GH Update Wednesday 3/17/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/17/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Lulu is summoned to Wyndemere. Alfred asks Lulu if she would like something to drink. Nikolas rudely interrupts and says that Alfred can leave. Lulu brings up Kristina. Nikolas tells Lulu that Alexis called and told him about the assault. Lulu can’t believe that Ethan beat up Kristina. Nikolas changes the subject to Elizabeth and the paternity test. Nikolas states that the results will be available today. Lulu doesn’t want to talk about anything associated with Elizabeth. Nikolas is fairly confident that the baby is his. Lulu badmouths Elizabeth which makes Nikolas uncomfortable. Nikolas defends Elizabeth which disgusts Lulu. Lulu fears that Nikolas is in love with Elizabeth.

At the police station, a handcuffed Ethan and Lucky run into Tracy. Tracy thinks that Ethan is being mistreated. Tracy worries that Sonny will come after Ethan if he’s released from custody. Lucky concurs with Tracy and offers police protection for Ethan. Ethan declines the offer. Tracy and Ethan return to Luke’s office. Tracy thinks that the DNA results will prove that Ethan is innocent. Ethan reminds Tracy that Kristina did scratch him. Tracy believes Ethan but he is having a hard time trusting anyone.

Sam visits Kristina in the hospital. Sam hands Kristina a cup of coffee. Kristina is still sore from her injuries. Sam warns Kristina that the police will be showing up soon to get her official statement. Kristina is scared to talk to the police. Sam understands how Kristina feels. Sam reminds Kristina that she can’t blame herself for the assault. Sam points out that Kristina’s bruises will heal over time. Kristina tells Sam that she doesn’t want a lot of visitors. Sam agrees to look out for Kristina but insists that the police will want to get her full statement. Sam urges Kristina to tell the police exactly what happened and not protect Ethan. Kristina says that she has no problem telling the truth. Sam leaves just as Kristina is closing her eyes. The hospital room door opens. Kiefer quietly walks in. Kristina is horrified to see Kiefer, her attacker. Kiefer is crying as he apologizes for hitting Kristina. Kristina listens to Kiefer’s sob story. Kiefer says that he became outraged when Kristina got all dressed up to be with Ethan. Kristina admits that she was scared that Kiefer would kill her. Kiefer apologizes again while Kristina sobs. Kristina says that she is sorry for lying to Kiefer but didn’t deserve to be hit.

Alexis shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Alexis senses that Sonny has already given the order to have Ethan killed. Alexis begs Jason to change Sonny’s mind. Jason realizes that Alexis is going through a tough time but will not speak to Sonny on her behalf. Alexis worries that Kristina will be devastated if Ethan dies because of her. Alexis leaves the penthouse. Sam returns, visibly upset by her talk with Kristina. Sam feels helpless because she couldn’t protect Kristina. Jason surprises Sam by saying that she is “amazing”. Jason doesn’t want Sam to beat herself up over the situation. Jason says that Sam needs to be a supportive sister right now. Jason hugs Sam.

Johnny visits Maxie at the hospital. Johnny hands Maxie a cup. Johnny and Maxie are chatting when Spinelli shows up outside the room. Spinelli is bothered so he wheels himself over to the nurses’ station. Robin speaks to Spinelli. Spinelli is preoccupied but Robin manages to get him to talk. Spinelli says that Maxie is thanking Johnny yet again for saving her life. Epiphany and Robin feel sorry for Spinelli. Robin urges Spinelli to go see Maxie. Maxie tells Johnny to be careful just as Spinelli shows up. Maxie is happy to see Spinelli. Spinelli feels awkward in front of Johnny. Johnny tells Maxie to get well soon. Spinelli thanks Johnny for finding them in time. Johnny leaves the room. Spinelli asks Maxie how she is doing. Maxie senses that Spinelli is feeling “inadequate” around Johnny. Spinelli skirts around the issue and brings up a video game. Maxie is happy for a distraction. Mac hurries into the hospital room and tells Spinelli to leave. Maxie sticks up for Spinelli and says that he’s staying put. Mac leaves. Robin arrives to check on Maxie. Maxie wants Robin to speak to Mac about his hovering. Maxie can’t wait to be released from the hospital.

