GH Update Thursday 3/11/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/11/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Dante goes to the Metro Court and asks Carly where Michael is and she says she has no idea.

Meanwhile on Sonnyís island, Max and Milo pass the time playing shuffleboard while guarding Michael. Michael tells Max that Sonny has gone to all this trouble to keep him out of prison but being stuck on the island makes him feel like he is in prison anyway.

Sonny goes to see Alexis at her office. She asks him what he is trying to hide by sending Michael out of the country to prevent him testifying.

Patrick and Lisa are stuck in an elevator at General Hospital. He suggests that she arranged for the elevator to stop so she could be alone with him. She says she doesnít know why he is making such a big deal about seeing her changing clothes in the locker room. She says she has moved on since college and that if he is bored with his minivan and picket fence, he should leave her out of it.

Ethan enters the Haunted Star dressed in a suit. Luke tells him he cleans up nicely. Tracy comes into the bar and tells Luke they have to celebrate with martinis because the casino is in the black. She asks why Ethan is dressed up. He tells her he has a date with Jennifer to go to a new club called Pluto. He says he has been a good boy for a long time and that is about to change.

Kristina is at home getting dressed up to go out. Molly tells her she looks like she should be in a magazine or with a millionaire. Kristina tells Molly she isnít going to the frat party. Molly wonders if Kristina and Keifer will sneak into the city instead. Kristina asks Molly if she knows how to hack into Ethanís email and send a message that appears to be from Jennifer saying she canít make it tonight. Molly thinks she can. Kristina asks her to send a message from Ethan to Jennifer cancelling their date, too so that Ethan can take Kristina out instead.

At Alexisís office, Sonny says Michael doesnít need the stress of watching the trial. She says he might as well get a neon sign that says Michael saw what happened. He reminds her that she didnít want Kristina to go through a trial when she ran Claudia off the road. He says Michael didnít see what happened so he shouldnít have to go through it. Alexis tells Sonny that she took his case because she doesnít want their daughter to think he is a monster but now that he has taken Michael out of the country, she has questions. He tells her that he is paying her and Diane to make the jury believe the truth that he killed Claudia in self-defense and that if she has a problem with it, she should get off the case.

At the Metro Court, Dante tells Carly that Michael vanishing this close to the trial looks bad. Carly says she doesnít see why since Michael has nothing to do with Claudia. Dante says he wishes he could believe that. Carly says she used to believe that Dante cared about her kids. He says he does care about Michael and Morgan and he doesnít want their father to ruin their lives any more than he already has. She asks him how sending Sonny to prison will help. He says Sonny has to pay for what he did. Carly says Michael was in a coma for a year because Claudia put a hit out on Sonny and now he might lose his father because of Claudia too. Dante says that Sonny had no right to kill Claudia or to expect Michael to keep quiet about what he knows regardless of what Claudia did. He tells her that he saw her performance at the arraignment and it is clear that she is going to defend Sonny because he is the father of her kids. He says he supposes he can understand that but lying for Michael wonít help; it will make things worse. She tells him he reminds her of Sonny because when he wants something, he wonít stop no matter who is in the way or how many people get hurt. Dante says Michael has been hurting for a long time. He asks her if she doesnít think she should be putting a stop to it. She tells him he is twisting her words just like Sonny does. She says she believes he wants the best for Michael and wants to be close to him, but putting Sonny in prison isnít the way to accomplish it. He tells her he is a cop and it is his job. She says she canít help him. Dante says he knows Carly is trying to protect Michael. He says his mother tried to protect him too, but now she regrets that she didnít tell him the truth a long time ago. She tells him not to talk to her about regret when he is trying to put his father in prison. He tells her that her stonewalling will not help anything; they are going to find Michael. She tells him that perhaps he should talk to Jax instead since the two of them work so well together. She blames Dante for her split-up with Jax.

At General Hospital, Maxie says she is warm now and wants to go. Robin tells her they are keeping her there for at least 24 hours to make sure she doesnít develop fluid in her lungs. Mac comes to Maxieís hospital room and asks her how she ended up spending the night freezing in the sewer.

In the waiting area outside of Maxieís hospital room, Spinelli laments to Johnny his regrets about his poorly planned and executed attempt to recreate the excitement of his first Maxie. Johnny tells Spinelli that Maxie is madly in love with him; all he needs to do is trust in that and get out of his own way.

