GH Update Friday 3/19/10

General Hospital Update Friday 3/19/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Dante is sitting in his new apartment surrounded by boxes. Lulu gets off the elevator with a gift-wrapped box. When he opens the gift, she explains that the coffeemaker isnít original, but he will thank her every morning. She tells that she canít wait to get him settled into his fantastic new place but that she wonders why he decided to move on the day that Sonnyís trial begins.

Carly goes to Sonnyís house and discovers that he is not dressed to go to court. He is sitting in the living room with a drink in his hand, still wearing yesterdayís clothes. He tells her that he was thinking about how badly Kristina was beaten.

Sam is drinking coffee at Jasonís penthouse. Jason observes that she had a rough night and asks her if she got any sleep. She says she got enough. She starts to go upstairs to get ready to start her day, but hesitates on the staircase when someone knocks on the door. Jason opens the door and Ethan says he wants to talk to him. Sam goes to the door and demands to know how Ethan can dare to show his face there. She asks him if he has a death wish. Ethan observes that he should have called first. She tells him that if he is looking for male bonding or sympathy, Jason is nothing like him and she is nothing like Kristina. He tells her that he is just there to talk to Jason. He says it is frustrating that he is telling the truth and nobody believes him. She says it is no wonder nobody believes him, considering the condition of her sisterís face. He asserts that he helped her by taking her to the hospital. Sam says that would be considerate except that he put her there. Sam asks Ethan if he is saying Kristina is lying and that it is her fault. He says he never said that. She tells him he is going to pay for what he did to her little sister. She tells him to get out, so he leaves. Sam asks Jason to swear that he doesnít believe anything that Ethan says.

At Sonnyís house, Carly brings Sonny a cup of coffee. She asks him if he wants to talk about it. he says he wanted Dante to understand him better so he told him about how Deke used to beat him and his mother and that he has been thinking about his mother ever since. He says it all came back to him as if it happened yesterday. He says Kristina looks like his mother, as he takes a picture of his mother out of a drawer. He observes that Kristina has the same small frame and sad eyes as his mother had and that last night she had the same horrible cuts and bruises too. He tells her that the only thing that got him through his life with Deke was knowing that it would eventually end. He says he promised himself that no one he loves would ever endure that kind of hurt, but he failed. He says his money and power didn't protect his daughter. Carly hugs Sonny as he cries.

Kristina is at home looking at herself in a make-up mirror and remembering Keifer beating her up. Keifer knocks on the door. When she opens the door, he presents her with a stuffed bear and asks her if she is up for company. He asks her how she is doing and she tells him to guess. He tells her he was hoping he could make her smile. She tells him that smiling hurts so sheíd rather not. He tells her he gets that she is still mad at him. She asks him what he expects after he beat her up and put her in the hospital. He tells her that he said he is sorry and asks her what else she wants him to do.

At Danteís apartment, he clears boxes off the couch and invites Lulu to sit down. He tells her it is quite comfortable. She asks him why he is dodging her question. He asks her why they are still talking, and he kisses her. She asks him why he is avoiding Sonnyís trial. He tells her that they will call him when they need him to testify, and that probably wonít happen for several days. She observes that this is his big case and wonders if he isnít curious about it. He tells her he is more curious about seeing what she looks like naked. They start kissing again and lay down on the couch when Luluís phone rings and interrupts them. She tells Dante that the text message from Maxie says it is urgent and she leaves to go to the hospital.

Mayor Floyd goes into the otherwise vacant courtroom and tells Diane Miller to enjoy showboating for her slimy client one last time. He says Sonny has been a blight on the community for too long and that this time the good guys will win. She sarcastically asks him where that will leave him.

Clare Walsh enters the court building and Jax tells her that everything he cares about is invested in this trial. She tells him that she is not prosecuting the case for him; she is doing it to advance her career and take that notorious criminal off the streets. She tells him to let her do her job and he will not be disappointed.

At Sonnyís house, he reveals to Carly that he has been worried about Kristina since the day she saw him lose his temper with Claudia. He says that he and Kristina were beginning to get closer and then that night changed everything. He tells Carly that a fatherís worst nightmare is to get a call like the one he got from Patrick telling him that his daughter was in the hospital, badly beaten. He tells her that when he saw his battered daughter, she said Ethan did it, so he went to kill him but Dante stopped him. He tells her he is choking now because he should have blown Ethanís head off but now he might skate after what he did to Kristina. He says Ethan is accusing Kristina of lying, the same way that Deke did. Carly tells Sonny that she sees the parallel so she understands why he is having trouble separating the two scenarios but that it is not the same. Sonny says it is the same; Kristina is protecting Ethan the way his mother protected his father. He blames himself because he was not there to teach Kristina about men like Deke and Ethan when was young, and now the pattern of abuse continues.

