GH Update Monday 4/12/10

General Hospital Update Monday 4/12/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the hospital lobby, Kristina accuses Ethan of hitting Kiefer with his car. Lucky and Maya try to break up Kristina and Ethan’s escalating argument. Ethan can’t understand why Kristina would lie to protect Kiefer. Lucky advises Ethan to walk away. Ethan storms out of the lobby. Kristina feels bad about what she said to Ethan. Lucky says that Kristina isn’t to blame for what happened. Kristina doesn’t agree. Kristina says that she lied to Kiefer about Ethan. Lucky insists that Kristina isn’t at fault. Kristina wishes that she would have went to the party with Kiefer that night. Kristina tries to justify Kiefer’s behavior. Kristina brings up that Sam and Molly found Kiefer’s body in the ditch. Maya pipes in from the nurses’ station. Maya reminds Kristina that she didn’t do anything wrong. Kristina admits that she still loves Kiefer even though he beat her. Lucky says that Kristina will get through this.

Alexis shows up at the police station. Alexis tells Mac that she is responsible for the hit-and-run. Alexis is guilt-ridden about the accident. In the interrogation room, Alexis explains what happened while she drove Kristina to the hospital. Alexis remembers that she felt like she was “losing it” behind the wheel. Alexis says that she was so preoccupied with Kristina that she didn’t see Kiefer in the road until it was too late. Alexis says that she felt “paralyzed” and admits that she hit Kiefer and “kept going”. Mac hesitates to speak. Finally, Mac says that he will formally arrest Alexis. Mac adds that Alexis will be released so he can plead her out. Alexis worries about what will happen to Kristina and Molly. Mac is unable to answer but maintains that Alexis is a good mom. Alexis breaks down in front of Mac.

Dante interrupts Morgan’s testimony by making a scene in front of the court. Judge Carroll hits his gavel and announces that Dante is out of order. The judge wants Dante escorted out of the courtroom immediately. Sonny watches in awe as Dante verbally defends his little brother. Carly and Jason hurry in. Dante rambles on about the unfairness of Morgan’s testimony. The judge is visibly mad. Judge Carroll says that Dante’s outburst will be landing him in jail. Sonny watches in disbelief as Dante is handcuffed. Morgan pleads with the judge. Morgan doesn’t want Dante arrested. Carly is outraged that Morgan was taken out of school. The judge listens as Carly defends her position. The judge agrees to let Morgan be released. Judge Carroll announces that court will be adjourned for the day.

In the office, Luke and Tracy are discussing Ethan. Luke is complaining about Ethan getting beaten up in jail. Luke figures that Dante ordered the fight. Surprisingly, Tracy defends Dante. Tracy thinks that Luke is really mad at Lucky, not Dante. Ethan shows up minutes later. Ethan is in a bad mood. Tracy asks some questions but Ethan is evasive. Finally, Ethan says that he talked to Kristina at the hospital. Ethan is mad that Kristina lied about Kiefer. Lucky shows up and tells Ethan that he needs to stay away from Kristina. Lucky explains that Kristina is still blaming herself for the physical abuse. Ethan proclaims his innocence and says that he’s only guilty of bringing Kristina to GH. Lucky wants Ethan to give Kristina the benefit of the doubt. Lucky tells Ethan that Kristina is “fragile” right now. Luke interrupts and asks if he can say something.

Dante is arrested and brought to the police station. Ronnie uncuffs Dante and brings him to the interrogation room. Ronnie can’t understand what Dante was thinking. Dante maintains that Claire was wrong for calling Morgan to the stand. Ronnie reminds Dante that Sonny’s a murderer who needs to be brought to justice. They argue back and forth about Sonny.

Kristina returns to her hospital room. Alexis is waiting inside. Alexis asks Kristina how she’s feeling. Kristina knows that it will take time to get better. Alexis says that Kristina needs to be honest with herself. Kristina senses that Alexis is hiding something. Alexis blurts out that she hit Kiefer. Kristina intently listens to her mom’s recollection of the hit-and-run. Alexis apologizes for the incident and not coming forward earlier. Kristina startles Alexis when she asks if her mom hit Kiefer on purpose. Alexis admits that she “froze” when she hit Kiefer. Kristina feels that the hit-and-run was an accident. Alexis is relieved that her daughter doesn’t think that she intentionally hit Kiefer. They hug. They both wonder what happens next.

In the judge’s chambers, Judge Carroll speaks to Diane and Claire. The judge is outraged because of Dante’s outburst in open court. Diane points out that she isn’t to blame since Dante is a witness for the prosecution. The judge doesn’t agree; he has some harsh words for Diane. However, Judge Carroll threatens a mistrial if Claire’s witnesses don’t start cooperating.

