GH Update Friday 3/5/10

General Hospital Update Friday 3/5/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

Johnny is sitting at the bar at Jakeís Roadhouse. He turns his head and sees someone standing there wearing a Bill Clinton mask. He asks what is with the mask. Lucky removes the mask and tells Johnny to tell him. At a table a few feet away, Maxie watches Johnny. Spinelli observes to her that she seems to be drawn to Johnny. Maxie says she just admires Johnnyís willingness to stand up for what he believes in. At the bar, Lucky tells Johnny he found someone wearing a Bill Clinton mask trying to break in to the back door of Bernie Abramsí office. Lucky says he was impressed because most people would have run away down an alley but Johnny went up the fire escape, into the building, onto the roof, and then jumped off. Johnny says Lucky has the wrong guy. Lucky says the only bad thing is that Johnny took a couple of pot shots at him. He says he could arrest him for the attempted murder of a police officer.

At Jasonís penthouse, he and Carly look at a picture of Franco. Carly wonders how a picture of Franco got in with the pictures from her daughterís christening. Jason thinks Franco is still after him. Carly wonders if Franco will come after Josselyn. Jason says Franco is coming after him. Carly reads the caption on the back of the picture: ďWhatís taking so long? Kill soon or I will have to kill first.Ē

Sonny goes to the police station and finds Dante. He says he received a call saying that someone wanted to see him and he thought it might be Dante. Dante tells him that is a good one. Clare Walsh emerges and goes over to Sonny. She extends her hand and tells Sonny it is good to see him again. He pretends he doesnít know who she is and asks what her name is. She tells him she is the Federal prosecutor that is going to send him to prison with his sonís help.

At the penthouse, Carly asks why Franco didnít send the picture of Michael kneeling next to Claudiaís body if he wanted to scare them. Jason says Franco wants him to know he is watching him; it has nothing to do with Michael. He tells her that Franco is trying to force him to make a mistake that will make him hurt himself or someone he loves. She says that will not happen. He reminds her that he made a lot of mistakes the night that Claudia died. She tells him that they all did, but they donít get a do-over so they have to move on. She asks him if they should focus their attention on Franco or Sonny. He tells her they need to focus on getting Sonny acquitted.

At Jakeís Roadhouse, Lucky returns the Bill Clinton mask to Johnny but Johnny denies having seen it before. Lucky says he knows Johnny wore it when he tried to break into Bernieís office. He kicks Johnnyís foot and Johnny winces in pain. When Lucky asks Johnny what happened to his leg, Johnny says he fell out of bed. Observing from a nearby table, Maxie tells Spinelli that Lucky and Johnny are both awesome in their own ways but they both have self-destructive issues so it is disturbing to see them together in a bar. Spinelli receives a text message and advises Maxie that Stone Cold needs him. Maxie says Jason would never be able to get by without Spinelliís tech support. Maxie gets up to leave and bumps into a very large man wearing all black. She apologizes and he tells her it was his pleasure, calling her ďSweetness.Ē Spinelli slams his hands on the table and challenges the man ďmano a mano.Ē The man doesnít know what Spinelli means so Maxie interjects that he means, ďMan oh man, no harm done.Ē She tells the man to have a good day and the man walks away. After observing from the bar that the fracas has passed, Lucky turns his attention back to Johnny. He says he knows that the President Clinton mask is Max Giambettiís favorite disguise, but Max has no reason to break into Bernieís office. He says the cops are not Johnnyís enemy; Sonny Corinthos is.

The phone rings at Dianeís office. Diane tells Kate she will meet her to accept samples that Kate has for her. Alexis enters carrying a box and briefcase. The phone rings again and Diane tells the person that she is doing the deposition next week. She is about to turn around to greet Alexis but the phone rings again. She confirms 7:00 sharp and reminds him not to bring the thing. The phone rings again. Alexis says the box is heavy. Alexis answers the phone to Stanford Mason, the senior partner in the firm. She tells him the new-hire is settling in beautifully. When she hangs up, she tells Alexis that she has been meaning to hire a secretary but hasnít had time to interview anyone since she fired the last one. She escorts Alexis into an office and says it will be Alexisís office, but that they will have to share it until her own office renovation is completed. Alexis says she would rather be roasted slowly over hot coals.

