GH Update Wednesday 4/7/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/7/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Jason and Sam are talking in the hospital lobby. Sam doesn’t know what to say to Kristina about Kiefer’s accident. Jason is resolute that he had nothing to do with the hit-and-run. Sam believes Jason but wonders about Sonny. Jason assumes that Sonny knows nothing about the accident. Sam feels guilty that she wasn’t there for her sister. Sam is disappointed that Kristina protected Kiefer. Jason reassures Sam that she did everything she could. Sam acknowledges that Jason was right about Kristina all along. Jason reminds Sam that Kristina needs her support.

At the casino, Lucky interrogates Ethan regarding his damaged car. Ethan thinks that he might have hit a deer but Lucky isn’t buying his story. Lucky wants Ethan to come clean. Ethan plays stupid and says that he doesn’t know how his car got front-end damage. Ethan wants his car back but Lucky says that a rookie cop had it towed. Ethan is irritated by the inconvenience. Lucky says that Ethan should relax since it is only police procedure.

In Kristina’s hospital room, Molly speaks of Kiefer’s hit-and-run accident. Molly explains that she and Sam found Kiefer’s body in a ditch and called 911. Molly says that Kiefer is in the emergency room. Kristina fears the worst about Kiefer’s condition. Molly admits that Kiefer’s prognosis isn’t good. Kristina is devastated by the news. Kristina figures that Sonny hit Kiefer. Molly makes it clear that Kristina shouldn’t make any assumptions. Kristina doesn’t believe that Sonny cares about her. Kristina hints that Jason could have been the driver. Molly states that hitting a pedestrian isn’t Jason’s style. Kristina is crying as she confides her feelings about Kiefer. Kristina doesn’t want Kiefer to die even though he beat her up. Molly theorizes that the hit-and-run could have been an accident. Molly believes that the driver was scared so he or she drove away from the scene. Molly reminds Kristina that she panicked when driving Claudia off the road. Kristina is adamant that Sonny caused Kiefer’s accident.

In the ER, Kiefer is pronounced dead by Steven. Steven quietly leaves the room. Warren and Melinda Bauer, Kiefer’s parents, approach their son. Melinda is crying while Warren is stoic. Melinda speaks of the last time she talked to Kiefer. Unbeknownst to them, Alexis is listening. Melinda feels guilt-ridden for not saying goodbye to Kiefer. When Melinda sees Alexis hovering, she yells out “you did this”. Alexis remains silent. Melinda rambles on about Kristina and how Alexis has “no control” over her daughter. Melinda speaks of Kiefer’s plans to go to Harvard. Melinda demands to talk to Kristina. Finally, Alexis speaks. Alexis says that she can’t allow Melinda to visit her daughter. Warren asks Alexis to leave. In private, Alexis breaks down in tears.

Olivia heads for the hospital elevator. Dante follows Olivia. Olivia doesn’t want to argue with her son. Olivia assumes that Dante wants a relationship with Sonny. However, Dante surprises Olivia by bringing up his childhood tree house. Olivia is taken aback by the memory. Olivia is suddenly sentimental when she and Dante talk about it. Dante admits that he’s been treating Olivia badly. Dante thanks Olivia for saving his life after the shooting, as well as for his entire life. Olivia is speechless. Olivia and Dante sit down in the lobby. Dante implies that he took a swing at Sonny. Olivia can’t believe it. Dante worries how Sonny’s behavior will affect Michael, Morgan, and Kristina. Dante doesn’t want his siblings to be emotionally scarred. Dante brings up his undercover work and when he lied to the Corinthos clan. Dante understands why Olivia lied all these years – to protect him from Sonny. Dante tells Olivia that he loves her. They share an emotional hug. Dante teases that he won’t forget about the tree house.

Alexis walks up to Sam and Jason. Alexis informs them that Kiefer died. Sam is shocked. Alexis and Sam decide to tell Kristina the truth together. Jason says that he’ll wait for Sam in the lobby. Dante runs into Jason. Jason relays that Sam is visiting with Kristina. Jason breaks the news about the hit-and-run and Kiefer’s death. Dante is shocked. Dante asks Jason how he copes with his way of life. Dante knows that Jason cares about Sonny’s children. Dante is curious as to why Jason remains loyal to Sonny. Dante brings up a good point – “protecting Sonny is not protecting his kids”.

In her hospital room, Kristina says to Molly that she wants to see Kiefer. Molly insists that now isn’t the time. Kristina asks if Kiefer said who hit him. Molly starts to cry. Molly blames herself since she urged Kristina to be with Kiefer. Kristina doesn’t agree. Kristina defends Kiefer and says that he isn’t a “monster”. Kristina believes that Kiefer didn’t deserve this. Molly is outraged that Kristina doesn’t want Kiefer arrested. Suddenly, Alexis and Sam walk in. Molly and Kristina sense that there is bad news. Kristina asks about Kiefer’s condition. Sam sadly informs the girls that Kiefer died in the ER. Kristina doesn’t want to believe it. Alexis hugs Kristina while Sam comforts Molly. Kristina is sobbing.

