GH Update Friday 4/9/10

General Hospital Update Friday 4/9/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Sonny and Claire Walsh are alone in the courtroom during a recess. Sonny tells Claire Walsh that she will not have the chance to use his son against him. She assures him that his son will have a pivotal role in his conviction.

Meanwhile, Ronnie and Mrs. Grayer from Family Services are picking up Morgan from school to take him to court to testify against Sonny. Morgan says he will not say anything to hurt his dad.

At Jasonís penthouse, he and Spinelli are reviewing security tapes from the homes near where Keifer was hit by a car. They discover that Alexis Davis drove along a stretch of the road two minutes after Keifer walked along the same stretch. They conclude that it is possible that Alexis was driving the car that hit Keifer.

Alexis is in Kristinaís hospital room with Kristina and Sam. She tells them that she has something to tell Kristina that will upset her. Kristina says she canít take anymore bad news right now and that sheíd rather wait to hear about it when they get home.

Carly and Jax are in the park with Josselyn. Carly says Jax canít stop talking about how much he hates Sonny. Jax says he isnít going to apologize for not liking her ex-husband. He says they are never going to agree about Sonny so its pointless talking about him. He suggests that they wait until after Sonnyís trial and see where things go. Carly tells Jax that he is oblivious to the disaster he set in motion. She lambasts him for getting Claire Walsh assigned as prosecutor on the trial and says Claire wonít rest until she has Michalís testimony, which will either result in Sonny going to prison or Michael confessing. She tells him to enjoy the rest of his day with their daughter and storms off.

In the courtroom, Sonny tells Claire that his sons would never give up on him. Claire accuses Dante of lying on the stand to protect Sonny. Sonny tells her that Dante wants him convicted, but he will not fabricate testimony for the prosecution because he wants it to go by the book. He says Dante would never choose him over his badge. Claire says Dante knows that Michael saw Claudia die and he knows where Michael is. Sonny invites her to be as wrong as she likes because it will work to his advantage. She says the one thing she knows she is right about is that he hides behind his family. She says she has to prepare for an important witness.

Luke goes to the police station to bail out Ethan. He sees that Ethan has been beaten. Ethan tells him that animals that beat up on little girls donít fare well in jail. He says he happened to be lucky enough to share a cell with one of Sonnyís thugs who apparently was unaware that the charges had been dropped. Luke goes over to the desk where Dante is sitting and says he knows what the cops are up to. He says it is the oldest cop-trick in the book to throw the newbie into a cell with an inmate with a grudge and tell him that he gets early release if he beats up the kid. Dante assures him that no one in the department had anything to do with what happened to Ethan. Luke says he didnít expect a cop to admit to the truth. Dante suggests that Luke has forgotten what a short fuse Ethan has. He says that might explain the Keifer-sized dent on the hood of Ethanís car.

At the hospital, Alexis tells Kristina that she canít go home tonight because they want to keep her for observation. Kristina protests that she canít stay there another night. She says that last night she stared at the ceiling all night thinking about how Keifer died in the Emergency Room. She says she will only think about all the things she could have done differently. Alexis says Kristina didnít do anything wrong. Kristina starts babbling about how she threw herself at Ethan when he didnít want her. Sam says Kristina needs to calm down. Finally, Alexis stands up and yells that Kristina needs to stop blaming herself for everything. Kristina says she might as well have been driving the car that hit Keifer. Sam tells Kristina that it wasnít her fault and that she shouldnít feel guilty. Kristina says she doesnít know how to stop. She says everything just keeps getting worse and it feels like this nightmare will never end.

At the penthouse, Spinelli says they can speculate about what happened but they donít have any proof. Jason says they have Keifer walking down the road and then Alexis driving down the same road two minutes later. Spinelli says that in two minutes time someone else could have hit Keifer and Alexis may have passed by without seeing him on the side of the road. He says Kristina was in the car with Alexis so she would have felt something. Jason recalls that Alexis said Kristina was unconscious. Spinelli says his heart breaks for the reluctant mob princess because she is going through so much at such a young age. Jason agrees that Kristina is on overload. He says she will snap if she learns that her mother is responsible for killing her boyfriend. Spinelli agrees that it is likely that Alexis hit Keifer, but Ethan Lovett has already been arrested for the crime and he already had to suffer the through the false accusation that he assaulted Kristina. Spinelli asks Jason if they arenít obligated to come forward with what they know.

