GH Update Tuesday 3/30/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/30/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Alexis confronts Luke at his office. Alexis is annoyed that Luke harassed Kristina at the house. Luke maintains that Kristina is lying about something. Alexis believes that her daughter is telling the truth about Ethan. Luke wants to find evidence to exonerate Ethan. Alexis doesn’t agree. Luke points out that Lucky can re-open the investigation and find the real culprit. Alexis remains silent.

Sam and Jason walk into the diner. Ethan is flirting with the young woman behind the counter. After Ethan grabs his order, Sam calls him a freak. Sam looks to Jason for support. Sam wants Jason to say that he believes Kristina’s account of what happened. Jason stays quiet. Ethan reminds Sam that Kristina dropped the charges against him. Sam continues to be rude to Ethan until he bolts from the diner. Sam senses that Jason isn’t buying Kristina’s story.

At the police station, Dante grabs Ronnie by the shirt and warns him to stay away from Morgan. Another police officer intervenes. Morgan witnesses the whole thing. Morgan feels like he is to blame for Dante and Ronnie’s scuffle. To appease Morgan, Dante confronts Ronnie in the interrogation room. Ronnie thinks that Dante has become too emotionally involved with his newfound family. Dante swears that isn’t the case. Ronnie says that he feels guilty for helping Franco. Dante leaves the interrogation room to speak to Morgan. Morgan talks about Sonny. Carly shows up, claiming that Dante left her an urgent voicemail message. In private, Dante fills Carly in on the situation with Ronnie and Morgan. Dante warns Carly that Ronnie is trying to find out Michael’s whereabouts. Carly says that Morgan recently asked Jax and herself if Dante really cares about him. Dante defends himself. Carly doesn’t want Morgan to end up getting hurt because of Dante’s broken promises.

Kristina enters the courtroom just as Johnny continues to testify on the witness stand. Johnny speaks of Claudia and Sonny’s volatile relationship. Diane objects but Judge Carroll tells Johnny to proceed. Johnny brings up Sonny’s constant accusations of adultery. Johnny talks about Claudia’s miscarriage and how Sonny was “glad” that the baby died. Sonny whispers to Diane and softly says that he never said that to Claudia. Sonny speaks up which makes the judge hit his gavel. Sonny and Johnny argue back and forth in front of the jury. There is chaos as Sonny announces that Claudia “got what she deserved”. The judge orders everyone to sit down. No one is listening until Judge Carroll screams for everybody to “shut up”. Sonny glares at Johnny from across the room. Judge Carroll warns Claire to keep her witness under control. The judge isn’t happy with Sonny, either. Judge Carroll says that Johnny needs to keep his testimony under wraps. Johnny appears not to be listening to the judge. All of a sudden, crying can be heard from the back of the courtroom. The judge asked Kristina if she is okay. Sonny turns and sees that his daughter is in tears. The judge asks for Kristina to introduce herself to the court. The courtroom is quiet as Kristina states that she’s Sonny’s daughter. Kristina feels embarrassed so she hurries out of the courtroom.

Sam and Jason return to Sonny’s office. Sam won’t drop the issue concerning Kristina. Jason doesn’t want to argue about it. Nevertheless, Sam wants to know what Jason thinks about it. Jason is unsure that Ethan did it even though Sonny is convinced otherwise. Jason brings up the timeline problem. Sam argues that Kristina might have lied about when the assault happened. Sam says that it’s okay if Jason looks into the matter. However, Sam is visibly bothered when she leaves the office.

Steven pays Elizabeth a visit at Shadybrook. Elizabeth is happy to see her brother. Liz announces that she will be checking herself out of the hospital. Steven is clearly disappointed in Liz’s decision. Steven fears that Elizabeth isn’t ready to leave Shadybrook. Steven is curious as to why Elizabeth isn’t leaving with Nikolas. Elizabeth says that she didn’t want to leave the hospital in a limo. Steven defends his position that it’s too early for Elizabeth to leave. Elizabeth wants to get back to her children. Steven asks Liz to reconsider.

