GH Update Friday 3/12/10

General Hospital Update Friday 3/12/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Dante and Lulu are kissing in the apartment she found for him. Anticipating making love for the first time, Lulu says she has waited so long for this. He says good things are worth the wait. She asks him if the best he can do is ďgood.Ē He tells her he will try not to disappoint her. They turn the light off and continue making out until suddenly Lulu turns on the light and says she thought she heard something. Dante reminds her that no one knows that they are there. He turns the light off and they resume making out. After a moment, he turns the light on and tells her that she has him hearing things too.

At the Metro Court, Sonny tells Clare Walsh that the subpoena she brought has to be served on Michael in person because he is eighteen. Clare says if Michael fails to appear, she will ensure that he is prosecuted for contempt.

Keifer is having a tantrum outside of Kristinaís house because she cancelled their date.

At the Haunted Star, Ethan tells Kristina that he is sick of her childish games. She yells that he is hurting her.

Jason goes to see Maxie at General Hospital. He asks her what happened. She explains that she went on a stakeout with Spinelli and they were stuck in a storm drain. She says Spinelli hurt his foot and is somewhere in the hospital blaming himself. She asks him to find Spinelli and convince him that her condition was not his fault and that he is not bad for her. Maxie has a coughing fit. Jason pours her a glass of water, tells her to take it easy, and asks if she wants him to get a doctor. She declines and says Spinelli needs himself. She tells him that she thinks it is sweet that Spinelli created a mystery for them to solve together. Jason says he thought Spinelli was over the ďman of dangerĒ stuff. Maxie says he was until she slept with Franco. She thinks Spinelli thinks something is missing now. Jason says he canít fix that for them. Maxie says Spinelli trusts Jason so he will listen to him. Maxie has another coughing fit. Maxie tells Jason that even though Spinelliís plan was convoluted and idiotic, he did it for her and it was romantic. She asks Jason to find Spinelli and tell him that she loves him and that she doesnít blame him.

At the Metro Court, Carly tells Clare not to even think about threatening her son. Clare says she doesnít intimidate witnesses; that is a mob tactic. Carly orders Clare to get the hell out of her hotel. Clare tells her to have her son come see her at her office at 9:00 AM tomorrow. Sonny tells her that Michael is unreachable. Carly adds that he is travelling with friends for spring break. Clare finds it interesting that Michael would want to spend time on a beach while his father is on trial for murder. Sonny tells her that he is confident that he will be acquitted and he doesnít want his son to put his life on hold. Clare says Sonny should have thought of that before bludgeoning Michaelís stepmother to death. Carly tells her to save it for the jury. Clare says Carly is right; she shouldnít have to point out that murder is a crime so they should focus on getting Michael into court. Carly says Michael is backpacking and unreachable. Sonny says Clare already has his son Danteís testimony so she shouldnít need Michael to testify too. He asks her if she is trying to mess with him. She says her job is to uphold the law. She says he has four kids by three women. Carly asks when it became illegal to have a family. Clare says it is illegal to have a family member subvert the law and if sonny tries to prevent Michael from testifying, Michael will end up being arrested for obstructing justice.

At the cabana on Sonnyís island, Max and Milo play Limbo while Michael sneaks out of the room. Michael grabs his backpack and opens the door to leave the cabana, only to find Bernie standing there. Bernie comes inside and says hello to Michael, Max, Milo, and the two local women. The women ask him if this means the party is over and he confirms that it does. The women leave and Bernie reveals that Jason asked him to come down to the island because he suspected that Michael would try to return to the mainland and apparently, he was right to be concerned. Bernie tells Michael to get it clear that he will stay on the island until the trial is over.

In the vacant apartment, Dante tells Lulu that they are two consenting adults in what will soon be his place but they are acting like teenagers in his motherís basement. Lulu wonders if that is where he lost his virginity. He says no, but that isnít the point. The point is that they are alone and have nothing stopping them. They start making out again until Luluís phone rings and she insists on answering because it Kate calling. Kate tells her that if she doesnít have an assistant in her office in five minutes, both Lulu and Maxie will be fired.

