissed his crush. Kristina laughs at the embarrassing story. Ethan tells Kristina that he appreciates her heart-felt apology.

During closing arguments, Claire asks Judge Carroll for a twenty-four extension. Claire explains that she is trying to locate an important key witness. Diane objects but the judge allows the extension. Judge Carroll warns that Claire has until tomorrow to produce the witness.

Dante shows up at the Jacks home. Dante apologizes to Morgan for not being able to help with the Bauer situation. Dante suggests going to a baseball game. Morgan says that they missed opening day. Morgan wants to go with Dante and Michael to a Yankees game. Morgan comments that Michael is mad at Dante. Morgan wishes that everyone could get along. Morgan blurts out that Michael was moved to a ritzy hotel, and ends up giving Dante the name of it.

Carly shows up at Sonny’s office. Carly tells Jason that Sonny will surely be acquitted. Carly mentions that the jurors were teary-eyed after her testimony. Carly adds that Claire’s cross-examination failed miserably. Jason and Carly smile at each other. They hug. Carly and Jason discuss her testimony. Carly believes that Josslyn made a good impression on the jury. Jason informs Carly that Michael had to be moved. Carly doesn’t like it but Jason explains that Ronnie was snooping around on the Island. Jason adds that Jax protected Michael from Ronnie.

Diane and Claire speak to the judge. Diane thinks that Claire is trying to stall for time. Diane speaks briefly to Sonny. Diane fears that Claire will locate Michael. Sonny tells Diane that she shouldn’t worry about that happening. The judge says that the extension will be granted. However, Judge Carroll makes it known that if the witness doesn’t come forward, the case will go to the jury for deliberations. The judge speaks to the jurors. Court is adjourned until tomorrow. Diane wonders what Claire is trying to do. Diane is anxious because the jury will have a lot of time to “rethink Carly’s testimony”. Sonny tells Diane not to worry.

Sam and Alexis return to the Davis home. Alexis inquires about Kristina. Molly says that Kristina went out with Skye. Sam is surprised that Skye is in town. Molly realizes that Skye isn’t a friend of Alexis’. Alexis asks Molly how she is doing. Molly admits that she screwed up. Alexis asks Molly what she did. Molly says that she went to Jason and asked him to kill Mr. Bauer. Molly explains how she and Morgan asked Dante for help first. Molly says that Jason turned her down anyway. Alexis is thankful that Jason isn’t getting involved. Molly confides that she wanted to help her mom and Kristina. Molly admits that she didn’t want Mr. Bauer to die. Molly leaves the living room to do homework. Sam wants to call Jason but Alexis tells her not to bother. Sam and Alexis concur that Warren Bauer is out for vengeance. Alexis drinks a glass of wine. Alexis worries that they can’t fix the problem. Kristina walks in.

Jax shows up at the Jacks home. Morgan is happy to see Jax, especially since he brought over chocolate fudge (from the Island). Jax tells Morgan that Michael was moved but he already knows. Morgan says that he spoke to Michael. Morgan mentions that he told Michael the latest about the trial. Morgan asks Jax if he wants Sonny convicted. Jax says that their family will get through this.

Dante is on an airplane. Dante thinks back to his conversation with Morgan.

At the courthouse, Sonny tells Claire that she looks worried. Claire is adamant that she’ll find Michael. Sonny is angry that Claire called Morgan to the stand. Sonny warns that it was a big mistake. Sonny says that Carly “schooled” Claire while on the witness stand. Claire is visibly shaken up.

Lucky shows up at Luke’s office. Lucky informs Ethan and Luke that Warren Bauer blames Ethan for the assault. Lucky says that there will be a second investigation because of a conflict-of-interest. Lucky reminds Ethan that all the DNA evidence points to him.

Morgan and Jax are in the living room. There is a knock on the door. It’s Claire. Morgan immediately vacates to his room. Claire wants to know why Jax is protecting Michael. Morgan is eavesdropping. Jax insists that Michael isn’t at the Island. Claire says that Dante will find Michael.

Sonny returns to his office. Sonny figures that he will be acquitted. Sonny and Carly are certain that Michael won’t be found in time.

From his hotel room, Michael is making an appointment for the batting cages. There is a knock on the door. It’s Dante. Dante hands Michael a subpoena. Dante tells Michael that he needs to be in court tomorrow.

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