GH Update Thursday 3/18/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/18/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

At the police station, Mac receives the DNA results for the sample from Kristinaís fingernails and tells Alexis the sample matches Ethan Lovett.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan tells Lulu that his DNA will be found under Kristinaís fingernails.  He says he knows that he will never make it to trial; his only option is to leave town now. Lulu asks Ethan to wait until their father returns. Ethan says they have no idea when Luke will return from Las Vegas and he isnít going to bet his life on the possibility that Luke will come back soon enough. Ethan says he has no guarantee that Luke would take his side on this anyway. He observes that Lucky and Lulu both think he is guilty.

Jason visits Kristina in the hospital. He asks her how long she was alone between the time Sam left her house and Ethan came and attacked her. Kristina flashes back to Keifer attacking her and tells Jason she doesnít know. She says she remembers sitting by the fireplace and then hearing banging on the door. Jason asks her what happened next. Kristina says ďheĒ just came in and hit her. Jason asks if he just hit her without saying anything. Kristina says ďheĒ said it was her fault that she made him mad. Jason asks her who said that. Kristina will not reveal who ďheĒ is. Sonny enters and asks what Jason is doing. He tells Kristina that no one should ask her about that night. Kristina says she is sorry. Sonny tells her she should rest. She tells Jason that she doesnít know what time anything happened. With her father in the room, she now names Ethan as her assailant and says she didnít mean to make him so mad. Sonny tells her it isnít her fault. Sonny and Jason go outside the room to talk in the hallway. Jason tells Sonny he is just trying to figure out what happened. Sonny says Kristina already told them what happened and Jason should be out taking care of the situation. Jason tells Sonny that the timeline is off. He says Kristina says Ethan showed up at the house right after Sam left, but Sam went to the Haunted Star when she left and saw Ethan there. Recalling his own experience, Sonny says when a kid gets beaten up, getting through it is the only thing that matters. He says Kristina would not have been thinking about the time. Sonny asks why Ethan is still breathing. Jason tells him that Ethan is Lukeís son and they have to be sure before they do something that they canít take back.

At the police station, Alexis says Kristina is only seventeen and she is tiny. She says anyone that would do this to her is sick. Mac says that Ethan told the police that Kristina scratched him so the DNA proves that he was telling the truth. He says Ethan drove her to the hospital and swears he is innocent. Alexis says Kristina told her that she ruined Ethanís date with someone else and that Ethan beat the hell out of her for it. Mac says they still need to prove it. Alexis advises Mac to get the evidence to prove it because if he doesnít, Sonny will take matters into his own hands and that will make things worse for Kristina.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan tells Lulu that she wanted everyone to get along as a family when she found out that he was her brother but now she is taking Kristinaís word over his. Lulu asks him why Kristina would lie. He says he doesnít know, and he doesnít know why Kristina came to the Haunted Star and hit on him either. He admits that he lost his temper when Kristina threw a drink in his face. He admits that he grabbed her by the arm and yelled at her, but denies going to her house and beating her senseless. He says he would never hit a woman. He says he would lie to her, break her heart, and steal her money, but what happened to Kristina is not in him. Lulu asks him to prove it by staying in town until Luke gets back. He tells her that Luke isnít answering his cell; he could be anywhere by now. Lulu tells him that he will look guilty if he runs and Sonny will find him. She tells him that if he stays in town and keeps telling people he is innocent, Sonny will not do anything that he will have to explain to Luke. Ethan says that is a lovely sentiment, but Sonny will kill him even if it trashes his relationship with Luke, and Luke would understand. He asks her if she can imagine what Luke would do to Dante if someone accused him of beating her up the way Kristina was beaten. Lulu tells him that she knows Sonny wonít want to piss off their dad so Ethan will have a chance if he stays but he will look guilty if he leaves.

Dante shows up at the cabana on Sonnyís island. Michael hides and eavesdrops while Max & Milo talk to Dante. Dante says it is odd that Sonny sent them and Bernie to the island while all hell is breaking loose in Port Charles. Dante thinks he hears something from the next room and asks them if anyone else is there.

