GH Update Thursday 3/4/10

General Hospital Update Thursday 3/4/10


Written by Brenda
Pictures by Juanita

In the warehouse district by the docks, someone in a Bill Clinton mask runs up a fire escape with Lucky running after him, gun drawn, telling him to stop. Lucky chases him into a window, up a staircase, down a hallway, and out onto the roof where they exchange gunfire.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas signs a document, which is then rubber-stamped by a notary. Nikolas inks his thumbprint on the document.

At General Hospital, Dr Lee meets Elizabeth in a hospital exam room to perform the paternity test.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas tells Alexis that he wants a trust established for Spencer and Elizabethís baby. She tells him that speaking as his attorney, that shouldnít be a problem but speaking as his aunt, she thinks he is making the children targets for Helena.

At General Hospital, Elizabeth tells Dr. Lee that the test wasnít too bad. Dr. Lee says it was a simple procedure. Elizabeth says she has complicated everything in her life. Dr Lee says she will know who the childís father is in a few days.

On the rooftop, Lucky takes cover while the man in the mask shoots at him and misses. The masked man jumps over the side of the building.

Jason enters his penthouse. A woman says good morning to him in Spanish. He asks her if he knows her. She says she knows him and asks him how Puerto Rico was. Sam enters the room from the kitchen and hands the woman a cup. She introduces the woman as Clare Walsh, the Federal Prosecutor assigned to Sonnyís trial. Ms. Walsh says Sam was good enough to let her come inside, but assures Jason that Sam didnít disclose any details about his trip. She elaborates that Sam didnít have to say anything because the Federal government pays close attention to his whereabouts. He asks her what she wants. She observes that the coffee Sam gave her is good and says she would expect nothing less from a premier coffee importer. She says she is glad that he is there because she wonít have to get a judge to issue a warrant for his arrest. He tells her that he has nothing to say without his attorney. She asks if that is Diane Miller or Alexis Davis. Without waiting for a response, she continues that she is not surprised that he is well versed in legal procedure. Sam asks Clare what the charge is and Clare says, Failure to appear.Ē Jason asks her where he was supposed to have appeared. Clare says she is calling him as a witness in Federal Court for Sonnyís trial.

At the Metro Court, Carly asks the desk clerk if Jax is there. The clerk hasnít seen him but offers to page him. Carly declines. Jax enters the lobby. Carly goes over to him and asks him if he slept ok last night. He says yes and pretending nothing happened between them asks her why she asked. She pretends to be nonchalant and says she was wondering about the new mattresses they put into the rooms at the Metro Court. He says that reminds him that he wanted to ask her about sleeping arrangements. She smiles like a giddy schoolgirl until he asks her if, the next time Josselyn comes over, Carly can have Mercedes pack the onesie that his mother bought her. She says yes. He asks her if she had anything else to ask him.

At Wyndemere, Alexis advises Nikolas that Helena will interpret the trusts as a challenge. He tells her that nothing he does or doesnít do will have an effect because Helena is already salivating over the prospect of a Cassadine heir. He says the documents are confidential so Helena will not know about them anyway. Alexis compares Helena to the Watcher in the Water character in the Lord of the Rings, saying Helena sees all. Nikolas thinks that if the children are assured financial independence without the Cassadine fortune, Helena wonít be able to hang it over their heads. Alexis says Nikolasís effort is admirable. He asks her if she questions his motives. She says only the one where he is expecting it to endear him to Elizabeth.

At General Hospital, Dr Lee walks Elizabeth out to the triage. Robin asks Elizabeth how it went. Elizabeth says the hardest part facing everyone. Dr Lee assures her that everyone there loves Elizabeth. Robin agrees and discloses that they are passing around a giant card for her. Epiphany tells Elizabeth to wait and see what she got her. Dr Lee encourages Elizabeth to take her time and get well because this will all be there when she returns. Elizabeth says she isnít ready to think about work yet. The only thing on her mind is getting the test results and telling the potential fathers.

Lucky enters the police station. Dante is there and ask Lucky if he wants to give him the tour. Lucky says he will try to find a desk for Dante. Dante asks Lucky if he is just returning from that call. Lucky says the man took a shot at him and got away. Dante wonders why Lucky isnít out looking for him. Lucky reveals that he already knows where to find him because he is pretty sure it was John Zacchara.

