GH Update Monday 4/19/10

General Hospital Update Monday 4/19/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

From home, Kristina is watching Warren Bauer’s online webcast. Warren speaks of the events leading up to Kiefer’s untimely death. Kristina is horrified to hear Warren announce that Alexis was the hit-and-run driver. Alexis is eavesdropping from nearby. Kristina begins to sob. Alexis hurries over to Kristina. Alexis tells her daughter that she doesn’t need to worry about Warren. Kristina reminds Alexis that the Bauers want vengeance for Kiefer’s death. Alexis doesn’t trust Warren Bauer. Kristina says that Warren did a nice thing by giving her Kiefer’s journal. Alexis isn’t impressed. Kristina brings up the night she ran Claudia off the road. Since Alexis confessed to that accident, Kristina worries that her mother will most likely be going to prison. Alexis hugs Kristina and says that they’ll survive this.

Dante shows up at Sonny’s office. Dante is looking for Michael. Jason laughs since Dante knows that Michael isn’t in Port Charles. Jason figures that Dante wants Sonny to go to prison. Dante surprises Jason by alerting him to the fact that Ronnie is at the Island. Jason assumes that Claire is getting desperate about the trial. Jason doesn’t understand why Dante would want to help Claire. Dante comments that Jason can’t even protect Michael. Jason doesn’t answer Dante’s question. However, Jason says that Dante “weaseled” his way into Sonny’s organization. Jason is irritated that Dante lied for months. Jason believes that Dante’s stunt in the courtroom was to get Morgan on his side. Dante laughs off the accusation. Jason says that Dante’s outburst didn’t help since Morgan was re-called to the stand. Dante says that he wants to help Michael and Morgan. Jason insists that Dante can’t help his brothers by sending Sonny to prison. Dante storms out of the office.

Ronnie shows up unannounced at the Island. Ronnie enters the cabana, looking for any sign of Michael. Michael is hiding nearby. Ronnie calls out for Michael to come forward and testify against Sonny. Jax walks in. Jax doesn’t like that Ronnie is there. Jax is adamant that Michael isn’t on the Island. Jax explains that he is there because of a business investment. Ronnie doesn’t buy Jax’s story. Ronnie doesn’t understand why Jax is protecting Michael since his stepson’s testimony would help convict Sonny. Jax tells Ronnie that it was a waste of his time to come to the Island. Jax implies that Michael didn’t witness Claudia’s murder. Ronnie is annoyed that Jax won’t help the prosecution. Max intervenes on Jax’s behalf. Max escorts Ronnie out of the room. Ronnie yells to Jax that Claire needs Michael’s testimony for a conviction.

Everyone is speechless when Carly walks into the courtroom holding Josslyn. Claire objects but the judge allows Carly to testify with Josslyn present. Carly smiles at Sonny. Carly apologizes to the jury for bringing Josslyn along. Carly says that her nanny cancelled on her at the last minute. Claire objects again but Judge Carroll agrees to let Carly hold Josslyn for a little longer. Carly speaks warmly about Josslyn. The judge decides to call a short recess. The lawyers proceed to the judge’s chambers. Carly and Josslyn leave the courtroom. During the recess, Sonny tells Carly that he isn’t happy with her courtroom stunt. Carly is confused since the jurors seem to be warming to Sonny. Sonny says that Carly’s antics always seem to do more harm than good. Carly maintains that bringing Josslyn to court was the right thing to do.

At Carly’s house, Morgan and Molly are intensely watching the internet feed of Warren Bauer’s statement. Molly is teary-eyed. Molly fears that her family will be destroyed. Morgan pipes in that he has an idea. Dante shows up at the Jacks home. Morgan and Molly update Dante on the memorial webpage for Kiefer Bauer. Molly is saddened that Mr. Bauer is saying bad things about her mother and Kristina. Morgan asks Dante to help. Dante sadly informs them that he can’t. Dante says that it is a conflict-of-interest since Kristina is his sister. Morgan and Molly are sad that Dante can’t help. Molly fears that her mother will be sent to prison. Dante points out that Kristina’s testimony wouldn’t be credible since she lied so many times. Dante doesn’t think that Alexis will go to prison. Dante hands Molly his card. After Dante leaves, Molly tells Morgan that there is someone that can help them.

At the police station, Mac and Warren are arguing about Alexis. Mac doesn’t want to talk about the investigation. Warren assumes that Mac is covering for Alexis. Alexis shows up which infuriates Warren. Warren thinks it is ridiculous that he can’t get any straight answers out of Mac. Alexis says that Warren can ask her anything. Warren makes a scene when he calls out Alexis for not stopping after the hit-and-run. Warren doesn’t believe that Kiefer beat Kristina. Warren is certain that Kristina is a liar. Alexis reminds Warren that she did come forward and confess to the accident. Warren is bothered that Alexis didn’t say anything until Kiefer was dead. Alexis defends that she was concerned about Kristina. Warren implies that Mac and Alexis are sleeping together. Alexis insists that Mac is just a friend. Mac looks uncomfortable. Warren asks Alexis what she would have done if the roles were reversed. Alexis doesn’t know what to say. Mac interrupts and says that he has to get back to work. Warren makes threats toward Mac. In private, Alexis and Warren’s argument escalates. Alexis knows that Warren is grieving. Warren warns Alexis that she will be sent to prison. Alexis is horrified when Warren says that he doesn’t care if Kristina is destroyed in the process.