At Kristinaís house, she gets up and walks away from Keifer. He tells her he didnít mean to scare her. He says it is hard to see her like this knowing that it is his fault. He tells her he still cannot believe what he did to her. He tells her that she knows that is not him; he just got upset when she stood him up and lied. He gets up and goes over to where she is standing. She winces when he touches her back. Alexis enters the room as Keifer tells Kristina that they can get through this because he loves her and he still thinks she is the most gorgeous girl in the world. Kristina starts sobbing so Alexis goes over to her. Alexis tells Keifer that what he said to Kristina was very supportive and that she appreciates it. She asks Kristina if she is ok. Kristina nods and walks away. Keifer tells Alexis that he wants to do everything he can to get Kristina through this. Alexis tells him that Kristina is upset right now and suggests that Keifer visit later. Keifer asks Kristina if he can come by tomorrow, and she says sure. He tells Kristina and Alexis to call him if they need anything.

At Jasonís penthouse, he tells Sam that he understands why she is so upset and that he would do anything for her but he canít promise not to believe somebody if he thinks they are telling the truth. Sam tells him that if he believes Ethan is telling the truth, then he believes Kristina is lying. Jason says Kristina may just be confused. He tells her that people frequently get confused then they have endured physical trauma. Sam says that anyone who is disgusting enough to beat up on a little girl is disgusting enough to lie about it. She tells Jason that he is big and strong; he can defend himself so he has no idea what it is like to be helpless against someoneís brutality with no way to make it stop until the attacker decides to stop. She says she has to stand by her sister, help her through the healing process, and make sure this never happens to her again.

At the courthouse, Lisa asks Alice if she is in the right place for jury duty. Alice says yes, and she wonders what kind of case it is. She says she hopes they pick her because serving on a jury will be exciting and fun. Coleman admits that he looks great and thanks her for styling him. He concludes to her however, that even in new clothes, they will take one look at him and reject him.

In the courtroom, Clare wonders where Sonny is. Diane tells her that he will be there. Clare reveals that she offered Sonny a postponement, but he refused and now she is beginning to wonder if he ran after all.

At Sonnyís house, Carly explains that Sonny and Adele had no one, so Deke had all the power. She says Deke was a cop, so no one would have believed Sonny or Adele if they had said anything. He says Deke kept them isolated so that he could control them, but Kristina is not alone; she has several strong female role models and a loving father. Carly says Kristina made a mistake by picking the wrong boy, and she will learn a hard lesson from it but she will never make this mistake again. She tells him that today he needs to go to court and fight for himself so he can ensure his continued presence in Kristinaís life.

Olivia comes to Danteís new apartment. She observes that her baby has a new job, a great new place, and a great girlfriend. She wonders where the time went. He tells her that she makes him crazy and he is still mad at her but that after seeing the assault on Kristina, he has come to appreciate how awesome a mother Olivia is.

Spinelli and Lulu go into Maxieís hospital room. Maxie tells them to grab some of the paperwork she has so they can get to work. Lulu tells Maxie that she can relax because Kate took the day off. Maxie says the fashion world doesnít stop and they have an issue to finish. Maxie has a coughing fit. Spinelli pours her a glass of water and gives it to Lulu to pass to Maxie. He tells Maxie that she is not getting enough air so he must insist that she stop talking and stops working. He suggests an oxygen mask. She refuses, saying that using the mask will be tantamount to admitting defeat. She explains to them that she knows she isnít getting better and she knows that every visit to the hospital could be her last and she doesnít want to dwell on it. Spinelli tells Maxie that she is in denial. She tells him that that is his opinion and that her health is her business. He tells her that it is no longer just her business; they are a team and he will not allow her jeopardize her health. He tells her he is going to go find Robin and tell her about the coughing episode so she can decide the best course of action. When he leaves, Lulu tells Maxie that wearing the oxygen mask is a little thing that will give Spinelli peace of mind. Maxie says it isnít a little thing. She tells Lulu that she remembers almost dying when she was six years old and that the oxygen mask came first but she ultimately ended up in a plastic tent, unable to touch anyone. She says she doesnít want that and she is scared. Lulu asks her what she can do to help. Maxie tells her to go somewhere and do something fun with Dante.

At Danteís apartment, he asks his mother if she knew when they were children that Sonny and his mother were being abused. Olivia says everybody knew but nobody talked about it. He says he knows that if someone had tried to abuse him, Olivia would have hit him upside the head with a baseball bat so it is difficult for him to comprehend any other way.

Sam goes to her motherís house to visit Kristina and offers to cover her bruises with makeup. She says it can boost her confidence and give her a little preview into how she can feel complete again. Kristina tells Sam that right now she feels broken, ugly, and stupid. Sam tells her those are bruises of the spirit and those will heal too.

Alexis goes to the Haunted Star and sees Ethan taking cash out of the safe. He tells her he didnít do it. She asks him why he is running away. When he doesnít answer, she tells him that Sonny will send one of his goons to find him and kill him. She tells him that it would save her daughter the shame and humiliation of a public trial, but she is not into vigilante justice and killing him wouldnít help Kristina. She tells him to be man enough to face what he did. He repeats that he didnít do it. Alexis tells him to shut up. She says he doesnít get to talk. She tells him that since he is big and bad enough to knock her child around he should be big and bad enough to own it. He tells her that he canít help her. She says he can and he will. She then tells him that she will see him in court but in the meantime, she has a restraining order against him.

