GH Update Friday 3/26/10

General Hospital Update Friday 3/26/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At Kellyís, Sam asks Keifer and Kristina why Keifer is so upset. Keifer covers and says it isnít right that Ethan wonít have to pay for what he did to Kristina.

At the police station, Luke observes to Ethan that Alexis looks tense. Ethan says that may be good for him. On the other side of the door, Alexis tells Lucky and Dante that Dan Auerbeck informed her that Kristina has decided not to press charges and that he will not be moving forward with the case so Ethan could be released.

At Johnnyís garage, he tells Claire Walsh that Sonny had been killing Claudia slowly for months before her head was bashed in. He tells her that Sonny repeatedly built Claudia up and then let her down and systematically destroyed her dignity. He says he tried to convince her to leave the country but she refused because she had developed feelings for Sonny. Claire tells him this changes everything.

At Sonnyís house, he tells Jason that it makes him sick to stand by and do nothing after what Ethan did to his daughter and that the only reason he is doing it is that Kristina asked him to. He says if he kills Ethan, Kristina will know that he did it. He tells Jason that if the only way his daughter will heal is for Ethan to be tried and convicted, the he will accept that. He says he doesnít want his daughter to go through what his mother went through. He tells Jason that he knows his mother knew that he had Deke killed, but they never spoke of it. He says his mother blamed herself for the abuse she endured even after Deke was dead. Carly enters and announces that she is worried about Michael. She reveals that Michael got a cell phone and called Kristina so he knows about her beating and he wants to come home.

Lulu visits Maxie in the hospital and brings her some fashion magazines. She begins to tell her about drama at the office, but Maxie is more interested in how Lulu and Dante are doing.

At the police station, Dante announces to Alexis and Lucky that the DA is dropping the charges against Ethan. Alexis storms off. Dante goes into the other room and tells Ethan that he is being released. Ethan asks him if this means he will be able to prove his innocence, but Luke tells him leave it alone. Dante takes Ethan to process his release. Luke goes over to Alexis and thanks her. She tells him that if it were up to her, Ethan would be prosecuted but this was Kristinaís choice. Luke says Kristina decided to do the right thing because Ethan is innocent. Alexis says she can understand that he wants to believe his son is innocent, but she doesnít. He observes that she has convicted his son without a trial and asks her if she calls that justice. She tells him not to lecture her about justice.

At Kellyís, Keifer tells Sam that Ethan should be locked up for what he did to Kristina. Sam says it is Kristinaís choice and they need to support her. Kristina flashes back to the night Keifer beat her up, stands up, and says she needs everyone to stop hovering over her; she just wants to forget it ever happened. Kristina storms off.

At Sonnyís house, he concludes that Michael would have found out about Kristinaís beating eventually and that it is a good thing that Carly was there to talk him down. Carly says Michael is fixated on the probability that Sonny will go to prison for something Michael did. She says Michael will want to come back to Port Charles and confess if he thinks that Sonny will be convicted. Sonny says they cannot allow Michael to think he will be convicted. He tells Jason to tell Max and Milo to stop chasing casino girls and keep a better eye on Michael and to tell Bernie that his priority is to make sure Michael stays put. Carly suggests that Sonny allow Michael to talk to Kristina because he could help her. She says everyone is telling Kristina how she is supposed to feel, but she could feel safe confiding her true feelings to Michael. Sonny asks her how they can stop him from admitting to Kristina that he killed Claudia. Jason reveals that Kristina already knows about it, and Molly and Morgan do too. He explains that he only knew that Michael was going to the police station to confess because Morgan and Molly came and warned him. He tells them that Molly and Morgan understand the need to keep the secret better than Michael does. He says he didnít tell Sonny and Carly before because he didnít think they needed another thing to worry about. He adds that too many people know the truth. Sonny says that it will be over once he gets through the trial. Jason asks him what will happen if Sonny isnít acquitted. Sonny tells him that Coleman is on the jury and will not vote ďguilty,Ē Dante is refusing to crucify him, and the DA canít get to Michael. He asks Jason what other witness the DA would be able to find that could hurt Sonny.

