GH Update Thursday 4/8/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/8/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Spinelli is released from General Hospital. Jason picks him up. Spinelli advised Jason that Maxie was released today as well and that her health is his top priority. Jason tells Spinelli that he needs his help. He asks Spinelli if he knew that Kristinaís boyfriend, Keifer died last night, and Spinelli confirms that he had heard about the hit-and-run. Jason says he thinks Alexis knows more about it than she is saying.

In Kristinaís hospital room, she asks Alexis if she knows when Keiferís funeral will be. Alexis says she doesnít think his parents have made plans yet. Kristina worries that Keiferís parents wonít want her at his funeral. Alexis urges her daughter not t o lose sight of the fact that Keifer is the reason she is in the hospital. Diane enters with flowers for Kristina and says she is looking better. Kristina thanks her for the flowers and says she knows she looks awful. She asks Diane if she had heard about Keifer. Diane had. Kristina says that whoever hit Keifer didnít even stop to see if he was OK. She laments that she didnít get to say goodbye. Diane says she is sorry for everything that has happened to Kristina. Alexis asks Diane to step outside so they can talk privately. Out in the hallway, Diane tells Alexis that Keifer got what he deserved. Alexis says that what she needs to tell Diane needs to be protected by attorney-client privilege. Then she admits that she was driving the car that hit Keifer.

At the police station, Dante is talking on the phone with forensics about evidence at the scene of Keifer Bauerís hit-and-run. Ronnie comes up to him and tells him he needs to prioritize and find Michael Corinthos to have him testify against his father.

Sonny enters the court building and sees Johnny and Olivia cooing in the hallway about waking up together this morning. He walks over to them and says he heard she would be the first witness this morning. He tells her that she can pick up where her boyfriend left off and put another nail in his coffin.

Morgan is at the Metro Court with Carly. He tells her that he loves coming to the hotel for breakfast, but the pancakes are not as good as the ones Jax makes. He says he misses Jax and Michael. Carly says he misses them too, but Morgan and Josselyn make it better. Jax enters and tells Carly he was on his way to see Josselyn. Carly says Mercedes is expecting him. Jax asks if it will be ok for him to pick up Morgan after school and take him to the boat. Carly thinks it is a good idea for them to spend time together. Jax tells Morgan that things will be better after the trial is over. Morgan asks if his father is losing. Jax tells him that he has not been to court, but he has heard that the prosecution has a good case against Morganís father.

At the police station, Ronnie tells Dante that Sonny has a lot of overseas real estate so Michael could be at any of a dozen places. Dante gives Ronnie a file folder and tells him to knock himself out. Ronnie says they donít need to do a global search because Dante knows where his brother is. Dante says he hasnít seen Michael since he was subpoenaed, but it is irrelevant because they donít need his testimony. Ronnie says Michael has a story to tell, and he wants to hear it. Claire Walsh enters and tells Dante that she wants Michael on the stand and Dante is going to get him for her.

In the hallway outside of the courtroom, Sonny tells Olivia that it is her turn to get back at him for the way he laid into her last night. Olivia says that when Sonny is wrong, he gets defensive instead of apologizing. Sonny says they will ask her to tell the truth when she gets on the witness stand. He asks her if she remembers hot to tell the truth after lying to him about his son for 20 years. She tells him that she has nothing left to hide.

At General Hospital, Jason tells Spinelli that Keifer had been beating Kristina and that she lied to protect him from Sonny. He suggests that she accused Ethan because she expected Sonnyís longtime friendship with Luke would protect him. Jason says that Keifer was hit by a car less than an hour after Kristina admitted that he was her batterer. Spinelli asks if that means Kristinaís fears were warranted and Sonny exacted revenge. Jason says no, he didnít do it and neither did Sonny. He tells Spinelli that the odd thing is that Alexis is the only person that hasnít suspected that he did. Spinelli observes that Alexis is usually the first to accuse Stone Cold. Jason tells him that he wants Spinelli to start investigating Alexis as soon as they get home.

Outside Kristinaís hospital room, Alexis tells Diane about arriving home last night in time to see Keifer leaving and then finding Kristina beaten on the floor. She says she realized then that the boy she had encouraged to date her daughter was responsible for beating her. She says she got Kristina into the car because she didnít want to wait for an ambulance. She says when she saw Keifer she ran him down without stopping. She tells Diane that she didnít mean to do it, but concedes that no one will believe that.

Nikolas and Spencer are playing with toy trucks in the sandbox at the park. Robin runs into them and says it is nice to see them out together. Nikolas tells her that he wants to spend more time with Spencer. He says that they have a good time together when he makes the effort. Robin says little boys like nothing better than spending time with their dads. He tells her that Spencer will get a little brother or sister soon. He says he didnít know his siblings when he was growing up and he doesnít want that to happen to Spencer; he wants him to have a real family.

