GH Update Monday 3/15/10

General Hospital Update Monday 3/15/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the casino, Luke interrupts Ethan and Sam’s heated conversation. Sam makes it clear that Ethan needs to stay away from Kristina. Ethan defends himself as Sam goes on about Kristina’s bruised arm. Ethan is shocked by the news. Sam doesn’t think that Ethan’s concern for Kristina is genuine. Sam thinks that Ethan “roughed up” Kristina. Ethan is outraged by the accusation. Ethan calls Kristina a “spoiled brat” which angers Sam even more. Sam warns Ethan to stay away from her sister. After Sam leaves, Luke and Ethan speak briefly about the situation with Kristina. Ethan wants Luke to stay out of the matter. Ethan storms out of the Haunted Star.

In the Davis living room, Kiefer throws Kristina to the ground. Kristina crawls around on the floor to get away from Kiefer. Kristina starts bawling. Kiefer leans over Kristina, who is curled up in a ball. When Kiefer realizes that he has hurt Kristina, he quickly apologizes and hurries out the door.

At GH, Helena asks the lab technician about the paternity results. The tech says that the results will be available soon. Steven interrupts the conversation. The tech walks away. Steven inquires about Helena’s questioning of a hospital employee. Helena is evasive toward Steven’s probing questions. However, Helena implies that certain people have skeletons in their closets. Steven appears puzzled by Helena’s comment.

Lucky visits Elizabeth at Shadybrook. Elizabeth wants to be candid with Lucky. Elizabeth asks Lucky if he wants the baby to be his. Lucky says that he’ll love the baby as much as he loves Cameron and Jake. Lucky brings up their failed attempts at making their relationship work. Lucky maintains that he and Liz are different people now. Elizabeth starts to cry when she realizes that Lucky is right. Lucky leaves the room. Later on, Nikolas shows up to talk about the unborn baby. Elizabeth speaks of her earlier talk with Lucky. Nikolas says that the paternity test should be ready soon.

Jason walks in on Sonny and Dante talking in the Corinthos living room. Dante wants to know what really happened to Claudia. Dante fears that Michael’s frame-of-mind is fragile. Dante is concerned about his younger brother, so he asks Sonny to come clean about Claudia’s murder. Jason defends Sonny and tells Dante that he can’t show up unannounced anymore. Dante implies that Michael’s testimony will send Sonny straight to prison. Dante assumes that Michael witnessed Sonny kill Claudia. Dante thinks it is best for Michael to testify. Dante walks out. Jason is furious that Sonny was very close to telling Dante the truth. Sonny theorizes that Dante would understand why he has been protecting Michael. Jason doesn’t agree. Jason says that Dante might believe that Sonny is capable of bludgeoning a woman to death. Jason brings up Deke, Sonny’s stepfather. Sonny maintains that he is nothing like Deke. Sonny wants to sit down and have a serious talk with both Dante and Michael. Jason fears that Dante will run with the truth and have Michael convicted. Jason warns Sonny that he can’t jeopardize Michael’s safety.

Kate and Lulu escort Maxie into the hospital. In the lobby, Robin checks Maxie’s vitals. Kate is worried about Maxie’s condition. Maxie is coughing. Robin wants Monica to check out Maxie. Kate is confused since Monica is a cardiologist. Kate worries that she was too hard on Maxie. Kate speaks to Lulu about her frustrations. Kate hopes that Maxie makes a full recovery so she can take some time off of work. Spinelli (in a wheelchair) shows up and inquires about Maxie.

Alexis and Molly share a hot fudge sundae at Kelly’s. Alexis fondly remembers her father’s vast collection of books. Alexis says that she used to read a lot when she was a child. Dante walks into the diner. Molly is excited to see Dante. Alexis asks Dante to join them. Molly thinks it is funny that Alexis is one of the lawyers defending Sonny, while Dante wants to send his father to prison. Dante doesn’t know what to say. Molly brings up the trial. Dante is adamant that he won’t be calling Sonny “Dad” anytime soon. Molly is thrilled that Dante is her cousin. Dante looks forward to getting to know his extended family. Lucky shows up so Dante says goodbye to Alexis and Molly. Lucky and Dante grab a table at Kelly’s. Lucky brings up the case against Sonny. Dante is having serious doubts about it. Lucky gets a phone call so he leaves the diner. Lulu shows up and sits across from Dante. Lulu thinks that Lucky is stressing over the baby. Lulu informs Dante that Maxie was admitted to the hospital. Dante vents about his frustrations with Sonny. Dante wishes that he could have shared a romantic night with Lulu instead of dealing with family drama. Dante brings up his earlier conversation with Sonny. Dante believes that Sonny will protect Michael no matter what.

At the casino, Tracy and Luke speak in private. Luke is acting strange. Tracy assumes that Luke is worried about Ethan’s green-card situation. Luke divulges that Kristina is “stalking” Ethan. Luke explains how Kristina showed up at the casino and made a scene. Tracy and Luke talk about the ramifications of the situation. Luke knows that Sonny will do anything to protect his daughter.

Ethan shows up at the Davis home. Ethan senses that something is wrong when he approaches the front door. Ethan sees Kristina sprawled out on the living room floor. Kristina is scared but Ethan tells her that everything will be okay. Ethan picks up Kristina and carries her out of the house.

Ethan brings Kristina to the hospital to have her checked out by medical personnel. At the nurses’ station, Robin is acting weird. Patrick asks what’s wrong. Robin talks about Maxie’s health problems. Patrick gets paged by Epiphany. Patrick hurries to the ER and cringes at the sight of Kristina, whose face is badly bruised. Patrick asks Ethan how Kristina ended up this way. Ethan says he found Kristina in this horrible condition. Patrick calls Sonny and tells him to come to the hospital right away. At the same time, Alexis and Molly are arriving back at home. Alexis calls out to Kristina but she’s gone. Alexis receives an urgent call from Epiphany.

At the hospital, Lucky quickly speaks to Steven about the paternity test. Steven is saddened to see Kristina in the ER. Steven and Patrick wonder if Ethan caused Kristina’s injuries. Lucky is sickened when he hears the news about Kristina. Lucky is surprised to see Ethan at the hospital.

Jason shows up at the hospital. Spinelli thanks Jason for helping him. Spinelli confides that he has been “misguided” and feels he has put Maxie’s life in jeopardy. Jason thinks that Spinelli is too hard on himself. Spinelli brings up Jake and says that Jason stays away from his son to keep him safe. Spinelli proposes that he do the same with Maxie – “let her go” so she’s out of danger.

At the hospital, Mac checks on Maxie. Maxie is in a room, hooked up to the monitors. Robin comments that Maxie needs to start taking care of herself. Maxie worries that Spinelli is nowhere to be found. Maxie wants to leave but Robin tells her to stay put. Monica walks in and announces that Maxie has pneumonia.

The lab technician hands Helena the envelope containing the paternity test results. Helena wonders if the baby is really Nikolas’.

Ethan returns to the casino and pours himself a drink.

Alexis and Sonny rush into the ER. Kristina calls out for her mom. Sonny asks what happened. Lucky questions Kristina and asks who caused her injuries. Kristina blurts out that Ethan was the one.

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