GH Update Wednesday 3/24/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/24/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In the courtroom, Dante and Claire argue about Michael. Dante doesn’t want Michael to testify against his father. Claire thinks that Dante is trying to protect Sonny. Dante maintains that he still wants Sonny sent to prison. Dante wonders if Claire is the right person to prosecute Sonny. Claire feels like Dante is trying to sabotage the case against Sonny. Dante is adamant that Sonny will be convicted even though he is his father. Claire is curious as to why Dante doesn’t want Michael on the stand. Dante laughs nervously. Dante tells Claire that Michael “deserves some compassion”. Claire doesn’t believe Dante. Claire implies that Dante is protecting Michael because he witnessed Sonny kill Claudia. Dante talks about his first case which involved a teenager. Dante theorizes that Michael wouldn’t be a credible witness on the stand. Dante says that Sonny is capable of killing Claudia. Dante adds that Claire should use the evidence he found and leave Michael out of it. Claire makes it clear that Dante needs to cooperate or he can turn in his police badge.

In the Corinthos living room, Luke and Sonny talk about the situation with Ethan. Luke brings up Ethan and Kristina’s argument at the casino. Sonny wants to know if Luke is defending his son. Luke believes that Ethan is telling the truth. Sonny replies that Kristina didn’t make a mistake when she implicated Ethan. Luke accuses Kristina of lying. Sonny is outraged by Luke’s allegation. Sonny yells at Luke and says that Kristina wouldn’t lie about something like this. Sonny tells Luke that Kristina was beaten over and over by Ethan. Luke apologizes for the accusation but says that Kristina could be “confused”. Sonny reminds Luke that the DNA found under Kristina’s fingernails was a match to Ethan. Luke wants to work with Sonny to find the real culprit. Sonny is stubborn - he won’t listen to Luke’s pleading words. Luke insists that Ethan is innocent of the crime. Luke warns Sonny to stay away from his son.

At the penthouse, Jason and Carly discuss why Kristina is lying about the assault. Carly figures that Kristina is trying to protect someone – most likely her boyfriend, Kiefer. Jason doesn’t want to jump to conclusions. Jason points out that Kristina’s story has discrepancies but it doesn’t mean that Ethan didn’t do it. Carly says that the time line doesn’t add up. Jason agrees with Carly’s reasoning but suggests that Kristina might have had the times wrong. Carly thinks it is highly plausible that Kiefer could be Kristina’s attacker. Carly brings up the time when Kiefer roughed up Morgan on the docks. Carly believes that Kiefer has anger issues. Jason wants Carly to back off because Sonny wouldn’t be happy to hear that she is accusing Kristina of lying. Jason says that Lucky is going to take care of it. Carly agrees to stay out of it.

At the Davis home, Lucky questions Kristina about the identity of her attacker. Kristina is vague with her answers. Lucky is growing more frustrated. Kristina won’t directly answer Lucky. Lucky asks how Kristina is coping with this. Kristina says that Sam has been very supportive. Lucky insists that Kristina needs to press charges. Kristina doesn’t want Ethan to be arrested. Lucky senses that Kristina is hiding something. Kristina admits that she feels to blame for the assault because she pursued Ethan. Lucky stresses that the assault wasn’t Kristina’s fault. Kristina is becoming more agitated. Lucky doesn’t want to press the issue any further. Lucky says that he’ll keep in touch with Kristina.

Lulu visits Ethan at the police station. In the interrogation room, Lulu tells Ethan that he shouldn’t have gone to see Kristina at home. Lulu is preoccupied about something. Ethan senses that there is something wrong with Luke. Lulu says that she is having a hard time believing Ethan. Ethan asks Lulu to come clean about the secret involving Luke. Lulu announces that Luke raped her mother. Ethan is speechless. Lulu talks about the circumstances leading up to the rape. Ethan doesn’t know what to say. Lulu fears that Ethan is just like Luke. Lulu believes that Kristina is telling the truth about Ethan.