At General Hospital, Nikolas says he can tell that Elizabeth is disappointed that he is the father of her baby. He tells her that he ordered a second test from an independent lab out of state in case Helena tampered with the results. She says he isnít going to put her life on hold waiting for the second test results. She says she just wants to get well, get out of Shady Brook, and go home to her kids. He asks her how he fits in, now that he is officially the father. She tells him that in hindsight, she should have remained a single mother when the truth about Jake came out instead of getting roped back into a relationship with Lucky. She tells him that this time she is going to focus on her kids and they will be fine. Nikolas tells her that it just got more complicated than that. She tells him that reality may be painful but it is more manageable than lies and justifications. She tells him that she knows she will never have a perfect dream life with Lucky but they will do their best to take of Jake and Cameron, and she is sure that she and Nikolas will do their best to take care of this baby. He asks her what kind of arrangement will work for all of the children. She says her children deserve to be in a calm stable home and that she will figure out a shared custody arrangement with Nikolas. She tells him she hopes that in time they can all be friends again.

At the cabana, Max suggests that Dante might like to check out the terrace or the pool. He says he can call the manager and let him know that Dante is the bossís son. Dante says he hears something again. Max says it must be tropical fever, and he says they should go check out the terrace. Dante starts toward the other room saying he is just going to get Michael and then they can go. A beautiful woman wearing a bikini top and sarong meets him at the entrance to the other room and asks him who Michael is. Dante asks her who she is. Max introduces her as Lola and says she works there. Dante asks her if she has seen anyone else around there. She tells him you never know what you might see around there. Max tells Lola he will give her a call later. She tells him she will be waiting, blows him a kiss, and leaves. Dante asks Max and Milo that he knows they are there to babysit Michael. He asks them to cut the crap and tell him where Michael is.

Mayor Floyd goes to the police station to find Clare Walsh because she has not been returning his phone calls. She tells him she has been too busy with the Sonny Corinthos case to mingle with local politicians. She offers her condolences on the tragic death of his wife at the carnival last summer. He asks her if he is supposed to be impressed that she knows about it. She tells him that they are on the same side but adds that she would like him to stay away from the press because of his tendency to give misleading information. He tells her he is there to help you. He says he can assist with evidence enhancement or jury selection. She asks him if he is on Sonnyís payroll and if not, why he is trying to get this case thrown out of court. He tells her that she doesnít understand who she is dealing with; nothing sticks to Sonny Corinthos. She says she will win this case fairly with good evidence. He tells her she also has Diane Miller and Alexis Davis working against her. Clare tells him that she heard about his affair with Alexis and asks him if it is over. He tells her fine, she is the expert, not to mention an insensitive showoff. He tells her to go ahead if she thinks she can win this case without help from the locals. She tells him she has one of Port Charlesís Finest rounding up her star witness as they speak. He says it is a little late to round up witnesses since the trial starts tomorrow. She tells him that she believes she can get a continuance because of the assault on Sonnyís daughter. Mayor Floyd says no, he wants the trial to start immediately.

Sonny goes back into Kristinaís hospital room. She asks him what he told Jason to do. Sonny tells her Jason had no business asking her questions and he will not upset her again. Kristina says Jason was only trying to help and she just got confused about what he was asking her. Sonny tells her not to worry about it; Jason is going to do what he is going to do. She begs him not to kill Ethan.

At the cabana, Dante tells Max and Milo about the subpoena for Michael to testify. He says that the fact that no one can find Michael to serve him the papers makes Sonny look bad because it appears that Sonny is trying to hide Michael because he knows too much. Max says he canít help Dante. Dante says Michael can help his father if he comes forward and tells the truth. Max asks Dante what he knows about telling the truth after lying to Michael and Morgan so he could bust their father. Max says Morgan believed every word, but Michael saw through him from the start and he never liked Dante. Max says Sonny would gladly give up his life for one of his children, even a snitch like Dante. Dante says Sonny isnít protecting Michael by getting him to keep his mouth shut; he is just covering his own ass. Max tells him to go after Mr. C. if he wants; he has been snooping around long enough that he should have all the evidence that he needs, but he needs to leave Michael out of it. He asks Dante what kind of dirtbag hunts down a kid to force him to testify against his own father.

