GH Update Wednesday 3/10/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/10/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

From the balcony, Jason is enjoying the scenic view of the island. Sam walks up from behind and hugs Jason. Sam and Jason agree that a vacation is what they needed. Michael interrupts and bluntly asks if they are heading back to Port Charles. Michael insists that he’s safe and has no intentions of confessing to Claudia’s murder. Jason wants to make sure that Michael is “settled” before he leaves him alone. Michael maintains that he’ll be okay. Michael tells Sam and Jason that he’s going to take a swim. Once alone, Sam and Jason discuss doing something fun. Jason suggests tennis which makes Sam cringe. Jason leans in to kiss Sam. Unknown to them, Michael has returned from his swim. Michael grabs a key and backpack, and hurries out the front door.

At the casino, Luke tells Ethan that they should talk about his green card situation. Ethan informs Luke that he has a date with Jennifer, Bernie Abrams’ secretary. Luke senses that Ethan went out with Jennifer so Johnny could break into the office. Ethan doesn’t give Luke a straight answer. Kristina walks in, all dressed up and looking to play a game of poker. Ethan is friendly toward Kristina but she assumes that he is interested in her. Kristina tries to act all grown-up in front of Ethan. On her way out of the casino, Kristina eavesdrops on Ethan and Luke’s conversation. Kristina listens as Ethan speaks fondly of her. Kristina smiles because she believes that Ethan really likes her. Kristina doesn’t hear when Ethan tells Luke that he has no intentions of pursuing her.

At the hospital, Epiphany tries to get Patrick’s attention but he can’t stop thinking of Lisa. Epiphany wonders why Patrick is so distracted. Robin walks up to the nurses’ station. Robin asks Patrick why he didn’t come to bed the night before. Patrick insists that he was being considerate of Robin and didn’t want to wake her up. Robin doesn’t want to fight with Patrick. However, Robin thinks it’s normal for young married couples to have an argument here and there. Robin leaves to tend to a patient. Patrick makes a decision to confront Lisa about what happened in the locker room. Patrick discloses that he felt uncomfortable about the situation (that Lisa was wearing only her underwear). Lisa is amused that Patrick was bothered by the encounter.

Maxie and Spinelli are trapped in the storm chamber. Spinelli tries using his laptop to open the gate. Maxie is thankful that the laptop didn’t get ruined when some water filled the area. A beeping noise is coming from Spinelli’s computer. Unfortunately, the access code for the gate is denied. Maxie is shivering so Spinelli puts his coat around her shoulders. Spinelli closes his eyes and has a black-and-white dream sequence. Spinelli daydreams that he and Maxie are investigating a case back in the olden days. Spinelli awakens and tells Maxie that he can’t live without her. Maxie is mumbling. Spinelli hears a noise so he calls out. A man holding a cell phone walks up to the chamber. It’s Johnny. Johnny asks why Spinelli and Maxie are there. Johnny manages to get the gate open. Johnny carries Maxie outside and says that he’ll be back to help Spinelli (who injured his foot).

Diane walks into her office and asks Alexis about their new client. Iris, the newly hired assistant, makes a comment that the room smells like perfume. Diane is irritated by Iris’ lack of professionalism. Claire shows up unexpectedly. Claire wants to know where Michael is. Claire asks Diane why Sonny got Michael out of the country. Claire theorizes that Michael’s absence makes Sonny look more guilty. After Claire leaves, Alexis tells Diane that Sonny made a big mistake by sending Michael to the island. Alexis thinks it is best for Michael to come home but Diane disagrees. Alexis leaves the office while Diane stays behind. Molly walks in and asks if Alexis is there. Diane says that Alexis stepped out but she’ll be back soon. Molly hesitates before blurting out that she really came to see Diane. Molly is concerned about Sonny’s upcoming trial. Diane feels uncomfortable talking about the case with a young girl. Alexis walks in and wonders what Molly is doing there. Molly makes up a story that she hasn’t seen her mother’s new office. Diane covers by saying that Molly wanted to talk about Mac. Alexis asserts that she isn’t romantically interested in Mac. Molly quotes some poetry before leaving. Alexis announces to Diane that they lost the new client due to Iris. Alexis and Diane badmouth Iris and concur that she needs to be fired. Diane agrees to tell Iris the news.

