GH Update Friday 4/2/10

General Hospital Update Friday 4/2/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Lucky are sitting at a table in Kellyís with Keifer playing good cop / bad cop. Dante tells Lucky not to put words in Keiferís mouth because he is trying to help them. Keifer says he loves Kristina and he doesnít want anything bad to happen to her. Lucky asks Dante why he is cutting Keifer so much slack when there is enough motive to drown in. he says Kristina lied to him and went after another guy wearing a dress that Keifer bought. He suggests to Keifer that he beat Kristina because he made a fool of him.

At the lake house, Kristina and Alexis discuss taking the SAT test prep course so she can get high scores. Kristina says she wants to consider Middlebury or Georgetown. Alexis asks her if she would be interested in taking a self-defense class. Kristina says Dante told her that domestic abusers usually do it again. She says Dante seemed worried about her. Alexis reveals that Dante and Lucky are still investigating the case. Kristina says she canít believe Alexis lied to her about dropping it.

Jason and Carly are in Sonnyís office behind the restaurant. Carly tells Jason that she doesnít see the trial turning around after Sonny yelled in court that Claudia got what she deserves. Jason reminds her that Coleman is on the jury. He says that if Sonny jumps bail, Michael will be tempted to confess.

Robin Scorpio-Drake is on the witness stand in the courtroom. Prosecutor Claire Walsh asks her if Sonny mentioned his miscarried baby with Claudia on the night of Claudiaís murder. Robin says Sonny thanked God that a baby wasnít born into their lives and that she will never bear his child.

Jax goes to the Haunted Star and greets Skye with a hug. He asks her why she didnít call him. Luke interjects that she called him instead. Tracy laughs and says that clearly Luke isnít the one she wanted to see. Skye asks Jax how Carly is, and he reveals that they have separated because of her loyalty to Sonny. He says he gets to spend a lot of time with his daughter. Skye was unaware that he had a baby and demands to see pictures. Luke tells Tracy that hauling in the ex was low. Tracy observes that Jax being gorgeous, rich, and separated doesnít mean that Luke doesnít have a chance with Skye; hell is bound to freeze over eventually.

At Kellyís, Keifer says he told all they guys about how smart and beautiful Kristina is and that they wouldnít know her father is a criminal. He says he wanted them to see why he loves Kristina but instead, she just made him look like an idiot. Lucky says that is why Keifer left the party early and went to beat the crap out of Kristina. Keifer protests that that is not what happened; he stayed at the party until at least eleven. Lucky asks him where he went. Keifer remembers arriving at Kristinaís house and responds that he just wanted to talk to her. Dante tells Keifer that no one is blaming him; he got a raw deal. Keifer says he just wanted to ask Kristina why. Lucky says Keifer beat her up instead. Keifer remembers hitting Kristina, but he tells Lucky no. Dante asks him to tell them what happened. He says he got to Kristinaís house late and Molly told him that Kristina was in the hospital. Lucky says Keifer was there earlier. Dante asks Lucky why he would go back to the house when he had already beaten Kristina. Lucky suggests that Keifer was afraid he had killed Kristina. Keifer denies it. Lucky tells him that everyone knows Ethan didnít beat Kristina and that when Kristina eventually cracks and tells the truth, even Harvard wonít be able to protect Keifer from Sonny Corinthos. He says if Keifer wants a future, he had better confess because he would be safer in a jail cell.

At the lake house, Kristina blasts Alexis for secretly keeping the investigation open. Alexis explains that Luke has questions about Ethanís involvement and is entitled to find the answers. Kristina wonders what will happen when they find that Ethan is guilty. Alexis says she hopes he will leave town but in the meantime, they have all agreed to let Lucky and Dante pursue it. Kristina demands to know why she is the only person who didnít know about the investigation. Alexis says they just want her to heal.

In Sonnyís office, Carly asks Jason where Sonny would go if she can convince him to jump bail. He tells her he will go to South America. Carly says that if Sonny leaves and Michael comes home, the police will meet him at the airport. Jason suggests that Michael goes to South America with Sonny. She says over her dead body. He asks her what she wants him to do since there are no good options. He says if Sonny disappears, Michael will confess and if Sonny goes to prison, it will destroy Michael.

In the courtroom, Claire asks Robin at what point during Sonnyís tirade Claudia took Carly hostage. Robin says Claudia took a gun out of her purse when Sonny asked his men to take Claudia home. Claire says Claudia was a small woman being approached by two large men and she was trapped with no way to escape. Diane objects, saying that Claire is testifying. Robin says Claudia jammed a gun into a woman who was in labor and dragged her onto the elevator. Claire says she has no further questions. Diane cross-examines Robin. She asks her to confirm that on the night that Claudia kidnapped Carly, Sonny found out that Claudia was responsible for his son Michael being shot in the head. Claire objects, saying that Claudia is not on trial. Judge Carroll overrules, saying that Claire opened the door to Michael Corinthos. Robin confirms that Sonny had just heard about Claudiaís involvement in Michaelís shooting. She says that is why he was saying such terrible things. Diane asks Robin if she has ever known Sonny to be abusive to a woman. Robin asks if it is abusive to say terrible things to someone you know is responsible for putting your son in a coma. She says she has never seen Sonny hit a woman or threaten to do so. After her testimony, Robin goes out into the hallway with Patrick and says she couldnít have hurt Sonny more if she tried. Claire calls Maxie Jones as her next witness.

