GH Update Friday 4/16/10

General Hospital Update Friday 4/16/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Dante talks to Morgan in the court building corridor before Morgan goes in to testify. Dante tells his little brother that his only obligation is to tell the truth the best that he can. He says if he doesnít know something, it is ok for him to say he doesnít know. He tells him that Claire Walsh is in charge of her side of the case, but she is not in charge of Morgan and she canít force him to say anything bad about his dad, Claire comes and tells Dante to back off or she will have him back in jail for witness tampering. He tells her she can do whatever she wants, but he will not let her steamroll his little brother. Sonny silently observes the exchange from a few feet away.

At the police station, Mac tells Ronnie that while Sonny owns controlling interest in a number of Caribbean casinos, he only owns one outright along with the island that it is on, and that is where Jax went. Ronnie says Michael must be there because Jax wouldnít have any other reason to go there. Mac tells Ronnie to go there, serve Michaelís subpoena, and bring him back to testify. He gives Ronnie a package containing tickets, cash, and the subpoena. Ronnie suggests that they leave Dante out of the loop because Dante doesnít realize it, but he has been pulled in by Sonny. Mac asks him if he is saying Dante canít be trusted. Ronnie says no, Dante is the most honorable and trustworthy man that he knows, but he is human. He says Dante was simply outmatched because Sonny is insidious and calculating, while Dante is straightforward. He adds that Dante feels a responsibility to Sonnyís kids.

On Sonnyís island, Michael tells Jax that he knows he wants Michael to say it is ok that Jax has done everything he can to bring down Sonny. Michael asks how he can do that when Jax is using something that Michael did to send Sonny to prison. Jax says he isnít asking Michael to endorse his tactics; he just wants him to understand that he didnít go after Sonny because of an old grudge. He says Sonny is a constant threat to his family and he has had enough. He says Michaelís safety means everything to him.

In the office behind Sonnyís restaurant, Carly says she wants her testimony to be believable enough to save Sonny but when she sees how Sonny has been his own worst enemy in court, she worries that it wonít be enough.

Alexis goes to the police station to talk to Mac. She says Kristina isnít doing well at all because now that Keifer is dead, her guilt is overwhelming. She says she needs to spend as much time with Kristina as she can. Mac asks her what is stopping her. She tells him that Warren and Melinda Bauer came to the hospital and made it clear that they want Alexis to pay for killing their son. Mac says Warren Bauer doesnít have the right to use his pain as a weapon. He assures her that she did the right thing when she came forward and admitted that she hit Keifer and explained the circumstances. Alexis says this would be a bad time for her to go to prison. Mac says that wonít happen and that he is certain that the D.A. will offer a deal with a suspended sentence or community service. Alexis says that will not satisfy the Bauers. Mac tells her to leave the Bauers to him.

Kristina is at the Lake house looking at a memorial for Keifer online until someone knocks on the door. She answers the door to Warren Bauer and tells him that her mother isnít home. He tells her that he wanted to see her so she lets him in. he apologizes for his behavior at the hospital. She says it is ok; she understands that he is grieving for Keifer. He says that is no excuse for being so disrespectful and that Keifer would have been ashamed of him. He says he hopes she knows Keifer loved her. She says she loved Keifer too. Warren says he is there because he and his wife were going through Keiferís affairs and found his journal. He says he thought she might like to have it.

On Sonnyís island, Michael tells Jax that he believes him when he says he wants to protect him and his siblings. He says he wouldnít want them to grow up the way he did or know the things he knows or suffer the consequences of being Sonnyís kids. He says Morgan has managed to be reasonably unaffected. He says he is grateful to Jax and he knows he can count on Jax to put the family first. He says he wants Morgan and Josselyn to be safe and happy. He says it might be too late for Kristina but Morgan and Josselyn have a chance because of Jax. Michael says that he has already grown up idolizing Sonny and he will always be on Sonnyís side against anybody.

In the courthouse corridor, Claire instructs the social worker to take Morgan into the witness room. Dante tells Morgan that it will be ok. After Morgan leaves, Diane tells Claire that sheíd better get her hostility out of her system before they go into the courtroom because she will pull Morgan off the stand at the first sign of distress. Sonny asks Claire why she doesnít stop this because she doesnít need Morganís testimony and he doesnít know the circumstances of the case. Claire says Sonny is right that she doesnít need Morgan, but Morgan is who she has until she has the witness that Sonny is hiding. Sonny and Diane go into the courtroom. Claire warns Dante that he should stay out of her case if his badge means anything to him. He says he wonít allow her to bully his little brother because all that matters is that Morgan leaves this experience without being filled with remorse and guilt.