At the court building, Lisa observes that Alice is gung-ho about jury duty. Alice tells her that it is exciting to do her civic duty and participate in the process that makes this country great. She says Lisa is just upset about her personal inconvenience, but she will be excited by the time she takes her oath. Lisa says she will be excused because she is a surgeon. Alice tells her not to count on it. Sitting on a nearby bench, Coleman asks Kate if she wants to go to her place or his when they leave the court building. She tells him she thinks he is selling himself short because she thinks a common-sense man like him would be an asset to a jury. He tells her that his dubious connections make him poison to any prosecutor. The bailiff calls the prospective jurors into the selection room. Sonny observes Kate kissing Coleman when he goes inside and she remains outside in the hallway. Sonny tells her he never expected to see her with someone like Coleman. She says this is not the time discuss their respective romantic choice. She wishes him luck and leaves.

In the courtroom, Clare Walsh is about to threaten Diane with repercussions if Sonny doesnít arrive before Judge Carroll does. Sonny enters the room, so Diane shoos Clare away.

The jury selection process begins in the courtroom. Clare asks a potential juror if the criminal element in Port Charles has affected his quality of life. He proudly proclaims that Mr. Corinthos protects his block. Clare dismisses him. Diane asks a potential juror if she would convict a man based solely on circumstantial evidence. The woman says she would if the man is Sonny Corinthos. Clare interviews Lisa Niles who volunteers that she has a social acquaintance with the defendant. Sonny whispers to Diane that Lisa ate in his restaurant once. Clare and Diane both accept Lisa for the jury. Coleman takes the witness stand for his turn to be interviewed. In an effort to ensure that he is not chosen, he volunteers that he is tolerant of the wrongly accused because some of his friends have been wrongly accused and he doesnít want to see any of his wrongly accused friends go to prison. He says he has no respect for the law. Alice takes the stand for her turn to be interviewed. She says she has seen the rogue element in Port Charles worsen since she has been working at the Quartermaine estate. She says she believes that if you do the crime, you do the time. She says she believes in the justice system and she would be proud to serve. Alice and Coleman are both chosen to serve on the jury.

Carly goes to Jasonís penthouse. He tells her that he was just talking to Bernie on the phone and that Michael not happy, but he is staying on the island. She says it is a good thing Michael isnít here because he would be going nuts over what happened to Kristina. She says it is a good thing Michael doesnít have to see Sonny the way he was this morning. She says he was sitting in the dark, reeking of alcohol, and going on and on about blaming himself for Kristina. Jason says Sonny canít have a breakdown right now. Carly says Sonny is still taking his medication, but it is bad.

At Alexis's house, Kristina has conceded to allow Sam to cover up her bruises with makeup. Sam asks her what she thinks, and Kristina says she thinks Sam is the best big sister in the world.

Lulu returns to Danteís apartment crying and tells him she needs a hug. He holds her and asks her what is wrong. She tells him she hadnít grasped the gravity of Maxieís condition. She explains that there is no such thing as a minor infection for Maxie and her heart could give out at any time. Lulu says she thinks she could learn a lesson from Maxie. She has realized that Maxie is reckless and impulsive because she is living large while she can. She tells Dante that they have wasted time. She says they shouldnít take each other for granted; they should seize moments because she doesnít want to miss a moment of what they have. They declare their love for each other and kiss.

In Maxieís hospital room, Robin tells Maxie that her vital signs are problematic so she will have to put her on an oxygen mask. Spinelli apologizes to Maxie but explains that he had to act in her best interest. She tells him it is ok; she loves that he takes care of her. He says it is the least that he can do considering that he caused the situation. She tells him to stop blaming himself because if it hadnít been the storm drain, something else would have brought it on because as a heart transplant recipient, she is susceptible to infection. Robin places the oxygen mask on Maxie.

At Jasonís penthouse, Carly wonders if Sonny wants Jason to kill Ethan. Jason tells her that Sonny went after Ethan himself. Carly says the last thing they need is a war between Sonny and Luke, but that is where this is headed because Luke will stand beside his despicable son. Jason punches at the air in frustration. Carly asks him what is going on. Jason reveals that there is a discrepancy in Kristinaís story and that Ethan might be innocent. He tells her that Kristina said Ethan showed up right after Sam dropped her off at the lake house, but Sam drove straight to the Haunted Palace after dropping Kristina off and Ethan was there. Jason says Kristina may be confused about the time or it could mean that Kristina is lying about Ethan.

Ethan goes to Kristinaís house and knocks on the door. She tells him he shouldnít be there because of the restraining order. He tells her she has no reason to be afraid of him and that they both know that he didnít beat her. He asks her why she said that he did.

In the courtroom, Clare begins her opening argument. She says the prosecution is prepared to prove that the defendant bludgeoned his wife to death. She says he announced his intentions to a room full of witnesses and that the murder was cruel, vicious, and premeditated. In Dianeís rebuttal, she says the defense and the prosecution agree on one point; Sonny Corinthos did kill his wife.

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