GH Update Monday 3/22/10

General Hospital Update Monday 3/22/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the penthouse, Carly is horrified to hear that Kristina might be lying about Ethan being her attacker. Carly and Jason worry how all this will impact Michael. Carly thinks it’s possible that Kristina implicated the wrong person. Jason says that Kristina was acting strange when he interrogated her at the hospital. Jason and Carly discuss the situation with Kristina. Carly says that it is imperative that they find out the truth.

Ethan shows up at the Davis home. Ethan asks Kristina why she is lying. Kristina wants Ethan to leave but he won’t go. Ethan doesn’t understand why Kristina is accusing him of the assault. Kristina starts to cry but she won’t come clean about the true identity of her attacker. Sam walks in. Sam is mad that Ethan is harassing Kristina. Sam threatens to call the police if Ethan doesn’t leave. Ethan wants to speak to Kristina but Sam won’t listen. Sam calls the police anyway. Ethan tells Kristina to tell the truth. Sam defends her sister and forces Ethan to leave. Kristina is sobbing on the living room couch. Sam comforts Kristina. Sam tells Kristina that what happened isn’t her fault.

Dante and Lulu are kissing in his new place when he suddenly pulls away. Lulu wonders what’s wrong. Lulu thinks that Dante is still recovering from his gunshot. Dante insists that he’s okay. Dante wants to look for condoms that he packed into a moving box. Lulu senses that Dante is avoiding the topic of sex. Dante riffles through a box and finds the condoms. Lulu and Dante start to make out when his cell phone rings. Dante needs to be at the courthouse immediately.

Diane addresses the court. Coleman, Lisa and Alice are three of the jury members. In her opening statement, Diane explains that Sonny was trying to protect his ex-wife and her newborn daughter. Diane speaks about Claudia’s actions the night of her death – kidnapping a pregnant Carly at gunpoint. Diane badmouths Claire in front of the jury. Claire objects but the judge surprisingly defends Diane. Diane maintains that no direct evidence links Sonny to charges of pre-meditation. Sonny looks somber as he stares at the jury members. Diane goes over the events from the night of Claudia’s death. Diane says that Sonny came across Claudia and Carly at the cabin. Diane ends her opening statement by adding that Sonny killed Claudia in self-defense.

Lucky shows up at Shadybrook. Lucky admits that he heard Epiphany announce the test results to Elizabeth and Nikolas. Elizabeth is confused as to why Lucky didn’t speak up at the hospital. Lucky wants to stay out of the way now that it’s been confirmed that Nik is the father. Elizabeth doesn’t agree; she wants Lucky to be a part of her kids’ life. Lucky maintains that he and Liz have no romantic future. Elizabeth accepts the harsh truth. Lucky says that he will continue to play an important role in Cameron and Jake’s life. After Lucky leaves, Nikolas and Spencer arrive to see Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is thankful to see them. Elizabeth speaks to Spencer about the unborn baby. Spencer touches Liz’s stomach and announces that he can feel the baby. Elizabeth and Nikolas lock eyes with each other. Spencer asks if Liz is going to live at Wyndemere. Elizabeth tries to change the subject. Spencer wants to know what the baby’s name will be. Spencer likes the name Buzz Lightyear which makes both Liz and Nik laugh.

Maxie is being closely monitored at the hospital; she is wearing an oxygen mask. Monica tells Spinelli, Mac, Patrick and Robin that Maxie’s condition is very serious. Monica advises Maxie to take it easy. After Monica leaves the room, Spinelli sits by Maxie’s bedside. Maxie is scared but doesn’t say anything. Nevertheless, Spinelli senses Maxie’s concern. Spinelli insists that Maxie will get better. Mac agrees with Spinelli. Spinelli, Patrick and Robin leave the hospital room. Robin is worried about her cousin. Patrick hugs Robin. Inside the hospital room, Mac speaks of his fears concerning Maxie’s health.

Claire interrogates Mayor Floyd in the courtroom. The mayor implies that Sonny made a confession by stating “this ends tonight”. Diane objects and the judge asks that the comment be taken off the record. Diane successfully argues her position. Judge Carroll announces a short recess. Lisa whispers to Alice and Coleman about the case. Coleman believes that Sonny is guilty of the charges. Lisa doesn’t think it is wise to make such a quick decision. Alice says that she has no problem convicting Sonny. Lisa reminds Alice and Coleman that they need to keep an open mind about the case.

During the recess, Sonny is visibly worried. Dante runs into Sonny at the courtroom. Dante doesn’t have anything to say to his father. In fact, Dante can’t wait to send Sonny to prison.

Carly pays Kristina a visit at home. As a nice gesture, Carly brings Kristina some cookies. Kristina is happy for the distraction. Carly and Kristina sit down on the couch. Carly brings up when she was a rebellious teenager. Carly says that she had a relationship with an older man when she was a teen. Kristina is curious as to why Carly is bringing up her past. Kristina confesses that she had a crush on Ethan. Carly questions Kristina about her feelings for Ethan. Kristina says that she feels bad about the situation with Ethan. Carly implies that Kristina should tell the truth about the assault. Carly says that Kristina shouldn’t be “afraid” of telling the truth. Alexis walks in and wonders what Carly is doing there.

Ethan returns to Luke’s office. Lucky storms in. Lucky says that going to Kristina’s home was stupid. Ethan claims that he’s innocent of the assault charges. Ethan says that he wanted to convince Kristina to speak the truth. Lucky has orders to bring in Ethan. Sam and Tracy show up at the police station. Sam isn’t happy with Ethan. Lucky escorts Ethan into the interrogation room. Tracy watches in disbelief. Tracy walks into the interrogation room and calls Ethan a “fool”. Tracy wishes that Ethan would have stayed away from Kristina. Ethan says that he wanted to talk things out with Kristina. Tracy fears that things are looking bad for Ethan. Tracy says that Kristina was in tears from Ethan’s visit, and Sam can confirm the whole thing. Tracy leaves Ethan alone in the room. Luke suddenly walks in. Ethan is relieved to see his dad.

Lucky goes to Jason’s penthouse. Lucky tells Jason that Nikolas is the father of Elizabeth’s baby. Jason feels awkward about the whole thing. Jason says that he needs Lucky’s help with something. Jason wants to go over Kristina’s statement. Jason thinks that the attacker might be someone else.

Outside of Maxie’s room, Robin and Patrick talk about her cousin’s health problems. Spinelli wheels by and asks if he can speak to Maxie. Mac leaves the room. Spinelli says that he has a gift for Maxie. Spinelli turns on his laptop. A slide show of pictures show up on the screen. There are photographs of Spinelli and Maxie’s happiest moments. Maxie is crying tears of joy. Maxie falls asleep. Maxie dreams of being on the red carpet, with Spinelli by her side.

Dante is about to take the witness stand.

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