GH Update Thursday 4/15/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/15/10

Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Wyndemere, Alexis tells Helena that her sudden focus doesnít bode well for anyone. Helena says Alexis will have to do better than one murder conviction, two hit and runs, and one stint in Shady Brook to compete with Helena. Helena turns to Nikolas and tells him she is only there to take care of his new baby. He tells her that she wants to make sure he doesnít marry Elizabeth.

Elizabeth goes to Luckyís apartment and when she sees Maxie there says she didnít realize he had company. Maxie tells her that maybe she should have called first.

Spinelli and Carly are in Sonnyís restaurant. Sonny enters and Carly asks him how he could let Jason send himself to prison. He tells her that he did not agree to Jason going to prison in his place. Spinelli says the lack of Sonnyís consent didnít discourage Jason. Sonny asks why they are blaming him and Carly says she doesnít care about blame; she just wants to make sure Jason doesnít go to prison

Jason is in an interrogation room at the police station with Diane. Claire Walsh says they donít swap one mobster for another. Jason says he thought they wanted to convict Claudiaís killer. Claire says that would be Sonny. Jason says it isnít. Diane tells them both it isnít up for debate; they just need a yes or no answer from Claire. Dante enters the room and asks if Jason has decided to be a witness for the state. Claire informs him that Jason is suggesting that he should go to prison for Claudiaís death instead of Sonny. Dante says that will never happen.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas assures Helena that Elizabeth wants nothing to do with him. He tells Alexis that he can keep an eye on Helena while she is staying at Wyndemere. Helena observes that Alexis and Helena both have three bastard children by three different fathers and they are both unstable. Nikolas tells Helena to back of or he will ask her to leave. Helena says Nikolas will need family help to raise his two heirs. Alexis says she is all the family that Nikolas needs. Helena says Elizabeth will probably do no better than Alexis has done raising her children.

At Luckyís apartment, Elizabeth says Maxie is right; she should have called first. She hands a permission slip to Lucky and tells him that the boys have a field trip to the aquarium. She says she likes the way he has decorated the apartment. Maxie interjects that she would be happy to lend her sense of style for the finishing touches. Elizabeth asks her if Lucky requested her assistance, and Maxie asks Elizabeth how itís her business. Elizabeth glares at Lucky.

At Wyndemere, Kristina talks to Michael on the telephone. He tells her that if he had been in Port Charles, he would have been able to help her because he would have known it was Keifer hitting her. Kristina says she hates what she has put everyone through. She says Keifer didnít deserve to die. Michael disagrees and tells her that itís wrong to hit women. She tells him he sounds just like their father. She says Keiferís parents donít believe it was an accident and they want Alexis to go on trial. Michael tells her he is coming home, but she insists that he stays on Sonnyís island until it is safe to come home. She says she wouldnít be able to stand it of something happened to him. He tells her that he wants to help her, but she insists that he doesnít come home. As Michael is hanging up, Jax enters and says it looks like he got there just in time.

At Sonnyís restaurant, Spinelli says Jason knows about Sonnyís claustrophobia and he knows that Sonnyís enemies would like nothing better than to see him disposed of while he is behind bars. He says Jason is choosing to save Sonny from that fate despite Sonnyís discouragement. He says Jason is not considering the fact that Sonny knew the risks when he chose to build a criminal empire. Spinelli says it isnít right or noble to allow his most trusted friend to bear the consequences of his actions. He says the people who depend on Stone Cold would suffer so Sonny has to stop him. Sonny asks Spinelli what he thinks he should do. Spinelli suggests that Sonny takes the plea bargain himself. Sonny tells Spinelli that he has listened and heard him, and he asks Spinelli to go. After Spinelli leaves, Carly tells Sonny that Spinelli is right that Jason shouldnít sacrifice himself. Sonny says Jason didnít listen when he told him no. Carly says she agrees that Sonny should take the deal.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Dante asks Claire why Jason is discussing a plea bargain when he hasnít been charged with anything. Claire says that taking the fall for the boss is in Jasonís job description. Diane asks why an investigating office has any input into a plea bargain. Claire says he doesnít. Dante protests that he built this case against Sonny, all the evidence implicates Sonny, and the trial is set into motion to convict Sonny. Claire says Danteís chance to convict Sonny has passed since he lied about his shooting. Dante tells her that no evidence places Jason at the scene of the crime. Diane tells Claire that Jason pleading out would be a big boost for her career. Claire says she will have to discuss it with her superiors. Dante tells Claire that she cannot let Sonny walk and Claire tells him that it isnít his decision. As Claire is departing to speak with her boss, she tells Diane and Jason that if they agree to the deal, it will be effective immediately.