At Johnnyís garage, Claire reveals to Johnny that she will not be calling him as a witness because the jury will see him as a guilt-stricken brother bent on revenge. She says his testimony will only make the jury feel sorry for Sonny. She says she is having a hard enough time making Claudia seem like a sympathetic victim. Johnny accuses Claire of judging Claudia and tells her to try being married to an egocentric, misogynistic pig like Sonny. She reveals that Detective Falconari warned her that Johnny was too volatile to be a good witness. Johnny tells her that cop or not, Danteís objective is to protect his father. He says Dante used to speak out about putting Sonny away, but since discovering that Sonny is his father, he is changing without even realizing it. He tells her that Danteís warnings about her arenít credible. He tells her that Dante will blow her case if she doesnít stop him. She says she will take his warning under advisement but she still wonít call him to testify.

At Sonnyís case, Carly says she heard that Luke is back in town and she is sure he came to plead Ethanís case to Sonny. Sonny says Kristina told him that Ethan beat her and he isnít going to doubt her. She says Luke must be afraid for Ethanís life. Sonny says Ethan should already be dead, but he already agreed that Ethan would be tried in court so he will see to it that he gets the smallest, darkest cell with the biggest ugliest cellmate. Carly asks Sonny if he is punishing Ethan or Deke. He says he wishes he could have had Deke put into a tiny cage and beaten to within an inch of his life but he didnít have that kind of power back then. He says it wonít be hard to convict Ethan because they have all the evidence they need including his skin under her fingernails. He says he probably hit Kristina hard after she scratched him because it always gets worse when the victim gets hurt. Carly reminds him that he was not the victim this time and Kristina may not want the same kind of justice that Sonny wants. He says he bonded with his daughter when he saw her in the hospital because he knows what it is like to feel small and afraid, but she is protecting the pig that did it to her. He says the bruises fade, but you still scream inside and ask yourself why it happened. He says the difference is that Kristina has a father who can stop this man from ever hurting her or anyone else again. He says he has been trapped and helpless but neither he nor his children will be trapped and helpless again.

Morgan runs into Dante at Kellyís. Dante says baseball season is starting soon and the Yanks are looking good. Morgan says he doesnít think he will be going to any games since his father is on trial and his brother is away. Dante says he doesnít expect that he will see many live games either. Morgan asks him how he thinks their fatherís trial is going. Dante tells him honestly that he doesnít know. Morgan asks if Dante still hopes their father will go to prison.

In Maxieís hospital room, Lulu admits that she and Dante still have not had sex because something always interrupts them. Maxie tells her to turn the phones off and stop answering the door. She warns her not to sabotage herself the way Maxie does. Lulu says Maxie didnít do that with Spinelli. Maxie reveals that Spinelli created the Chef Robaire mystery because he knows Maxie has a thing for ďbad boys.Ē Spinelli arrives at the door just in time to overhear Maxie telling Lulu that that is how they ended up in the storm drain in the first place. He apologizes for interrupting. Lulu says she was just telling Maxie how blessed she is to have Spinelli in her life. Maxie says she doesnít know what she would do without him, but Spinelli says he is the blessed one. Lulu leaves the room to give Maxie and Spinelli some private time. Spinelli tells Maxie to keep her oxygen mask on so she places it over her nose and mouth. He shows her the image of a Lilly of the Valley on his PDA and tells her he wasnít allowed to bring her a real one. She observes that it doesnít have any blooms on it and he reveals that it is waiting to welcome her home. She tells him she loves him.

Lulu is standing outside of Maxieís hospital room when Robin passes by. Lulu stops Robin and reveals that she is concerned about Maxie because she is so pale. Robin admits that they havenít been able to stop the septicemia and explains that that means her blood pressure is extremely low so they have to watch for organ failure. She says they are not sure if Maxie will pull through.

Jason goes to Sonnyís restaurant. The waiter on duty asks him if he would like to sit at the table or the bar. Jason asks him where Mario is. The man says he iced Mario and through him in the harbor so that he could get behind the bar and hopefully infiltrates the organization. Jason concludes that he must be Conan. Conan says he appreciates that Bernie helped him get this job, but observes that the place has a lot of potential as a real restaurant. Lucky enters and Conan asks him if he would prefer to sit at the table or the bar. Lucky says he is just there to see Jason. Conan goes behind the bar and leaves Lucky and Jason alone to talk. Jason asks how Jake and Cameron are doing. He says they miss their mom, they are excited about the baby, and they are confused that Uncle Nikolas will be the new babyís dad. Lucky says he is having a hard time with it too.