At Metro Court, Jax comes up behind Carly and bewilders her when he says, ďSatin sheets.Ē He says there is nothing like spending a night in satin sheets and he thinks they should put them in the suites. He continues to taunt her when he reveals a Belgian chocolate and tells her that he had them flown in from Belgium to leave on guest pillows. He removes the wrapper and takes a bite, making guttural noises as he tastes it. Feigning ecstasy he tells her it is so good. Then he says it is the last one. He holds it out to her and asks her if she wants to try it. He feeds her a bite and asks her what she thinks. She says it is heaven. He offers her another bite but she says she has a meeting and walks away. Jax asks the desk clerk what his name is. He replies Joey Rattana. Jax asks Joey how he likes working at the Metro Court and Joey says he likes it very much. Jax asks Joey if Carly was asking about him. Joey reveals that Carly asked about him the minute she walked in the door.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas reveals to Alexis that Lucky said he and Elizabeth are over, regardless of paternity. Alexis wonders if Elizabeth agrees with that. Nikolas says Elizabeth is struggling with it. He says he is sure it will be hard for her to let go of her identity as ďLuckyís girl.Ē Nikolas says his feelings for Elizabeth are real. Alexis asks him what Elizabeth feels. He says he doesnít know and he isnít sure that Elizabeth knows. He says he will give her the time and space that she needs to gain clarity because it is worth the wait. Alexis tells him that in her experience, things that start badly rarely end well. He tells her that if he could do it over again, he would tell Lucky from the beginning but that the lies and deception donít mean that his love for Elizabeth isnít real.

At Jakeís Roadhouse, Maxie tells Coleman that in exchange for not telling Kate she is ditching work, she will lose the card the next time Kate receives flowers from a client so Coleman can take the credit. Coleman agrees. Maxie asks him if he has any country music because she invited Spinelli to come out for some slow dancing and honky-tonk loving in one of the rooms upstairs. Coleman observes that Spinelli is a lucky man and tells her to try E5 on the jukebox. Johnny Zacchara limps into Jakeís roadhouse, sits at the bar, and orders whiskey. Maxie asks him if he is hurt. He tells her he hasnít felt this good in a long time.

At the police station, Lucky tells Dante that the call he received was for a break in at one of Sonnyís buildings on Bristol Street. Dante says that is the nerve centre of the organization because Bernieís office is there. Dante wonders how Lucky knew it was Johnny. Lucky says it was a certain ex-president. Dante asks if it was Clinton or Bush. Lucky reveals the Clinton mask that he recovered and asks Dante how he knew. Dante says Max always goes as Clinton and Milo always goes as Bush. Lucky says the man in the alley wasnít built like one of the Giambetti brothers. Dante concludes that the person had to have enough information to know where to hit and about the masks. Lucky says Johnny is committed to bringing Sonny down. Dante says he can sympathize. He observes that Johnny isnít bound by the law so having him out there might level the playing field a little bit. Lucky observes that Sonny will not go down without a fight and there will be collateral damage. He concedes that Johnny hasnít done any serious harm yet, but Dante interjects that Johnny shot at a cop. Lucky explains that Johnny missed on purpose. He reveals that he recently stuck a gun in Johnnyís ear and Johnny gave him a pass on it, so he is now returning the favor.

At Jasonís penthouse, Clare says she can just see Alexis and Diane climbing over each other to say that Jason is not on trial and that is her point. He doesnít get to lawyer up if he isnít the defendant. She says he will make the perfect witness because he is a man of few words. She tells him that since she can count on yes or no answers from him, she just needs to ask the right questions. She says the jury will hear from his this time and any attempt he makes to protect Sonny will only make him look worse.

Robin takes Elizabeth back to Shady Brook. She says Elizabeth will soon know where she stands. Elizabeth says Nikolas brought Cameron and Jake to see her and it made her feel like a bad mother. Robin gives Elizabeth some pictures that Cam and Jake drew for her and says the boys think she is a great mom. Elizabeth says she feels like her life is on hold until she finds out who the babyís father is.