At the Haunted Star, Kristina reminds Ethan that he said she is lovely. She tells him that she heard him tell his father that if she were more mature, he would want to be with her. She asks him why else she would have dressed up this way for him. He tells her that she is good at eavesdropping but tells her to her face that he is not interested in her. Kristina says he says that now because he wants to get rid of her. Luke comes up and tells them to end the floorshow. Kristina asks Ethan if he is blowing her off because his father thinks she is too young for him. Ethan tells her she is way too young for him and that he was nice to her because he felt sorry for her. He tells her that she needs to leave. Luke interjects that the Haunted Star is not a malt shop. Ethan tells Kristina that she is underage to be in a bar and gambling establishment. He tells her to get out and not come back. She runs out of the casino. Luke tells Ethan that that wasnít the best way to handle the situation.

Jason finds Spinelli at General Hospital and tells him that Maxie is worried about him. Spinelli says Maximista shouldnít waste her concern on him. He tells Jason that he had hoped to prove to Maxie that he could protect her but instead, he put her in harms way and hurt himself too. Jason says Maxie will be ok but Spinelli says it is only because a real hero rescued them. He says Johnny is everything that he will never be. He concludes to Jason that he is not manly enough for Maxie.

At the Metro Court, Carly says Clare isnít bluffing; she will have Michael charged for ducking the subpoena. Sonny says Clare is just trying to scare them. Carly says she is glad Sonny got Michael out of the country. Sonny tells Carly that Prosecutor Walsh will have a few surprises when the trial starts. He tells her that even though Dante might hate him, he believes that he will be fair when he gets on the witness stand.

At the Haunted Star, Luke reminds Ethan that Kristina is Sonnyís daughter and says he could have handled it with a little more finesse. Luke says he is surprised because Ethan is usually a lot smoother with women. Ethan says Kristina isnít a woman; she is a spoiled brat who is screaming out for attention. He laments that he stepped in a few times and tried to boost her self-esteem. Luke says this kind of thing will keep happening if Ethan keeps trying to rescuing damsels in distress. Ethan reveals to Luke that he had previously told Kristina tactfully that nothing would ever happen between them so she hacked into his email, pretended to be Jennifer cancelling on him, and then showed up at the Haunted Star expecting who knows what. He says he has to get tough on her because she wonít take no for an answer.

Kristina goes to the Metro Court bar and orders a Cosmopolitan. Sam enters on her heels and tells the bartender to make that two Shirley Temples. Kristina says she doesnít want a lecture from her big sister right now. Sam says they donít have to talk; they can just have their drinks and then Sam can take Kristina home. Kristina asks Sam why she came looking for her. Sam says she was actually just meeting a client here, but she is a little shocked to see her dressed like this and ordering a drink. She says she thought Kristina was going out with Keifer tonight. Kristina just shoots Sam a dirty look. Sam asks if Kristina and Keifer had a fight and Kristina say she isnít up for 20 questions. Sam asks Kristina how she got the bruise on her arm. Kristina says she doesnít know; maybe she bumped into something. Sam demands to know who grabbed Kristina. Kristina says it was Ethan.

Lulu returns to Crimson. Kate tells her that she said 5 minutes and it has been thirty. She says she hopes Lulu is prepared for an all-nighter. Lulu said she thought the May issue was closed. Kate says it was until Feddy gave the summer exclusive to Prima Bella Magazine. Lulu asks why he did that. Kate says Feddyís dog was apparently despondent because Maxie didnít go to the meeting with her. Kate says she is losing it; she is a magazine publisher, not a Sunshine Girl troop leader. She says she doesnít have time to play den mother to Lulu and Maxie, who isnít answering her phone. Lulu calls Maxie from her phone and when Maxie answers, Lulu hands the phone to Kate. Kate tells Maxie that she is glad to hear that she isnít dead, but she wishes she could say the same about Maxieís career. She tells Maxie to consider herself fired if she is not in the office in one hour.

Carly meets Jason at the hospital and tells him that the Federal Prosecutor is coming after Michael. She tells him that Clare Walsh has a subpoena for Michael to testify. Jason says Clare wonít be able to get to Michael because he is on the island with Max, Milo, and Bernie. Carly says Michael wonít want to stay there. Jason says he hopes Michael will understand that the best way to help Sonny is to wait it out on the island. Carly says she doesnít want Michael anywhere near Clare Walsh. She confides that she can tell that Clare is getting to Sonny. She says Clare wonít hesitate to use Sonnyís internal conflict over Dante against him.

Sonny goes to the Haunted Star to see Luke. He says he is still trying to figure out ways to connect with Dante. He confides that he asked Olivia to help him get to know his son but she refused so he was thinking that maybe Luke could get Lulu to speak to Dante on his behalf.
Clare goes to the apartment that Dante intends to rent and tells him that she has a job for him. He tells her that he is off duty and waiting for the leasing agent. She tells him his living arrangements will have to wait. She tells him that Sonny has Michael hidden away somewhere and Dante is the person to find him.