Kate goes into Jakeís roadhouse and asks Coleman if he has a drink menu. He tells her she can have anything she wants. She says that remains to be seen. Coleman finishes with his customer and goes over to Kate. He asks her if she has decided and she kisses him. She tells him she has been working too long for too little. She tells him that Maxie landing in the ICU made her realize it is time to reevaluate her priorities. He tells her that he agrees, but first he wants to ask her how he can get out of jury duty.

Tracy is at the Quartermaine home talking to Luke on the phone. She tells him that if Sonny can shoot his own son, he can certainly shoot Lukeís son. She says Ethan is in big trouble and demands that Luke return to Port Charles. When Tracy hangs up, Edward says he likes Ethan because he is charming in a disreputable kind of way. He says it wouldnít surprise him if Ethan stole all the valuables out of Alexisí house, but he finds it hard to believe that he would attack her teenage daughter. Monica interjects that Ethan is obviously covering up some serious rage. Alice comes into the room humming and proceeds to begin dusting. Edward wants to know why she is in such a good mood. Monica reminds her that the silver needs to be polished and delivered to the Ladiesí Guild for the Easter auction. Tracy tells her she needs to clean the garden shed too. Alice dusts Edwardís hat on his head and he admonishes her to stop it. He tells her to take care of the mud on the back steps. She tells them that she wonít be doing any of those things because she has jury duty.

Jason waits for the elevator at General Hospital and sees Sam on it when the doors open. He hugs her and lets the elevator go. She says she brought Kristina a smoothie from Kellyís because she knows that it helps to have something familiar. Jason informs her that Sonny is with Kristina. He asks her how long it took her to get to the Haunted Star when she left the lake house. She says 20-30 minutes. He asks her to confirm that Ethan was there. She says yes, he was dealing and she nearly tore his head off. He asks her if Ethan had any scratches on his forehead. She says no and asks him where he is going with his questions. Jason reveals that Kristina said Ethan showed up five minutes after Sam left, but he couldnít have if he was at the Haunted Star. Sam tells Jason that Kristina isnít lying and she asks him not to make things worse by doubting her.

In her hospital room, Kristina tells Sonny that she just wants it to be over. Sonny assures her that it will be over. She says she doesnít want anyone to get hurt because of her. Sonny tells her not to blame herself because it is not her fault. He says he doesnít care how mad Ethan was or what set him off; nothing justifies what he did to Kristina and he will never do it to anyone else again. Kristina screams that that is Sonnyís answer for everything; that is the kind of man that Sonny is. When someone upsets him, he just kills them and throws them out like trash. She says he shot Dante when he got in the way and tried to arrest him. She tells him that he wanted Claudia to die; she recalls that he called Claudia a bitch and said she got what she deserved. Alexis comes in and asks what is going on. Crying, Kristina begs her mother to make her father swear that he will not kill Ethan. Alexis says no one is going to hurt Ethan; he will be tried in a court of law. She looks at Sonny and demands that he agree. Sonny just looks at Alexis as he holds Kristina and caresses her hair to comfort her. Alexis prods Sonny until he tells Kristina that the law will take care of Ethan. Sonny leaves the room. Kristina tells Alexis that she wants to talk to Jason to make sure he knows she doesnít want him to kill Ethan because it is her fault; she made him mad. Alexis tells her it is not her fault and that no one will hurt Ethan; she will make sure of it. Alexis goes out into the hallway and tells Sonny that Kristina knows that he is lying. He tells her that he canít just let it go. She asks him if it isnít enough that he is already on trial for murdering his wife. Sonny says Kristina is protecting Ethan the way his mother protected his stepfather. She tells him that women tend to take things on by themselves. She says he needs to choose whether he is going to make their daughterís life better or worse. Sonny tells her that no one beats his child and lives. Alexis screams that this is not about him; it is about what Kristina wants and needs, and that Kristina needs Sonny to act like a father. She tells him he will not lay a hand on Ethan and she demands that he confirm that he understands her. He tells her that Ethan will never go to trial because Luke will get him out of the country. She tells him that she doesnít get why he doesnít understand that she is working her ass off to convince their daughter that he is not a monster. She tells him to let the courts handle this. She punches him and tells him not to cause Kristina one more minute of pain. He agrees.