At Luckyís apartment, Elizabeth says she sees that she came at a bad time. She asks lucky to sign the permission slip so she can go and he and Maxie can get back to decorating. He tells her that he did most of it himself. Maxie interjects that Lucky has done a great job of decorating so Elizabeth need not show up with throw pillows or paint chips. Elizabeth asks Maxie if Spinelli knows she is at Luckyís apartment and Maxie tells her that Spinelli knows Lucky is her friend. Lucky asks them not to do this, but Maxie thinks this is a good time to clear the air. She says she admitted to and apologized for everything that happened between her and Lucky. She asks Elizabeth what her excuse is for nailing Luckyís brother. Lucky tells Maxie that that is enough. Elizabeth says she is beyond enough and she leaves. Lucky asks Maxie not to defend him. She tells him that someone has to pull him back into reality and that Elizabeth is not going to give up on him.

Patrick and Steve are at Jakeís Roadhouse. Patrick asks Steve how Elizabeth is doing since Steve reassigned her to the Oncology department. He says that is a tough ward because people die there. Steve says people in the Oncology ward live and that he thinks Elizabeth might have forgotten how to live because her world has taken a nosedive. They toast to Elizabeth and to Lisa, who is paying their tab even though she is stuck in jury duty. While they are living it up, Patrick adds, and then when an attractive woman passes by, he says ďsort of.Ē Steve observes that there are a lot of ways to live, noting that Patrick has a wife and daughter that give him a reason to get up in the morning and to go home to at the end of the day. Patrick recalls his old life and says it was simpler when it was all about sports, leftover pizza for breakfast, and pride in remembering to change the sheets so he could bring girls home when he wanted to. When the woman passes their table again, Steve says that maybe he hasnít settled down yet because there is too much temptation. Steve says the full moon effect is missing tonight and that without Lisa, there is no charge in the air. They toast to Lisa again. Olivia enters the bar and goes over to Patrick and Steve. She asks them if they have seen Johnny. They have not. She asks them which one of them would like to lose at darts while she waits for Johnny.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Dante asks Jason why he wants to go to prison in Sonnyís place. Jason says the trial will be over when the deal goes through and then Morgan wonít have to testify, Michael can come home, and Kristina will have her father around to help her. He asks Dante why he is more concerned with convicting Sonny than he is about protecting his younger siblings.

In the cabana on Sonnyís island, Jax tells Michael that he is there to help and that no one knows he is there. He says everyone misses Michael at home. Michael says that if Jax wants to help, he will sneak Michael off the island so he can be with his sister. Jax tells Michael that he knows he canít do that, but he can assure him that Kristina is doing alright and everything is handled. Michael says that Keifer beating up Kristina for months and Alexis running him down with her car doesnít sound like things are handled. Jax tells Michael that Kristina chose to keep the abuse secret and that Keifer had been hitting her before Michael ever came to this island. He says that if Michael had been home, he wouldnít have had time to help Kristina because he would have been up to his neck in Sonnyís trial or confessing to Claudiaís murder, which wouldnít be good for anyone. Michael says he would have been able to help his dad.

In Sonnyís office behind the restaurant, Sonny asks Carly that he understands correctly that she wants him to go to prison because Jason disobeyed him. Carly asks him why it surprises him that Jason is putting himself on the line for him when Jason always does that. Sonny asks her what she expected him to do. He says that when he told Jason no, that should have been the end of it. Carly tells Sonny that he doesnít get it. She tells him that they all put themselves on the line for him and make excuses for him to protect him. She tells him that Jason is stepping up and trying to fix this by going to prison for Sonny. Sonny says Carly needs to make up her mind about whether she is proud of Jason or she wants to stop him. He asks her if they are going to rehash her opinion that Jason is always right and Sonny is wrong.

At Luckyís apartment, Maxie says Elizabeth is starting a campaign to get Lucky back. Lucky asks her to let him deal with it. She says Elizabeth will hold Cam and Jake over Luckyís head. She says Elizabeth will say she is fine by herself but then she will call Lucky when the water heater breaks. He asks her if she is saying he is a pushover. She says he is a little naÔve. She tells him that Elizabeth is going to use her pregnancy to take advantage of him. She tells him that her angel act is good, but it is still an act. He tells her that she doesnít need to worry because he knows what Elizabeth is doing.