At General Hospital, Epiphany tells Maxie that her tests didnít reveal any complications, but she would feel better if Maxie would stay another day. Maxie signs herself out and tells Epiphany that if she isnít at the office in 15 minutes she will be out of a job and lose her health insurance so they would kick her out anyway. Spinelli comes in and asks why Maxie is out of bed. She tells him that Epiphany just checked her out so she is going back to work. She asks him if Jason talked to him. Spinelli says Jason advised him as always. Maxie tells him that whatever Jason said isnít working. She tells him that she doesnít blame him and that she wishes she could stay and tell him all the reasons that she loves him just as he is, but she has to go deal with Kate. She clutches her chest as she rushes off.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny tells Luke that he doesnít expect Lulu to lie for him, but it would help him if she didnít feel Danteís anger. He says he understands that Lulu is mad at him but they had a great relationship before he shot Dante, and he didnít know that Dante was his son. Luke says he understands, but he isnít sure that his daughter will. Sonny asks Luke to remind her of the friendship between their families. Luke says he will do what he can but that Lulu resents it when he meddles in her love life so she could end up resenting him too. Sonny says he will find another way but Luke assures him that he will do what he can. They shake hands and Sonny leaves.

At Danteís potential apartment, he reminds Clare that she does not need Michael Corinthosí testimony to make her case against Sonny. She says all the evidence is circumstantial and an eyewitness can help to eliminate reasonable doubt. Dante reminds Clare that Michael was shot in the head and it left him erratic and emotional. He tells her that if she had done her homework, she would have found that he falsely confessed to running Claudia off the road. He tells her that if she puts Michael on the stand, Sonnyís attorneys will do everything they can to discredit him. Clare tells Dante that Sonny wonít let his attorneys crucify Michael. Dante asks if he will get the kid glove treatment too. Clare says no, Sonnyís attorneys will poke holes in every piece of evidence that Dante found. She says they will paint a picture of Dante as the prodigal son who was cheated out of his father, and is now trying to take down Daddy. He says if that kind of garbage flies in court then a brain-damaged kid testifying wonít make any difference. Clare tells him that it isnít his call; she is the prosecutor and she wants Michael Corinthos. She tells him that she realizes that he is used to playing both sides while working undercover but now he has to choose whether he is Michaelís brother, Sonnyís son, or a cop.

Sam takes Kristina home and asks her what she was doing with Ethan, anyway. Kristina says Sam can say she got what she deserved. Keifer is hiding in the bushes and watches the women go inside. Inside the house, Kristina says she was totally humiliated and the bruise on her arm proves how stupid she is. Sam tells her sister that she deserves to be treated with respect. Kristina reveals that she sent Ethanís date an email as Ethan and cancelled their date. Sam says it doesnít matter what she did, a man should never put his hands on her under any circumstances. Kristina says she is an idiot. Sam tells Kristina that she isnít an idiot and reveals that she did dumber things when she was Kristinaís age. She says the things she did were much uglier and she doesnít want Kristina to so the same sort of things. She counsels Kristina to learn from her mistakes. Keifer watches them from outside the window.

Sonny goes home and finds Dante sitting on the couch in the living room. Dante tells Sonny about an encounter with Jimmy the Fish some years ago when Jimmy told him about something that had been eating at him for thirty years. He says Jimmy told him that he felt better once he had got it off his chest. Sonny asks Dante if he thinks Sonny has something he needs to get off his chest about Claudia. Dante says no, he gets that sense from Michael. He tells Sonny not to let Michael carry his secret around for the rest of his life. He advises Sonny to bring Michael back and let him tell the truth.