Tracy shows up at Lulu’s place. Tracy warns that Dante will end up hurting Lulu sooner or later. Lulu thinks that Tracy is jumping to conclusions about Dante. Lulu believes that Dante is harmless. Tracy reminds Lulu that Dante shares the same DNA as Sonny. Lulu asks Tracy why she is still married to Luke. Tracy explains that her own situation is completely different. Lulu maintains that she’s sticking by Dante no matter what.

Jennifer arrives at the casino. Luke is friendly toward his son’s date. Jennifer wants to get to know Ethan a little better. Luke and Jennifer briefly speak. Tracy returns to the Haunted Star. Ethan inquires about his date with Jennifer. Jennifer says that she needs to get back to work but Ethan can pick her up later. After Jennifer leaves, Tracy pipes in that Ethan can do better. Luke laughs in response. Luke fears that Ethan is getting too mixed up with Johnny Zacchara.

On the balcony, Jason and Sam talk about their frustrations concerning Sonny’s trial. Sam wishes that her life with Jason was free of drama. Jason teases Sam about her dislike of tennis. Jason flirts with Sam but she pulls away. Sam worries that Michael has been gone for too long. Jason finds that Michael tried to get away by speedboat. Michael insists that he just wanted to have fun. Jason doesn’t buy it. Jason believes that Michael wanted to get to the mainland so he could confess to Claudia’s death. Sam agrees with Jason. Sam thinks that Michael wants to get back to New York so he can tell the truth. Jason doesn’t want Michael to confess, claiming that it will cause more harm than good. Michael is having a hard time dealing with the situation. Michael doesn’t want Sonny to confess to a murder he didn’t commit. Jason advises that Sonny’s doing what is best. Sam and Jason pack to go back to Port Charles. Michael hands Jason the key for the speedboat. Michael doesn’t hesitate to make a call about renting a boat. However, Michael is interrupted by Max and Milo’s sudden arrival.

Kiefer and Kristina are in her bedroom. Kiefer comments that Kristina needs to dress nice for their date. Kristina tries on a selection of dresses while Kiefer watches. Kiefer thinks that the purple one looks best on Kristina. Kristina stares into the full-length mirror. Kristina puts on a different dress but Kiefer doesn’t approve. Kiefer points out that Kristina looks younger than her age. Kristina disagrees and says she looks “mature”.

At the nurses’ station, Epiphany, Robin and Patrick discuss patient charts. Patrick produces a red rose for Robin. Robin is touched by the gesture but senses that Patrick feels guilty for something. Johnny carries Maxie into the lobby. Robin is concerned about her cousin. Johnny explains that Spinelli has a foot injury. In the ER, Johnny comforts Maxie until Spinelli arrives. Spinelli apologizes for putting Maxie into a dangerous situation. Spinelli is bummed that Johnny was the one who rescued Maxie. Spinelli and Johnny head for the lobby. Robin informs Maxie that she could possibly get pneumonia. Alone, Spinelli speaks of his fake investigation of the French chef. Spinelli wonders how Johnny came across them so quickly.

At the hospital, Lisa runs into Patrick and asks him to check out a patient chart. They get on the elevator. Lisa and Patrick are talking when the elevator gets stuck.

At the casino, Tracy tells Ethan that he shouldn’t get involved with anyone right now. Luke asks Ethan if he is serious about Jennifer. Ethan says that she’s a nice girl. Unbeknownst to them, Kristina has returned to the Haunted Star. Kristina is listening nearby. Unfortunately, Kristina thinks that Ethan is referring to her.

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