GH Update Wednesday 4/14/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/14/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Nikolas meets with Lucky at his brother’s apartment. Nikolas is casually searching through Lucky’s CD collection. Lucky assumes that Nikolas wants to talk about Elizabeth and the baby. However, Nikolas mentions that he needs Lucky’s professional opinion. Nikolas brings up that Alexis confessed to the deadly hit-and-run. Lucky admits that he already knows about it. Lucky says that Kiefer’s parents want justice. Lucky informs Nik that Kiefer was the one who beat up Kristina – not Ethan. Nikolas worries that the Bauers will want to make Alexis pay. Nikolas and Lucky concur that Kristina’s credibility will be questioned since she lied about the identity of her attacker. Nikolas wants to protect Alexis.

Liz returns to work at the hospital. Steven says hi to his sister. They walk through the hospital lobby. Elizabeth maintains that she’s fine. Steven feels that it’s too soon for Elizabeth to return to work. Steven insists that he isn’t “punishing” Elizabeth when she calls him out. Steven points in the direction of a hospital room and comments that Elizabeth’s first patient is waiting inside. Elizabeth approaches the room, and comes face to face with an elderly woman. Ms. Smith is busy making a necklace. Elizabeth stares curiously at the woman. Ms. Smith makes a necklace for Liz. Elizabeth tries on the jewelry to appease Ms. Smith. Ms. Smith brings up the subject of children which makes Elizabeth speak of her own boys. The woman says that everyone should have a hobby. Elizabeth brings up her enjoyment of painting. Elizabeth reminisces about the past. Elizabeth says that other priorities took precedent over her painting. Ms. Smith is proud of her jewelry and comments that she has a “flair” for design. In fact, the older woman wants to open a boutique. Elizabeth glances at Ms. Smith’s chart. Elizabeth cringes when she sees that her patient only has eight to twelve weeks to live. Ms. Smith speaks fondly of Naples, Italy. Elizabeth confides that she would love to go there. Ms. Smith assumes that Elizabeth is uncomfortable talking about death.

Spinelli shows up at the Jacks home. Carly answers the door. Spinelli wheels in on his newly purchased scooter. Spinelli speaks of his concerns regarding Jason. Spinelli blurts out that Jason made a call to Bernie and mentioned Morgan. Carly thinks that Spinelli is overreacting. Carly cites Maxie’s health concerns as the reason for Spinelli’s paranoia. When Spinelli says that Jason spoke to Bernie about “asset management”, Carly fears the worst. Carly wants to speak to Jason.

Kristina is being discharged from the hospital. Alexis is packing Kristina’s bag. Alexis says that she is looking forward to their summer trip to Paris. Kristina feels that she isn’t ready to leave GH. Kristina fears that the Bauers will make her life a living hell. Alexis reassures Kristina that she doesn’t have to worry about Kiefer’s parents. Alexis confides that she is proud of Kristina for facing this head-on. Kristina is still reluctant to leave. Alexis says that the doctors gave the okay for Kristina’s hospital release. Kristina knows that the Bauers are angry with Alexis for Kiefer’s death.

Jason shows up at Sam’s apartment. Jason talks about Claire’s offer for Sonny. Jason hesitates to tell Sam that he is going to confess to Claudia’s murder. Suddenly, Jason blurts out - “I’m going to prison”. Sam is sickened that Jason would confess when Sonny is to blame. Jason justifies the confession by saying he’ll be out in ten years. Jason wants Michael to come home. Sam is mad that Sonny gets to go on with his life while Jason is in prison. Jason mentions that Sonny would never survive in prison. Sam brings up an important question – “what about us?” Sam can’t believe that Jason is willing to throw their relationship away. Jason relays what happened in court - Morgan’s testimony and Dante’s arrest. Sam can’t believe it. Sam tells Jason that he needs to consider Jake. Jason is adamant that Lucky is doing a good job raising Jake. Sam pleads with Jason to reconsider. Sam maintains that she “needs” Jason right now. Sam thinks it is unfair that Sonny doesn’t have to pay for his crimes. Jason says that he feels responsible for Claudia’s death. Jason apologizes but Sam doesn’t want to hear it. Sam realizes that she can’t change Jason’s mind. Sam makes it clear that she doesn’t accept Jason’s decision. Sam asks Jason to leave. Jason walks out of the apartment. Outside, Jason is teary-eyed.

Lucky is walking around the city when he comes upon a pile of unwanted items next to a building. Lucky sees that the items are free. Lucky is inspecting a floor lamp when Maxie appears. Maxie yells that she has dibs on the lamp. However, Lucky won’t let go of it. Maxie figures that the lamp would look awful in Lucky’s house. Lucky says that he is living in an apartment now. Maxie tries to guilt Lucky into giving up the lamp by bringing up Lulu. Maxie suggests that they can share “visitation rights” for the lamp. Maxie realizes that she has said the wrong thing. Maxie apologizes to Lucky for being thoughtless. Maxie theorizes that the lamp is a “metaphor” for Lucky’s post-Elizabeth life. Lucky has no plans of giving the lamp to Maxie. Maxie feels bad for Lucky. Maxie feels it is her fault that Lucky and Elizabeth aren’t together. Maxie mentions her affair with Lucky, which ultimately lead to his break-up with Liz. Lucky says that he and Liz might have split up anyway. Maxie proposes a deal – if the lamp fits in Lucky’s apartment, then he keeps it. If not, Maxie says, the lamp is hers. Lucky agrees to the deal.