In Sonnyís office, Jason tells Carly that he is convinces that she can do anything that she sets her mind to. She says the story is crazy and that even the true parts sound like a lie. He tells her that she just needs to believe in it and sell it to the jury.

At the lake house, Warren Bauer tells Kristina that he thought Keifer was too young to have such strong feelings for a girl but that he and his wife came to realize what an accomplished young man Keifer had grown to be. He says Keifer was handling his studies, sports, and his relationship with Kristina but then Kristina broke his heart when she started going out with Ethan Lovett, the man that beat her. Kristina starts to protest, but Warren says he doesnít blame her, he knows her mother is pressuring her to say it was Keifer. He says that sometimes it is difficult to do the right thing especially when you have a parent who is telling you something completely different. Kristina says her mother didnít pressure her. Warren says all the evidence after the first attack pointed to Ethan, and that same night she had a public altercation with Ethan. He says that maybe Keifer found out that Ethan manhandled her. He tells her that she called Keifer for help after the second attack and he was probably furious when he got into his car to come to her rescue. He says Keifer probably drove off the road because he was speeding to get to her. He says Keifer got out of the car and continued on foot to get to her and that is when Alexis hit him with her car. Kristina tells him he has it all wrong. He says he understands her impulse to defend her mother, but Keifer canít speak for himself anymore so he needs her defense now. He says he knows Keifer would want her to stand up for him. Kristina says she doesnít like saying bad things about Keifer but she isnít lying; Ethan never hit her. It was always Keifer. Warren says that doesnít make sense. He asks her why she would stay with a boy who was hurting her. He says he understands that she is making up stories because her mother is pressuring her so he wonít hold it against her. He asks her to come to Keiferís memorial. She says she wasnít sure if she would be welcome. Alexis comes home and demands to know what Warren Bauer is doing in her house. She says she told him he is not allowed to speak to her kid.

The jury enters the courtroom. Diane tells Sonny to keep quiet no matter what happens with Morgan because the jury doesnít need to see a raging papa-lion. She implores Sonny not to let Claire Walsh get under his skin. Sonny says he is alright. Judge Carroll announces that the next witness is a 12-year-old boy and says that no one had better upset him. He says he will slap anyone who upsets Morgan with a contempt charge and he will release Morgan for good. Claire and Diane both acknowledge that they understand. Judge Carroll says they are to keep the questions simple and the objections to a minimum because the point is to get to the truth, not to terrorize a 12-year-old. He directs the bailiff to bring in the witness. Morgan enters and sits in the witness chair. Judge Carroll tells Morgan that he is still under oath from last time and asks him if he knows what that means. Morgan says he has to tell the truth so help him God. Sonny smiles and nods to assure Morgan that it is ok.

Lulu is walking while talking on her cell phone. Both arms are full with shopping bags, and she is carrying a tray of coffees in her other hand. She tells the person on the phone that she only has two hands so she will call them back. Dante is walking toward her so when he sees her he goes to help her. She tells him that he looks like he needs a smile and asks him what is up. He tells her that Claire Walsh wants to put Morgan back on the stand hoping that Morgan will say Michael saw Sonny kill Claudia. Lulu asks if he thinks Claire will get anything out of Morgan. Dante says it doesnít matter because Claire is only putting Morgan on the stand to get to Sonny. Dante says he is realizing that he has been busting his ass and taking risks for people that arenít much better than the ones he is taking down.

On Sonnyís island, Michael tells Jax that he sees his father more realistically now. He says Sonny makes mistakes in his personal life and he is brutal in his business life, but Michael has to accept it. Sonny has to be that way to stay on top. Jax says Michael seems to have a good understanding of how the mob works, which is something that even Sonny never wanted for him. Michael says it is his life so he canít be oblivious to it. Jax says it isnít Michaelís life; itís Sonnyís life. Michael says he wants to be part of his dadís world. He tells Jax not to worry because Sonny doesnít trust or respect him much right now, but he intends to change that. Jax says that Sonny never wanted Michael to be involved in his business and he still doesnít. Jax advised Michael not to expect Sonny to change his mind about that.

