GH Update Tuesday 4/13/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/13/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Melinda and Alexis argue in Kristina’s hospital room. Melinda is sickened that Alexis would actually go on a trip to Paris when she just ran down Kiefer. Melinda tells Alexis that she should have known better than to leave a young man lying on the side of the road. Alexis defends her position but Melinda won’t listen. Melinda goes on and on about Kristina’s lies. Melinda doesn’t believe that Kiefer beat Kristina. Kristina is sobbing in her hospital bed. Kristina maintains that the hit-and-run was an accident. Melinda warns Alexis that she shouldn’t leave the country anytime soon. Melinda accuses Alexis of deliberating hitting Kiefer with her car. Alexis yells for Maya’s assistance. Maya breaks up the escalating argument.

In the jail cell, Dante and Lulu talk about his arrest. Dante worries about Morgan’s welfare. Lulu teases that Sonny is probably relaxing at home with a glass of wine. Dante is saddened that Morgan witnessed his arrest in the courtroom. Lulu comments that Dante is “amazing”. Dante says that Morgan will be fatherless once Sonny is convicted. Dante plans on stepping up to the plate and becoming more involved in his siblings’ lives. Lulu asks what else Dante and Sonny talked about. Lulu assumes that Sonny asked Dante to leave the force and come work for him. Dante speaks of a previous enlightening conversation with Carly. Dante asks Lulu how she would feel if he was in the mob. Lulu thinks that Dante is asking her a trick question. Lulu wouldn’t mind if Dante left the force but doesn’t support a life of crime. Dante admits that he could never be in the mob. Lulu is suddenly quiet. Lulu blushes when Dante says that she’s “beautiful”. Dante asks why Lulu was distracted. Lulu skirts around the issue. Dante talks about wanting kids someday. Lulu changes the subject just as Olivia walks in. Olivia brings Dante a couple of paper bags containing a sandwich and a change of clothes. Dante is visibly embarrassed that his mother brought him underwear. Olivia is proud that Dante stuck up for his younger brother. Olivia speaks of Dante’s childhood. Lulu seems uncomfortable. Dante is glad that Sonny didn’t raise him. Lulu apologizes to Olivia for judging her choice to keep quiet about Dante’s paternity. Olivia says that her family was very supportive while she raised Dante. Lulu mumbles that she has to get back to work. However, Dante senses that something is troubling Lulu.

In his office, Jax and Carly argue about Morgan’s testimony. Jax maintains that he didn’t want Morgan on the stand. Carly fears that Morgan will say something incriminating about Michael. Jax suggests having Claire removed from the case. Carly laughs at the idea. Carly says that Jax got them all into this mess. Carly blames Jax because of his selfish choices. When Carly brings up Josslyn, Jax becomes defensive. Jax insists that he’s been trying to protect his family. Carly figures that Jax is talking about Josslyn only – not Michael and Morgan. Carly thinks that Jax is a hypocrite. Carly believes that Jax loves Josslyn the most. In fact, Carly comments that Michael is an “afterthought” in Jax’s eyes. Carly tells Jax that their marriage is falling apart and it’s only getting worse. Carly storms out of the office. Jax is teary-eyed.

At the restaurant, Claire offers Sonny a deal. Claire says that the murder charge will be lessened to involuntary manslaughter but there’s a catch – Sonny needs to plead guilty to five counts of RICO violations. Claire reasons that the plea bargain is a better option for Sonny. Claire tells Sonny that he would be in prison for five to ten years, and his kids wouldn’t have to testify. Sonny doesn’t want to talk about Morgan. Sonny believes that Claire is offering him a deal because Jax made threats. Sonny says that Claire is “desperate” for a conviction. Sonny is mad that Morgan had to testify in court. Claire smiles and asks Sonny if he plans on accepting the deal. Jason pipes in and says that Sonny won’t negotiate without Diane present. Claire says that the offer stands until tomorrow. Claire threatens to recall Morgan to the stand if Sonny doesn’t agree to the deal. In fact, Claire implies that she’ll call Kristina to the stand, as well. Sonny is mad. Claire says that if Sonny wants to protect his children, he should agree to the plea bargain. After Claire leaves, Sonny tells Jason that he needs to talk to Morgan.

Jax is in his office making a call about having Claire Walsh taken off Sonny’s case. Alexis walks in, clearly upset. Jax inquires about Kristina. Alexis says that Kristina isn’t doing good, and implies that she’ll be seeing a psychiatrist for a while. Alexis brings up Kiefer’s parents and how they keep harassing Kristina. Jax offers to call Warren on Alexis’ behalf. Jax wonders why Alexis is so distraught. Alexis announces that she was the one who ran down Kiefer. Alexis relays that she already gave her full confession to Mac. Alexis doesn’t know what will happen. Jax says that Alexis needs to focus on Kristina’s recovery. Alexis makes it clear that the Bauers’ need to steer clear of Kristina. Alexis thanks Jax for his help. They hug.