At the hospital, Nikolas is talking to Epiphany when Tracy interrupts. Nikolas is irritated that Luke is defending Ethan. Nikolas thinks it is ridiculous that Kristina would lie. Nikolas wonders why Sonny hasn’t come after Ethan. Tracy brings up Nikolas’ affair with Elizabeth. Nikolas defends himself. Ethan walks off the elevator and speaks briefly to Epiphany. Nikolas feels awkward so he quickly leaves the premises. Ethan brings up the assault. Ethan confides to Tracy that he’s thinking about skipping town.

Kristina is bawling in her bedroom. Alexis enters the room. Alexis asks why Kristina is so upset. Kristina admits that she went to the courtroom and heard Sonny say that Claudia deserved what she got. Kristina says that Sonny went into an outrage in the courtroom. Alexis tries to calm Kristina down. Alexis confides that Sonny never physically abused her. Kristina fears that Sonny beat up Claudia. Alexis defends Sonny. Alexis says that Johnny’s testimony was untrue.

Diane and Claire speak to the judge. The judge asks for a short recess. Judge Carroll makes it clear that no one should leave the courthouse. Everyone leaves the courtroom except for Diane and Claire. The judge criticizes the attorneys’ behavior in court. In the meantime, Sonny runs into Johnny in the lobby. Sonny is outraged that Johnny made him look bad in front of Kristina. Johnny is smug; he says that it is about time that Kristina finds out who Sonny really is. Sonny is seething with anger.

Johnny returns to the stand. The judge wants only yes or no answers. However, Judge Carroll decides to resume testimony tomorrow. The judge wants the jury sequestered. Coleman doesn’t like the idea. Judge Carroll isn’t amused. Coleman says that he has to go home because he has a contagious virus. The judge laughs at the absurd idea.

Luke and Tracy discuss Ethan at the office. Tracy comments that Ethan is just like his father. Tracy sides with Ethan about leaving town. Luke doesn’t like the idea. Tracy leaves the office. Ethan shows up while Luke is looking at paperwork. Luke asks Ethan if he’s leaving Port Charles. Ethan theorizes that he isn’t welcome in town anymore. Luke begs Ethan to stay just until he can speak to someone in Barcelona. Luke has confidence in Lucky. Luke maintains that he won’t give up on Ethan.

Nikolas visits Elizabeth at the hospital. Nikolas is surprised to see Liz’s suitcase. Elizabeth blurts out that she’s leaving Shadybrook. Nikolas agrees with Steven that Liz is leaving too soon. Elizabeth refuses to argue about it. Nikolas knows that he has no future with Elizabeth. Nikolas suggests that Liz consult with a doctor before checking out. Elizabeth closes the door so they can speak in private. Elizabeth is adamant that she’s leaving Shadybrook tomorrow.

Johnny shows up at Jake’s. Johnny sits next to Lulu and offers to buy her a beer. Johnny is in a pleasantly cheerful mood. Lulu assumes that Johnny is happy because of Maxie’s recovery. Johnny feels better because of his testimony at Sonny’s trial. Johnny relays what happened in court. Lulu intently listens. Dante interrupts the conversation. Lulu says that Sonny had a meltdown in court.

Carly and Jason return to Sonny’s office. Carly fills Jason in on her talk with Dante. Jason doesn’t trust Dante at all. Diane storms in and announces that Sonny will surely be sent to prison.

Sonny shows up at the Davis home. Kristina answers the door. Kristina reluctantly allows Sonny to enter. Kristina says that Alexis tried everything to convince her that Sonny is a good guy. Sonny tries to plead his case. Kristina doesn’t want Sonny to think she’s stupid. Sonny asserts that he never hit Claudia or any other woman. Kristina is more willing to believe Johnny than her own father. Kristina says that she feels just like Claudia did. Kristina starts to sob as she speaks harshly of Sonny. Sonny is teary-eyed.

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