At Jakeís Roadhouse, Coleman says Kate is connected. He asks her if she knows a judge that can get him out of jury duty. She tells him that judges donít pick juries; attorneys do. He says thatís how much he knows. He says that if they pick him, it will be a hardship. She coyly asks him how hard. He says he makes his living at nighttime and he needs his woman in the daytime. She says it will make him appreciate her more. He says it is so early in the morning to go listen to some dude that was dumb enough to get caught. He says if they just left crime to professionals, no one would ever have to bother with jury duty. She tells him at it is kind of hot for a man to show up to perform his civic duty. She says it provides the perfect opportunity for a makeover; if he goes to jury duty, she will provide the wardrobe. He says he would be the best dressed in the building. She tells him that at the end of the day she would have to insist on removing the clothing herself.

At General Hospital, Jason tells Sam that Sonny is pressuring him to take out Ethan. Sam says that is great; maybe that will fix things. Jason says he is just saying that Kristina may have made a mistake and he doesnít want someone dying because of it. Sam asks Jason how Kristina could have made a mistake. She says Kristina was brave enough to tell them who did this and she doesnít need people doubting her. Jason says he just asked her a couple of questions, thatís all. Sam says that if her little sister said that Ethan beat her up, then Ethan beat her up. Lulu comes in and asks Jason if he has a second. Sam tells her not to even think about defending Jason. Without even looking at her, Lulu shuts Sam down and tells her she needs to talk to Jason. Sam leaves Jason and Lulu alone to talk. Lulu tells Jason that she is sure Sonny expects him to kill Ethan but she is asking him not to do it. Jason asks her when Luke will be home. She says she doesnít know. Jason tells her that Sonny will have to settle this with Luke. Lulu tells him that Ethan could have run but she convinced him to stay. She asks him not to make her regret doing that. Jason says he appreciates that she is looking out for her brother but he doesnít know how much time he has. She asks him if he thinks Ethan did it. He admits that he doesnít know. She says she doesnít know either. She tells him that she likes Ethan and she was beginning to love him as her brother, but she has to admit that she doesnít know him that well. Jason says they need to find out the truth before something happens that they all will regret.

Nikolas goes to Wyndemere and finds Helena there. He tells her he is the babyís father. She tells him that is a relief; the last thing the world needs is another Spencer. Nikolas pours himself a drink and tells Helena that he and Elizabeth have agreed to share custody. Helena concludes that Nikolas has decided not to marry the little trollop. He shoots her a look and she tells him not to be cross because this is a time to celebrate; he has a child on the way and she is moving in to help. When he doesnít respond, she asks him if he isnít going to argue with him. He wonders what the point would be as he is sure she has already had Alfred prepare a room for her. He says she would interfere with this child no matter where she is. She says she only wants to rear the child as a proper Cassadine.

Sonny goes home and finds Clare Walsh sitting in his living room. She points to the guard that is standing over her and informs him that the guard let her in. Sonny dismisses the guard and asks her what she wants. She tells her that she is sorry about his daughter and that she will agree to a postponement. He asks her if she expects him to believe that she gives a damn about his daughter. She admits that she wants to ensure that there are no grounds for a mistrial or to set aside his conviction and that the benefit to his daughter would be collateral. He tells her that he wants the trial to be over and his lawyers will not agree to a delay so she can get out. She says he has good reason to think he is untouchable, but he isnít. He tells her that she wanted to use Kristina to give her time to find Michael, but it ainít gonna happen. She says she will see him in court, in that case. She leaves.

Alexis goes back into Kristinaís room and tells her that she can relax; Sonnyís trial starts tomorrow and he has a lot on his plate. Kristina concludes that Sonny is too busy to kill Ethan. Alexis says she is going to ask Mac if he can find any grounds to take Ethan back into custody. Kristina protests, but Alexis explains that he will be safer in jail. Kristina says she doesnít want to press charges; she just wants everyone to leave Ethan alone. Alexis says she understands that Kristina feels that way now. She explains that victims of abuse frequently decline to press charges and that is why the state steps in on their behalf. She adds that if the state doesnít press charges, then she will as Kristinaís mother. Kristina says she wants Ethan to go free. Alexis says Ethan needs to deal with the consequences of beating her, which includes prison. Kristina says Ethan wonít ever do it again. Alexis tells her that abusers always do it again and that the next time she wonít be as lucky. She asks Kristina if she really wants Ethan to be free to hurt someone else. Kristina says say has made a mess of everything. Alexis tells her that someday when she is feeling better, the court will ask her to testify, and she wants her to tell them what he did to her. Kristina says she canít. Alexis assures her that she can because she is brave and Alexis will be with her every step of the way.