Luke and Ethan go to the Haunted Star. Tracy is in the office and says she expected that they would be celebrating here. Luke says he detects sarcasm. Tracy says Ethan attacked a girl, visited the girl, and then the charges miraculously went away. Ethan tells her that he did not manipulate or threaten Kristina. Luke says Ethan was set up and then the kid couldnít live with the fact that Ethan could go to prison for something he didnít do. Tracy says Luke gives Ethan the benefit of the doubt, but Sonny might not be so inclined.

Sam takes Kristina home to the lake house and tells her that she thinks it is cool that she went to Kellyís. Alexis tells Kristina that the charges against Ethan were dropped and he was released. Kristina hugs her mother.

Dante and Morgan sit at a table at Kellyís. Dante tells his little brother that he learned to trust the law a long time ago. He explains that the way the system works is that he collects evidence and then a judge and jury sift through it to decide what if any, penalty a person should get. Morgan asks his brother if police can make mistakes like arresting the wrong person. Dante admits that the police can make mistakes and that nobody is perfect, but he says it is still the best way to find justice. Morgan tells him that that is about the law. He says Dante is his brother and their fatherís son and wonders if he really wants to see their father go to jail. Before Dante responds, Sonny enters Kellyís.

At Sonnyís restaurant, Lucky tells Jason that he and Elizabeth always dreamed of having children together but all things considered, it is a good thing they are not. Jason asks Lucky why he wanted to see him. Lucky reveals that the charges against Ethan were dropped so there will be no trial. He says that makes Ethan a target for Sonny so he wants Jason to convince Sonny that killing Ethan wonít solve anything. Claire Walsh enters and observes that Port Charles has such pleasant hangouts where cops and criminals can pass the time together. Lucky explains to her that his brother was accused of beating up Sonnyís daughter, and Jason is the most appropriate person to break the news to Sonny that the charges were dropped. He observes to her that it isnít a Federal matter, so he excuses himself and leaves. Claire tells Jason that it is amazing that they donít even try to conceal the fact that the restaurant is a mob front. He asks her why she is there. She hands him a manila envelope and tells him he has been called as a witness. She suggests that he go over the material and warns him not to leave town.

Sonny joins Dante and Morgan at their table at Kellyís. He explains to Morgan that his brother took an oath to a special job. Morgan says Dante is an undercover cop and his job is to lie to people, get them to trust him, and then arrest them. Dante says that perhaps Morgan is right; sometimes he does the wrong things for the right reasons. Sonny explains that Dante built his case before he knew Sonny was his father and he canít take it back now that he knows they are related. Morgan concludes that it is ok with Sonny if Dante sends him to jail. Dante explains that it isnít up to him; the jury will decide about it. Sonny says he will accept whatever happens and that he is proud of Dante. He says his only regret is that he never got a chance to know Dante and that Dante never got a chance to know his brothers and sister. Dante gets up and says he doesnít think they should be having this conversation. Morgan says he thinks that the jury will find Sonny not guilty and the three of them will be able to go to a Yankees game together. Dante says he thinks the Yankees will have a good year and he leaves.

At the Haunted Star, Luke observes that if Ethanís stepmother wonít give him the benefit of the doubt, it is no wonder that Sonny is out for blood. Tracy says Ethan has no evidence to support his innocence. Ethan says that Kristina is troubled, confused, and ignored by everyone close to her and that those are the reasons he bothered to pay attention to her in the first place. Luke says that proves no good deed goes unpunished. Ethan says he was stupid enough to be flattered that Kristina had a crush on him but that he never misled her. He admits that he could have handled it better when she threw herself at him, but the way she was battered makes him sick. Luke says Kristina is protecting her abuser for some reason and that Tracy has just proven that no one besides Luke will believe Ethan is innocent until Kristina tells the truth.

Robin goes into Maxieís hospital room and tells her that she needs to keep her oxygen mask on because she is making her heart and lungs work harder than they should. Maxie replaces the mask on her face. Robin asks Spinelli not to wear Maxie out. Robin leaves and Spinelli tells Maxie that he will never forgive himself for putting her here or for creating a mystery around chef Robaire to make himself appear more interesting. Maxie takes off her mask again and tells Spinelli that she knows she didnít deserve him but she is thankful that he didnít give up on her; he just loved her. Spinelli says it sounds like Maxie is saying goodbye and he will not let her do that.