At the police station, Clare Walsh tells Sonny that she wants to ask him some questions about his trip to Puerto Rico a few days before Claudiaís death. He tells her to call his lawyer. Sonny turns his attention to Dante and tells him that he shouldnít be working yet and that he heard he left the hospital too soon. Dante says he doesnít care what Sonny thinks. Then he tells Clare that she obviously set this up to see if he would really testify in front of the man who turned out to be his father. She says she is guilty and asks Sonny if he has ever heard that. He tells her to call his lawyer. She attempts to taunt him by saying that invoking his love for his children may have helped him remain free on bail but it will not sway the jury from returning a guilty verdict. She tells him she will see him in court, and then she leaves. Sonny tells Dante that Clare is trying to intimidate him because she is worried. Dante observes that Sonny doesnít get intimidated. Sonny says he wonít allow some snotty Fed get to him. Dante suggests that Sonny should be afraid of the day that he goes to prison while Dante will be proud and honored to have put him there.

At Jakeís Roadhouse, Lucky asks Johnny if he had a plan. He wonders if Johnny had intended to steal Bernieís records or just torch the place. He observes that burning the office would be the fastest way to make a statement and cripple Sonnyís organization for a while. Johnny tells Lucky that he canít arrest a person for a crime that never occurred. Lucky asks Johnny to tone it down because nobody needs a mob war and innocent people could get hurt. Johnny says he canít help Lucky. Ethan enters and notices the Bill Clinton mask on the bar so he asks Lucky and Johnny if they are having a political discussion. Lucky tells Johnny that he canít stop him if he wants to go on a suicide mission, but he wonít let him take Ethan with him. Lucky takes the mask and leaves.

Spinelli arrives at Jasonís penthouse. Jason asks him to find out everything he can about the picture of Franco, particularly anything that will help him find Franco. Spinelli asks Jason if he can go with him to track down Franco and settle the grudge match but Jason says he will need Spinelli at the computer. When he observes Spinelliís disappointment, Jason says Spinelli canít get revenge for Franco sleeping with Maxie. Spinelli tells Jason that Maxie is still drawn to dark men while he is just her technical hero and faithful companion in non-marriage. Jason tells Spinelli that Maxie loves him. Spinelli says he knows that, but she doesnít look at him the way she looks at dangerous, intriguing men so he wants to prove himself. Jason tells him to put that idea out of his mind. He wonders why Spinelli needs danger and adventure when he is so smart. He suggests that Spinelli create a computer program or a game about private investigation. Spinelli says cheating spouses and tawdry affairs arenít video game material. Jason says Spinelli has a great imagination and he could make a lot of money from it and it would be safer for both Spinelli and Maxie. Spinelli says Jason may be more right about that than he realizes.

At Dianeís office, Alexis says the last time she shared a desk she was in third grade and she didnít like it then. Diane said she didnít plan on doing renovations during Sonnyís trial, but it will only be few a few weeks. Or months. Alexis says she cannot work this way so she will work from home. Diane says Alexis canít work from home because Kristina canít be anywhere near this trial, especially if it goes south. Alexis tells Diane that if she has to sit across from her, she canít listen to Diane talk all day and she doesnít want to hear the sex whispers with Max. Diane says she wouldnít talk all day and that she will keep the sex whispering to a minimum. She says it will be fun working together; they will be unstoppable. Alexis says she would be better off in the broom closet. Diane says she can have it.

At the police station, Sonny says he canít believe he was thinking of turning his whole organization over to Dante. He says it was more than great undercover work; they had a bond and he knows Dante felt it. Dante asks Sonny if he is trying to guilt him into changing his testimony. Sonny says the last thing he wants to do is stand trial for murder but it gives him a chance to prove that his love is unconditional. He says he doesnít care that Dante is a cop. Dante says Sonny could have fooled him. Sonny says that when Dante came after him, neither of them knew who the other was, and that if he had known the truth, things would have been different. Dante says not as far as he is concerned. Sonny says he canít give Dante the time that they lost; they can only build on what they have now. Dante says they have nothing. He says he has to go figure out how he is going to dismantle Sonnyís organization when he goes to prison. He says Jason will not be an easy takedown. Sonny tells Dante that he is under his protection so Jason will not touch him. Dante asks him if that is a threat or a bribe. He says Sonny will not get him to keep his mouth shut. Sonny says he isnít trying to convince him not to testify and that no matter what Dante says on the stand, Sonny will still be his father. Dante says Sonny is just the guy that got his mother pregnant and then moved on to her cousin. Sonny says he is just as determined to be part of Danteís life as Dante is to shut him out.

Diane answers the phone in Alexisís office and tells the caller to hold. She then tells Alexis where the kitchen is, but adds that she doesnít allow food in the office because the smell lingers. Alexis says she likes to eat at the office because it saves time. She asks Diane whose office they are in as she proceeds to retrieve a sandwich that she brought with her. Diane puts another call on hold and tells Alexis that she doesnít like personal touches around the office. Alexis proceeds to place another picture on her desk. Frustrated, Diane leaves the office. Nikolas drops by to see Alexisís new office and is surprised to see its condition. Alexis explains that she and Diane are sharing it until Dianeís is remodeled. He says sharing could be efficient. Alexis tells him that she went to see Elizabeth and that Elizabeth was not enthusiastic about the trust that Nikolas is setting up for her child.

