GH Update Tuesday 4/6/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/6/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the Haunted Star, Jason tells Lucky that Sonny is gunning for Ethan. Lucky asks Jason if he knows anything about Kiefer Bauer. Jason says that Carly has her hunches about Kiefer – that he was the one who beat up Kristina. Lucky wishes that Jason would have said something earlier. Lucky says that a witness saw Kiefer’s vehicle speed away from the Davis home the night of Kristina’s attack. Jason realizes that Carly’s assumptions about Kiefer are correct.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Maya announces to Ethan that Kristina was beat up again. Ethan swears that he wasn’t responsible. Maya defends Kristina’s position. Ethan says that it’s admirable for Sonny to want to protect his daughter but he didn’t attack Kristina. Maya is surprised that Ethan is so concerned about Kristina. Ethan realizes that he needs to find Luke right away.

Sam is driving, with Molly in the passenger seat. Molly and Sam are laughing about something funny. Sam notices a car on the side of the road. Molly thinks it is Kiefer’s. However, Sam doesn’t slow down to find out. Molly talks about Sam’s PI business. Sam sees something in a ditch. Molly comments that it looks like a body. Sam slows down to check it out. Molly and Sam discover Kiefer’s body in the ditch. Sam makes a 911 call. Molly is saddened that someone would hit Kiefer and leave the scene. Kiefer awakens but Molly advises him not to move his body. Sam wants to know if Kiefer saw who hit him.

At the hospital, Kristina admits that Kiefer was the one who attacked her. Sonny is listening from nearby. Dante asks Kristina if Kiefer beat her up before. Kristina confesses that it was Kiefer this whole time. Sonny is sickened. Alexis shakes her head in disbelief. Dante reassures Kristina that she will be okay. Dante brings up the March 12th incident when Kiefer beat up Kristina. Kristina apologizes for protecting her boyfriend at the time. Dante urges Kristina to talk about her relationship with Kiefer. Kristina sadly recalls when Kiefer would lose his temper and hit her. Alexis can’t bear to listen to the details. Kristina knows it was stupid to keep quiet about Kiefer. Kristina says that Kiefer was jealous of Ethan. Dante promises that Kiefer won’t hurt Kristina again. Sonny enters the ER room. Kristina starts to panic. Kristina is scared that Jason will kill Kiefer. Steven wants more tests run on Kristina.

While Jason and Lucky are talking at the casino, Dante calls. Dante informs Lucky that Kristina identified her attacker – Kiefer Bauer. Lucky heads to the hospital. Lucky sees Dante in the hospital lobby. Lucky says that Kiefer’s father is a well-known attorney. Dante wishes that he would have noticed the signs of abuse and stopped Kiefer a long time ago. Dante wants to make sure that he protects his siblings from now on. Dante asks about Jason. Lucky says that Jason knows about Kristina’s latest attack. Dante worries that Jason will go after Kiefer.

Alexis is beside herself in Kristina’s hospital room. Kristina asks her mom if she’s okay. Alexis says that she is proud of Kristina for telling the truth. Kristina fears that Sonny will have Kiefer killed. Alexis has a flashback of hitting Kiefer with her car.

Ethan heads over to the casino. Ethan runs into Skye. Ethan is looking for Luke but he’s not there. Luke suddenly walks in and wonders why Ethan is so anxious. Ethan brings up Kristina’s attack. Ethan is thinking about leaving town before Sonny comes after him. Luke advises against it. Ethan worries that he doesn’t have an alibi for tonight. Luke urges his son to tell the truth.

Jason speaks to Sonny at General Hospital. Sonny is shocked that Kiefer has been beating up Kristina. Sonny recounts Kristina’s sad story. Sonny is sickened over Kiefer’s actions. Jason is adamant that Kiefer will pay. Sonny is puzzled as to why Kristina would want to protect someone that hurt her.

Kiefer is brought in on a stretcher. Molly fears that Kiefer is seriously injured. Steven speaks briefly to Sam. Steven informs Sam that Kristina was beat up again. Sam is horrified. Sam and Molly find Jason in the hospital. Jason relays the news about Kristina. Sam wants to see Kristina right away. Jason agrees to wait in the lobby for Sam.