At Wyndemere, Alexis suggests to Nikolas that he wants the baby to be his. He admits that he is excites. She asks him how it will affect him if Lucky is the father. He says it wonít change the way he feels about Elizabeth. Alexis says it might change the way Lucky feels about Elizabeth. Nikolas says Lucky has let go of the history that kept him and Elizabeth together. He adds that Elizabeth isnít interested in anything but taking care of her children anyway. He says that if he is the childís father, it could be a bridge to bring him and Elizabeth together. He observes that Alexis and Sonny have been able to get along because of the daughter they share. Alexis tells him that she and Sonny are not a situation to emulate. He says that apparently their relationship has evolved to the place where she can defend him against murder charges. She is surprised that he knows about it. He tells her that he feels a responsibility to the people that he loves, which her daughter, Molly recently reminded him of. She tells him that Molly is an excellent example because Alexis and Mollyís father, Rik barely speak to each other. He tells her that his point is that this baby will bond him and Elizabeth forever if he is the father and he hopes that Elizabeth will eventually see that they can be good together.

Spinelli joins Maxie at Jakeís Roadhouse. He apologizes for being late and tells her that someone attempted to break into Bernieís office. At the bar, Johnny orders a beer and an orange soda. Spinelli says the intruder escaped by jumping two stories off the roof. As he says it, he notices Johnnyís state of disarray. Johnny says that is one hell of a leap. He offers the soda to Spinelli and proposes a toast to old friends. Spinelli refuses to toast to Johnnyís choice to take the path to destruction. Maxie tells Spinelli that she doesnít think Johnny wants to talk about it. Spinelli observes that words are unnecessary; Johnnyís demeanor screams revenge. He says he is afraid that in his effort to destroy Sonny, Johnny will destroy himself. Maxie says she understands Johnny wanting to put everything on the line to make Sonny pay for killing his sister.

At the police station, Lucky tells Dante that he makes a point of putting his friendship with Sonny aside when he goes to work. Dante says his mother always says, ďLove the sinner; hate the sin.Ē Lucky says Olivia is wise but it isnít always as easy as it sounds. Lucky admits that he doesnít think he could go after his father the way they are going after Sonny. Dante says he likes everything that he knows about Luke but Sonny is different; he has to be stopped, father or not. Ronnie enters the police station and Dante asks him what he is doing there. Ronnie says it isnít his choice; the Feds are putting together a task force and the two of them will be working with him to shut down the mob in Port Charles.

At the Metro Court, Carly goes to the concierge and asks Joey if she received a package. He reaches under the counter and produces a flat, square box. When she turns away from the concierge desk and begins to open the box, Jax emerges from another room. He asks her what she has, and she shows him proofs from Josselynís christening. He points out a picture of the three of them together and she says she was so happy. He says they should be together as a family like they are in the picture. He says he is sure that this isnít good for the kids. She asks him if he is ready to come home. He tells her that when she stormed into the courtroom, he hated what she was doing, but he loved the way she stood up for the people she loves. He tells her that he wants them to fight for each other. She tells him that sometimes you almost have to lose something to remember to hold on. He tells her that they can rebuild when this is over and the kids are safe. She realizes that he doesnít regret setting Sonny up.

At the police station, Ronnie says he told the Feds that Dante had been compromised but they wanted him on the team anyway because of the intelligence Dante had gathered. Ronnie says he thinks Danteís loyalty is questionable. Dante asks Ronnie if he told the Feds that he covered up for a murderer. Ronnie says Franco is gone and they wonít see him again but Sonny is still there. Ronnie asks Dante how he could let a mobster go for shooting a cop. Dante says the gunshot was self-inflicted and Sonny is on trial for killing his wife. Ronnie says that if Sonny walks, Dante might as well pull the trigger on the next person Sonny kills. Dante tells him that if he is trying to get him to violate anyoneís rights or to tamper with evidence, he can forget it because if they do that, they are no better than the mobsters are.

At Jakeís, Maxie tells Spinelli that she understands what it is like to have a sister taken away. Spinelli says vengeance doesnít solve anything; it invites retaliation and more vengeance. Maxie says she admires Johnny. She says Sonny has Jason and his whole organization but Johnny has no one. She says he is facing an impossible situation but his devotion to his cause is inspiring. Coleman goes over to the bar and tells Johnny that in his war with Sonny, Jakeís Roadhouse is neutral Ė no bullets. Johnny agrees. Coleman says going after Sonny could be hazardous to Johnnyís health. Johnny says it feels too good to quit. Ethan enters, goes over to Johnny, and says he will take his cut in small bills. Johnny tells him he didnít even get in the door because the cops, specifically Lucky showed up. Ethan concludes that the break-in was a bust, but Johnny says he got exactly what he wanted.