Elizabeth checks on her patient, Shirley in the Oncology ward at General Hospital. Shirley asks her where she went. Elizabeth says she just went to drop something off with her ex-husband. Shirley observes that most people smile when they speak of their exes because they are happy to be rid of them. Elizabeth tells her that she still loves her ex and that she made a mess of things. Shirley asks Elizabeth why her husband left her while she is pregnant. Elizabeth confides that her brother-in-law is the babyís father. She says she went to her exís apartment and he was there with a slutty blonde, but she has no room to talk. Shirley says there is a difference between being a slut and making a mistake of the heart. Elizabeth thanks Shirley for saying that. She says the blonde was hitting on Elizabethís ex while bringing up every mistake Elizabeth ever made. Shirley says it could be worse; she could be dying. Elizabeth says that Shirley beat cancer before, so maybe she wonít die this time either. Shirley asks Elizabeth how long she was married. Elizabeth says they were married twice and they were engaged when she got pregnant. She says they always felt that they belonged together. Shirley says she always thought life was better with both her breasts, and quips that she had quite a rack when she was younger. Elizabeth says she is sorry and then apologizes for saying she is sorry. Shirley says she isnít going to keel over in 20 minutes. She tells Elizabeth to feel whatever she feels and to own it. She tells Elizabeth not to give up the fight.

In Sonnyís office, he reminds Carly that for months she has been saying that Sonny cannot go to prison because his kids need him. He says now she doesnít care if he goes to prison for life as long as Jason is available. He tells her that that is because Jason never calls her on her garbage and he never tells her that she is wrong. He says Carly can do whatever she wants and Jason will clean up the mess. Carly asks him what he thinks Jason is doing for him right now if not cleaning up the mess. Sonny asks her how many times he has to tell her that he doesnít want Jason to make a deal with the D.A. He tells her he is going to go through the trial. She asks him whose testimony he thinks will save him. He asks her if she intends to sabotage him. She says that maybe she should. He says that none of them should make decisions without the othersí knowledge. Sonny says he appreciates Jason making the sacrifice but he didnít agree to it and Jason should not have tried it. Carly asks him what they are going to do. Sonny says he intends to continue the trial. Carly is concerned that they will call Morgan to the stand again. Sonny tells her they canít stall this. He looks up and sees Claire Walsh standing in the doorway. She says she just talked to Diane and Jason and that Jason is willing to plead to all of the charges including manslaughter to spare Sonnyís kids having to go through the trial. She asks Sonny why he isnít taking the deal if he is such a devoted father. Carly asks Claire if she is supposed to be talking to Sonny about a plea bargain without his lawyer present. She says she could call Judge Carroll and ask him. Claire tells Carly to go ahead and call the judge. She tells Sonny that his son Dante didnít like the idea of Jason taking his place because Sonny will just get another hit man and go back to mob business. She says Dante recommends that Sonny takes the deal himself or it is off the table. Sonny asks her what she wants from him. She says she wants Sonny in prison by plea or by conviction. Carly asks her where Jasonís deal stands. Claire says they will not offer the plea agreement to Jason so either Sonny takes the deal himself or the trial continues, Morgan gets back on the stand, and they redouble their efforts to find Michael. Carly tells her that she will regret messing with her kids. Claire tells her that if she thinks this is bad, she should wait and see that happens when she gets Carly on the stand. Claire tells Sonny she is giving him one last chance to let everyone know how much his kids mean to him. Sonny tells her he doesnít want or need the damned deal. He says he is going to waste his time and taxpayer dollars going through the trial because Claudia died because she was a madwoman who put Carly and her baby in jeopardy. He says he is sorry to disappoint Claire, but his kids already know how much they mean to him. She tells him that it is fine with her if he wants to drag his children and his ex-wife through this. She says whatever happens with his children is on him. Claire leaves.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Dante tells Jason that he believes that the strongest should take care of the weaker among them. He says he hopes Michael, Morgan, and Kristina learn to respect those rules someday. He says Kristina has a chance because she has a mother that knows the law isnít perfect but it is the best chance. He says Morgan might have a better influence in Jax, but Michael has only had Sonny and Jason his whole life, and they have taught him that the one with the biggest gun wins. They have taught him that kidnapping, murder, and blackmail are the life skills that he needs. Jason says he canít defend what happened to Michael and he admits he made mistakes that he cannot go back and fix, but he can stop it from getting worse and he can stop the trial from wrecking him. Dante says the problem is that the law doesnít allow you to kill people because you donít like them and it doesnít let you send other people to take the fall for your crimes. Jason says that it may have been legal for Claire to take Morgan out of school but it wasnít right. He says that Dante must not let it happen again. Dante reminds him that he just spent the night in jail for getting Morgan off the witness stand. He says that if Jason wants to blame someone, he and Sonny should blame themselves. He says if Sonny goes to prison, the kids will be safe. Jason says Dante doesnít care about those kids; he is using them to work Sonny. Dante says he does care about them because they are his sister and brothers. He says if sonny goes to prison, they will be safe and they will have a life. They wonít be the mobsterís kids anymore and they will have their older brother to help them adjust. Jason tells him that if Sonny goes to prison, the kids will hate Dante.

