GH Update Tuesday 3/16/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/16/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At GH, Helena and the lab technician talk about the paternity test. Helena asks the tech if he was bribed by anyone else, including Nikolas. The tech says that no one but Helena is paying him. Helena opens the envelope containing the results. Helena smiles to herself. Helena asks the technician if there’s any chance that the results were compromised. The technician reassures Helena that these are the real results. Helena is happy that the baby is Lucky’s. The tech is confused since Helena wants Nikolas to be the father. Helena thinks it is funny that Lucky is the father and he’ll never know the truth.

At Shadybrook, Elizabeth speaks to Nikolas about the paternity test. Elizabeth isn’t surprised that Nikolas used his influence to speed up the test results. Nikolas thinks that Liz wants Lucky to be the baby’s father. Elizabeth believes it would be best if the baby was Lucky’s. Liz points out that Lucky is such a great father to Cameron and Jake. Elizabeth is scared to find out the results. Elizabeth senses that Nikolas is having a hard time with this. Nikolas gets a phone call from the lab technician. The tech informs Nik that there was a delay so the results won’t be available until tomorrow.

At the hospital, Kristina announces to Sonny, Alexis, and Lucky that Ethan caused her injuries. Lucky is disturbed by the news. Lucky asks Kristina to go through what happened. Kristina speaks about her heated argument with Ethan at the Haunted Star. Kristina says that Ethan roughed her up at the casino and then followed her home. Kristina is crying while she goes over the details. Alexis is an emotional wreck. Lucky shakes his head in disbelief. Sonny slips out of the room.

Jason returns home to find Sam waiting in the living room. Sam is upset about Kristina. Sam talks about her dispute with Ethan at the Haunted Star. Sam fears that she told Kristina too much about her sordid past. Sam reasons that Kristina will try anything to emulate her older sister. Jason listens as Sam vents about her frustrations. Sam feels like she is to blame for Kristina’s crush on Ethan. Sam brings up Kristina’s issues with Sonny. They are interrupted when there is an urgent call from Alexis. Alexis relays the news to Sam about Kristina’s condition. Sam is speechless when Alexis says that Kristina was beaten up by Ethan Lovett. After the phone call, Sam tells Jason that she feels responsible for what happened.

Tracy shows up at the casino. Ethan is looking in a mirror at the scratches on his cheek. Tracy realizes that Ethan is unnerved about something. Ethan confides that he had an uncomfortable conversation with Kristina at the Haunted Star. Ethan says that he went to the Davis home and found Kristina, the victim of an apparent assault. Ethan relays that he brought Kristina to the hospital. Tracy leaves the room. Sonny shows up with a gun in hand. Sonny aims the gun at Ethan. Dante shows up just in time and tells Sonny to drop the gun. Ethan says that he didn’t do anything wrong. Lucky and Tracy walk in and wonder what’s going on. Lucky tells everyone that Kristina implicated Ethan as her assailant. Ethan defends himself but Sonny doesn’t believe him. Sonny is talked down by Lucky and Dante.

Kristina is admitted to the hospital. Alexis comforts Kristina and tells her everything will be okay. Alexis brings up Kristina’s date with Kiefer but Kristina doesn’t respond. Sam walks in and apologizes to Kristina for Ethan’s behavior. Sam informs Alexis and Kristina that she confronted Ethan at the casino. Sam feels guilty about what happened to Kristina. Alexis maintains that it isn’t Sam’s fault. Sam and Kristina talk about the assault. Sam tells Kristina that she didn’t do anything wrong. Kristina thanks Sam for being by her side. Sam says that she should have known that Kristina was in trouble. After Sam leaves, Kristina has flashbacks of the assault. Dante knocks on Kristina’s hospital door. Dante asks how Kristina is doing. Dante makes it clear that Ethan will be “brought to justice”. Kristina acknowledges Dante as her brother. Dante holds Kristina’s hand.

Ronnie speaks to Johnny at the police station. Ronnie tells Johnny to stay out of trouble. Ronnie wants Johnny to testify against Sonny at the trial. Ronnie believes that Johnny’s testimony will send Sonny straight to prison. While they are talking, Ethan is escorted into the interrogation room. Johnny wonders why Ethan was arrested. Johnny slips into the interrogation room. Johnny can’t believe that Kristina is accusing Ethan of the assault. After Johnny leaves, Lucky enters the room. Lucky tells Ethan that he’s in serious trouble. Ethan maintains that he didn’t do anything wrong. Lucky points out that Ethan’s scratches contradict his story. Ethan is adamant that he didn’t assault Kristina at her home. Lucky questions why Kristina would lie. Lucky isn’t sure if Ethan’s telling the truth. Lucky doesn’t trust his instincts at the moment, and cites his failed relationship with Elizabeth as an example. Ethan feels like no one is in his corner.

Sonny shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Sonny is mad at Ethan for beating up Kristina. Sonny says that Lucky stopped him from shooting Ethan. Jason wants Sonny to calm down. Sonny asks Jason to kill Ethan while he’s in police custody. Jason proposes an important question – what about Luke? Sonny doesn’t want to start a rift with Luke. However, Sonny will do everything to protect Kristina. Sonny orders Jason to kill Ethan tonight.

In her room at Shadybrook, Elizabeth speaks to her children over the phone. Elizabeth tells Steven that she appreciates his help. After the phone call, Helena shows up unannounced. Liz isn’t happy to see Helena. Elizabeth orders Helena to leave but she won’t go. Helena says that she and Elizabeth will be “family” if the baby turns out to be Nik’s.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy is trying to get a hold of Luke when Alexis walks in. Alexis wants to see Luke but he’s in Vegas. Tracy maintains that Luke is unreachable at the moment. Alexis is mad that Luke’s son beat up Kristina. Tracy doesn’t know what to say.

Alexis returns to GH. Sam pulls Alexis aside in the hospital lobby. Sam brings up a conversation she had months ago with Kristina. Sam confides that Kristina asked for advice concerning safe sex. Alexis is horrified that Kristina went to the clinic for contraceptives.

Johnny shows up at Jason’s place. Johnny defends Ethan and says he doesn’t believe Kristina’s story. Jason sees some credibility in Johnny’s reasoning. Johnny doesn’t want Jason to make a quick decision concerning Ethan. Jason has doubts about Ethan’s involvement in Kristina’s assault.

Kiefer shows up at the Davis home. Kiefer knocks on the door and Molly lets him in. Molly is visibly upset. Kiefer asks what’s wrong. Molly tells Kiefer that Kristina’s in the hospital because Ethan Lovett beat her up. Kiefer remains silent.

Sonny enters Kristina’s hospital room. Dante leaves so Sonny can speak to Kristina in private. Sonny is trying to hold back tears. Sonny comments that Kristina looks just like her grandmother. Kristina has fallen asleep. Sonny sits next to Kristina. Dante is watching from the hallway. Sonny speaks to Kristina about watching Deke beat up his mother. Sonny says that he made a promise to himself that he wouldn’t allow something like that to happen again. Sonny starts to sob because he feels helpless. Dante watches in admiration over Sonny’s fatherly concern for Kristina.

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