Lucky goes to the Jasonís penthouse and reports that he found Johnny in Jakeís with an injured leg. He says he canít prove that Johnny is the person that shot at him and he canít file any charges because he didnít actually break into Johnnyís office. Jason tells Lucky that he has protected Johnny as much as he can but he will eventually have to push back. Lucky says he knows that, but Johnny isnít out to kill anyone; he just wants to interrupt operations. Jason wants to know why Lucky is defending Johnny. Lucky says he isnít defending Johnny and he understands the position that Jason is in because Johnnyís actions could start a mob war if Jason doesnít retaliate, but he asks Jason to stall as long as he can because Luckyís family is in the middle of this.

Sonny goes to see Luke at the Haunted Star. Luke congratulates him on remaining out on bail. Luke reminds Sonny that he had asked him what it was like to have Ethan show up in his life as an adult. Luke says that sometimes it is tricky because he doesnít know when to step in and when to back off. He says that there was a time that it was a given that his kids would be safe with Sonny and his organization but the situation with Joey Limbo changed that. Luke reveals that Jason came to see him because he is concerned about Johnny Zacchara stirring up trouble. He says Jason is concerned that Johnny is pulling Ethan in as a shield. He says he will do everything he can to keep Ethan out of Sonnyís way, but asks Sonny if they can still agree that Ethan will be safe from harm.

Carly goes to visit Michael at Sonnyís house. Michael says it is great there except for the fact that he canít leave without Max or Milo. Carly assures him that it is only until Sonnyís trial ends. She tells him that they canít risk him making another confession. He says it isnít fair for his father to go to prison for something that Michael did. Carly says Sonny is not going to prison even if he is found guilty. Michael says Sonny would disappear and that he and Morgan wouldnít be able to see him. He says this is his fault, but Carly assures him that it is not. He tells her that everyone will have to lie about it forever. He asks her how his father going on trial and his mother committing perjury is good for him.

At the police station, Dante tells Clare that he doesnít like being set up. She says her job is to ensure that he will tell the truth on the stand. He tells her that he has already proven that. She says Sonny would already be in prison if Dante had told the truth about how he was shot. He says she should be grateful to have the opportunity to be the prosecutor that puts Sonny Corinthos away. She tells him that she is concerned about the sketchy evidence that they have. He asks her if she thinks that even with his testimony, they could lose the case. She says one other name keeps coming up in statements. He tells her to leave Michael out of it. She says that putting Michael on the stand could trigger catharsis if he needs to get something off his chest. Dante says Michael already blames himself for everything that is happening and he would never recover if his father goes to prison because of something he says. Clare says her job is to win the case and Danteís job is to help her. She tells him that if he canít do it, he should turn over his badge and go work for his daddy.

In Alexisí office, Nikolas says Elizabeth isnít thinking clearly and she will come around. Alexis asks what if Lucky is the babyís father. Nikolas says he already told her he doesnít care; he just wants to make sure that her children are taken care of. She asks him why he wants another child when he barely sees the one he already has. He admits that he wonít win any prizes for parenting but he wants to provide financial support and an education. Nikolas leaves. Diane reenters and gives Alexis some billing forms. She says the billing software in on the secretaryís computer. Alexis puts the forms aside and says she doesnít have any billable hours yet. Diane says Alexis just had a conversation with someone. Alexis protests that it was her nephew. Diane asks her why they should represent the Cassadines pro-bono when they have more money than God. She says if they lose Sonnyís case, they will also lose the retainer that he pays them.

Steve Webber goes to see his sister Elizabeth at Shady Brook. He gives her a bag of brownies from Kellyís. She tells him that she always brought the brownies when she, Lucky, Emily, and Nikolas used to hang out at Kellyís together. She tells him that she has decided that no matter who her babyís father is, she will raise her children alone. He tells her that that is courageous, but it doesnít mean she can pull it off.

At Sonnyís house, Michael tells Carly that it isnít right for his father to give up his whole life for him or for Carly to lie for him. Carly says her testimony will be mostly true. She will only replace Michaelís name with Sonnyís. He asks her if she thinks they will believe her. She assures him that she is a world-class liar and she has never been more motivated. She tells him that she and Sonny will win regardless of the trialís outcome because Michael will have the rest of his life ahead of him.

At the Haunted Star, Sonny agrees to Lukeís request and says he understands that Luke is trying to protect his son. Luke says he has been thinking about karma lately and he doesnít understand how the two of them ended up with sons that became cops. He says Lulu is quite taken with Dante. Sonny says he is glad Dante and Lulu are together. He gives Luke his word that Dante, Lulu, and Ethan are all under his protection. Luke thanks him and toasts to better times.