Sam goes to the Haunted Star and tells Ethan that she heard he likes to hit little girls. He tells her he didnít do it. She asks him why he doesnít take a swing at someone who likes to fight back and he says he doesnít need any more threats today. He turns his back to her and she kicks him in the kidneys, causing him to fall over the desk. He sits up on the desk and tells her that he doesnít want to fight her or anybody. She kicks him in the groin. He asks her to stop; she asks him if Kristina asked him to stop. He asserts that he didnít hit Kristina. She says he is a liar and kicks him again. She charges him and he puts his hands up to protect himself and catches her wrist to deflect her punch. Jason enters and tells Ethan that if he hits Sam, it is over.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas helps Spencer put on his jacket and tells him that he has a surprise. Helena interjects that it is a wonderful surprise; she is moving in. Nikolas tells Spencer that that is true, but it isnít the surprise; the surprise is that he is having a little baby brother or sister. Spencer asks his father if he will get a mommy too. Nikolas apologizes to the boy and tells him no. Spencer asks if the baby will have a mommy. Helena observes that Spencer is already competitive and says this will be fun. Nikolas tells Spencer that Elizabeth will be the babyís mommy but she wonít be moving in with them. Helena reminds Spencer that she will be moving in and says it will be heaven. She says they have a new Cassadine on the way that will pick up the family torch. Nikolas suggests to Spencer that they go see the horses now. As Spencer and Nikolas leave, Helena finishes her thought: And burn the Spencers to the ground.

At Shady Brook, Elizabeth caresses her belly and cries.

At the Haunted Star, Jason tells Sam that she shouldnít be there. Sam says she just wanted to give Ethan a taste of his own medicine. Ethan swears to them that he didnít beat Kristina. Sam says he is lying. Ethan admits that he was angry with Kristina and that he was out of line when he grabbed her arm. He says Luke called him on it so he went to Kristinaís house to sort it out. Sam says he was still angry. He says he found the door wide open and Kristina on the floor in a heap. He says she scratched his face when he tried to pick her up, and then he took her to the hospital. Sam says any decent con could come up with a better story than that. Jason tells Ethan that because he didnít run and he is Lukeís son, he is safe, but he warns him that if he finds out that Ethan really did beat up Kristina, he will no longer be safe.

In Kristinaís hospital room, Alexis says she is going to go get some lunch for her and then she should try to sleep. Kristina recoils when Alexis touches her arm. Alexis apologizes, but Kristina says she is the one who is messed up and Alexia has no idea. Alexis says she wishes she could make it all better for Kristina. When Alexis leaves the room, Kristina remembers Keifer beating her up.

At the cabana on Sonnyís island, Michael sneaks and pours himself a drink but when he turns around, Max takes it and tells him not to even think about it. Michael says he is 18 and his dad owns the island so he should be able to do whatever he wants. Max tells Michael that he did good today when he hid from Dante. He says that for a while, he thought Michael was going to give himself up. Michael admits that he was about to but Dante was so arrogant that he didnít want to give him the win. Max says Michael made a good call and assures him that the trial will be over before he knows it. Michael says his father shouldnít be on trial for something that Michael did. Max tells him that Diane will get Sonny out if this the way she always does. He says the case will be closed and they all will get to go home.

Dante goes to Sonnyís house. He shows Sonny a bottle of liquor that he brought back from the island and says it is nice and so is the island. Sonny says Dante didnít have to sneak down there; all he has to do is ask and he can stay on the island anytime. He says he tries not to make a habit of letting perps comp his vacations. Sonny says the offer still stands. Dante says he doesnít want Sonnyís generosity; he wants his brother clear of the mess Sonny made. He adds that he thinks Clare Walsh can build a good case with the evidence that he gave her so he doesnít think she will need Michaelís testimony. He tells Sonny he will see him in court. He puts the bottle of liquor on Sonnyís desk and leaves.

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