At Jakes Roadhouse, Patrick asks Olivia how she feels about the trial. She tells him that she told the truth on the witness stand and she has nothing left to hide. He asks about Dante, reminding her that he would be dead if she hadnít walked in on him and Sonny when she did. Olivia says that the way Dante deals with his father is up to him; she is just glad he is alive. Robin enters the bar and says she sees they are all taking advantage of Lisaís bar tab. Johnny enters the bar and he and Olivia go sit in a booth. He apologizes for being late and tells her that he was working on something that she will like.

Robin tells Patrick that she didnít realize he was so chummy with Olivia. Patrick tells her that Oliviaís brothers own a garage, she works on cars, and she follows NASCAR so it gives them something to talk about. Steve offers to buy Robin a drink, but she declines. He asks her if she had a bad day. She says it could have been better. Patrick suggests a game of darts. Robin says she will lose and Patrick will feel better about himself after he lost to Olivia. The attractive woman passes by again and smiles at Patrick and Steve. Robin says maybe she should leave so Patrick can look at the pretty ladies. He suggests that she stay and she might surprise herself and have fun. She says playing darts isnít fun for her; thatís more Lisa and Oliviaís speed. Steve excuses himself to go get another drink. Patrick asks Robin what her deal is. He guesses that she is fretting about whether Sonny will get what he deserves or not.

Claire returns to the interrogation room and informs him that his offer was rejected and the plea is off the table. She says Sonny will go through with the trial and take the consequences. Ronnie enters and Claire tells him to go get Morgan Corinthos because court will resume in 30 minutes. Ronnie agrees and leaves. Claire tells Jason that it was a noble effort but no one believes he killed Claudia. Jason asks her why, if the law is supposed to protect the weak and innocent, it isnít protecting Morgan. Jason leaves and Dante tells Claire that he hates to say it but he agrees with Jason.

At Wyndemere, Helena is arranging flowers in a vase. Nikolas says he never imagined her with flowers and that he guesses he figured they would die as soon as she touched them. She tells him that she cultivates all forms of natural beauty including music and an appreciation for the absurd. She says he might call it a sense of humor. He tells her he would call it self-delusion. She tells him that he can throw all the barbs her way that he wants because she is feeling impervious and content, although she does enjoy sparring with Alexis. She says Alexis is a terrible mother. She says she had hoped Alexis would have raised little Kristina to stand up for herself. Nikolas tells Helena that she wonít be giving Kristina any lessons on revenge any time soon. Helena says her job is to teach the new generation of Cassadines. Nikolas reminds her that the baby is as much Elizabethís child as it is his. Helena says the child just needs to be raised properly as a Cassadine. She says she hopes she isnít too late for Spencer, adding that he is a little too much like Laura. Nikolas says he and Elizabeth have agreed to share custody and that he is committed to being a hands-on father to both of his children and raising them with all the rights and privileges to which they are entitled. She tells him that if he does that, then her prayers will be answered.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth apologizes to Shirley for dumping her problems on her. Shirley says Elizabeth has a tough job. She says that it seems to her that being a nurse is like being a police officer or a firefighter because it puts her at the heart of peoplesí pain.
Elizabeth says she never thought of it that way. Shirley asks her if it is true that it is possible to build a wall around yourself so you donít feel other peoplesí pain. Elizabeth says that you do learn to detach yourself, but it is impossible to detach from your own problems. Shirley says everyone has reasons to feel sorry for themselves. Elizabeth says Shirley doesnít seem like the type to feel sorry for herself. Shirley asks why she should waste her last few months being miserable. She says she intends to have as much fun as she can.