Robin interrupts Lisa and Patrick talking in the park. Robin sits down at a table that Patrick has set up for their romantic meal. Robin brings up Sonny and the trial. Patrick and Robin argue right in front of Lisa. Robin asks Lisa to stay objective about the trial. Lisa agrees to keep an open mind about Sonny. Lisa leaves Robin and Patrick alone in the park. Patrick says that he doesn’t want Sonny spoiling their romantic evening. Patrick pours Robin a glass of wine. Robin brings up Sonny again which makes Patrick cringe. Patrick has no compassion for Sonny. Robin doesn’t understand why Patrick can’t stand Sonny. Patrick divulges that his opinion of Sonny changed when he shot Dante. Patrick thinks that Sonny will never change. Robin agrees with Patrick’s views but insists that she’ll always love Sonny. Patrick and Robin agree to change the subject. Robin maintains that she is committed to Patrick and Emma. Patrick and Robin propose a toast.

Dante shows up at Jake’s. Coleman hands Dante a beer just as Lulu enters the bar. Dante and Lulu kiss. Coleman and Dante talk briefly about the trial. Lulu and Dante sit down at a table. Lulu vents about her family drama. Lulu doesn’t know what to think of Ethan. Dante brings up Sonny. Dante worries that he is just like Sonny. Lulu promises that Dante is nothing like his father. Dante is grateful that Lulu is in his life.

Kiefer pays Kristina a visit at home. Kristina is surprised to see Kiefer. Kiefer inquires about Lucky’s visit. Kristina is annoyed that Kiefer is hanging around outside the house. Kiefer asks Kristina if she told Lucky the truth. Kristina says that she feels bad about implicating Ethan. Kiefer raises his voice because it’s clear that Kristina cares somewhat about Ethan. There is a knock on the door. It’s Sonny. Kiefer says hi to Sonny before leaving. Sonny wants to speak to Kristina about the assault. Kristina asserts that Ethan shouldn’t pay for what happened. Sonny maintains that Ethan should be punished for the assault. Kristina starts to cry. Kristina doesn’t want to put Ethan through a trial. Sonny reminds Kristina that her grandmother was in an abusive relationship. Kristina wants the whole thing to be over. Sonny hugs Kristina.

Jax runs into Carly at the Metro Court restaurant. Jax brings up Alexis. Carly is amused that Alexis called Jax right after her visit with Kristina. Carly admits that she needs to stay out of the situation. Carly wants to concentrate on Sonny’s trial. Jax thinks that Carly should keep Michael in the dark about the court proceedings. Carly is irritated that Jax is trying to tell her what to do.

Lucky shows up at Luke’s office. Lucky informs Luke that Nikolas is the father of Elizabeth’s baby. Luke senses that Lucky is relieved about the results. Lucky says that he can move on with his life now. Luke says that they have a problem with Sonny. Lucky says that he ran into Ethan at the hospital the night of Kristina’s attack. Lucky says that Kristina identified Ethan as her attacker. Luke wonders if Kristina made a mistake. Lucky says that it is possible that Kristina lied since there is a discrepancy in her story. Luke is resolute that Ethan is innocent. Luke says that Kristina wouldn’t leave the casino that night and adds that Ethan grabbed Kristina’s arm but that was it.

Jason and Sonny talk in the Corinthos living room. Sonny is obsessing over the situation with Kristina. Sonny doesn’t want to cause a rift between himself and Luke. Jason asks what Sonny wants him to do. Sonny wants justice for what happened to Kristina.

Sam shows up at the Davis home. Kristina asserts that she won’t testify against Ethan. Sam wants Ethan to pay for what he did to Kristina. Kristina doesn’t want Ethan prosecuted for the assault. Sam is puzzled. Kristina asks Sam to talk to Alexis. Kristina makes it clear that she has no intentions of pressing charges against Ethan. Sam agrees to speak to Alexis. Kristina blurts out that she made a mistake. Sam laughs since she assumes that Kristina is talking about something else. Sam is painting Kristina’s fingernails. Kristina is thankful for Sam’s support.

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