GH Update Monday 4/5/10

General Hospital Update Monday 4/5/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Maxie is being questioned in the hospital in front of Claire, Diane, and Judge Carroll. Maxie continues to cough and asks for a bottle of water. The judge isn’t amused by Maxie’s refusal to answer Claire’s questions. Claire wants to know if Maxie saw Michael Corinthos the night of Claudia’s murder. Maxie maintains that she wasn’t interested in Sonny’s behavior that night, only that Kate Howard’s pool got fixed. Maxie drinks slowly from her bottle. Maxie gives vague answers about what she witnessed. Diane points out that Maxie is too sick to continue. The judge sides in Diane’s favor. Claire is irritated that she can’t ask any more questions of Maxie.

In the Corinthos office, Sonny, Jason, and Carly talk about Maxie’s testimony. Carly assumes that Maxie will make things worse for Sonny. Sonny agrees with his ex-wife. Sonny fears that Maxie will blurt out that she saw Michael the night of the storm. Jason suggests that Sonny leave town before things get worse. Sonny asks Jason if that’s their best option. Jason theorizes that Maxie will say something to incriminate Michael. To the dismay of Jason, Sonny is leaning toward staying in town. Carly says that Sonny wants to remain in Port Charles because of Dante. Carly believes it is funny that Sonny thinks that he has a chance of getting to know Dante. Sonny doesn’t agree with Carly. Sonny reminds Carly that he’s also concerned about Michael. Carly senses that Sonny is only interested in getting to know Dante. In fact, Carly rambles on about how Dante doesn’t want anything to do with Sonny. Jason quickly leaves the office. Sonny wonders why the topic of Dante makes Jason squirm. Carly asserts that Dante isn’t going to change his mind about Sonny. Sonny isn’t willing to give up on Dante. Sonny states that there’s only one person that can help him get acquitted - Carly. Carly is surprised.

At the cabana, Michael tells Max and Milo that he’s going back to Port Charles. Max closes the front door and tells Michael that he isn’t going anywhere. Michael is worried about Kristina and Sonny. Michael believes that Sonny would be vulnerable in prison since Anthony Zacchara has connections. Max tries to convince Michael that the trial will turn out in Sonny’s favor. Michael fears the worst. Michael tells Max that he loved the Island in his childhood days. However, Michael doesn’t feel the same way now. Max is visibly worried about Michael.

Alexis finds Kristina unconscious in their living room. Alexis rushes to Kristina’s side. Kristina’s face is all bloody. Alexis grabs Kristina. Kristina awakens and starts freaking out. Alexis cries at the sight of her daughter. Alexis helps Kristina up and they walk out of the front door. In the vehicle, Kristina is in the backseat mumbling. Alexis is a nervous wreck behind the wheel. Alexis remembers bumping into Kiefer on the way into the house. Alexis is so distracted by Kristina that she doesn’t see a young man standing in the road. It’s Kiefer and he’s putting his hands out for Alexis to stop. Alexis hits Kiefer; he is thrown to the side of the road.

Lucky and Dante are in a vehicle on their way to the Davis house. Lucky figures that they can persuade Kristina to come clean about her attacker. When Lucky and Dante arrive at the house, they notice that the living room is in shambles. Lucky senses that something terrible happened. Lucky makes a call to Ethan, while Dante calls Kiefer and Alexis. No one is answering their phones. Lucky wants to call the police and get Forensics over to the house right away.

Maya shows up at the hospital. Maya speaks to Epiphany and mentions that her internship starts next week. Steven introduces himself to Maya. Edward interrupts and says that Maya is his great-granddaughter. Edward wants to make sure that Steven looks out for Maya at the hospital. Maya pipes in that she doesn’t want “special treatment”. Maya insists that she needs the job. Steven replies that Maya will be treated like everyone else. Edward remains quiet. In private, Maya warns Edward to stay out of her business. Maya reminds Edward that her last name is Ward not Quartermaine. Steven and Maya shake hands. The conversation is interrupted when Alexis shows up with a beaten Kristina. Steven quickly escorts Kristina into the ER.