At the Haunted Star, Tracy asks Ethan if he can go to Pluto some other time with someone not affiliated with the mob. Luke says it is better that Ethan will be at Pluto with Miss Busty than hanging out with Johnny Z. Tracy says the bimbo works for Sonnyís consigliere. Ethan says Jennifer is no bimbo. Tracy rephrases that Jennifer is just an active participant in organized crime. Ethan says they are just going clubbing. Tracy asks Ethan why out of all the beautiful women who pass through the Haunted Star, he had to pick the one that could harm him most. Luke interjects that it is genetics. Ethanís phone rings so he steps away to answer it. Tracy asks Luke why his children are so drawn to the mob. Luke tells her to leave Ethan alone because he hasnít seen him this happy in a long time. Ethan returns and announces that Jennifer has to work tonight. Luke assures him that Jennifer will be back. Luke says he has to leave early tonight because he has a meeting in Vegas in the morning. Tracy wants to go too, but Luke asks her to remain in Port Charles to keep an eye on Ethan.

Kristina calls Keifer and cancels their date, telling him she has a family thing. Molly informs Kristina that she successfully sent messages to Ethan and Jennifer cancelling their date. Molly wonders why Ethan doesnít just ask Kristina out. Kristina says they have to be discrete for a while but that they will figure something out. Kristina tells Molly that she will give her the purple sweater that she likes if Molly will tell their mom that she is with Keifer. Molly wonders why Kristina doesnít want to go to the party with Keifer. Kristina explains that Keifer is leaving to go to Harvard and Ethan will be local. She adds that Ethan is hotter than Keifer. Molly says Ethan is too old for Kristina and their mother will never approve. Kristina says they will have to sneak around for a while because Ethan is perfect for her.

At Alexisís office, she tells Sonny that she has told their daughter, Kristina that Sonny is not violent towards women, and the only reason that he killed Claudia was that he had to protect Carly and Josselyn. She says she is beginning to doubt that story. She says she thinks Sonny doesnít want to put Michael on the stand because he actually bludgeoned Claudia in a fit of anger and Michael saw something he shouldnít have. He asks her if she really thinks he would beat any woman to death. She asks him if he did.

At the Metro Court, Dante tells Carly that itís his job to get Sonny off the streets. She only he can decide how to feel about his father but Michael canít help him because he didnít see anything. Dante tells her that the Feds are involved now, and they have jurisdiction almost everywhere. He asks Carly if she wants Michael to return to the country in police custody and she asks him if he really wants to do that to his little brother. Prosecuting attorney Clare Walsh enters the Metro Court. She asks Dante about his progress in finding Michael Corinthos. Carly tells Clare she can ask her about Michael. Clare says Michael is an adult, they will find him, and he will tell them what he saw the night of Claudia Zaccharaís murder. Dante says he has built a good case and he thinks they can get a conviction without Michaelís testimony. Carly tells them that they may finish their conversation if they do it quickly because Metro court isnít a police station; itís a 5-star hotel. When Carly leaves them alone, Clare asks Dante whose side he is on. Dante says Michael would be a disaster on the stand because he is unreliable and emotional. He says Michael will do anything he can to help Sonny. Clare observes that Dante protected Sonny when he shot him and now he is protecting Michael. She tells him she is beginning to agree with Agent Raynerís opinion that Dante is too close to them.

Epiphany takes Maxieís blood in her hospital room so they can run some tests. She tells Mac not to stay too long because Maxie needs her rest. Maxie asks Robin to tell Mac that the tests are just a precaution. Robin tells Maxie to rest and she tells Mac to try not to worry. Robin and Epiphany leave; Spinelli and Johnny enter. Mac says he knew Spinelli was responsible. Maxie tells Mac not to yell at Spinelli. Spinelli admits that he is responsible and that he deserves Macís wrath.

Stuck on the elevator, Lisa suggests that the Universe is trying to teach them patience. Patrick says he doesnít have time for patience as he proceeds to bang on the button bank. Lisa says she is hot and proceeds to take off the sweater that she is wearing under her scrubs. Patrick is amazed that she doesnít get tangled when she does that.