At General Hospital, Epiphany gives Maya Ward a tour and introduces her to the staff. Epiphany says there are two ways to do things Ė her way or the wrong way. Patrick interjects that the wrong way inevitably leads to the highway. Elizabeth exits the elevator. Patrick welcomes her back and introduces her to Maya. Then he gives her some work to do and leaves.

At the Metro Court, Tracy tells Carly that all she knows about Keiferís parents is that they are members of the country club and that Warren is one of Jaxís business associates. She says Ethan was arrested for the hit and run, but she and Luke believe he is innocent. She asks Carly to ask Jax to convince the Bauers not to convict Ethan before a proper investigation. Carly tells Tracy that she is asking the wrong person but that Tracy should get Jax on Ethanís side because Jax gets results. Carlyís phone rings and Tracy walks away.

Carly answers her phone to Principal Danforth from Morganís school. Principal Danforth informs Carly that a police officer and a social worker just took Morgan out of school.

At the police station, Luke tells Dante that Ethan has been falsely arrested twice and now he was beaten. Dante says prisoners fight. Luke says he knows that a cop can get the job done without having to leave his desk. Dante asks Luke if he is accusing him of something. Ethan says he doesnít think this is getting them anywhere and he would like to leave. Luke tells him to go to the hospital and get his injuries documented. Ethan leaves. Dante tells Luke that he wants them to get along because he is Luluís father. He assures him that there is no police plot to hurt Ethan. He says he knows that Luke doesnít trust cops, but this is how the system works. He says they arrested Ethan for Kristinaís assault because Kristina identified him as her attacker and he would still be in jail for it if he and Lucky hadnít discovered the truth. He says Ethan was arrested when the actual attacker was hit by a car because Ethanís car had correlating damage to the front end. He says that when prisoners get beaten up, that is when the system isnít working. Luke says the problem is that he is hearing the words from a pig who lied his way into a criminal organization and who is trying to dupe his daughter. He warns Dante that the police had better stop using Ethan as a scapegoat or they will feel Lukeís wrath. Luke leaves.

Alexis is pacing in the hallway outside of Kristinaís hospital room. Sam comes out and asks her if she is ok. Alexis says she canít do that with Kristina right now. Sam says she could have used Alexisís help in there. Alexis says she canít help Kristina and Kristina wonít want to talk to her anymore anyway. Sam asks her what she means. Alexis admits to Sam that she was driving the car that hit Keifer.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy tells Luke that she hasnít had any luck with the Bauers yet, but she did put in a call to Jax because he and Warren Bauer are business associates. Luke says Keiferís parents are the least of Ethanís problems. Tracy asks what happened now. Lulu enters and says she is officially worried because this is the first time she has ever received a family emergency call. She asks what has happened to whom. Luke tells Lulu that her boyfriend Dante deliberately put Ethan in a cell with a felon that he knew would beat the hell out of him. Lulu says Dante wouldnít do that. Luke says Lulu doesnít know what Dante would do because he came to town on a lie. He says undercover cops are the best liars in the world. He tells her that she needs to decide whose back she is going to cover before it gets ugly.

Alexis and Sam go into an empty room at the hospital. Alexis tells the whole story about going home and finding Kristina beaten on the floor. Sam asks her why she didnít call 9-1-1. Alexis says she doesnít know. She says she got Kristina into the car because she needed to keep her awake. She says she was freaking out thinking about Keifer and Ethan. She says she saw Keifer, she hit him, and she kept going. She says she needs to tell someone. Sam says Alexis needs to think about the consequences first. She reminds her that this is her second offense so she would certainly get prison time. She says Kristina wouldnít be able to handle that. She says she will talk to Jason and Spinelli. She promises Alexis that Jason and Spinelli will find a way for Alexis not to be implicated.