Jake is talking on the phone at his penthouse. He and asks the person if anything was taken. Someone knocks on the door so he tells the person he will call them right back. He opens the door to Lucky. Lucky says he is sure Jason has probably heard about the attempted break-in. Jason says Bernie just told him about it. He asks Lucky if he was the person that chased the burglar off. Lucky confirms it and adds that he was shot at in the process. Jason asks Lucky if he identified the person. Lucky nods and says it was Bill Clinton; Maxís favorite Halloween costume. Jason says Lucky knows it wasnít Max. Lucky says they both know who it was. Jason thanks Lucky for the heads-up. Lucky tells Jason that he isnít here to fill him in; he is here to tell him that he knows Johnny is pushing Jason, but Jason needs to let Lucky go after Johnny.

Nikolas goes to General Hospital and asks Epiphany if she has seen Elizabeth. He says Elizabeth doesnít want to see him or Lucky and he doesnít want to pressure her. Epiphany asks him why he is there, in that case. He says he has a board meeting. Epiphany informs him that Elizabeth already left and if he wants more details than that, he will have to talk to Robin, since Robin took Elizabeth back to Shady Brook. Nikolas goes over to Robin and asks her how Elizabeth is doing. She says Elizabeth doesnít give herself enough credit. He thanks her for taking care of Elizabeth. She tells him she owes him an apology because she should have encouraged him to be honest when he confided in her about his feelings for Elizabeth. He tells he had to figure that out for himself. He says she was a good friend by listening to him without judging. He says Elizabeth is lucky to have Robin in her corner. Robin says she is in Nikolasís corner too. Robin says Elizabeth feel that she has ruined her relationships with both Nikolas and Lucky and is devastated by both loses. Nikolas says Elizabeth hasnít lost him. Robin says Elizabeth may not be able to accept his help. She says the only thing Elizabeth can think about is finding out who the babyís father is.

Meanwhile, Helena is in the boardroom talking to the lab technician. She tells him that she wants to be the first person to know the paternity test results and then she will decide what she wants Elizabeth, Nikolas, and Lucky to know.

At the triage station, Robin tells Nikolas that Elizabeth draws her strength from her children and she is looking to them as incentive to get well. He hopes that they can all heal when they discover the identity of the babyís father. He says he hopes things work out between him and Elizabeth. He thanks Robin for looking out for him and Elizabeth and then he leaves to go to the board meeting. He walks over to the room where Helena is talking to the lab technician.

At Jasonís penthouse, he asks Lucky if Johnny shot at him. Lucky says they were just warning shots to get him to duck and cover while Johnny escaped. Lucky tells Jason to consider this his warning shot. He says Jason needs to leave Johnny to him. Jason protests that Johnny is out of control. Lucky asks Jason if he can blame Johnny after what happened to his sister. Jason asks Lucky what he would do if someone tried to take down Luke. Lucky says he would probably say Luke deserved it. Jason asks him if he would stand around and watch. Lucky says no, but he encourages Jason to give him more time to handle Johnny. Lucky leaves the penthouse.

At Jakes Roadhouse, Johnny tells Ethan that Sonny knows by now that someone tried to knock off his base of operations. He says people torch and burn warehouses all the time but to do that to Sonnyís offices would cripple him. Ethan says that is great, but they are no closer to getting Sonnyís hundred grand. Johnny says Sonny will now have to scramble to move a piece of his business. Ethan says the day wasnít a total waste because he spent it with Bernieís hot secretary. He says he is going to go find her now. Johnny wishes him luck with that.

At their table at Jakeís, Spinelli compliments Maxieís boots to get her attention. He observes that a few minutes ago, she encouraged away from Johnnyís turmoil but now she is drawn to it. She says she is worried about Johnny. Spinelli says he sees a pattern. He observes that she is attracted to dark, reckless men. She vehemently denies it and he says she protests too much.