Nikolas shows up at the police station. Lucky is making a call about Kristina’s assault case. Nikolas updates Lucky and says that the results should be available soon. Lucky says that he is busy all day with work so Nik should just call with the test results. Nikolas can’t believe that Lucky is giving him the cold shoulder.

In the hospital room, Kiefer asks if Kristina will be able to forgive him. Kristina says that she doesn’t know if she can. Kristina doesn’t want Kiefer to die for what he did. Kristina brings up Sonny’s growing hatred toward Ethan. Alexis interrupts the conversation. Alexis doesn’t want Kristina to have any visitors right now. Kiefer says that he understands and graciously leaves the room. Kristina won’t stop crying. Alexis is concerned about her daughter. Kristina blurts out that everything is her own fault because she lied. Alexis has a puzzled look on her face. Alexis asks Kristina to explain. Kristina confides that she lied to Kiefer when she cancelled their date. Alexis maintains that Kristina isn’t to blame for what Ethan did to her.

At the police station, Lucky meets with Kiefer and his parents. Kiefer’s dad is irritated that Lucky needs to question his son at all. Kiefer is smug when Lucky starts interrogating him. Mac interrupts and tells Lucky that he needs to speak to him about the Corinthos case. Kiefer’s dad comments that he is good friends with the mayor. Kiefer’s parents make it clear that they don’t like Kristina. In private, Mac and Lucky discuss the assault case. Mac wants to do everything to prove Ethan assaulted Kristina. Lucky remains quiet because he isn’t sure if Ethan’s guilty. Lucky tells Mac that he is going to swing by the hospital.

Nikolas returns to Shadybrook to see Elizabeth. Nikolas doesn’t want to fight with Liz. Elizabeth apologizes for ruining Nik and Lucky’s relationship. Elizabeth and Nikolas leave to go to the hospital.

Carly runs into Claire in the Metro Court lobby. Claire is harassing Carly about Michael’s whereabouts. Carly doesn’t appreciate Claire’s probing questions. Jax and Olivia enter the lobby. Carly looks to Jax for support. Claire asks Olivia about her statement to the police. Olivia is adamant that she doesn’t know anything about Sonny’s involvement in Claudia Zacchara’s murder. Claire questions Jax about the same thing. Jax remains quiet. Claire won’t let it go. Olivia walks away from the conversation. Jax won’t say anything to incriminate Sonny. Claire says that she won’t back down until Michael testifies against his own father. Carly shakes her head in disbelief. Carly doesn’t think that Jax has Michael’s best interests at heart.

Jason shows up at Kristina’s hospital room. Kristina smiles when she sees Jason. Jason asks how Kristina is doing. Kristina says that she enjoyed her earlier chat with Sam. Jason feels uncomfortable talking about the assault. However, Jason wants to make sure that Kristina is telling the truth about the attack.

Helena heads to Wyndemere. Helena orders Alfred around. Helena implies that Alfred will be seeing a lot of her once it is confirmed that Nikolas is the baby’s father.

The lab technician hands Epiphany the test results. Epiphany walks over to the room where Nikolas and Elizabeth are waiting. Lucky is listening from outside as Epiphany announces that Nikolas is the father.

Lulu shows up at Luke’s office. Lulu isn’t sure what to think of Ethan. Ethan proclaims his innocence. Ethan wants to flee the country but Lulu doesn’t think it’s a good idea.

Alexis runs into Mac at the police station. Mac says that the DNA results (from the skin under Kristina’s fingernails) are in.

Kristina recounts what happened during her assault. Jason listens as Kristina implicates Ethan as her attacker. Jason is confused since Sam talked to Ethan at the casino. Jason wonders how Ethan could be at two different places at the same time. Kristina worries that her story doesn’t sound credible.

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