Lulu goes to Kellyís and sits down at a table. Carly sees her and asks her what is going on. Tearfully, Lulu reveals that Maxie is in the hospital and that the doctors donít know what to do. Carly says the hospital is the best place for Maxie to be. Lulu tells Carly that she didnít see Robinís face. Carly says Robin is a drama queen but Lulu says not this time; it is obvious that Robin doesnít think Maxie will make it. Carly takes Luluís hand and tells her not to say that and not to believe that Maxie will die. Lulu says Maxie is so pale and weak that Carly wouldnít recognize her. She says she doesnít know what she would do without Maxie. Carly reminds Lulu that Maxie has beaten the odds before. She tells Lulu that if she needs anything or anybody, she has her. Lulu says she was afraid that they wouldnít be able to get past taking opposite sides in Sonnyís case. Carly assures her cousin that no man will ever come between them.

Dante returns to the police station and sees Olivia sitting in the waiting area. He says she didnít tell him she was coming to see him. She reveals Claire wants to see her to review her testimony. Olivia asks Dante what is wrong. He reveals that he just saw Sonny and Morgan at Kellyís. He says he likes Morgan. She says he is allowed to love his brother and asks him what else is bothering him. He shrugs. She tells him that he can either shut her out or let her help him. He tells her that the cop in him wants to see Sonny go to prison, but he feels baldy when he thinks of the kids. Olivia says she doesn't doubt Sonnyís guilt, remorse, or his love for his kids, but Sonny is also a narcissist and a manipulator. Johnny storms into the police station and demands to know how far Dante is willing to go to protect his father.

At the lake house, Alexis tells Kristina that no one can possibly understand how she feels or what she went through so she doesnít want to put any more pressure on her. Alexis observes that Kristina has always been concerned about other peopleís feelings but she doesnít want Kristina to take care of anyone but herself.

Sonny goes into the office in the back of his restaurant and sees Jason looking through a stack of papers. Jason reveals that the prosecutor hand-delivered the list of questions for Sonnyís trial. Sonny says Diane thinks they are at a draw in the trial and that he has to thank Dante for his testimony. Jason says Sonny has Dante to thank for being on trial in the first place. Sonny says he ran into Dante and Morgan at Kellyís and that Morgan was asking Dante how he feels about the trial. He says he told Morgan that Dante is just doing his job. He says he thinks he is making progress with Dante, with Michael being on the island, and with letting the courts deal with the bastard that beat his daughter. Jason reveals that Lucky informed him that the charges against Ethan were dropped.

Maxie falls asleep in her room at General Hospital and dreams that Georgie comes to visit her. She asks Georgie if she came for her. Georgie says it is up to Maxie.

Alexis goes to the Haunted Star and finds Ethan in the office. She tells him she is there to warn him that if he contacts Kristina in any way, Sonny will know about it and deal with it as he sees fit.

Luke goes to the lake house. When Kristina answers the door, he asks her how she is doing. She evades the question and tells him that her mother isnít home. He asks if he can talk to her instead. She says the charges were dropped so Ethan will be fine. Luke says the problem is that her father still thinks that Ethan beat her up, but he knows it isnít the truth. She tries to close the door, but he holds it open and tells her that he needs her help; she has to tell the truth.

At the police station, Dante tells Johnny that he told Claire not to put him on the stand and he is proving that he was right. Johnny says Sonny has Dante fooled, but Dante liking Sonny doesnít change the way Sonny treated Claudia. Johnny says that through their entire marriage, Sonny called Claudia a whore and treated her like one. Olivia asks Johnny and Dante to take it easy. Johnny says no, Sonny claims to live by a moral code that says to leave women and children out of it, but he treated Claudia like crap. He says that's who Dante is working so hard to defend.

In the office behind Sonnyís restaurant, Sonny asks Jason who decided to let Ethan go free. Jason says Kristina doesnít want to go through the trial and have to relive the experience repeatedly. Sonny yells that the son of a bitch should have died the first night. Clare walks up and over hears him.

She watches him throw a tray of beverage glasses and tip over a chair. He rhetorically asks if Ethan thinks he can beat up his daughter and live. He says he wants him to hang on a hook and suffer for what he did to Kristina. Claire continues to watch as Sonny shoves the contents of his desk onto the floor. Sonny yells that after that, he wants s him dead. He pushes the remaining items on the desk onto the floor. Finally, Jason notices that the Federal prosecutor is standing outside the private office watching them.

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