Jason goes to the police station, walks up to Danteís desk, and says he needs to see Lucky. Dante says Lucky isnít there right now and asks if he can do anything. Carly storms into the police station and calls Dante an underhanded bastard. She says she wants her son. Dante asks her what she is talking about. She tells him not to act like he doesnít know. He assures her that he doesnít know what she is talking about. She looks at Jason and says she Morganís principal called her and told her that a cop and a social worker took him out of school. Dante says it wasnít him, but he probably knows who it was and why they did it.

Ronnie, the social worker, and Morgan enter an office in the court building. Morgan asks how long this will take. Ronnie says it wonít take long and asks Morgan if he is nervous. Morgan admits he is a little nervous. Ronnie tells him not to be nervous, just to answer the questions truthfully. Morgan says Dante told him not to trust Ronnie. Ronnie says Dante is just being a good brother, but that he and Dante go way back. Morgan asks why Dante isnít there. Ronnie says he shouldnít tell Morgan, but Dante is in a little bit of trouble. He says the lawyers are trying to make it seem like Dante lied on the witness stand, and that is a big deal. He says Dante could lose his badge for lying under oath. He says it is time for Morgan to step up and set things straight for his brother.

In the courtroom, the forensics tech is on the witness stand. Claire asks him to identify evidence. He looks at the photograph and says it is of tire tracks outside the cabin where Claudia Corinthos was killed. She asks if the tire tracks are consistent with the car in a second photograph. He says yes. Claire tells the jury that the car in the second photograph is the silver coupe registered to Michael Corinthos III. Diane asks the witness if some other car could have left those tire tracks. He concedes that it is possible. The prosecution calls Morgan Corinthos. Diane objects saying Morgan is a minor, he hasnít been deposed, and he isnít on the witness list. Claire says it is a fast moving trial and Diane has to keep up. Diane tells Claire that she is giving her grounds for a mistrial. Judge Carroll tells everyone to calm down. Sonny tells Diane to stop this or he will. Diane asks the judge if she may approach the bench alone. Claire says itís ok with her; she isnít concerned. Diane goes up to talk to the judge. Meanwhile, Sonny goes over to Claire and tells her that if she puts his kid on the stand she has his word that she will regret it. She asks him loudly if he just threatened her in open court. Judge Carroll tells Sonny to return to his seat. Judge Carroll tells the court that the next witness is 12 years old and that anyone who upsets him will be looking at jail time for contempt. Sonny tells Diane that she needs to stop this because Morgan knows the truth. Diane tells him that Claire Walsh doesnít know the truth so she doesnít know what she is fishing for. She tells Sonny to sit there, be quiet, and let her try to save his life.

At the police station, Dante is on the phone demanding to know the name of the judge who issued the order to take Morgan Corinthos out of school, the name of the officer that took him, and where they took hm. A few feet away, Carly asks Jason why they are doing this. Jason says Claire Walsh loves to showboat so she could be doing this for effect or she could be trying to get Sonny to go off again. She says Sonny will. She adds that Morgan is a trusting boy and if they ask him questions in a manipulative way there is no telling what he might say. Jason says that hopefully Morgan knows what not to say.

Ronnie comes into the office at the court building and gives Morgan a cola. He tells Morgan that he doesnít need to protect his father because he is fine. He says he needs to take care of Dante. He tells him to agree with everything they tell him that Dante said. A bailiff comes in and says the court is ready for Morgan.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu asks Luke if he is kidding when he asks her to choose this family over Dante. She asks him when he ever cared about family. He tells her that maybe he is getting senile in his old age. He tells her that he has a kid that is being accused of every crime that occurs in this town and now he was set up by her boyfriend and his friends for a beating in jail. Lulu says Lucky is in that group too. Luke says Lucky is different; he only became a cop to piss off Luke, but Dante is a cop because it suits him. Lulu says she thinks that is admirable. Luke tells her not to be blinded by the badge because it isnít a halo. He says cops and mobsters are the same; they have the same ego and the same power trip. He tells her that she needs to decide which one she is going to stand with before she gets squeezed in the middle.