Sonny goes to the police station. Sonny runs into a smug Ronnie. Ronnie says that Dante hates Sonny. Ronnie goes on and on about Sonny killing Claudia and shooting his own son at point-blank. Sonny remains quiet. Dante is sitting in a jail cell when Sonny enters the room. Dante doesn’t have anything to say to his father. Nevertheless, Sonny wants to talk. Dante makes it clear that he didn’t help Sonny – he’s concerned about Morgan. Dante laughs when Sonny suggests that he quit the police force. Sonny thinks that he and Dante should start over. Dante is pessimistic about the future with his father. Dante is resolute that he will remain a cop. Sonny says that the justice system is “corrupt”. Strangely, Dante defends Claire’s antics. Sonny reminds Dante that he was thrown in jail because he was trying to protect his loved ones. Dante doesn’t answer.

Carly, Jason, and Morgan return to the Jacks home. Carly asks Morgan how Ronnie got him out of school. Morgan maintains that he didn’t say anything to incriminate Michael. The doorbell rings. It is Lulu. Lulu wants to show Carly what’s in her shopping bag. Lulu is surprised to see Jason and Morgan. Morgan says that Dante was arrested because of an outburst at the courthouse. Lulu is speechless. After Lulu leaves, Morgan says that he didn’t say too much on the stand. Morgan is adamant that he wouldn’t have said that Michael killed Claudia. Morgan is saddened that Dante and Jax want Sonny to be convicted. Morgan feels that it isn’t Michael’s fault for what happened. Jason admits that he is mostly to blame for the situation. Jason says that Morgan needs to build a life for himself outside of the mob. Teary-eyed, Carly quietly listens.

Jax meets with Claire at the courthouse. Claire tells Jax that he needs to get Carly under wraps. Jax isn’t pleased that Claire put Morgan on the witness stand. Jax suggests that Claire step down as the prosecutor in Sonny’s case. Jax threatens to call in a favor to have Claire removed. Claire brings up an old business associate of Jax’s. Claire reminds Jax that she is close to a conviction.

Lulu shows up at the police station. Ronnie tells Lulu that Sonny is visiting Dante at the moment. Lulu defends Dante’s actions in court by saying that he was protecting Morgan, not Sonny. Ronnie asks Lulu to remind Dante that Sonny is dangerous. Lulu brings up Dante’s childhood father figure, the lieutenant killed by Sonny. Ronnie says that Sonny has no remorse for killing cops. Ronnie fears that Dante will destroy himself because of the situation with Sonny.

From the police station, Mac calls Lucky (who is at Luke’s office). Mac gives Lucky an update on the hit-and-run. Lucky tells Ethan that he has been exonerated of all charges. Ethan is shocked that Alexis confessed to the hit-and-run. Ethan is mad that everyone believed he was guilty of Kristina’s attack and the hit-and-run. Luke tells Ethan to give Lucky a break. Ethan reminds everyone in the room that Lucky arrested him three times. Lucky defends that he was only doing his job. Ethan reluctantly agrees that Lucky tried to help him. Ethan leaves the room. Luke tells Lucky that Ethan should be apologized to by Kristina, Alexis, Sonny, and the entire police department.

At the police station, Mac informs Melinda Bauer that someone confessed to the hit-and-run. Melinda is disgusted to hear that Alexis hit Kiefer.

Lulu pays Dante a visit in jail. Dante admits that Sonny was right – Claire was wrong for calling Morgan to the stand. Dante worries about Morgan. Lulu reassures Dante that he did what he thought was right. Lulu says that Dante is “brave”. Lulu and Dante flirt back and forth. They kiss.

In Kristina’s hospital room, Alexis and her daughter speak of the future. They don’t want to dwell on the negative. Alexis suggests taking a trip to Paris in the summer. Kristina can’t believe it. Suddenly, Melinda walks in. Melinda finds it disheartening that Alexis and Kristina are acting like nothing is wrong. Melinda accuses Alexis of killing Kiefer, and Kristina of breaking her son’s heart.

Jax goes to his office. Carly is waiting. Carly thinks that Jax is happy with Claire’s actions in court. Jax admits that he called out Claire in regards to Morgan’s testimony. Carly doesn’t buy it. Jax maintains that he would never do that to Morgan. Carly says that she won’t allow Jax to come between Sonny and his children.

After court, Sonny heads to his office. Sonny tells Jason that they need to get rid of Claire Walsh. Suddenly, Claire walks into the restaurant. Claire assumes that Sonny and Jason are talking about her. Sonny demands to know what Claire wants. Claire says that she would like to offer Sonny a deal.

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