Ethan is snooping around the Quartermaine living room. Skye walks in and is surprised to see Ethan. Skye asks Ethan if he lives there. Ethan laughs in response. Ethan tries to flirt with Skye. Skye implies that Ethan attacked Kristina. Ethan speaks about Kristina’s crush on him. Ethan recalls the night of the attack when Kristina tried to flirt with him at the Haunted Star. Ethan says that Kristina lied about his involvement in the assault. Skye apologizes for rushing to judgment. Skye is adamant that Kristina’s attacker needs to be brought to justice.

At the hospital, Epiphany sees that Spinelli is about to interrupt Maxie’s testimony. Epiphany walks over to Spinelli and wheels his chair in the opposite direction. Epiphany warns Spinelli to stay away from Maxie until her testimony is over. Once Epiphany leaves, Spinelli wheels back over to the conference room. The door suddenly opens, and Judge Carroll and the attorneys leave the room. Maxie is thankful to see Spinelli. Jason shows up shortly after to speak to Maxie about her testimony. Maxie promises that she didn’t bring up Michael during the questioning. Jason thanks Maxie for being loyal to Sonny. Maxie smiles warmly at Jason. After Jason leaves, Maxie and Spinelli talk about her testimony. Maxie feels guilty for not telling the truth on the stand. Maxie admits that Mac told her Michael confessed to Claudia’s murder. Maxie wants Spinelli to tell her if Michael did it. Spinelli tries to skirt the issue but Maxie demands to know if Michael was responsible. Spinelli admits the truth and recounts what happened the night of Claudia’s murder. Maxie feels sorry for Sonny’s children.

Lucky and Dante are at the Davis home with the Forensics team. Lucky gets a call about Kristina being admitted to General Hospital. Lucky tells Dante that Kristina was attacked again. Lucky alerts his team to the fact that the Davis living room is now a “crime scene”.

In his office, Sonny explains that Carly would be a very convincing witness on the stand. Carly worries that her testimony could harm rather than help Sonny. Sonny says that Carly needs to try because of Michael. Sonny worries that Michael will continue to blame himself for Claudia’s death. Diane shows up and announces that Maxie helped Sonny. Sonny and Carly can’t believe that Maxie didn’t spill the beans about Michael. Sonny’s happy moment is interrupted by a frantic phone call from Alexis. Alexis blurts out that Kristina is back in the ER. Sonny hurries out the door. Diane pours Carly a glass of wine. Carly and Diane discuss Kristina’s assault. Carly believes that Ethan is innocent of the attack. Carly brings up her suspicions regarding Kiefer. Diane worries that Sonny will go after whom is responsible, whether it’s Ethan, Kiefer, or someone else.

Steven checks Kristina’s vitals at the hospital. Alexis realizes that Sonny is there. Alexis says that Kristina was beat up again. Steven asks for a CT scan. Alexis checks on her daughter. Kristina is sobbing. Sonny is outraged and tells Jason that Ethan Lovett needs to die tonight. Jason is speechless. Dante walks up to them and inquires about Kristina. Dante pays Kristina a visit in the ER. Dante reminds Kristina that she isn’t responsible for what happened to her. Alexis isn’t listening when Steven says that Kristina doesn’t appear to have any broken bones. Dante urges Kristina to talk about the latest assault.

Maya isn’t happy to see that Ethan is hanging around the Quartermaine mansion. Maya brings up Kristina’s admittance to General Hospital. Ethan is shocked to hear that Kristina was attacked again.

Lucky and Jason run into each other at the Haunted Star. They are both looking for Ethan. Lucky is certain that Ethan didn’t assault Kristina. Jason warns that Lucky is running out of time. Jason implies that Sonny will have Ethan killed.

Kristina talks to Alexis and Dante about the assault. Sonny is eavesdropping on the conversation. Dante asks Kristina who attacked her. Through tears, Kristina admits that Kiefer did it. Sonny is speechless.

Kiefer is lying on the side of the road.

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