GH Update Wednesday 3/31/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/31/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the park, Ethan starts yelling at a young woman for causing him to swerve off the road. Ethan assumes that the woman is from Pennsylvania, judging from her license plates. The woman doesn’t appreciate Ethan’s smugness. Ethan is slightly amused that the woman’s car is in the ditch. However, Ethan offers to call for a tow truck. Ethan casually brings up his last encounter with a young woman – when he was wrongfully accused of assault. The woman thinks that Ethan is “threatening” her. Ethan storms away from the scene.

Olivia and Dante sit down for a meal at Kelly’s. Olivia is curious as to why Dante asked her to lunch. Dante brings up Sonny. Dante wants to know if he is just like his father. Olivia says that Sonny passed on his good qualities to Dante. Olivia wonders why Dante is so worried about this. Dante is concerned that he could possibly have anger issues in the future. Olivia maintains that Sonny never hit Claudia or any woman. Dante asks why Olivia is so sure. Olivia comments that Sonny would have hit her if that was the case. Olivia talks about her teenage years when she constantly argued with a young Sonny. Olivia says that Sonny hates violence against women. Olivia reassures Dante that he would never hit a woman.

Kristina shows up at the Metro Court. Carly is standing at the reception desk. Carly asks how Kristina is doing. Kristina says that she is trying to move on with her life. Carly and Kristina sit down to talk. Kristina asks if Sonny ever beat Carly while they were married. Carly admits that she isn’t “surprised” that Kristina is asking since Diane filled her in on what occurred at Sonny’s trial. Kristina thinks that Sonny treated Claudia badly. Kristina says that Carly is completely different than Claudia. Carly confides that she and Sonny had a “volatile” relationship. Carly says that she and Sonny were both verbally abusive to each other. Carly speaks of her insecurity issues, which started when she was married to Sonny. Kristina quietly listens. Carly makes it clear that Sonny never hit her. Carly insists that Johnny’s testimony about Sonny wasn’t credible. Carly thinks that Kristina shouldn’t look at Sonny as a “batterer”.

Patrick pays Elizabeth a visit at Shadybrook. Elizabeth is happy to see Patrick. Patrick offers to give Elizabeth a ride home. Liz is busy packing her suitcase. Steven, Cameron, and Jake eagerly await Elizabeth’s arrival home. Elizabeth hugs her sons. Steven watches in admiration. After Elizabeth puts the boys down for naps, she tells Steven that she’s thrilled to be home. Elizabeth urges Steven to return to work. Elizabeth picks up toys that are lying on the floor. Elizabeth can’t wait to get back to her life.

Tracy and Luke are working at the casino. Tracy brings up Ethan. Tracy thinks it’s a good idea for Ethan to leave town for a while. Luke doesn’t agree. Tracy suggests that Ethan go to a tropical island for some rest and relaxation. Tracy says that Maya Ward is in town. Luke is shocked. Tracy worries that Maya will want money from the Quartermaines. Luke thinks that Tracy is overexaggerating. Tracy fears that Maya will be running ELQ soon. As a distraction, Tracy says that she and Luke should join Ethan on the trip. Luke quickly agrees with Tracy. Tracy leaves the casino just as Luke receives a mysterious phone call. Dante is summoned to the Haunted Star by Luke. Luke brings up the assault investigation. Luke wants Lucky to find out who really assaulted Kristina. Luke implies that Lucky might need Dante’s help. Dante doesn’t want to get involved since the matter concerns Sonny. Luke believes that Dante wants to prove his loyalty to Sonny. Dante skirts the issue. Luke wants the truth to come out about the attack. Dante agrees to look into the matter.

