GH Update Monday 3/8/10

General Hospital Update Monday 3/8/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Luke walks into the casino as Lucky is about to handcuff Ethan. Luke tells Lucky to back off from the arrest. Luke fears that Ethan is getting mixed up with Johnny Zacchara. Lucky agrees with Luke’s concerns. Luke says that he will take care of Ethan’s green card issue. Lucky feels that Ethan will end up getting hurt or killed if he continues to help Johnny. Ethan laughs in response. Ethan asserts that he won’t get in the middle of any mob wars. Ethan maintains that he isn’t helping Johnny with getting revenge on Sonny. Ethan finally comes clean about his date with Jennifer, Bernie’s secretary. Lucky thinks that Ethan is being evasive because there’s more to the story. Lucky decides not to push the issue any further. Lucky reminds Ethan that he should get his green card re-instated.

At the auto repair shop, Jason aims a paint-ball gun at Johnny. Johnny is slightly amused. Jason warns that he won’t hesitate to shoot Johnny next time. When Jason turns to leave, Johnny points a gun at him. Johnny yells at Jason about Sonny’s behavior. Johnny is intent on getting vengeance for Claudia. Jason says that he isn’t worried about Johnny coming after him.

At home, Sonny tells Dante that he can’t interrogate Michael. Dante is puzzled as to why Sonny is protecting Michael. Michael doesn’t want to leave the room but Sonny orders him to. Sonny is resolute that Dante needs to stop harassing Michael. Sonny is worried what “damage” Dante could cause. Dante is offended since Sonny has hurt so many of his loved ones due to his selfish behavior. Dante is confident that Michael will find out who Sonny really is. Dante wants to help his younger brother realize that Sonny is a monster. Sonny says that Dante got what he wanted because he is standing trial for murder. Sonny explains what happened the night of Claudia’s death. Sonny relays that he came across the abandoned car, found Carly and Claudia at the rundown cabin, and killed Claudia in self-defense. Dante isn’t sure if Sonny’s telling the truth.

At Shadybrook, Elizabeth and Nikolas argue about the unborn baby. Nikolas wants to make sure that the baby is legally taken care of, whether it is his own or Lucky’s. Elizabeth is adamant that she will never be in a relationship with Nikolas. Elizabeth is still carrying the guilt from the affair. Liz knows that she doesn’t have a chance with Lucky but doesn’t want to make any more mistakes. Elizabeth makes it clear that she and Nik have no future. Nikolas is teary-eyed as he realizes that Liz doesn’t want to be with him. Nikolas leaves the room, visibly saddened by Elizabeth’s rejection. There is a knock on the door. Lainey shows up to speak to Elizabeth. Lainey comments that Liz seems “agitated”.

Carly and Olivia talk about work at the Metro Court bar. Carly is planning a special dinner at the restaurant. Carly implies that the dinner is for Sonny. Olivia is sickened that Carly wants anything to do with Sonny. Jax arrives at the restaurant just as Olivia is setting the table for Carly and Sonny’s dinner. Jax assumes that Carly is doing this for him but Olivia doesn’t have the heart to tell him the truth. Suddenly, Carly interrupts the conversation. Jax compliments Carly on her beautiful dress. Carly smiles and announces that Sonny should like it. Jax is speechless. Carly tells Olivia to make sure that the staff prepares Sonny’s favorite meal. Jax doesn’t understand why Carly wants to make him jealous. Jax implies that he’ll have a dinner guest of his own. Jax glances at Olivia but she says she isn’t getting involved.

Maxie and Spinelli are having a conversation in the Metro Court lobby. Maxie speaks about issues at work. Spinelli is visibly worried about Maxie’s safety. Spinelli divulges his hunches concerning a possible serial killer at the hotel. Maxie gets a phone call from Kate. Maxie tells her boss that she can’t come in to work today, claiming that it is a “life and death” matter. Spinelli wants to keep an eye on the suspect. Spinelli receives a phone call from Bernie. Maxie watches as the suspect leaves the elevator and walks out. Maxie tries to get Spinelli’s attention but he’s preoccupied with the call. Maxie follows the suspect out the door.

Tracy shows up at the Haunted Star. Luke and Ethan are quiet. Tracy senses that something is wrong. Tracy wants the men to spill the beans. Ethan explains that he’s having a problem with immigration services. Luke proposes that the easiest way to get a green card is to get married. Ethan doesn’t like the suggestion. Tracy gets an idea in her head. Tracy makes a phone call. Luke is horrified that Tracy wants to marry Ethan. Tracy informs Luke that she and Ethan would have a quickie wedding in Vegas and get divorced immediately. Luke says that he won’t allow the nuptials to happen. Tracy thinks it is funny that Luke is bothered by it. Ethan calls Tracy “Spanky” which irritates Luke. Ethan leaves the casino. Surprisingly, Luke confides that the Vegas wedding is a good idea. Luke says that Ethan’s green card problems would be cleared up and he’d have access to some Quartermaine money. However, Luke wants to know what he’ll get in return. Luke and Tracy flirt back and forth. Luke finds it amazing that he and Tracy are still together after all these years. Luke admits that he wants Tracy all to himself. Tracy is thankful to hear Luke’s confession.

Elizabeth’s therapy session with Lainey begins. Lucky and Nikolas are both present. Liz explains how her relationship with Nik started. Liz says that it was innocent at first – just playful flirtation. Elizabeth is remorseful about the affair. Lucky is crying. Lainey worries that Elizabeth was looking to fill a need with Nikolas. Lucky pipes in and says that he’s been living in the past. Lucky thinks that Nikolas was an “escape” for Elizabeth. After the session, Elizabeth worries what will happen next. In private, Lucky tells Nikolas that he hopes his brother turns out to be the father of Liz’s baby.

Sonny shows up at Jason’s penthouse. Sonny is sure that Michael will confess to the police sooner or later. Jason suggests that Michael get out of the country. Sonny wants Jason to bring Michael to the island. Jason worries how Carly will handle the news.

Dante pays Johnny a visit at the auto repair shop. Johnny thinks it is funny that Sonny ended up being Dante’s father. Dante asks Johnny if he has any evidence to link Sonny to the cabin. Dante brings up Michael. Johnny defends Michael which makes Dante suspicious. Dante senses that Michael knows more than he’s saying. Johnny figures that approaching Michael as a hostile witness isn’t the way to go. In fact, Johnny suggests speaking to Michael as a concerned older brother. Dante fears that Sonny will try to get Michael out of the country to protect him from testifying.

Jason goes to Sonny’s house. Jason tells Michael that he needs to leave Port Charles. Michael wants to stay put. Michael talks about Sonny’s admiration of Dante.

At the hotel, Maxie runs into the suspect, who is a French chef. The man flirts with Maxie but she isn’t interested. Maxie tells the man to back off and calls him a “serial killer”.

Sonny shows up for dinner with Carly. Sonny brings up the close call with Dante. Sonny blurts out that Jason and Sam are bringing Michael to the island. Carly is outraged. Carly won’t allow Michael to leave. Jax and Olivia eavesdrop from the bar.

Jason and Michael return to the penthouse. Jason speaks to Sam about bringing Michael to the island. Suddenly, there is a knock on the door. It’s Dante.

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