In Sonnyís office, Carly asks Jason if he isnít a little afraid that she will blow it. He says he has never seen a better liar than her. He asks her if she has forgotten her own secret. She asks him what he is talking about. He tells her that she is able to sell a lie because in the moment, she convinces herself that it is true. He tells her that all she has to do is convince herself that Sonny came in to save her and Josselyn. Carly says she is afraid that Claire Walsh will see through her and rip her story to shreds. Jason says Claire is no match for Carly. Carly says Claire is good. She reminds him about how Claire used Johnny to get Sonny to go off in court. She says she doesnít want to be the one that ruins everything. Jason assures her that she wonít be because he has seen her stand up to worse than this.

At the lake house, Alexis asks Kristina to go to her room so she can talk to Mr. Bauer privately. Kristina tells Warren that he was wrong about a lot of things but she did love Keifer and she is sorry he is gone. When Kristina leaves the room, Alexis tells Warren that she understands that he is grief-stricken and that her heart goes out to him and his wife, but that doesnít give him the right to come into a traumatized young girlís home and abuse her some more. Warren says Kristina is a pathological liar and Alexis is a child killer. He says his son is dead because of them and if she thinks she will walk away from this without consequence, he can promise her that that will not happen.

Jason goes to Samís apartment and tells her that he has a surprise. She asks him what happened. He tells her that he couldnít replace Sonny after all and that Claire rescinded the offer. She says she is glad about that because she was not looking forward to visiting him in prison for the next ten years. He tells her that he knows he was wrong to give himself up without talking to her first and he is sorry. She kissed him.

Lulu reminds Dante that he said when the system fails you fix it from the inside. He asks her to stop him if he ever sounds like a self-righteous windbag. She says if she did that, he would never speak. She tells him that she understands disillusionment and the trick is not to let it sink in so deeply that you completely give up. Dante tells Lulu that Claire offered Sonny a deal for the lesser charge of manslaughter and five RICO violations in exchange for a ten-year sentence. She says that isnít great but itís better than nothing. He tells her that Jason offered himself in Sonnyís place. He asks her if she can believe that the offer was even on the table for Jason to sacrifice ten years of his life just so Sonnyís kids wouldnít have to testify against him. Lulu asks if that will happen. Dante tells her that Claire shot down the offer. Lulu says that is good. Dante says now Morgan has to take the stand again and the poor kid is terrified that he will say the wrong thing and it will get his dad sent to prison. He says it is driving him crazy that the kids are being made to suffer for the choices that Sonny made and the role that Dante played in it. Lulu asks him what he means. He says he had convinced himself that he could shield Michael and Morgan from the worst that comes from the trial and that the blowback would be worth it because Sonny would be out of their lives. He says now he isnít so sure and he wonders if their lives will be changed forever by what happens in the courtroom. He asks her if he is any better than the prosecution.

In the courtroom, Claire asks Morgan if he and Michael ever discussed how their stepmother Claudia died. Morgan tells her that she asked him that before. Diane laughs, objects, and tells Morgan that is called ďasked and answered.Ē Judge Carroll says Morgan can answer it again. Morgan says yes they talked about it. Claire asks him what Michael said. Morgan says Michael said it was sad. Claire asked if that is all Michael said. Morgan says Michael said a lot of stuff. Judge Carroll tells Claire to be more specific. Claire asks him if his father or his lawyer told him how to answer her questions. Diane objects. Claire says that the boy has been coached. She asks the court to notice how his demeanor has changed since the last time he was on the stand. Diane objects and requests to have that smear on her reputation expunged from the record. Judge Carroll agrees, tells the court reporter to strike it from the record, and tells the jury to disregard the prosecutions allegation. Claire says it is clear that Morgan Corinthos will not add anything helpful so she has no further questions. Judge Carroll asks Diane if she has any questions. Diane asks Morgan if Michael ever told him that he saw Sonny kill Claudia. Morgan says no. Diane has no further questions. Judge Carroll tells Morgan that he was a good witness and thanks him. Morgan steps down. Judge Carroll tells Ms. Walsh she may call her next witness. She says that since her pivotal witness is still unavailable, the prosecution rests but reserves the right to call Michael Corinthos III later if he is located.