Jax and Mr. Bauer meet at the Metro Court restaurant to discuss business. Olivia walks in and hands Kiefer’s father a handful of documents. Kiefer’s father talks fondly of his son but badmouths Kristina. Jax defends Kristina. Jax says that Kristina is a wonderful young woman despite being Sonny’s daughter. Olivia interrupts and tells Mr. Bauer that Kiefer was admitted to GH.

Kristina confides to Alexis that she’s thankful that Dante was by her side tonight. Sonny eavesdrops on the conversation. Sonny steps away from the room. Alexis and Kristina speak briefly, but are interrupted by Sam and Molly hurrying in. Molly is teary-eyed. Molly suggests playing Scrabble while Kristina recuperates. Alexis promises that their family is going to survive this. Sam asks Kristina how she is feeling. Alexis leaves the room. Molly wants Kristina to tell them what happened. Sam hands Kristina a glass of water. Kristina inquires about Jason. Sam promises that Jason won’t go after Ethan. Sam leaves to speak to Jason. Molly is curious as to why Kristina keeps protecting Ethan. Kristina blurts out that Ethan didn’t beat her – it was Kiefer. Molly can’t believe it. Kristina brings up the time she supposedly fell at the library. Molly feels bad that she didn’t figure out the truth. Molly realizes why Kristina has been avoiding Kiefer lately. Molly starts to cry. Kristina is relieved that it’s all over. Molly doesn’t understand why Kristina lied. Molly realizes that Kristina didn’t want Sonny gunning for Kiefer. Molly reveals that Kiefer is also in the hospital. Kristina’s eyes widen when Molly says that Kiefer was a victim of a hit-and-run.

Dante steps off the elevator. Sonny asks to speak to Dante. Dante and Sonny head for the hospital roof. Sonny thanks Dante for his reassuring words for Kristina. Sonny is impressed that Dante stuck up for Kristina. Dante says that Kristina lied about the incident because she is scared of her father. Dante thinks that Sonny’s actions are not helping matters. Sonny is hurt by Dante’s stinging words. Dante and Sonny continue to argue. Sonny says that Dante really wants to have a relationship with his father. Dante denies it. Olivia interrupts. Sonny tells Olivia that Dante hates him. Sonny criticizes Olivia on her decision to keep quiet about Dante. Olivia doesn’t want to argue with Sonny so she storms out. Dante goes on and on about how much he detests Sonny. Sonny warns that Dante better back off. Dante says that he hasn’t seen this side of Sonny since he shot him point-blank. Dante isn’t scared of Sonny.

Jason is waiting in the lobby. Steven notices that Jason is visibly shaken up by Kristina’s latest attack. Steven bluntly asks Jason if he is going to kill Kiefer Bauer. Steven doesn’t want any trouble at the hospital. Jason remains silent. Sam and Jason run into each other. Sam wants Jason to back off from Ethan for the time being. Jason announces that Kristina was lying about her attacker – it’s really Kiefer. Sam is blown away by the revelation. Sam brings up Kiefer’s admittance to the hospital. Jason knows nothing about the hit-and-run. Jason wonders who hit Kiefer.

Near the nurses’ station, Lucky asks Epiphany if he can see Kiefer. Epiphany says that Kiefer is in and out of consciousness. Lucky approaches the ER area. Kiefer is somewhat coherent. Lucky starts firing off questions about the attack. Kiefer’s parents walk in and yell at Lucky. Mr. Bauer wants Lucky to stay away and threatens to sue the police department for harassment. Mr. Bauer wonders who hit Kiefer. Lucky relays to Mr. Bauer that Kristina implicated Kiefer. Lucky says that Kiefer is responsible for the March 12th assault, as well. Nearby, Alexis walks up to the nurses’ station. Steven is on the phone talking about Kiefer’s injuries. Alexis realizes that Kiefer has been admitted to the hospital. Kiefer’s monitor starts beeping rapidly. Kiefer starts to code. Kiefer’s parents are freaking out. Epiphany enters the area with paddles.

Lucky goes to the casino. Luke and Ethan are shocked that Kristina implicated Kiefer as her attacker. Ethan is thrilled that Sonny won’t be coming after him. Lucky says that Ethan isn’t out of the woods because Kiefer was the victim of a hit-and-run. Lucky says that Ethan’s damaged car was found near the scene.

In the ER, Steven tries to resuscitate Kiefer. Alexis watches in horror from close by. Sadly, Kiefer can’t be revived. Alexis doesn’t know what to do or think.

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