Ethan goes to General Hospital and Epiphany asks him what happened to him. He says he got frustrated with getting thrown in jail for things he didnít do so he started banging his head against a wall. She calls him a smartass and tells him to follow her.

Elizabeth is at her station. Patrick comes up to her and asks her if she got the tests scheduled. She says yes, and hands him the paperwork. He looks at it and tells her that it is wrong; she switched the tests. She apologizes and says she will correct it. When Patrick walks away, Steve stops him. Steve had been watching Elizabeth the whole time. He asks Patrick if Elizabeth screwed up. Patrick says it is just the new codes. Steve says he appreciates that he is covering for Elizabeth but if one of his nurses is ordering wrong tests, he needs to know about it. Patrick tells him to give her a break since itís her first day back. Steve says covering for her isnít doing her or her patients any good. Steve walks over to Elizabethís station where she is finishing her conversation with the lab about correcting the test orders. She says she will bring Mrs. Olson down right away. When she hangs up and sees Steve standing there, she asks him if Patrick told him already. Steve says Patrick didnít have to tell him because he was standing there and saw it. Elizabeth says she just got confused. He tells her he canít have his patients compromised because she is unable to focus. He tells her he is reassigning her effective immediately.

Maya Ward takes Kristina back to her room in a wheelchair. She says she knows what happened to her and she is sorry. Kristina says it was her fault. Maya says abuse victims often feel that way but it is never true. Kristina says she keeps hearing that. Maya tells Kristina to try to believe it. Maya helps Kristina into bed and says her work there is done. Kristina says it was nice to meet Maya. Maya says she will see Kristina around. Alexis enters as Maya is leaving. She tells Kristina that she just got off the phone with Dr. Winter. Kristina says she doesnít need a shrink. Alexis says she thinks Kristina does because whatever is going in inside her head that made her think it was ok for Keifer to hurt her isnít ok. She says that whatever is going on between the two of them that made Kristina think that she couldnít talk to her about what was going on is a problem too. She says she wants better for Kristina than Kristina wants for herself and she wants Kristina to want better for herself. She tells Kristina that she has an appointment this afternoon to start therapy. Kristina asks Alexis if she will go with her. Alexis says she would do anything for Kristina, but they want to see her alone first. Kristina asks Alexis if she will be there when she finishes her therapy session. Alexis says she will try, but she has to do something and she isnít sure how long it will take.

At the Haunted Star, Lulu tells Luke that he is a hypocrite. She tells him that he claims to be above judging anyone but he hates Dante simply because a cop. She says he wasnít this upset when she was dating Johnny Zacchara. Luke says that is because he understands the code Johnny lives by. Lulu says that is the code that Sonny lives by, and Sonny shot an unarmed man in the chest. Luke says this isnít about Sonny. Lulu says it doesnít matter if Luke doesnít like Dante; her feelings are the only feelings that matter, and she loves Dante. She tells him he can call it a choice if he wants to and she leaves. Tracy tells Luke that by bringing Danteís integrity into question, he just ensured that Lulu would run straight to his arms.

Jasper Jacks goes to Morganís school to pick him up. He tells the principal that Morganís teacher told him to talk to her and asks her if he is in trouble. Mrs. Danforth presumes he has not spoken with his wife. He confirms that he hasnít. She informs him that a police officer and a social worker took him to court.