Nikolas and Alexis meet at the hospital. Alexis wonders if she’ll be sent to prison for the hit-and-run. Alexis says that Kristina will be discharged today. Nikolas inquires about Kristina’s state-of-mind. Alexis informs Nik that Kristina is an emotional wreck. Nikolas wants to visit Kristina but Alexis doesn’t think it will help. Nikolas thanks Alexis for the heads up. Nikolas and Alexis enter Kristina’s room. Nikolas asks Kristina if she’s doing okay. Nikolas announces that he needs Kristina’s help with a project.

Carly and Jason talk in Sonny’s office. Carly questions what Jason is trying to do. Jason speaks of Claire’s offer. Jason tells Carly that he will be serving prison time. Carly is outraged that Jason is willing to sacrifice himself so Sonny can stay out of prison. Jason admits that he isn’t doing this for Sonny but for Carly’s kids – Michael and Morgan. Jason doesn’t want to fight over his decision. Carly reasons that Michael will want to confess. Carly says that Sonny made a promise to leave the country if the trial’s outcome isn’t in his favor. Carly inquires about Sam’s thoughts on Jason’s confession. Jason replies that Sam is okay with his decision. Carly begs Jason to reconsider because her own life is falling apart. Carly thinks that Claudia deserved what she got. Jason says that Michael saved Carly and Josslyn from Claudia, so it’s his own turn to step up. Diane walks into the office. Jason updates Diane and tells her about Claire’s deal. Diane is speechless.

Nikolas and Kristina go to Wyndemere. Kristina is curious as to why Nikolas is being so friendly toward her. Nikolas brings up his childhood. Nikolas says that he needs help with Spencer. Nikolas reasons that Kristina would be a good influence for Spencer. Kristina implies that Nikolas wants a young person around for Spencer to have someone to “play” with. Nikolas wants to move forward with his life. Spencer walks in and asks why Kristina is there. Kristina and Spencer talk about riding horses. Alexis walks in. Nikolas asks Spencer to show Kristina the stable. Spencer and Kristina leave the living room area. Alexis teases Nikolas about Spencer. Alexis thanks Nik for helping put a smile on Kristina’s face. Alexis confides that Nikolas is good with kids. Nikolas is surprised to hear this.

From the Metro Court, Helena makes a call to the hospital lab tech and reminds him to keep quiet about the baby’s true paternity. Tracy interrupts and Helena assumes that she has overheard. Tracy thinks that Helena is obsessing over Luke. Helena laughs nervously. Helena brings up Liz’s baby. Helena believes that the mother of Nikolas’ child is unstable. Tracy doesn’t think that Helena should make any judgments. Tracy warns Helena to stay away from Luke. Helena comments that Luke would rather spend time with her than his own wife. Tracy is offended by the suggestion.

Patrick and Steven are talking at the nurses’ station. Steven wonders why the orthopedist can’t be located. Robin breaks up a squabble between Patrick and Steven. Steven admits that Lisa is a valuable asset to the hospital. A hospital employee hands a note to Steven. It is from Lisa, who is staying at the Metro Court during Sonny’s trial. Patrick, Robin, and Steven laugh because Lisa says that she’ll buy drinks for everyone at Jake’s. Liz walks by and thanks Steven for introducing her to Ms. Smith.

Maxie accompanies Lucky to his apartment. Maxie is impressed that the place looks nice. Maxie realizes that she is standing in Patrick’s old apartment. Lucky comments that the lamp has finally found its home. Maxie offers to find the perfect place for Lucky’s lamp. Maxie directs Lucky to move the lamp around the living room. Lucky is growing frustrated with Maxie. Finally, Maxie says that the lamp looks best near the pool table. There is a knock on the door. Maxie answers. It’s Elizabeth.

Alexis is horrified when Helena shows up at Wyndemere. Helena teases that Alexis will have to run her down to get rid of her. Alexis isn’t impressed with Helena’s cheap shots. Alexis maintains that the hit-and-run was an accident. Alexis warns Helena to steer clear of Kristina. Helena says that Kristina needs her mother right now. Alexis laughs since Helena wants Nikolas all to herself. Alexis worries that Nikolas is vulnerable to Helena’s antics. Nikolas returns to the room. Alexis asks why Nikolas is allowing Helena to show up at Wyndemere. Nikolas says that he knows what Helena wants.

Diane and Jason show up at the police station. Claire is puzzled that Sonny isn’t present. Claire figures that Sonny is passing on the deal. Claire threatens to call Morgan to the stand. Diane asks to hear the terms of the deal. Diane implies that Sonny didn’t kill Claudia. Claire looks quizzically at Jason.

Spinelli heads over to Sonny’s office. Spinelli runs into Carly. Carly is visibly upset. Carly informs Spinelli that Jason will be confessing to Claudia’s murder. Spinelli says that he is sorry that Jason will be going to prison. Carly reasons that Sonny is the only one who can get through to Jason.

In the interrogation room, Claire goes over the terms of the deal. Claire makes it clear that the offer is for Sonny and no one else. Diane wants to know what Claire would do if someone else confessed. Claire laughs since she is sure that Sonny is the real killer. Claire is adamant that Sonny’s guilty. Jason pipes in and says, “Would you offer me the same deal?”

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