On Sonnyís island, Michael isnít interested in playing shuffleboard with Max and Milo. He doesnít want to go to the beach either. He just wants to go home. Max tells him he will go home, but mot before his fatherís trial is over. He encourages Michael to take advantage of everything the island has to offer. Michael suggests they order room service. He goes to the other room and calls someone, but itís not room service. He tells the person that he wants to surprise a couple of his fatherís men at the cabana.

At the Metro Court, Dante tells Clare that Michael has brain damage and anger issues. He says Sonny may have sent Michael away because of his fragile emotional state and not because he knows anything. Clare is certain Michael knows something. She asks if Dante has considered removing himself from the case. He tells her to feel free to remove him from the witness list. She says she canít afford to put him on the stand if she doesnít know whose side he is on. She says that it will compromise the case if the jury senses that he is protecting his family. He asks her how she thinks the jury will respond to her trying to destroy a kid who has already been through hell. She says she can tell that Carly will favor her testimony toward Sonny so Michael is their best witness. He tells her it is obvious that she doesnít have kids because she doesnít see that putting Michael on the stand against his father will do to him. Danteís phone rings. Lulu tells him she needs to see him immediately.

In Maxieís hospital room, Mac asks Maxie how she ended up in a storm drain with Spinelli. She says they were on an important case. Mac is annoyed that Spinelli is dragging Maxie along on mob assignments. Maxie clarifies that it had nothing to do with the mob. Mac wonders why Johnny is there, then. She explains that Spinelli texted Johnny to come save them. Mac asks her if it had occurred to them to call 9-1-1. He thanks Johnny for saving his daughter but tells him he needs to leave now. Maxie says that was rude, but Johnny says itís ok; he is glad she is alright. Johnny leaves and Mac tells Spinelli to get out now. Maxie says she needs Spinelli and she asks Spinelli to stay.

Dante enters Crimson and Lulu is surprised that he is there that quickly. He explains that he was in the lobby and she saved him from Clare. Lulu says she thought he and Clare were on the same side. He tells her that Clare thinks Michael should be a witness but he thinks they should leave Michael alone and focus on Sonny. She reminds him that he hasnít started working for the police department yet. He says he knows, but he wants to help Michael and Morgan as much as he can. She tells him she followed up on a favor he asked for and takes him to show him what she has.

On Sonnyís island, two beautiful women arrive at the cabana to occupy Max and Milo.

Sonny goes to the Metro Court. Carly tells him that Dante had been there and asked her where Michael is. Sonny says Dante is just doing his job. Carly says she thinks Dante is changing his mind about it because she overheard him telling the Federal Prosecutor that she doesnít need Michael to make her case. Sonny says he had a feeling that Dante wouldnít hurt his brother.

On the elevator at General Hospital, Lisa tells Patrick that when they were at school, she always admired his focus. He tells her it wasnít hard; he just set out to be nothing like his father after watching his drunken father squander his career. He says he didnít commit to anyone; he just focused on being the best he could be. She observes that since he has been with Robin he wants to be the perfect family man because his father was such a disaster. She tells him he must know that he left his father in the dust as a surgeon years ago. Patrick says he doesnít know about that; Noah Drake was good. He says his father was also a shameless womanizer and he lost everything. He says he still thinks some people expect that to happen to him too. She says that is a lot of pressure to put on himself. He observes that she puts a lot of pressure on herself too. She supposes they have something to prove. The elevator doors open. Epiphany asks them how long they were stuck. Lisa says not too long. Robin says she became concerned when Patrick didnít answer his page. He asks if they didnít notice the emergency signal. The elevator maintenance man tells them that that car was scheduled for maintenance today and that there was a sign in front of it. Patrick says he didnít see a sign.

In Maxieís hospital room, Mac tells her that he isnít going to argue with her because she needs her rest, but he says Spinelli would not have dragged her into that sewer if he cared about her. She corrects him that it was a storm drain. Mac tells her that she is skipping out on her own life to be with Spinelli and he is going to get her killed one day. Mac leaves and Maxie tells Spinelli that Mac didnít mean what he said; he was just worried. Spinelli tells her that Mac was right. He confessed that everything except the original case was fiction. He tells her that the chef was cheating on his wife but she was never in danger. He tells her that he enhanced the facts so that they could solve a mystery together, and then he could come up with a brilliant solution and be her hero. She tells him he didnít need to do that. He confessed that there was no reason to go into the storm drain. He says it was a stupid, dangerous ruse. He says he wanted to remind her of how they got together and he wanted to save her. She tells her that he did save her by texting Johnny. He admits that Johnny just happened to find them by chance and that if he hadnít, Maxie could have died in that storm drain.