Ethan shows up at the Quartermaine home. Edward is annoyed that Ethan is there. Ethan announces that he wants some cigars. Edward is looking forward to seeing his granddaughter, Maya. Monica walks down the staircase just as Ethan enters the house. Ethan and Edward bicker back and forth. There is a knock on the front door. Ethan is speechless when he comes face to face with the woman from earlier. Maya assumes that Ethan followed her from the park. Ethan points out that he was already at the Q’s house. Ethan vacates the premises. Edward apologizes for Ethan’s behavior. Monica is shocked that Ethan has already met Maya. Edward and Monica introduce themselves to Maya. Edward talks about Cook. Maya thanks them for being so welcoming. Edward warns Maya about Tracy. Tracy interrupts the conversation. Tracy wants to pay Maya to leave town. Edward is visibly embarrassed by Tracy’s rudeness. Monica and Edward apologize for Tracy’s words. Edward asks Tracy to leave immediately. After Tracy leaves, Monica suggests that Maya stay at a hotel. Edward disagrees and insists that Maya remain at the Quartermaine house. Monica exits the room. Edward and Maya sit down in the living room. Edward has regrets because he didn’t get to know Bradley and Justus. Edward wants to make it up to Maya.

Olivia returns to work. Olivia is surprised to see that she has a message to call Robin. Carly mentions that Robin will do anything to have Olivia side with Sonny. Nevertheless, Olivia plans on testifying against Sonny at the trial. Olivia insists that Dante wants to send Sonny to prison. Carly wonders if Olivia agrees with Dante.

Olivia meets with Robin at the hospital. Robin apologizes for the short notice. Olivia assumes that Robin wants her to put in a good word about Sonny. Robin is slightly annoyed that Olivia consulted with Carly. Patrick eavesdrops as Robin speaks fondly of Sonny. Patrick butts into the conversation. Patrick can’t believe that Robin is protecting Sonny once again. Patrick rants about Sonny’s unforgivable actions, like shooting Dante at point-blank. Olivia tries to play peacemaker. Olivia says that she will be telling the truth on the stand. Olivia walks away. Robin is disappointed in Patrick. Patrick doesn’t understand why Robin won’t stop “campaigning” for Sonny.

Maya and Edward continue to talk in the living room. They reminisce about the Ward family. Maya speaks warmly of her great-grandmother. Maya is puzzled as to why Edward suddenly wants to help her. Edward insists that he doesn’t have any expectations. Edward urges Maya to take a tour of Port Charles. Maya says that her car is unavailable at the moment. Edward wants Maya to take the Bentley.

Ethan returns to the Haunted Star. Ethan talks about his awkward encounter with Maya Ward. Luke laughs since Ethan is clearly irritated by Maya. Ethan refuses to go to the Quartermaine house while Maya lives there. Luke changes the subject. Luke asks Ethan to keep an eye on Tracy while on vacation. Luke is vague about his plans. Ethan doesn’t press the matter. Tracy walks in. Tracy announces that she’s looking forward to getting out of Port Charles. Luke says that he can’t accompany Tracy and Ethan on vacation. Tracy senses that Luke is lying about something. Suddenly, a woman walks into the casino. Tracy is horrified to see that Skye has returned to town.

Elizabeth is about to open a letter when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Helena. Elizabeth wants Helena to leave. Helena ignores Liz. Helena offers for Elizabeth and the boys to move into Wyndemere. Helena reminds Liz that Nikolas is the father of her unborn baby. Elizabeth points out that Nikolas had another test sent out to confirm the results.

Maya shows up at a deserted house and knocks on the front door. No one answers. Maya is startled when Lucky walks up and says that no one lives there anymore.

Dante and Kristina meet up at the diner. Dante wants Kristina’s attacker to pay. Kristina reminds Dante that she dropped the charges against Ethan. Dante implies that the assailant will likely attack again. Kristina remains quiet. Kristina wonders if Dante believes her story. Dante doesn’t want to talk about Sonny. Kristina admits that she “hates” her father. Kiefer walks into Kelly’s. Kiefer is irritated that Kristina is talking to a guy. Kristina reassures Kiefer that Dante is her brother. Dante senses that something is off about Kiefer.

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