GH Update Tuesday 3/9/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/9/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

At the hotel, Maxie runs into the French chef, the suspected serial killer. Maxie makes up a story to gain the man’s trust. When the chef hits on Maxie, she waves a butter knife in front of him. Maxie wants the man to stay away from her. The suspect has no idea why Maxie is so paranoid. Before Maxie leaves, she warns the chef to watch out. Maxie hurries back to the lobby to speak to Spinelli. Maxie talks about her run-in with the chef. Maxie explains that the suspect hit on her so she threatened him with a knife. Spinelli is shocked by Maxie’s behavior. Maxie fears that she has blown the case for Spinelli. Maxie promises to stick by Spinelli and help him with the investigation.

At GH, Epiphany thanks Lisa for the Beyonce tickets. Patrick is eavesdropping. Patrick and Lisa talk about heading to Jake’s after work. Robin interrupts the conversation. Lisa suggests that Robin join them at the bar. A patient needs to be checked so Lisa leaves Patrick and Robin to talk. Robin is being distant. Patrick asks what’s wrong. Robin admits that she is bothered by Patrick’s friendship with Lisa. Patrick suggests spending the night together at home with Emma. Robin disagrees and says that he should go to Jake’s. Robin is intimidated by Lisa. Patrick thinks that Robin has nothing to worry about. Epiphany notices that the Drakes are fighting. Robin urges Patrick to go to Jake’s and have a good time. Patrick maintains that Robin is jumping to conclusions about Lisa. Steven interrupts to talk about a patient. Lisa asks Patrick for his professional opinion.

At Jason’s penthouse, Sam answers the door. Dante realizes that he walked in on Jason and Sam about to have sex. Dante apologizes for interrupting but goes on about Michael. Dante thinks that Jason will try to get Michael out of the country. Jason says that Dante can check the apartment but Michael isn’t there. Sam is annoyed that Dante won’t go away. Sam wants to have a romantic night with Jason. There is an awkward moment until Dante reluctantly leaves. Jason thanks Sam for the save. Michael descends the staircase. Michael fears that Dante won’t stop until Sonny is sent to prison.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Carly and Sonny continue to fight about Michael. Carly wants Michael to stay put in Port Charles during Sonny’s trial. Jax walks over and tells the two of them to keep their voices down. Carly is irritated that Jax is interrupting their heated debate. Jax is worried about Michael’s wellbeing but Carly doesn’t buy it. Jax thinks that Sonny has caused all their problems. Carly maintains that Michael isn’t going anywhere. Frustrated, Carly stands and walks out of the restaurant. Jax comments that Sonny should enjoy his meal because it’s better than “prison food”. Jax walks away. Olivia walks over to the table. Sonny inquires about Dante. Sonny wants to know how Dante was growing up. Olivia reminisces about Dante’s fascination with anything science-related. Olivia explains how Dante hated math which makes Sonny smile since he wasn’t good at math either. Sonny reasons that he could have been a great father to Dante if given the chance. Olivia maintains that her brothers were a positive influence on Dante. Olivia is disappointed that Sonny wanted to join the mob. Olivia wants Sonny to stay away from Dante. Olivia orders Sonny to leave the restaurant. Sonny is slightly amused. Olivia doesn’t want to talk to Sonny anymore. Olivia is clearly upset so Sonny graciously vacates the premises.

Kristina shows up at Kelly’s. Kristina is pleased to see Ethan inside. Kristina briefly speaks to Mike before approaching Ethan. Kristina tries to flirt with Ethan but he isn’t interested. Ethan announces that he is waiting for Jennifer. Kristina is bummed that Ethan has moved on. Jennifer enters the diner. Kristina is sickened as Ethan and Jennifer flirt with each other. Kristina watches from afar as Mike speaks to Ethan and Jennifer. Jennifer is happy that Mike has made a full recovery. Kristina is startled when Kiefer shows up.

Dante pays Lulu a visit at her apartment. They share a passionate kiss. Lulu thinks that Dante has been drinking. Dante laughs in response. Dante and Lulu sit down on the couch. Dante takes off Lulu’s boots. Dante kisses Lulu. Dante takes off his shirt. Dante is thankful that he and Lulu can finally be together. Maxie enters the apartment and apologizes for interrupting the intimate moment. Maxie hurries out of the living room. Lulu is visibly embarrassed. Dante and Lulu put their clothes back on. Maxie is about to leave when Lulu suggests that she try out a new restaurant. Lulu and Dante head for the bedroom but there’s a knock on the door. It’s Ronnie. Ronnie needs to speak to Dante. Lulu is annoyed that she and Dante can’t be alone.

Carly shows up at Jason’s place. Carly is relieved to see that Michael is safe and sound. Carly and Jason argue about what’s best for Michael. Jason tells Carly that Michael needs to go to the island. Carly hugs Michael. Michael agrees with Jason’s opinion. Carly wants Michael to stay in Port Charles but decides to listen to Jason.

Patrick enters the doctors’ locker room. Patrick calls out to Lisa. Patrick wants to talk about a patient’s medical history. Patrick is uncomfortable since Lisa is wearing only a bra. Patrick and Lisa concur that more tests need to be run. Patrick approaches the nurses’ station and asks Robin if she wants to go to Jake’s. Robin doesn’t want to fight anymore. Robin insists that she trusts Patrick.

At the diner, Jennifer brings up that her boss’ office was broken into. Jennifer questions if Ethan really enjoys her company. Ethan laughs nervously in response. Ethan admits that he’s a “conman”. Jennifer grabs her coat and the two of them leave the diner together. Kristina is intently watching when Kiefer says that he misses his girlfriend. Kristina plays along so Kiefer doesn’t get mad.

Spinelli and Maxie are doing investigation work. Spinelli and Maxie come across where they had their first adventure – a storm chamber. Maxie screams out when she thinks they are trapped inside. Spinelli fears that he has ruptured his Achilles heel. Spinelli is frantically typing on his keyboard. Maxie wants to leave the area since it is rat-infested.

Carly shows up at Lulu’s apartment. They hug. Lulu says that she doesn’t want her relationship with Carly to crumble. Carly asks Lulu to speak to Dante about his testimony. Carly explains that Michael will be devastated if Dante testifies against Sonny at the trial. Lulu feels terrible that she can’t help Carly. Lulu believes that Sonny needs to pay for his crimes. Carly warns Lulu that Sonny won’t back down. Carly says that Sonny and Dante will eventually re-connect as father and son.

Michael and Jason are sitting on the jet, awaiting takeoff. Jason recalls Michael’s childhood dislike of sunhats. Michael admits that he’s flattered by Jason’s overprotectiveness but doesn’t want to be treated like a baby anymore.

Ronnie and Dante are waiting in the Corinthos living room when Sonny walks in. Sonny announces that he has nothing to say to the police. Dante informs Sonny that he isn’t there to talk to him but to Michael. Sonny is tired of Dante’s constant harassment. Dante says that he can get a subpoena. Ronnie makes it clear that Sonny will be convicted. Dante remains silent.

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