GH Update Tuesday 3/23/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/23/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Ethan and Luke chat in the PCPD interrogation room. Ethan is relieved to see a friendly face since no one believes he is innocent. Ethan is worried that Sonny is going to come after him. Luke fears the worst for his son. Luke brings up Ethan’s heated argument with Sam at the Haunted Star. Luke says that he could understand if Ethan lost his temper with Kristina. Ethan wonders if Luke believes him. Ethan admits that he was mad when he left the casino. Ethan relays that he went to the Davis home and found a beaten Kristina lying on the floor. Ethan proclaims his innocence once again. Ethan wishes that he hadn’t went to Kristina’s house that night. Luke asks Ethan why he went to confront Kristina if there is a restraining order in place. Ethan knows that his actions were stupid. Ethan says that he hoped Kristina would finally come clean about the assault. Luke doesn’t know how to help Ethan.

At the penthouse, Jason tells Lucky that Kristina’s story doesn’t add up. Jason believes that it is highly unlikely that Ethan is Kristina’s attacker. Jason says that Sam and Ethan argued at the casino around the time of the assault. Lucky asks Jason what he should do to help. Jason brings up the car accident when Claudia lost her unborn baby. Jason reveals that Kristina drove Claudia off the road. Lucky is speechless. Lucky talks about bringing Ethan in on assault charges. Lucky wishes that his brother would have steered clear of Kristina. Lucky and Jason wonder why Kristina would lie about the identity of her attacker. Lucky says that he will do everything he can to find out the truth.

Alexis returns home to find Carly and Kristina talking in the living room. Carly tells Alexis that Kristina might have made a mistake in accusing Ethan of the assault. Kristina is hysterical. Alexis hugs her daughter and tells Carly to leave. Carly says that Kristina was about to tell her something important when Alexis showed up. Alexis doesn’t appreciate Carly’s interrogation of Kristina. Carly insists that she isn’t trying to protect Ethan. Carly reminds Alexis of Kristina’s involvement in Claudia’s car accident last year. Carly realizes that neither Alexis or Kristina want to listen. After Carly leaves, Alexis comforts Kristina. Alexis says that the assault wasn’t Kristina’s fault.

Dante is sworn in on the witness stand. Dante identifies himself as a police officer. Claire brings up Dante’s shooting, which makes Diane object. Judge Carroll stands by Claire. The judge advises Dante to tell the court who shot him. Dante sticks by his original statement – that he shot himself by accident. Claire is frustrated with Dante’s testimony. Claire asks when Dante found out that Sonny was his father. Claire points out that Dante found out the truth the same day as his ‘accidental’ shooting. Claire asks Dante to talk about the time he worked for Sonny. Dante says that he found remnants of a shirt in the Corinthos living room fireplace. Diane’s objections are ignored by Judge Carroll. The courtroom gets quiet when Claire asks Dante if he thinks that Sonny is capable of murdering of his own wife. Dante remains silent. Claire produces a hair fiber found at the burnt-down cabin. Diane and Claire argue their positions. The judge allows Claire to continue with her questioning. Claire implies that there was a witness to Claudia’s murder. Dante says that he has no direct evidence to suggest that there was a witness. Claire won’t back down. The judge demands that Dante answer the prosecutor’s question. Dante blurts out that Michael Corinthos might have witnessed Sonny killing Claudia. Sonny is furious.

At the hospital, Robin is visibly shaken by Maxie’s health prognosis. Patrick asks Robin how she is handling the situation. Robin is worried about her cousin. Patrick reassures Robin that Maxie will get better. Patrick takes Robin’s hand in his. Epiphany pipes in and says that Robin and Patrick should go do something fun. However, Robin doesn’t want to leave. Patrick gets a mysterious phone call. Robin questions Patrick about it but he is evasive. Lucky walks up to the nurses’ station. Lucky speaks to Epiphany. Lucky wants to know what Epiphany thought of Ethan’s demeanor the night of the assault. Epiphany says that Ethan seemed “concerned” about Kristina. Patrick disagrees and says that Ethan was “restless” and couldn’t wait to get out of there. Patrick tells Lucky that it is obvious that Ethan beat up Kristina. Lucky appreciates Patrick’s opinion but doesn’t verbally agree with him.

Johnny is at the auto body shop when he is handed a subpoena. Johnny becomes enraged about the Corinthos trial. Johnny starts throwing things around the room just as Olivia is walking through the door. Olivia inquires about Johnny’s anger. Johnny goes on and on about Sonny and his unkind treatment toward Claudia. Olivia is worried about Sonny since Ethan is accused of beating up Kristina. Olivia informs Johnny that Ethan broke the restraining order by going to see Kristina.

Jax shows up at Alexis’ home. Jax promises to talk to Carly. Alexis is upset about Kristina. Alexis announces that Kristina has been on the pill for five months. Alexis feels bad because Kristina turned to Sam for advice. Jax rubs Alexis’ back while she breaks down. Jax makes a joke which instantly makes Alexis laugh. Jax thinks that Alexis is being too hard on herself. Alexis is thankful for Jax’s compassion.

Claire continues to badger Dante on the witness stand. Dante says that he has no idea where Michael Corinthos is located. Diane keeps objecting to Claire’s probing questions. Finally, the judge warns that Claire could be charged with contempt if she continues. Claire quiets down and tells the court that she is done questioning Dante. Dante leaves the courtroom and runs into Lulu in the lobby. Dante fears that he has made things worse for Michael. Judge Carroll briefly speaks to the court. The judge advises the jury to keep their opinions to themselves. Court is adjourned for the day. Sonny and Diane discuss the day’s events. Sonny worries about the jury’s opinion of him. In private, Coleman and Alice discuss Michael’s whereabouts. Mayor Floyd interrupts their conversation. The mayor tells Coleman and Alice that they need to find Sonny guilty. Lisa overhears and tells the mayor to back off. In the lobby, Dante kisses Lulu. Dante walks up to Claire and says that they need to talk. Dante doesn’t appreciate that Claire put him on the spot. Claire reminds Dante that he would have made things easier if he would have brought Michael in a long time ago. Claire acknowledges that Michael’s life will be destroyed if he has to testify against Sonny.

At the hospital, Robin is online looking for information about Sonny’s trial. Robin knows that Patrick doesn’t want to talk about Sonny. Robin looks at her watch and realizes that she is running late for her plans with Patrick.

Lisa runs into Patrick in the park. Patrick is busy putting together a romantic dinner for Robin. Lisa asks about the special occasion. Patrick says that Robin has been stressing over Maxie. Lisa says that she has been in court all day for the Corinthos trial. Patrick doesn’t want to talk about anything associated with Sonny. Lisa says that the judge advised all jury members to stay quiet about the case. Patrick and Lisa are laughing about something when Robin shows up.

Lucky shows up at the Davis home. Kristina answers the door. Lucky wants to know if he can speak to Kristina about the assault. Kristina feels awkward since she is accusing Lucky’s brother of the attack. Lucky wants to make sure that Kristina’s story is credible. Kristina goes over the night of the attack. Kristina brings up her argument with Ethan and how Sam brought her home. Kristina explains that “he” barged into her home and beat her up. Lucky asks Kristina who attacked her. Kristina doesn’t answer Lucky.

Carly shows up at Jason’s home. Carly confirms Jason’s suspicions – that Kristina is lying about Ethan being her attacker. Carly says that Alexis interrupted her conversation with Kristina. Carly worries about Sonny’s state of mind. Carly thinks that Sonny is close to losing it.

Sonny returns home. Sonny is visibly upset about the trial. Sonny is about to pour a drink when Luke walks in.

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