At Jasonís penthouse, Lucky observes the simple brilliance of Johnnyís activities. He says Johnny has not tried to kill Sonny; he is just defying him. If someone tries to take him out in retaliation, it would be excessively punitive because you donít kill someone for boosting shipments. Jason says Johnny wants to make Sonny look weak. He says he knows Luke taught Lucky that weakness gets you killed. Lucky says he doesnít want to have to arrest Jason for Johnnyís murder and he doesnít want Ethan to wind up dead. Lucky says his badge is not the only thing that is in the way right now; itís all the people that they have in common. He asks Jason to lay off Johnny and Ethan for everyoneís sake. Spinelli eavesdrops from the staircase and hears Lucky tell Jason that the situation might take care of itself because when Sonny goes to prison, Johnny wonít have to worry about getting justice for his sister and no one will have to die. Lucky leaves. Spinelli observes to Jason that Johnny seems to be determined to bring about his own demise. Jason says that if Johnny doesnít stop pushing him, he will have to push back even though he doesnít want to. Spinelli says he might have an idea.

At Shady Brook, Steve asks Elizabeth to try to be realistic about single parenthood. He tells her that Cam and Jake already spend a lot of time in day care or with Gram and she isnít getting any younger. He tells her she will have to work, and it will be more complicated with a third child. He tells her that she will have to have help from someone, so why shouldnít it be from the babyís father.

Lucky goes to the Haunted Star. Ethan is behind the bar and gets a ginger ale for Lucky. Lucky tells Ethan that he turned out to be a good guy in spite of the way Lucky treated him when he arrived in Port Charles. Ethan says Lucky just wasnít expecting a brother. Lucky says Ethan has been supportive through Luckyís issues with Elizabeth and alcohol. He says Ethan has been a good brother and he wants to return the favor. He asks Ethan if he has a green card.

Maxie goes to Jasonís penthouse and asks Spinelli if he is ok because he sounded worried in the message he left her. He tells her that his P.I. case has presented unexpected demands. She says she hopes he doesnít have to work all night again. He tells her that a number of women seen with Chef Robaire were never seen again. Maxie asks him if he thinks there is a serial killer at the Metro Court. He tells her that it is too soon to say, but if so, The Jackal will catch him and make him pay. Maxie says Spinelli canít go after the guy on his own. Spinelli says if he doesnít, Chef Robaire's wife could be killed for hiring him to investigate. He concedes that he could use some help but Samís presence would arouse suspicion. He says Maxieís powers of observations could be useful. Maxie says she would be happy to help him; it will be like old times. He recalls that they met while on a case. She says she would do anything to help her Jackal.

Dante goes to Sonnyís house. Michael comes down the stairs and Dante asks him if he is staying there now. Michael says he wanted to spend some time with his dad and show some support while he is on trial. He says Sonny isnít there right now. Dante says he came to see Michael.

At the Haunted Star, Lucky asks Ethan about the status of his work visa. He says Ethan would be better off in Australia during a mob war. He says Ethan doesnít understand the trouble that Johnny Zacchara is pulling him into. Ethan says he can take care of himself. Lucky says he is sorry it had to come to this as he takes out his handcuffs to arrest Ethan for being in the United States without proper documentation. Luke enters and tells Lucky he canít arrest his brother.

Nikolas goes to Shady Brook to see Elizabeth. He tells her that he spoke to Alexis. Elizabeth says she appreciates what he is trying to do but she wants to raise her children on her own. She says she doesnít want to rely on him, Lucky, or anyone else. He asks her if she told Jason that too since Jason bought her a house and set up a trust for Jake. He asks why he wonít allow him to take care of his child when Jason gets to take care of Jake.

Johnny returns to his garage. Jason emerges from the shadows, shoots Johnny with a paintball gun, and says, ďBulls eye.Ē

At Sonnyís house, Michael tells Dante that he shouldnít be there. Dante says they are family. Michael says for two weeks. Dante says Michael is his brother and he wants him to have a better life than he has now. Michael says to accomplish that, Dante has to refuse to testify against their father. Dante says their father is not an innocent man. Michael says Dante doesnít know their father. He says Dante has been so busy trying to send their father to prison that he didnít notice how much he loves his kids. Dante says Michael has already been paying too much to be Sonnyís son. Michael says if Dante is talking about what happened to Claudia, he doesnít know what he is talking about because he wasnít there. Dante asks Michael to set him straight and tell him what happened. Sonny enters and tells Dante to get out of his house. Dante tells Sonny that is not much of a welcome. He asks Sonny of he is being so rude because he is afraid Dante will find out the deep, dark truth. He says that maybe he already knows.

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