At the lake house, Alexis asks Kristina what happened with Warren Bauer. Kristina says Mr. Bauer has it backwards and thinks Ethan hit her and she lied and said that Keifer did it because Alexis and Luke are friends. Alexis asks Kristina if Mr. Bauer threatened her in any way. She says no, he was nice, he gave her Keiferís journal, and he told her that she could go to Keiferís memorial service. She says she canít get used to saying those words because it means Keifer is dead and it is because she lied. Alexis says Kristina wasnít wrong, Keifer was wrong to beat her senseless twice. He says the Bauers will have to deal with the fact that their son was deeply disturbed but they do not have the right to come over and beat up Kristina again. Alexis tells Kristina to promise that she will remember that.

At Samís apartment, she tells Jason that he has an apology coming because she accused him of not caring about her. He says he knows she was just reacting to the circumstances. He says he wants her to know that he loves her. She tells him that she loves him more and kisses him. Jason sees a map from the corner of his eye. He asks her if she was planning a jailbreak. She says she wasnít going to go ten years without seeing him. He asks her if she thinks she is Mighty Mouse. They start to make out on the couch.

On Sonnyís island, Jax tells Michael that everyone back home is helping Kristina get through her trauma. Michael says he wishes he could be a part of it. Jax says it is better that Michael is a part of it from a distance because if he came back to Port Charles to help Kristina, the prosecution would force him to testify against Sonny and Kristina would feel guilty about it. Michael agrees and asks Jax to tell Kristina that he loves her and that she should call him if she needs to talk about it. Jax says he will tell her. He says he knows Michael doesnít want to be stuck on the island and that he hopes it will be over soon so Michael can come home. Michael thanks Jax for understanding that but he is finally convinced that he should stay put for now. He says a lot of people who love him have jumped through hoops to protect him and the least he can do is be grateful and do as he is told. Jax laughs and says they will see how long that lasts. He tells Michael that he is sorry about everything, he loves him, and if he could give him his life back, he wouldnít hesitate. Michael says he knows. Jax tells Michael to take care of himself and he turns to leave.

Dante tells Lulu that Kateís latte is going to get cold. Lulu says she doesnít care because Dante is having a crisis of confidence. Dante says it shouldnít even be about him. He says Michael is on an isolated island somewhere and Morgan is testifying against his father. Lulu tells him at he is a cop and he worked the case that he was assigned. She says it is out of his hands now; if Claire uses dirty tricks to get a conviction, it isnít on him. He says it would be convenient to believe that. She says it is true. She adds that she feels sorry for Morgan but his life will be better without Sonny in it. Dante says Morgan will not see it that way. Lulu says it will be difficult at first, but Dante will help him adjust and he will be a better role model than Sonny could be. She tells him that he has to believe that he did the right thing.

The social worker brings Morgan home. Carly asks him if he is ok. She hugs him and says she wishes she could have been there. She tells the social worker that she thinks it is barbaric to keep a mother out the courtroom when her minor child is testifying. The social worker says she doesnít disagree and that she is sorry that Morgan is upset. Carly asks if this is the end of it and the social worker says she doesnít think Morgan will have to go back again. Carly thanks her for bringing him home. The social worker leaves. Carly and Morgan go into the living room and sit down on the couch. Morgan cries. Carly tells him that it is ok. Morgan says he thinks he blew it. Carly asks him what happened. Morgan tells her that Dante told him to answer the questions yes or no but the prosecutor got mad and said he was coached. He says his dad will be convicted and it is his fault. Carly holds Morgan while he cries.

At the lake house, Kristina says she has conflicting feelings. Alexis asks Kristina why she went back to Keifer after he beat her up and why she didnít tell anyone. Kristina says she loved him and it wasnít all bad. She says they had fun together and he was really into her. She said that she could talk to Keifer when things got complicated with her dad. She says she was the one who messed everything up. Alexis tells Kristina that she had no way of knowing how damaged Keifer was because she had no other context to compare it to. Alexis says Kristina made mistakes, but none of them merited what Keifer did to her. Alexis tells Kristina that she can miss Keifer and she can grieve him, but she cannot make excuses for what he did to her because there is no excuse. Kristina says Mr. Bauer wants Alexis to pay for Keiferís death. Alexis says she knows. Kristina says she couldnít take it if Alexis went to prison. Alexis assures her daughter that she isnít going anywhere. She tells him that Mac is working on it and it will be fine.