Elizabeth is sitting on the couch at home while Cameron and Jake are running around the living room. Steve arrives and she admits that she is disorganized on her first day back at work. He tells her not to be too hard on herself, and that it work will be fine. He offers to take the boys to daycare for her so she can finish getting ready. After they have left, Elizabeth sits back on the couch and heaves a sigh.

At the police station, Ronnie suggests that Prosecutor Walsh may be able to talk some sense into Detective Falconari. He tells her that Dante insists that he doesnít know where Michael is. Claire says Dante is consistent. Ronnie says he has other things to do so he leaves. Claire asks Dante if he is planning to compromise any other witnesses. She tells him that she wants him to give her fair warning if he is planning to make his mother disappear too. Dante tells her that he doesnít know why everyone thinks he knows where Michael is but regardless, they shouldnít bring a traumatized kid into court to testify against his father. She says that is not for Dante to worry about. Dante wishes Claire luck with questioning his mother.

In the hallway of the court building, Sonny asks Olivia if she is planning to get creative with her testimony the way Johnny did. Johnny says he told the truth. Sonny says he never hit a woman but according to Johnnyís testimony, Sonny is a monster and Claudia was an innocent victim. Johnny says he wouldnít say his sister was innocent, but Sonny certainly made her a victim. Sonny asks Johnny about the hell Claudia put his family through and damage she did. Johnny just rolls his eyes. Sonny asks Olivia to continue with what she was saying. She says she is just going to tell the lawyers the truth. Sonny says that if Olivia makes him out to be a vicious animal, it would justify her lying to him about Dante. Johnny observes that there is no way to know what would have happened if Sonny had been around while Dante was growing up. He says he could be dead by now or brain-damaged. Sonny blasts Johnny for keeping quiet about Claudia being responsible for Michaelís shooting. Olivia tells Sonny that he isnít doing himself any favors. Sonny says itís unanimous because he knows Olivia wonít be doing him any favors either.

In the hallway outside of Kristinaís hospital room, Diane observes that this is Alexisís second hit-and-run within a year and that this time someone died. She says Alexis will have to do some time. Alexis says she wants to do the right thing, but she needs to spend time with her Kristina first. Diane tells her that the longer she waits, the worse the charges will be. She advises Alexis that if she is going to confess, she should do it now; otherwise, she should decide not to confess at all.

Spinelli and Jason return to the penthouse. Spinelli is excited about the scooter that Jason got him so he can wheel around the house. They sit down and start to put together information about Keiferís accident. Jason tells Spinelli that Keifer went west toward downtown when he left Alexisís house at the lake. He says they found Keiferís SUV on Cherry, north of Vista. Jason says that Sam said it appeared that Keiferís car slipped off the road and got stuck. He says Keifer probably started walking because Keifer was hit about half a mile away from where his vehicle was. Jason suggests that Spinelli check Keiferís cell phone records because he may have tried to call someone for help. Spinelli suggests that Sam helps them, but Jason says he doesnít want to burden her. Sam enters, hugs Spinelli, and asks about the scooter.

Bobbie Spencer walks with Alexis in the hallway At General Hospital. She says she works with a shelter for battered women and suggests that Alexis may need some guidance. Alexis observes that she should know something about it after representing battered women before, but she says this is not the same. Bobbie says Kristina should have counseling, attend a peer group, and understand that no one should ever accept abuse. She says Kristina needs Alexis more than ever. She say Alexis is Kristinaís role model, so Alexis need to be the strong independent woman that Kristina looks up to.

At the police station, Dante is on the phone checking on evidence from Keiferís car. Johnny enters and Ronnie greets him and thanks him for coming. The two of them go into an interrogation room. Dante rushes off the phone, telling the person that he wants to know if they discover mechanical failure in Keiferís car. Dante hangs up, goes into the interrogation room, and tells Ronnie he can take it from there. Ronnie disagrees. Dante asks him if he is questioning his effectiveness as an investigator. He says he will gladly compare evidence that they each gathered in the Corinthos case to prove who the better investigator is. Ronnie agrees that Dante is good and tells him that that is what makes his unwillingness to follow through so frustrating. Johnny tells them there is no need to fight over him. Ronnie says Michael is the key to convicting Sonny because he puts Sonny at the crime scene. Johnny says he thought super-prosecutor Claire Walsh was the key. He tells them that they need to stop throwing new information in. Ronnie asks Johnny what is wrong with him. He says he thought Johnny wanted justice for his sister.

In the courtroom, Judge Carroll warns everyone that he will not tolerate theatrics today. Claire calls Olivia to the stand and asks her how she knows the defendant. Olivia says he knocked her up when she was 15.