In the courtroom, Morgan is sworn in as a witness. Diane tells Sonny to smile at his son. Sonny complies. Judge Carroll introduces himself and asks Morgan if he understands why he is there. Morgan says he is supposed to answer some questions. Judge Carroll tells him that it is important that when he answers the questions, he doesnít add anything or make anything up. Claire goes up to the witness stand and introduces herself. She asks Morgan if he knows what happened to his stepmother. Diane objects to the vague question, citing that it calls for speculation. Judge Carroll sustains the objection. Claire asks Morgan if his stepmother died on the night of her birthday party. He says yes. She asks him where he was. He says he was at home. She says she understands that something happened to his mom that night too. Morgan says his mother went into labor with is sister Josselyn when Claudia kidnapped her. She asks him how he knows that and she says his brother Michael and his stepdad Jax told him. She asks him if he knew about it that night. He says yes. She says he must have been worried. He says they were all worried because his mother had a scary pregnancy and they had to be careful not to upset her. Claire asks him if Michael and Jax told him why Claudia kidnapped his mother. He says it was because Claudia got his brother Michael shot, his dad yelled at her, and she went nuts. Claire asks him if anyone else was at his house that night. He says his dad came over because he wanted Morgan and Michael to go home with him. She asks him if they went. He says no. she asks him why not. He tells her that it is hard to remember, but his father and stepfather got into a fight and his dad left. He says they all wanted to find his mom. She concludes to him that he and Michael stayed home with Jax. He tells her he didnít say that. She asks him if he stayed home with Jax. He says yes. She asks him if Michael stayed home with Jax. Diane objects, citing relevance. Judge Carroll overrules and directs Morgan to answer the question. Morgan says Michael left. Claire shows Morgan the picture of Michaelís car and asks him if Michael left in it. Morgan says yes. Sonny smiles and nods at Morgan and mouths to him that it is ok.

At the police station, Carly tells Jason that Jax brought Claire Walsh into the case because she will do anything including taking advantage of a kid to win. Jason tells her that he is sure Jax didnít know Claire would use Morgan. Carly tells Jason not to defend Jax. She says Jax didnít know what Claire would do, but he didnít care either. Carly goes over to Dante who is still talking on the phone and demands to know where her kid is. Dante tells the person that they just heard the boyís mother and she is on the warpath. He threatens to file kidnapping charges and get a lawyer to sort it out. The person finally answers Dante and he relays to Carly that Morgan is at the courthouse in the witness room. Carly heads for the elevator with Jason close behind.

At General Hospital, Ethan is waiting for the elevator when Kristina sees him and demands to know if he did ran Keifer down and left him to die. He asks her what is wrong with her. He says first she accused him of beating her up and now she is accusing him of killing the piece of garbage that did beat her up. She asks him how he can call Keifer garbage; Keifer was a decent person. Ethan concludes to her that she thinks he was a decent person who just likes to smack her around a bit. Maya comes up and tells Ethan he needs to back off.

At the police station, Mac is telling Ronnie that he wants some guys processed as quickly as possible. He tells him that he wants two or three units watching the warehouse on the waterfront. Alexis comes in and sits down. She recalls Diane telling her that if she is going to confess, she needs to do it immediately. Mac goes over to Alexis and asks her how Kristina is doing. Alexis says Kristina has a lot to deal with. He asks Alexis how she is doing. Alexis says she is awful and that is why she needs to talk to Mac.

In the courtroom, Claire asks Morgan if Michael ever talked about how Claudia died. He says yes. Sonny fidgets. Diane tells him not to react because that will make things worse. Claire asks Morgan if Michael told him how he knew about how Claudia died. Diane objects, saying Claire is leading the witness. Judge Carroll sustains the objection. Claire asks Morgan exactly what Michael told him when he discussed how Claudia died. Morgan looks to Sonny, but Sonnyís face is expressionless.

Carly storms into the court building but Jason stops her from entering the courtroom. She tells him that Morgan wonít mean to, but he will tell. Jason tells her that if she storms into the courtroom, she will kill her credibility as a witness and she is Sonnyís last hope.

In the courtroom, Judge Carroll tells Morgan that he has to answer the question. Morgan says he doesnít remember. Claire says thatís ok, she will make her question more specific. She asks him if Michael told him that he saw their father kill Claudia.

Dante enters the courtroom with his badge displayed in his hand. He says he is there to retrieve the boy on behalf of his parents. Claire tells Dante that he canít to that. Dante tells her to watch him.

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