At Luckyís house, Maxie tests the lamp and announces that it works. She admits that it looks better in Luckyís apartment than it would have in hers. She says she has to go but tells him to call her if he needs any decorating advice. She adds that she is also available for Elizabeth advice. Lucky says Elizabeth is just having a hard time letting go. He says she is looking for redemption after being unfaithful. Maxie says Lucky is nice enough to give that to Elizabeth. Lucky says he just isnít interested in punishing Elizabeth anymore. He says he has let go of everything except the boys and that they are all that connects him to Elizabeth now. Maxie ask him if he really believes that because Elizabeth is not going to go away quietly.

At the court building, Dante tells Sonny that Claire decided to recall Morgan to the stand because Sonny turned down her deal. Sonny says Claire told him that she would. Dante says that if Sonny had a spine he would have taken the deal and Michael would be on his way home. Dante asks Sonny if he has to beat the system and without regarding anyone else including his kids. Sonny says he is doing what he can to survive and to protect his family. He says he wonít go to prison for something he didnít do just to make Dante happy. Dante says that if he didnít know better, he would think Sonny didnít kill Claudia.

At the police station, Ronnie tells Mac that the social worker and Morgan Corinthos should be at the courthouse by now. Mac says he hates putting a child on the stand. Ronnie says heíd rather have Michael because he is 18, but he isnít there. Mac says Michael didnít just disappear; Sonny sent him somewhere. He says Jax took his private plane to Sonnyís private island and he would not have done that if Michael were not there.

On Sonnyís island, Jax tells Michael that he risked his marriage to Carly and alienating him and Morgan to go after Sonny. Michael concludes that getting one over on Sonny was more important to Jax. Jax says Sonny is a criminal and people get hurt around him. Michael says stuff happens to everybody and it is not always because of Sonny. He says Sonny had nothing to do with what Keifer did to Kristina. Jax tells Michael that Kristina might not have lied and said that Ethan beat her up if she werenít so scared of what Sonny would do to Keifer. He says Ethan was almost murdered because of that lie. Michael asks how that is his dadís fault. Jax says he is just saying that Michael has better options. Michael says he could be a corporate raider like his great grandfather or Jax. Jax says it would be a hell of a lot safer. Michael says he is not the corporate type and tells Jax to sell it to Morgan. Jax says he doesnít care what Michael does as long as he is happy. He says he isnít taking chances with any of his family members and if that makes him the bad guy, then he will live with that. Michael says he just doesnít want his father to go to prison for something that Michael did. Jax tells Michael that Sonnyís actions led to Claudiaís death. He says it would have been better if Sonny got convicted for racketeering but in the end, it doesnít matter as long as Sonny goes to prison and Michael gets a chance to have a normal life. He says Michael may not believe it, but he is fighting for Michael, Morgan, Josselyn, and Kristina even if it means losing them in the process. Michael says he just realized that Jax wants him to say it is ok to send his dad to prison.

Jason goes to Sonnyís restaurant. Claire tells him that she is glad that Jax brought Claire Walsh into the trial because she is so determined to convict Sonny that she passed on Jason. Jason tells her they are going to put Morgan back on the stand. She says she knows that but she is glad Jason isnít going to prison. Jason tells her that she has to convince the jury that Sonny was in that cabin and that his actions were justified. Carly tells him that Claire Walsh threatened to take her apart on the witness stand. He tells her that he knows Claire will try. He says that if the deal had gone through, Carly would have been spared from testifying but now it is all on her.

At the courthouse, Dante asks Sonny if he is getting his lies confused. He says they are only going through this trial because Sonny already admitted to killing Claudia and he is such an egomaniac that he thinks he will get away with it the way he gets away with everything else. Diane enters and tells Dante that whatever point he is trying to make, he can keep to himself.

Morgan and the social worker enter the court building. Dante goes over to Morgan and says that if Ronnie told him to agree with the prosecutor because it will help Dante, that isnít true. He assures his little brother that he is fine and doesnít need him to try to help him. He also tells him that if the prosecutor asks him anything about their father or anyone else that he doesnít want to answer, he doesnít have to. Claire and Sonny both observe Danteís conversation with Morgan.

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