At the Jacksí house, Carly tells Morgan that the prosecutor is a mean, horrible woman. She says she is wrong about Sonny and she is wrong to use Morgan to make Sonny look bad. She tells him that he doesnít have to worry about Claire anymore because now she is Carlyís problem and she is about to meet her match. Morgan grins and says he has seen the look on his motherís face and it means she is on the warpath. Carly says yes, she is and Claire is about to get someone her own size to pick on. She says after she testifies, Sony will be set free and Claire Walsh will be unemployed.

Dante finds Mac at the police station and asks if Mac wanted to see him. Mac tells him that he is loaning him out to the Narcotics Department for a 12-hour shift doing surveillance down at the waterfront. Dante asks Mac if this is a way to keep him away from Sonnyís trial. Mac tells Dante that he doesnít answer to him; it is the other way around. He says he needed a body to fill the shift and he chose Dante. He asks if Dante has a problem with that. Dante says no and asks if it is the Colombian cartel. Dante says Ronnie has done some preliminary work on that so he will check with him to get up to speed. Mac says Ronnie is not available. Dante asks why not. Mac observes that Dante is questioning him again. He says he needed Ronnie on something else and he needs Dante on this. Dante says ok, he is on his way. Mac says, ďGood answerĒ and walks away. Dante makes a phone call and tells the person that he needs some information.

In the courtroom, Diane tells Sonny that they may be in some trouble. Sonny says Morgan didnít say anything. Diane says he didnít have to because Claire did a good job of making it appear that Morgan knows Michael witnessed Claudiaís murder. She says that at best it looked like Morgan may have had some guilty knowledge and at worst, he appeared as if he was being deliberately evasive. As Claire is heading out of the courtroom, Sonny stops her and asks if she feels good about herself after putting an innocent child through the trauma of testifying against his own father. She tells him that he could have stopped it when she offered him a deal but he was too self-serving to take it. She says that whatever Morgan is going through is on Sonny. Claire tells him that Carly is next and she has done a lot of research on her. She says Carly has been institutionalized twice so she is obviously unstable and she will tear her apart. She says she will give Sonny one last chance to spare someone he claims to love some pain and humiliation. She tells him to take the deal now or it will never see the table again.

At the lake house, Kristina is looking at Keiferís memorial website. She watches a video of Warren Bauer telling his version of the events that led to Keiferís death. He says Ethan Lovett attacked Kristina at her home, Kristina called Keifer for help, and Keifer lost control of his car when he was on his way to Kristinaís house. He says the car was undrivable so Keifer continued on foot. He continues that meanwhile Alexis went home and found her daughter beaten, helped her into her car and started to drive to the hospital. He says Alexis saw Keifer on the road.

At the police station, Mac calls to check in with Ronnie and tells him to call as soon as he has Michael in custody. Warren Bauer enters the police station. Mac asks him how he can help him. Warren says he can start by explaining why he is protecting his sonís killer.

Dante goes to Sonnyís restaurant. Jason asks Dante what he wants. Dante says he is looking for Michael. Jason says Dante knows Michael hasnít been there for weeks. Dante says Jason and Sonny must have moved Michael because Ronnie is running around the island with a subpoena he canít serve. He says he figures they probably stashed Michael around here. He tells Jason he can feel free to call his lawyer.

In the cabana on Sonnyís Island, Michael is looking at his bloody shirt from the night he killed Claudia. Someone knocks on the door. Michael stuffs the shirt into his backpack and listens to see who is at the door. He hears an employee say that this is a private area. Ronnie shows the man his badge and introduces himself as Detective Domestico with the Port Charles Police Department. He says he has a subpoena authorizing him to take Michael Corinthos back to Port Charles to testify at his fatherís trial. He knocks on the door again.

In the courtroom, Sonny asks Diane to do whatever she can do to protect Carly. Diane says she will do her best but Claire already knows that Carly will be selling a pack of lies. She says Claire is right; Carly is emotional dynamite under the best of circumstances. Judge Carroll advises Diane that she may call her first witness. She thanks him and tells him that she would like to enter sworn affidavits from the Port Charles Police Department forensics team into evidence. She asks that they be marked exhibits 32 Ė 39. Diane then calls Caroline Lee Jacks as her first witness. Carly enters the courtroom wearing a pristine white outfit and holding Josselyn.

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