Lulu takes Dante to look at an apartment she found. She tells him that he has until tomorrow to decide if he wants it. He tells her it is amazing and that when he asked her to look online, he didnít expect anything like this. She says she was motivated because his room at Kellyís and her apartment both have so much traffic. She says she thought this one might remind him of Brooklyn. He tells her that it is perfect and she is too. They kiss.

At the Metro Court, Sonny reveals to Carly that Alexis is beginning to put together her own scenario about Sonny killing Claudia. Carly recommends that Sonny fire Alexis. Sonny says he doesnít want to upset Kristina, but he doesnít want Alexis to tell Kristina about how she thinks he killed Claudia either. Carly asks him what Alexis thinks happened. He reveals that Alexis thinks he bludgeoned Claudia in a fit of rage. She says Alexis always thinks of the worst possible scenario. Sonny says he doesnít want his daughter to think he would ever deliberately hit a woman Ė not even Claudia. He says he is considering telling Dante the truth because he doesnít want his son to think he would ever bludgeon a woman to death.

Alexis arrives home and asks Molly is ready for their night out. Molly says she has been looking forward to it all day. Alexis notices that Molly is wearing Kristinaís sweater and molly assures her that she has Kristinaís permission to wear it. Alexis tells her to be careful not to spill anything on it. She asks Molly if she is sure that she wants to see The Princess and the Frog a third time. Molly says yes and asks if they can go to the Pizza Palace afterwards. Alexis says they can do whatever Molly wants to do. She asks if Kristina went out with Keifer. Molly lies and says Keifer picked Kristina up.

Ethan is working at one of the poker tables at the Haunted Star since his date was cancelled. Nearby, Tracy observes to Luke that Ethanís cancelled date worked out well for their profit margin. Luke says he is surprised that Jennifer cancelled because she seems so taken with Ethan. Lukeís phone rings and when he looks at the caller ID he says it is for Tracy and hands her the phone. Her father needs her so she tells him she will be right there. Tracy leaves. Luke overhears the gambler at Ethanís table telling Ethan he is a shark. Ethan tells the gambler that he was close. The man stands up and says he isnít buying that line. Luke steps in and tells Ethan to take a break, comps a drink for the customer, and takes over as dealer. Ethan goes behind the bar and pours himself a drink. Kristina comes up to the bar and asks her to pour her one too.

Lulu and Dante are walking through the apartment. He says it is great and he loves the location. Lulu tells him he isnít supposed to take the first one he sees. He says she was the first into his heart and he took her. He kisses her and tells her this apartment has everything he needs. She observes that it lacks a mattress and he says mattresses are overrated. They kiss again; she drops her purse on the floor and says, ďWelcome home.Ē

On Sonnyís island, Max, Milo, Michael, and the two local women play limbo.

At the Metro Court, Carly warns Sonny that Dante may be his son, but he is still a cop and he canít risk telling him about Michael. Sonny says he hates that his son thinks the worst of him. Carly reminds him that Michael and Morgan donít. Clare Walsh enters with a subpoena for Michael to testify at Sonnyís trial.

Keifer goes to Alexisís house, bangs on the door, and yells for Kristina to open it.

At the Haunted Star, Luke observes as Ethan tells Kristina that whatever she is trying to do isnít cute anymore. He tells her she is underage and cannot be there. She asks him if he is going to card her. He tells her she could get the place shut down. She tells him to admit that he would rather be with her than with Jennifer. He asks her how she knew about his date with Jennifer. She coyly says she has her ways. He demands to know if she had something to do with Jennifer cancelling on him. She shrugs. He comes around to the front of the bar, grabs her by the arm, and tells her she is out of there. She says no, she isnít, as she picks up his drink from the bar and throws it in his face. He calls her a brat.

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