GH Update Monday 3/29/10

General Hospital Update Monday 3/29/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Luke shows up at the Davis home. Kristina answers the door. Luke brings up the assault. Luke wants Kristina to tell the truth about the incident. Kristina reminds Luke that she dropped the charges against Ethan. Luke theorizes that Sonny will come after Ethan anyway. Kristina allows Luke to enter the house. Luke begs Kristina to come clean about the identity of her attacker. Kristina speaks of the night she came to the casino and talked to Ethan. Kristina says that she assumed Ethan felt the same way about her. Luke apologizes for Ethan grabbing Kristina’s arm at the Haunted Star. Luke brings up his own abusive childhood. Luke asserts that Ethan shouldn’t have to pay for something he didn’t do. Kristina breaks down into tears. Kristina says that she is sorry for blurting out Ethan’s name as her attacker. Kristina is about to confess something when Sam walks in. Sam is puzzled as to why Luke is there. Luke insists that Kristina was about to tell the truth. Sam doesn’t buy it – she orders Luke to leave immediately. Luke vacates the premises. Sam tells Kristina that she didn’t do anything wrong. Alexis returns home. Alexis asks why Kristina is so upset. Sam fills Alexis in on Luke’s visit. Kristina is worried that Sonny will go after Ethan even though she asked him not to. Alexis offers to have the charges reinstated. Kristina wants her life to go back to normal. Sam says that Sonny wants the best for his children. Kristina doesn’t agree. Kristina implies that things are just going to get worse.

Johnny confronts Dante at the police station. Johnny believes that Dante is trying to protect Sonny. Olivia tries to intervene but Johnny and Dante ignore her. Johnny says that Sonny is just like his father Anthony. Johnny thinks that Anthony and Sonny both deserve to be in prison for their crimes. Dante defends Sonny which irritates Johnny. Johnny wants to testify against Sonny. Dante points out that Johnny would be an unpredictable witness on the stand. Johnny storms out of the station. Olivia stays behind to speak to Dante.

In Sonny’s office, Jason announces that Kristina dropped all charges against Ethan. Sonny is outraged that Ethan won’t be prosecuted. Sonny starts to yell as he throws items around the office. Jason realizes that Claire is watching from the door. Jason tells Sonny to calm down. Sonny approaches the office door to speak to Claire. However, Claire is in a hurry to leave. Sonny shuts the door so he and Jason can talk in private. Sonny is irrational; he still wants Ethan killed. Jason thinks it is a bad idea, especially since Claire witnessed Sonny’s outburst. Sonny maintains that the jury won’t find out about the hit on Ethan.

Maxie is happy when Georgie visits her hospital room. Maxie’s ‘soul’ gets up; she stares at her own body lying in the hospital bed. Maxie notices how terrible she looks. Maxie isn’t sure if she has died or is just dreaming of her sister. Georgie says that Maxie needs to make an important decision – live or die. Maxie speaks lovingly about Spinelli and his undying love. Georgie appreciates that Spinelli has stood by Maxie. Maxie talks about her fashion dreams. Maxie wonders if Spinelli would be better off if she was gone. Maxie insists that she isn’t ready to die but doesn’t want to hurt Spinelli anymore. There is a knock on the door. It’s Johnny. Johnny speaks softly to Maxie. Maxie is still asleep. Johnny hopes that Maxie is going to pull through. Johnny vents about Olivia and their problems. Maxie and Georgie watch nearby. Georgie is amused that Johnny seems so concerned about Maxie. Spinelli wheels in to check on his girlfriend. Spinelli is fearful that Maxie isn’t going to survive. Johnny reassures Spinelli that Maxie won’t die. Johnny tells Spinelli that Maxie loves him very much. Johnny gets a phone call. Johnny says that the call is in reference to Claudia. Johnny hurries out the door. Spinelli proclaims his love to Maxie. Spinelli feels that he has “failed” Maxie. Maxie and Georgie listen as Spinelli confesses that he’s a coward. Maxie and Georgie are teary-eyed as Spinelli pours out his soul. Spinelli is sobbing. Maxie tells Georgie that she wants to live. Georgie is relieved that Maxie made the right choice. They hug. Maxie says that she loves Georgie. Georgie watches as Maxie returns to her body. The monitor starts beeping rapidly. Spinelli is thankful to see Maxie awake.

Jax is waiting at the courthouse when Claire walks in. Claire swears that she overheard Sonny talking about having Ethan killed. Jax is thrilled that the evidence is mounting against Sonny. Jax and Claire discuss the case. Claire asks Jax if he has ever witnessed Sonny hit Claudia prior to her murder. Sonny rudely interrupts. Sonny warns Claire that Jax can’t be trusted. Sonny asks Claire if Jax has “promised” her something. Sonny laughs and enters the courtroom. Jax worries that Claire’s tactics aren’t working.

A waiter enters Sonny’s office. Jason and the waiter make small talk just as Luke enters the room. Luke and Jason sit down to speak about Ethan. Luke is worried that Sonny will come after his son. Jason maintains that he’ll do everything he can to get through to Sonny. Jason brings up his suspicions regarding Dante. Jason calls Dante a “traitor”.

Judge Carroll addresses the court. The judge is annoyed that Claire isn’t present. Diane and Sonny speak briefly. Claire shows up just in time and announces that she has a witness. The judge asks for Claire to proceed. Claire surprises Sonny when she calls Johnny Zacchara as a witness for the prosecution. Johnny is sworn in. Coleman and Alice think that Johnny will be a volatile witness. The judge doesn’t appreciate the jury members’ comments. Judge Carroll asks for Coleman’s words to be removed from the record. Claire questions Johnny on the stand. Claire brings up Claudia’s relationship with Sonny. Johnny explains that Claudia married Sonny from a business standpoint only. Johnny says that Sonny treated Claudia badly from the start. Diane objects but the judge instructs Johnny to continue.

Morgan shows up at the police station. Morgan runs into Ronnie. Morgan shows Ronnie a Yankees mug he brought for Dante. Ronnie and Morgan talk about the Yankees. Morgan says that Sonny promised to take him and Dante to a baseball game. Morgan and Ronnie agree that their favorite Yankee is Derek Jeter. Ronnie asks who Michael’s favorite is. Ronnie keeps asking questions about Michael. Morgan becomes weary of Ronnie. Thankfully, Dante shows up. Dante takes Ronnie aside and tells him to stay away from Morgan.

Sam shows up at Sonny’s office. Sam tells Jason that she walked in on Luke harassing Kristina at the Davis home. Jason relays that Luke visited him at the restaurant. Sam is worried about Kristina’s fragile frame-of-mind. Sam and Jason are starving so they head to Kelly’s. Sam and Jason enter the diner and see Ethan flirting with a girl. Sam calls Ethan a “sick freak”.

Alexis arrives at Luke’s office. Alexis wants to have a chat with Luke. Alexis doesn’t appreciate Luke interrogating Kristina.

Johnny continues to testify on the stand. Johnny badmouths Sonny. Johnny brings up Claudia’s car accident when she miscarried. Johnny says that Sonny was happy that Claudia lost the baby. Diane objects. Johnny goes on and on about Sonny’s mistreatment of Claudia. Sonny becomes enraged and says that he never beat Claudia. Sonny announces that Claudia got what she deserved. Sonny and Johnny argue back and forth in front of the jury.

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