Maxie is in her hospital room with Spinelli and Lulu. Maxie is planning to woo Federico back so she can rebuff him for the November issue. She says he deserves it after stabbing her in the back while she was stuck in a storm drain. Spinelli says it is good to see Maxie full of life again. Maxie says that the one good thing about almost dying is that she appreciates her job, her friends, and her non-husband more.

At the cabana on Sonnyís island, Michael laments that Morgan was looking forward to going to opening day at Yankee Stadium and it will not happen because of Michael. Milo suggests that they catch it online but Max informs him that Bernie blocked their Internet access. Michael says he is going to go ask Bernie about the trial, but Max tells him that Diane called him and said the trial is going great. Michael asks him why he hadnít mentioned it until now and Max says he was trying to keep Michaelís mind on other things. He says Diane told him that the jury thinks Sonny is a hero for saving Carly.

In Sonnyís office, Carly says the jury might believe that Sonny lost it and killed Claudia. Jason wonders if Robinís testimony will help. Carly says Saint Robin will tell nothing but the truth. Jason says she might take attention away from Michael. Carly says Robin will make the jury think that Sonny sent Michael away so he wonít testify.

Johnny Zacchara enters Kellyís and sits alone at the counter. At their table nearby, Keifer tells Lucky that he isnít going to admit to something he didnít do. Dante says if he did, this would be a good time to tell his side of the story. Keifer concludes that Dante and Lucky are working together so he gets up to leave. Dante warns him to stay away from his sister. Keifer tells him to go to hell and he storms out. Lucky concludes to Dante that Keifer definitely is the person that beat up Kristina. Dante says he understands why Kristina blamed the wrong guy and then had the charges dropped; she is afraid of what Sonny would do. Lucky says Keifer will scramble to cover his tracks now, so they just have to wait for him to make a mistake. Dante says there is no way he is letting that spoiled punk get away will beating up his sister.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy tells Luke not to sulk about being outmaneuvered. Luke congratulates Tracy on her superior gamesmanship. Luke says he never cared enough about Skye to go to the trouble of getting her drunk and tricking her into marrying him. Tracy says that is only because Skyeís bank account wasnít big enough. He asks Tracy when they last tried to kill each other, and she says too long. She asks him when she last had to drag him out of a dive in Mexico. He says too long. She asks what happened to them. He concludes that children ruined everything. He adds that if he is going to have to be a semi-responsible parent, he wants her by his side.

Jax and Skye are at a table at the Metro Court. Warren Bauer enters and Jax introduces him to Skye. Jax asks about the Huntington-Beijing deal closing today and Warren says he was called out of the meeting for an emergency. He says the California deal is on. Jax says he is looking forward to it. When Warren leaves, Skye and Jax go back to their conversation, he tells her that Lukeís son Ethan beat up Alexisís daughter Kristina.

Warren Bauer is on the telephone in the next room telling the person to tell the associates to stall but not to change the terms. Keifer exits the elevator and makes his way over to Warren. Warren demands to know what the problem is that warrants interrupting an important closing. Keifer tells his father that Kristinaís cop brother and another cop think he hit Kristina. He asks his father what he should do.

A process server goes to Maxieís hospital room with a subpoena. Meanwhile in the courtroom, Diane tells the judge that Maxie is in the hospital and is too ill to testify. Claire says Dianeís objection only proves how important Maxieís testimony is. Judge Carroll calls a recess so he can determine whether Maxie Jones is well enough to testify.

In the hallway outside the courtroom, Patrick tells Robin that he knows how much she loves Sonny and that he knows how hard it must have been for her to tell the truth. Sonny comes out into the hallway, and Robin hugs him and tells him she is sorry.

In her hospital room, Maxie is powdering her face to appear pale. She asks Spinelli to go get her an oxygen mask and then see if he can rig the machine to make it appear that she is having a relapse. When Spinelli leaves to see Epiphany about the oxygen mask, Lulu asks Maxie why she is trying to get out of testifying. Maxie says she doesnít want anything to do with it, and that her statement to the police should be enough. She warns Lulu that her hatred for Sonny will affect her relationship with Dante and advises her not to dis her manís daddy.

At the Metro Court, Jax tells Skye that he and Carly are a perfect match in every way except for their opinions about Sonny. He says Carly argues that Jax knew about her relationship with Sonny before he married her. Skye tells him that Carly is right about that. Jax says Carly refuses to see that Sonny is a danger to her and the kids.