Robin and Nikolas are sitting on a bench next to the sandbox in the park. He tells her that Lulu thinks he only hopes that he is Elizabethís babyís father as a way to remain close to Elizabeth. Robin asks him if Lulu is right. He says no, his children deserve to have their father in their lives. Robin tells him that she knows he was not planning on this baby, but she shares that Patrick wasnít planning on being a father either and he turned out to be a wonderful dad. Nikolas says the difference is that Robin and Patrick are in it together, but Elizabeth doesnít want to be with him. Robin says she is sure that Elizabeth will want Nikolas to be part of the babyís life. He says he hopes so because he wants to be in the babyís life. Robin tells him that she is proud of him.

Elizabeth is at home lying on the couch, staring into space. She doesnít hear Steveís knock. Steve lets himself in with his key, startling her. She asks him where the boys are and he reminds her that he took them to daycare. She says she wasnít this tired or scatterbrained with her other pregnancies and he reminds her that she also wasnít recovering from emotional crisis with her other pregnancies. He suggests that she may have left Shady Brook too soon.

In the interrogation room at the police station, Johnny says he wants Sonny to fry for what he did to Claudia, but life in prison is the next best thing. Ronnie asks why Johnny is stonewalling. Johnny says that he would break kneecaps to find Michael Corinthos if Michael could help to convict Sonny, but he canít. Dante tells Ronnie that he needs help with the Keifer Bauer case, but Ronnie says he is staying on the Corinthos case until Sonny is convicted. He says he doesnít believe a cop and a Zacchara are protecting Sonny. Johnny tells Ronnie that if he canít make his case without bringing a brain-damaged kid into it, then he isnít as much of a cop as he thought he was. Johnny gets up and leaves. Ronnie sarcastically thanks Dante for the backup. Dante asks Ronnie what he expects when he is making the force and the prosecutor look incompetent. Ronnie says Dante is skating close to obstruction of justice. Ronnie leaves the room. Dante tells the absent Ronnie to prove it.

In the courtroom, Claire asks Olivia if she is related to Detective Dante Falconari. Olivia tells her that she knows Dante is her son. Claire asks Olivia if she would say Dante is honest. Olivia says Dante is honest to a fault. Claire asks Olivia if she would assume that Dante would tell the truth on the witness stand. Diane objects, saying the prosecutor is leading the witness. Judge Carroll sustains the objection and directs the court reporter to strike that question from the record. In the jury box, Alice scribbles on her notepad. Claire asks Olivia who her sonís father is and Olivia identifies Sonny. Claire asks Olivia if it is unusual for an undercover officer to be assigned to investigate his own father. Diane objects, saying the court already established during Detective Falconariís testimony that they didnít know at the time that they were related. Claire says not until Detective Falconari ended up shot in the chest. Diane objects. Judge Carroll sustains the objection and tells Claire that he is not entertained by her courtroom gymnastics. He directs her to ask straightforward questions on matters related to the case, or he will dismiss the witness. Claire asks Olivia why Dante and Sonny didnít know they were related, and Olivia says she chose not to tell them. Claire asks why a loving mother would choose not to tell her son who his father is and Olivia asks the judge if she really has to answer that. She tells Judge Carroll that it is the same as asking her why she wore acid-wash jeans or scrunchies when she was 15. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. Judge Carroll agrees with Olivia and directs Claire to ask something useful or dismiss the witness. Claire asks Olivia if she knows where Michael Corinthos III was on the night that Claudia Zacchara was murdered. Olivia says she was with Sonny at his house that night. She says Sonny was worried because Claudia had kidnapped Carly, who was in labor. She says Jax arrived later that night looking for Michael. Claire concludes that Michael left his house on Harbor View Road where he lived with his mother. Olivia surmises that he must have, since Jax was looking for him. Claire asks what happened next. Olive says Sonny received a telephone call from Samantha McCall who said that Carly had given birth and that Carly and the baby were both ok. She says Sonny left shortly after that. Claire asks her where Sonny went. Olivia says he didnít say and she didnít ask. Claire asks Olivia to describe Sonnyís demeanor after the phone call. She says he seemed relieved that Carly and the baby were ok. Claire asks if Sonny didnít seem angry or upset. Diane objects that the question calls for speculation. Judge Carroll sustains the objection. Claire asks Olivia if Michael was still missing after Sonny left his home. Olivia says no. Claire asks if anyone was worried about Michael. Olivia says everyone was concerned about Carly and the baby; she doesnít think Michael was the main focus. Claire asks her why she says that. She says Michael was upset about a fight that Sonny and Jax had earlier in the evening when Sonny went to the Jacksí residence to pick up Michael and Morgan but Jax wanted the boys to stay with him. Claire asks if that was what incited Michael to get in his car. Diane objects. Judge Carroll sustains the objection. Claire asks Olivia if it is correct that no one knew where Michael was after Sonny received the phone call. Olivia says that as far as she knows, that is correct. Claire has no further questions. Diane asks Olivia if it would be safe to say that Michaelís behavior has been erratic since he awoke from his coma. Olivia says yes. Diane asks if Olivia has ever known Michael to disappear before. Olivia says yes, he disappeared to Mexico last summer and he has left his motherís house to go to his fatherís house without permission many times. She says Michael is a good kid, but he is willful and doesnít like to be told what to do. Diane restates that the incidents occurred before the night Claudia died. Olivia confirms that that is correct. Diane has no further questions. Judge Carroll calls a 15-minute recess.