At the auto body shop, Johnny is meeting with a young man. Johnny and Eddie are talking about business. Johnny assumes that Eddie is reluctant to do business with him. Johnny suggests that they talk again in August. Eddie suddenly agrees to work with Johnny. Olivia walks in. Olivia feels like she is intruding but Johnny says that Eddie was just leaving. Olivia inquires about Eddie. Johnny says that Eddie is the pizza delivery guy. Olivia tells Johnny that they need to celebrate since she “got her son back”. Olivia and Johnny make a toast to Dante. Olivia is starving. Olivia wonders where the pizza is since the delivery guy came and left. Johnny skirts the issue. Olivia suggest heading back to her place. Johnny disagrees. Johnny wants to take care of Olivia for a change. They kiss. While Johnny puts together a special meal, Olivia scans his work orders. Olivia teases that the auto shop looks like a front. Johnny doesn’t answer. Olivia turns around and sees that Johnny has set up a table with a candlelight dinner for two. Olivia is flattered by the romantic gesture. Olivia panics when Johnny suggests that they move in together. While eating pizza, Johnny says that Olivia is avoiding the question. Olivia is hesitant to answer. Finally, Olivia speaks. Olivia says that they shouldn’t “ruin” things by moving in together. Johnny asks Olivia to think about it. Johnny kisses Olivia.

At the casino, Ethan tells Lucky that he thinks he was being followed. Lucky gets a phone call from Mac, who relays that Kiefer Bauer died. Mac adds that the Bauers are looking for an arrest. Lucky realizes that things have gone from bad to worse for Ethan.

At the hospital, Warren and Melinda make a statement to the media. They speak about Kiefer and his plans for the future. Alexis listens from nearby. Alexis hears Warren say that they are offering five million dollars as a reward. Alexis bumps into Mac. Alexis appears distraught. Mac wants to know if Alexis feels up to making her police statement. Alexis makes a vague comment – “I’m the one”. Mac says that Kiefer’s death isn’t Alexis’ fault. Alexis feels guilty since she didn’t see the red flags for physical abuse. Mac brings up Georgie and her death. Mac feels sympathy for Kiefer’s parents. Alexis says that Melinda blames Kristina for what happened to Kiefer. Mac knows that Kristina will blame herself for Kiefer’s death. Mac advises Alexis to support her daughter through this difficult time.

Alexis listens at Kristina’s hospital room door. Molly is crying. Sam speaks briefly to Molly. Sam wants to make it clear that none of this is Kristina’s fault. Alexis asks Sam to bring Molly home. Sam says she will. Molly hugs Kristina and says that she loves her. After Sam and Molly leave, Kristina tells Alexis that she wants to speak to Jason. Alexis is against it but Kristina insists. Jason shows up minutes later. Kristina wants the truth – did Jason run down Kiefer? Jason states that he wasn’t responsible for the hit-and-run and feels that Sonny didn’t have anything to do with it, either. Kristina believes Jason because he seldom lies. In fact, Kristina is comforted by the fact that Jason will listen without any judgment. Kristina still blames herself for what happened to Kiefer. Jason reminds Kristina that everyone makes mistakes. Kristina confides that she “hated” Kiefer for what he did but also loved him. Jason holds Kristina’s hand.

Lucky calls Mac. Mac gives Lucky an update. Warren Bauer wants an arrest as soon as possible. Mac says that the preliminary report is in. It is confirmed that Ethan’s car damages show a high likelihood of hitting a pedestrian. Lucky announces to Ethan that he’s being arrested. Lucky escorts Ethan to the police station. Luke argues with Mac about Ethan’s incarceration. Luke says that Ethan can’t get a “fair shake” in Port Charles. Mac makes it clear that whoever hit Kiefer will be brought to justice.

Dante is sitting in his apartment. Lulu shows up. Lulu asks Dante about their imaginary trip to Hawaii. Lulu was going to leave a note because she thought Dante wasn’t home. Dante is preoccupied. Lulu says that they can sit and talk. Dante vents about Sonny and his concerns regarding Michael and Kristina. Dante feels like he has been a jerk to Olivia. Dante says that he has been “disrespectful” to his mother. Dante asks Lulu to tell him when he acts like that in the future. Dante speaks of Johnny and Olivia’s relationship. Dante hopes that his mother is just going through a phase. Dante grabs a CD while he talks about Michael and Kristina. Lulu points out that Dante helped Kristina by listening. Dante turns on Hawaiian music which amuses Lulu. Dante brings the subject back to Olivia. Dante wonders why Olivia can’t settle down. Dante fears that Olivia missed Mr. Right because she was busy raising him. Dante is thankful that his mother didn’t get an abortion. Lulu looks uncomfortable. Lulu says that she didn’t know Olivia considered an abortion. Dante is proud of Olivia for raising him as a single mother. Lulu stands up and says she has to leave. Dante senses something is wrong but doesn’t push it. Lulu wants to check on Maxie at the hospital. Lulu kisses Dante. Lulu leaves the apartment. In the elevator, Lulu has a flashback to a conversation she had with Luke about her abortion.

In the hospital lobby, Alexis speaks to Steven. Alexis tells Steven that Kristina is experiencing pain in her shoulder. Steven says that he’ll check on Kristina. Alexis notices that a TV is on in one of the empty rooms. Alexis turns up the volume. Alexis sees breaking news about Ethan’s arrest in the deadly hit-and-run.

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