At Metro Court, Jax tells Carly that he will not apologize for protecting his family. She asks him how putting Michael at risk is protecting him. Jax asks her why she canít see that Sonny going to prison is the only way to protect the kids. Carly says that is his obsession talking. He tells her that he saw the price she paid when she sat at Michaelís beside every night when he was in a coma, but it is fine with him if she wants to say it is all about him going after Sonny. He tells her she has to realize the only way to protect their family is for Sonny to go to prison. She says she is sick of him thinking his hatred for Sonny is for the greater good because it is not. Jax tells her that if anyone else had shot Dante after he saved Morganís life, Carly would be first in line to scratch their eyes out but she is blinded when it comes to Sonny. She asserts that Sonny is her childrenís father. He reminds her that she took the boys away from Sonny after Michael was shot because she was concerned for their safety but then she let Sonny draw them back in. he says he doesnít understand how she could do that. He asks her how she will live with herself when something else happens to one of her kids because of her loyalty to Sonny. He tells her that nothing will happen to Josselyn because he wonít let her anywhere near Sonny. Jax walks away. Carly picks up the box of proofs, but the box falls to the floor and the pictures scatter. Carly is alarmed when she sees something among the pictures.

At General Hospital, Nikolas drops his folder outside of the conference room. As he is picking up the papers, Lisa approaches him and says she thought he had left for the day. He tells her he has a board meeting. Helena overhears from within. Nikolas picks up his papers and opens the door.

At Shady Brook, Elizabeth tapes the boysí drawings on the wall in her room. Alexis comes to visit her. Elizabeth says she is tired because she just came back from the hospital. She says it was nice to get out of the room but seeing people was exhausting. She says she constantly feels like she needs to explain her behavior. Alexis tells her that people have short memories and shorter attention spans. She says Elizabeth will be out from under the microscope as soon as someone else falls from grace. Elizabeth says she thinks she will be ok if she can be half the single mom that Alexis is. Alexis says Jake and Cam are wonderful boys. Elizabeth says she just hopes she will be able to give her children everything they deserve. Alexis reveals that Nikolas has set aside a substantial amount to provide for her baby. She hands Elizabeth a folder. Elizabeth asks her why Nikolas would want to give money to her child. Alexis says Nikolas is worried about security for this baby and Spencer. She says he wants them to be financially independent of the Cassadines so Helena will be less likely to assert influence. Elizabeth says she doesnít understand what she would be agreeing to. Alexis says there are no conditions; the child will be set up with a trust fund regardless of paternity. Elizabeth says she told Nikolas that she doesnít want a future with him. Alexis says Nikolas isnít trying to change Elizabethís feelings. He just wants her and the baby to be secure.

Nikolas changes his mind about entering the conference room. He tells Lisa they should talk in the corridor because the board members will arrive soon. Nikolas and Lisa walk down the hall. Helena and the lab technician leave the room while Nikolasí back is turned. Nikolas asks Lisa if she has had any problems. She assures him that she did what he wanted but she wonders about hospital policy. Steve Webber comes up to them and asks Nikolas if Elizabeth is still there. Nikolas tells him that Robin already took Elizabeth back to Shady Brook. Steve asks how Elizabeth is doing and Nikolas admits that he doesnít know because Elizabeth didnít want him or Lucky here for the test. Steve spies Epiphany so he goes over to her and asks her if she saw Elizabeth. She tells him that she did, that she is doing fine, and that the test went well without complications. Meanwhile, Lisa confirms to Nikolas that she sent the paternity test to an independent lab. He tells her that it is essential that he get a backup test. She asks him if that isnít a little extreme. He says one can never be too careful where his family is concerned.

Clare Walsh goes to the police station. She sees Dante and observes to him that he canít wait to get back to work. He tells her that he hasnít officially started yet; he is just there trying to get his bearings so he can ease into it. She says she thinks things will get a little rough around here so he might not have much time to acclimate. He tells her he is getting his strength back so he will be ok. She tells him this is his last chance to leave. He says he is a glutton for punishment so he thinks he will stick around. She tells him not to say she didnít warn him.

At Jakeís Roadhouse, Maxie tells Spinelli that Dark and reckless is so last year. She asks him what could be more badass than a Jackal anyway. Johnny is sitting at the bar drinking a beer. He turns his head and sees Coleman wearing a Bill Clinton mask.

Carly goes to Jasonís penthouse and tells him that she argued with Jax and knocked over the box of proofs from Josselynís christening. She shows him the photograph that frightened her and tells him Franco is still after him as he looks at the photograph of Franco outside the window at the christening.

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