Warren Bauer reminds Keifer that he has already been to the police station to deal with this. Keifer says he didnít realize he was a suspect. Warren says Keifer should never have gotten involved with Kristina because her father is a menace and she is unstable. Keifer says he doesnít know what to do, and his father says he has to start thinking on his own feet. He asks Keifer what he thinks he should do. Keifer concludes that he should get Kristina to reinstate the charges against Ethan, but he notes that Dante warned him to stay away from his sister. Warren tells Keifer not to let some small town policeman get in his way.

Dante and Lucky go to the Haunted Star looking for Ethan, but Luke tells him that he sent him to the Quartermaineís on a mission. Dante says they are trying to get a clear timeline so Luke concludes that they are not here to arrest Ethan. Dante says they are getting close to solving the case.

Michael gets access to a phone and calls Kristina. She tells him about Sonnyís tirade in the courtroom. She says Sonny said Claudia got what she deserved. Michael reminds her that their dad didnít kill Claudia; he did. Kristina says Sonny would have killed Claudia eventually and that even if he didnít swing the axe handle he is still guilty.

In the hallway outside the courtroom, Sonny tells Robin not to apologize for telling the truth on the witness stand. He says he didnít expect her to lie under oath for him. He says it means everything to him that she believes in him and whatever happens, he will be fine. The bailiff announces that the judge is ready to resume the trial so they go back into the courtroom. The judge announces that if Maxie cannot come to court, court will go to her.

Sonny goes into his office and Carly asks him how it went in court. Sonny says it was terrible. He says Johnny accused him of hitting Claudia and then Claire walked Robin through everything that happened at the party. He reveals that the next witness is the worst of all. Maxie Jones.

Epiphany goes into Maxieís hospital room and tells her that she will not give her an oxygen mask. She warns them that she had better not hear Maxieís machine make any noises. Maxie and Spinelli nod in compliance. When Epiphany leaves, Maxie confides to Spinelli that she is worried that she will slip up and mention that Michael was in the car with Sonny. Spinelli says he is confident that Maxie will protect Young Mr. Sir because Jason and Spinelli are depending on her. She tells him that she loves him. Epiphany returns with a wheelchair.

Alexis goes to the Haunted Star and asks Luke what news he has. He tells her that Lucky and Dante were there earlier and said they are getting close to finding out who really beat Kristina. He says she will owe his son an apology when he is exonerated. Alexis says she understands why he wants to believe his son and she is sure he understands that she wants to believe her daughter. She tells Luke that they have been friends for a long time and she hopes they can find a way to work through this.

Keifer goes to visit Kristina. She tells him that Molly and Sam went to a movie but her mother will be home soon. He says it is good that they are alone and tells her that he needs her help. She asks him what with and he demands to know if it is too much for her just to agree to help him. He immediately apologizes for yelling and says he is stressed. He tells her that Lucky and Dante have figured it out, so she needs to reinstate the charges against Dante. She reminds him that if she does that, there will be an official investigation and that Lucky and Dante will figure it out. He yells that they already have. He tells her that if she reinstates the charges and sticks to her story that Ethan did it, then she can say Lucky and Dante are wrong. She says that maybe if they keep quiet, it will blow over. He asks her if she is trying to ruin his life. He says he will lose everything unless she reinstates the charges against Ethan. He says she owes him that much. She tells him that she should never have blamed Ethan for what Keifer did. Keifer backhands her and she falls onto the couch.

In Sonnyís office, he explains that the judge is going to hear Maxieís testimony in her hospital room. Carly wonders what Maxie will say. Jason says Maxie knows what to do. Sonny says Maxie is a flake. Jason says Maxie can be very single minded. She will only say that she saw Sonny by the gate, in the rain, with a stain on his shirt. She will not say she saw Michael.

A makeshift courtroom is assembled in a conference room at General Hospital. Clare asks Maxie what she saw the night Claudia died. Maxie tells the story of waiting for the pool man to come fix Kateís overflowing koi pond at 3:00AM. She says she saw Sonny get out of the car to open his gate manually because the electricity was out. She says she could see a stain on his shirt when he was in the headlights. Clare concludes that if Sonny was driving, he must not have been in the limo. She asks what kind of car he was driving. Maxie says it was silver. Clare reads a license plate number and asks Maxie if that was the car she saw. Maxie feigns a coughing fit. Clare asks Maxie if Sonny was driving Michaelís car. Maxie says she doesnít know. The judge asks if she saw a silver 2-door sports coupe. Maxie says yes. Claire asks her if Michael was in the car.

At the cabana on Sonnyís island, Michael gets his backpack out of the closet. When he opens it and notices his jacket, he flashes back to the night he killed Claudia.

Lucky and Dante enter the Metro Court and go over to the table where Warren and Melinda Bauer are having dinner. They say they are truing to establish a timeline for the night Kristina Davis was beaten. Warren says he will not allow them to continue to harass his son because of a few misleading statements made by a teenage girl.

Kristina is on the floor at the lake house, beaten bloody. Keifer is yelling that it is all her fault and that she made him do this. As he leaves, he bumps into Alexis on the porch. She rushes inside and finds Kristina unconscious.

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