Jason is in Sonny’s office when he receives a call from Max. Jason is outraged that Ronnie was at the Island. Jason demands to have Michael moved. Jason instructs Max to have Michael lie low for now. Michael speaks to Jason. Jason thanks Michael for hiding from Ronnie. Jason hints that the trial might be over soon. Jason tells Michael that Carly will be testifying today. Michael is relieved to hear that there is a good shot of an acquittal.

Carly is sworn in on the witness stand. Carly speaks of the night of Claudia’s death. Carly talks about the birthday party and how Claudia grabbed her at gunpoint. Carly says that she and Claudia argued, which made Claudia crash the car. Carly explains that Claudia was unconscious when she made her way through the woods and found an abandoned cabin. Carly sounds very convincing when she talks about the events leading up to Claudia’s death. Carly says that Sam showed up to help her deliver the baby. When Sam went to pull the car around to the cabin, Carly says that is when Claudia showed up. Carly recalls that Claudia had a gun and tried to take Josslyn out of her arms. Carly was thankful when Sonny arrived because he saved her life as well as her daughter’s. Carly faces the jury and tells them that Claudia’s death was an accident. Carly proceeds with her testimony by saying that she asked Sonny to cover-up the accident. Diane thanks Carly for her testimony. It is Claire’s turn to speak. Claire tells the jury that it is unlikely that Carly could have ran through the storm by herself. Carly asserts that “instinct or adrenaline” got her to the cabin that night. Claire verbally attacks Carly on the stand. Claire makes an assumption that Claudia helped Carly to the cabin, delivered her baby, and Sonny showed up to bludgeon his wife. Diane quickly objects. Claire wonders how Sam showed up at the cabin if Carly lost her cell phone. Claire raises a good question – “why did Sam call Sonny, not Jax?” Carly says that she doesn’t know but is thankful that Sonny showed up when he did. Carly is resolute that Sonny wouldn’t have used a gun on Claudia because of Michael’s shooting. Carly makes it known that Sonny saved Josslyn and that he should not be convicted. Diane asks Carly one last question – would she and Josslyn be alive if Sonny hadn’t shown up? Carly says no. Carly steps down for the next witness to be called. However, Diane says that the defense rests. Diane smiles at Sonny.

Kristina continues to look at the webpage for Kiefer. Kristina scans the slide show of pictures of Kiefer. Sam walks in. Kristina realizes that Alexis called Sam. Kristina speaks of Mr. Bauer’s vendetta against Alexis. However, Kristina does empathize with Kiefer’s father. Kristina says that Warren gave her Kiefer’s journal, which is filled with his declarations of love. Sam quietly listens. Sam asserts that Warren Bauer is a hypocrite. Kristina says that Mr. Bauer should be mad since this is all her fault. Sam makes it clear that Kristina isn’t to blame. Sam maintains that Kiefer Bauer was an abuser. Kristina speaks of some good times when Kiefer was nice to her. Sam is sickened that Kristina is trying to justify Kiefer’s behavior. Kristina is worried about Alexis. Sam says that Warren Bauer doesn’t scare her.

Molly enters Sonny’s restaurant. Molly speaks briefly to the waiter. The waiter allows Molly to enter the office. Jason is surprised to see Molly. Molly goes on and on about her naivete toward Kiefer. Molly says that Mr. Bauer wants revenge since he claims that Alexis and Kristina are both liars. Molly asks Jason to “stop Mr. Bauer”. Molly admits that her mom made a few mistakes but doesn’t deserve prison time. Molly says that Dante can’t help. Molly begs Jason to help. Jason bluntly says – “are you asking me to kill Mr. Bauer?”

At the police station, Alexis and Warren are still arguing. Sam walks in and interrupts the conversation. Warren is outraged that Alexis didn’t come clean about the accident until after Kiefer was dead. Warren accuses Alexis in front of everyone. Warren calls Kristina a slut which makes Sam punch him. Alexis cringes.

Michael calls Morgan at home. Morgan is relieved to hear his brother’s voice.

Kristina is looking at the webpage dedicated to Kiefer. Kristina breaks down into tears.

During the short recess, Diane and Sonny talk about Carly’s testimony. Diane is impressed with Carly. Outside the courtroom, Dante walks up to Claire. Claire mentions that Sonny will surely be acquitted. Dante and Claire watch in disgust as Sonny kisses Carly right on the mouth.

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