Jax is in the park playing with Josselyn. He tells her that they will all live in the same house soon. Carly comes over and sits with them.

At Elizabethís house, she picks up toys and straightens things as she tells her brother that she will not go back to Shady Brook. He says she is emotionally worn out. She says she will not leave her boys again because they need consistency. She says she is pregnant and tired, not crazy. He tells her this has nothing to do with crazy; it is about coping. She protests that she is coping. He says she is hanging on by a thread. She tells him she canít let people keep judging her. He says he isnít judging her. She asks him to help her move forward instead of sending her back to that place. He tells her that in that case, she should get dressed and ready for her shift in 20 minutes. She hands him the armful of stuff that she is holding and goes upstairs.

At the penthouse, Sam says she likes Spinelliís scooter. She asks if Maxie was released today too. He confirms that she was and that he is going to see her when he if finished with what he is doing for Jason. Jason shoots Spinelli a look and Spinelli covers and says he is getting Jasonís Cable Television bill information. Jason asks Sam how Kristina is doing. Sam says she doesnít know what to do for Kristina anymore. She says Kristina is mourning the loss of her boyfriend but Sam can only think about how Keifer beat Kristina on a regular basis. Spinelli says he doesnít know how someone can say they love a person and then abuse them. Sam says that to make matters worse, Kristina blames herself for Keiferís death because he would not have been on the road if not for her. She says it is a good thing that Keifer didnít die under Sonnyí orders because she doesnít know how Kristina would have handled it. Sam leaves to go to the hospital to visit Kristina. After Sam is gone, Spinelli says he hopes Jason is wrong and Alexis had nothing to do with Keiferís death.

Ronnie goes into the courtroom during the recess and tells Claire that Johnny Zacchara was no help and he has no other leads. She tells him that it is time to be creative. She says when you canít get the witness you want, want the witness you can get.

Outside in the hallway, Sonny tells Olivia that she was something else on the witness stand. She shrugs and says she is a Bensonhurst girl and nobody backs her into a corner. Dante enters the building and sees his parents talking.

At the penthouse, Spinelli scours through security footage from the area where Keifer was hit. He finds a clip that shows Keifer walking. He fast forwards the video and sees a light colored hybrid. Jason asks him to rewind a bit and then go forward one frame at a time. They discover that the driver is Alexis Davis.

Alexis is at outside of Kristinaís room General Hospital remembering hitting Keifer with her car. She opens the door and sees Kristina and Sam talking. She asks Kristina how she is feeling. Kristina says it doesnít hurt as much as the last time. Alexis says she has something important to tell Kristina.

At the park, Jax says it is amazing how much Josselyn has changed in the past few days. Carly says this is how her life should be, with her family. Jax says he is ready to move back in whenever Carly is ready. She says she doesnít know if it will be possible until after Sonnyís trial. Jax says it is probably best to wait until Sonny is in prison so they can have a normal life.

In the hallway at the court building, Sonny tells Olivia that he knows he has been hard on her and that he is still angry that she didnít tell him about Dante, but he does appreciate what she did in court. She says he probably thinks that was an apology. He says Olivia could have buried him in there or let Claire trap her into hurting his son, but it isnít as if Olivia witnessed Claudiaís death. Olivia says she just told the truth and that it is great if it happens to help Michael. Olivia leaves. Dante leaves without either of his parents seeing that he was there. Sonny reenters the courtroom and Claire observes that he had a sweet moment with his ex-girlfriend and says she hopes he thanked her for pulling him out of the fire. He tells her that she can only blame herself if she didnít get what she needed out of Olivia. He says that if she thinks Michael is going to testify, she will have to wait until hell freezes over. Claire says she will have to find someone else to help her.

The school principal escorts Morgan to the front of the school where Ronnie and a woman are waiting. Morgan says Dante told him not to trust Ronnie and asks why he is there. Ronnie introduces the woman as social worker Mrs. Grayer. He hands a folder to the school principal and tells her that they have a summons authorizing Morgan to leave the school premises in their custody. Morgan asks him where they are going. Ronnie informs him that they are going to court and that Morgan gets to testify at his dadís trial today.

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