Carly runs into Jason at Sonny’s office. Carly speaks of her big fight with Jax. Carly doesn’t trust Claire. Carly worries that she’ll screw up on the stand. Jason reassures Carly that she is very resistant to pressure. Jason believes that Carly’s testimony will help Sonny. Carly feels like Jax is underminding her. Jason reminds Carly that she’s a survivor; he speaks of the night Carly had Josslyn. Carly recalls finding the cabin that night and delivering Josslyn. Carly is crying. Carly admits that she knew Michael would wake up from his coma. However, Carly isn’t getting a good feeling about the trial’s outcome. Jason says that he believes in Carly.

Sonny goes to the Jacks home. Sonny speaks to Morgan. Morgan feels guilty for Dante’s arrest. Sonny promises that Morgan didn’t do anything wrong. Morgan says that Ronnie badmouthed Sonny. Sonny tells Morgan that he shouldn’t worry about Ronnie. Sonny confides that he’s very proud of his two sons. Morgan inquires about going to a Yankees game – with Sonny, Michael, and Dante. Morgan fears that he’ll have to testify again. Sonny doesn’t know what to say.

Maya brings Kristina a salad. Kristina wonders why Maya is checking up on her. Maya admits that Epiphany’s concerned about Kristina. Kristina keeps dwelling on the fact that Kiefer died at GH. Kristina feels emotionally drained. Maya offers to get Kristina some ice cream. Ethan interrupts their conversation. Kristina doesn’t want to argue with Ethan. Ethan surprises Kristina by apologizing for his earlier behavior. Ethan says that he’s sorry for everything he has done. Ethan runs into Maya in the hospital lobby. Ethan inquires about Kristina’s wellbeing. Maya admits that Ethan’s apology seemed to help Kristina for the time being. Maya promises to keep an eye on Kristina for Ethan.

While eating lunch, Kristina checks her cell phone. Kristina reads some old text messages from Kiefer. Kristina tears up when she sees a happy picture of herself and Kiefer. Warren Bauer walks into the hospital room. Warren speaks of his son. Warren is mad that Kristina lied about Kiefer. Kristina maintains that the hit-and-run wasn’t deliberate. Warren goes on and on about Kiefer’s injuries – “a shattered left leg, broken hip, internal bleeding, and ruptured spleen”. Kristina covers her ears. Kristina screams out that she’s sorry for everything. Warren doesn’t understand why Alexis didn’t call 911 after she hit Kiefer. Warren looks right at Kristina and says that “Kiefer is dead because of you”. Kristina insists that she loved Kiefer, so that’s why she kept quiet about the abuse. Kristina announces that Ethan didn’t do anything wrong. Warren doesn’t buy Kristina’s story. Warren figures that Kristina is lying since she never reported the abuse to the police. Warren says that Alexis killed Kiefer. Jax and Alexis walk in. Jax escorts Warren out of the room. Jax suggests that Warren go home. Warren maintains that Kiefer didn’t beat up Kristina. Warren calls Kristina a “liar” and implies that Alexis is “unstable”. Jax defends Kristina and says that she isn’t to blame for Kiefer’s death. Warren poses a question for Jax – if it isn’t Kristina’s fault, then who is responsible? Inside the hospital room, Kristina asks her mom if she’s headed to prison. Alexis confides that they will get through this.

Lulu shows up at the Jacks home. Lulu wants to vent to Carly. Carly says that Morgan has karate so they have the house to themselves. Lulu speaks of Dante’s wishes to have children in the future. Carly brings up Lulu’s abortion. Lulu figures that Dante won’t accept her past abortion. Lulu says that Dante was raised in a strict Catholic family. Lulu fears that Dante’s feelings for her will change once he knows about the abortion.

Claire visits Dante in his jail cell. Dante asks Claire if her courtroom antics were worth it. Dante continues to defend his actions. Dante can’t believe that Claire called Morgan as a witness. Claire admits that she had Morgan testify for only one reason – to get to Sonny. Claire mentions that she offered Sonny a plea bargain. Dante is outraged since he thinks Sonny should get life for his crimes. Dante can’t believe that Claire used Morgan as “leverage”.

Sonny returns to his office. Sonny tells Jason about Morgan’s wish to go to a Yankees game. Sonny fears that his sons have suffered for far too long. Sonny blurts out that he’ll be taking Claire’s deal. Jason can’t believe it. Jason explains that Sonny will never make it in prison. Jason wants to consult with Diane. Jason sighs when it’s clear that Sonny won’t back down from his decision. Suddenly, Jason says that he’ll take the deal himself. Sonny won’t let Jason go to prison. Jason assumes that this is the best option for everyone involved. Sonny knows that Carly won’t allow Jason to be convicted. Jason reminds Sonny that this is “the right thing to do”. Sonny remains quiet.

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