At Crimson, Kate rejects a stack of photographs and tells Lulu that she needs fresh faces now. Lulu says all the agencies are closed now. Kate says Lulu should have all of their home phone numbers on speed dial and asks her to do her job without excuses for once. Lulu turns her attention to looking up phone numbers. Kate says that they should discuss Luluís involvement with Dante. Lulu asks Kate if she knew that Dante was Sonnyís son. Kate doesnít want to answer that question and says her only point is that if her relationship is going to interfere with her job performance, she should go be happy elsewhere. Maxie enters Crimson and Kate sarcastically tells her she has two minutes to spare. Maxie coughs and Kate asks her if she had a rough night, adding that she is sure it wasnít as rough as Kateís night was. Maxie asks Kate if something happened with Federico. Kate reveals that Feddy gave the summer exclusive to Prima Bella. Kate asks Maxie where she was and Maxie says she was helping Spinelli. Kate tells Maxie she needs to decide if she wants to be someoneís girlfriend or if she wants a career in fashion. Maxie says she is here and she wants to fix it. She says this job means everything to her and she doesnít want to let Kate down. Kate says she wonít get another chance. Kate calls Lulu and asks her if she got anyone yet. Lulu tells her she has left four messages. Maxie has a coughing fit but tells Kate she is fine.

At Alexisí house, Sam asks Kristina what she is doing with a guy like Ethan if she is in love with Keifer. Kristina says Ethan is cool, funny, and gorgeous. Sam says Ethan is older. She tells her sister that being older doesnít make him better. Kristina scoffs. Sam says Kristinaís dad wanted her to talk to Kristina. Kristina doesnít want to talk about her dad. Sam tells Kristina that her father loves her and wants to be there for her. She says Sonny is human and has made mistakes to. Kristina asks Sam if she thinks her attraction to older men has something to do with her father. Sam says not necessarily. She tells her sister that the idea of older guys seems cool but in reality, older guys know how to take advantage of girls. Kristina says she felt better about herself when she was with Ethan. Sam tells Kristina that she is smart, beautiful, and amazing and she doesnít need a man to tell her that to make it true. She tells her to come to her if she ever has any doubts. Sam suggests that Kristina go and wash her face and change into some comfortable clothes. She offers to stay and watch a movie or something but Kristina says she will be ok so Sam leaves. Kristina answers a knock on the door expecting it to be Sam, but Keifer is standing there. He asks her if she had fun blowing him off for Ethan.

At Crimson, Maxie gives Kate the new layout. Kate hates it and says it needs to be completely redone. Maxie coughs. Lulu says she will take care of it. Kate says the copy has to be redone because they canít bore the readers with longwinded articles. She says she asked for short, snappy, and to the point. Kate wonders why no one listens to her, starting with her cousin Olivia who didnít listen when she told her to tell Sonny the truth about his son. Maxie stifles a cough and says she is going to go to the editorial department. Kate asks Lulu how Dante is doing and Lulu says he is getting better. Maxie has a coughing fit at her desk. Lulu runs to help her.

At Sonnyís house, Dante tells Sonny that Michael said Dante had it all wrong about Claudia. He asks Claudia to set him straight. Sonny says his lawyers would kill him. Dante says he thought Sonny wanted to be close and talk to each other. He says he wants to hear Michaels story and asks if Sonny will tell him. Sonny tells Dante to do whatís right and leave his brother alone. Dante asks him if he thinks the detectives and prosecutor will leave Michael alone. He says he cares about Michael and is trying to look out for him. Sonny tells Dante that his kids are the most important thing to him. He concedes that he may not be perfect but asserts that he does whatever it takes to protect his family. Dante says that is where Sonny loses him because he doesnít understand how making Michael a fugitive is protecting him. Sonny says Dante doesnít understand what is going on. Dante asks Sonny to explain it to him. He asks why it is a big deal if Michael says he saw his dad beat his wife to death. Sonny tells Dante that everything he has done since that night has been to keep Michael safe. Jason quietly enters the room. Dante tells Sonny that he knows Sonny believes that and he knows Sonny wants him to believe it, so Sonny had better start talking to him. Jason says Sonnyís name to make his presence known.

Sam goes to the Haunted Star, walks up to Ethanís table and tells him that she may not have been clear when she told him her sister is sixteen years old. She tells him to stay away from Kristina and if he ever lays a hand on Kristina again, he will wish he hadnít.

Keifer storms into Kristinaís house and wonders how he could have been so stupid. He says he thought she cancelled on him because she was mad at him. She asks him why she would be mad at him. He screams that he wouldnít know. He tells her he bets she and Ethan had a good laugh at him. She tells him that it wasnít like that and she is sorry. She tells him she looked like an idiot at his first party with Harvard people while she was off with Ethan in a dress he bought. He grabs her by the arms and she protests that he is hurting her. He backhands her in the face. She falls to the floor. He looks down at her enraged. She crawls across the floor to get away from him. She braces herself on a chair as she looks up at him, cowering in anticipation of his next assault.

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