GH Update Wednesday 3/3/10

General Hospital Update Wednesday 3/3/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

Lucky goes to Shadybrook to see Elizabeth who is an emotional wreck. Lucky says that he received Liz’s urgent message to come to Shadybrook. Elizabeth brings up the paternity test which is scheduled for today. Elizabeth doesn’t want Lucky at GH while she has the test done. Lucky is bothered but Liz insists that she’s not mad at him. Elizabeth doesn’t want Nikolas and Lucky fighting over her. Lucky agrees to Elizabeth’s request but he isn’t happy about it. Lucky storms out. Nikolas shows up to speak to Liz. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that she doesn’t want him at the hospital during the test. Nikolas promises to back off. Nikolas leaves, visibly saddened by his awkward talk with Elizabeth.

Robin visits Sonny at home. Robin brings along a box of cupcakes. Robin asks how Sonny is doing. Sonny is stressed out about the upcoming trial. Sonny wants to do what’s best for his children. Robin hopes that Sonny still has time to have a relationship with Dante. Sonny brings up Dante’s impressive business skills. Sonny feels bad that he shot Dante. Robin listens intently as Sonny talks about his frustrations with Dante. Sonny doesn’t want Robin and Patrick fighting about him.

Dante wakes up in bed and notices that Lulu is asleep in an armchair. Dante realizes that he fell asleep before he and Lulu could have sex. Lulu wakes up and walks over to the bed. Lulu and Dante kiss. They start to make out when there is a loud knock on the door. It’s Olivia. Dante hesitates to answer. Olivia insists that she needs to talk to Dante. Dante puts on his shirt and opens the door. Olivia has a pan of food in her hands. Olivia is shocked to see that Lulu has stayed overnight. Olivia and Lulu stare at each other uncomfortably. Olivia makes the wrong assumption that Lulu and Dante slept together. Lulu wants to bail but Dante asks her to stay. Lulu points out that Dante and Olivia need to have a talk. Lulu and Dante walk out of the room to speak in private. Lulu wants Dante to call her later. After Lulu leaves, Olivia and Dante have a strained conversation. Dante maintains that he loves Lulu. Dante is reluctant to trust Olivia again.

Johnny shows up at the Haunted Star. Johnny wants Ethan’s help with a job. Johnny wants to break into Bernie’s office and steal Sonny’s account information. Ethan asks for the details. Johnny says that Bernie is out of town. Johnny wants Ethan to go on a date with Jennifer, an employee at Bernie’s office. Johnny figures that Ethan can distract Jennifer while he breaks into the office.

At Kelly’s, Kristina and Kiefer sit down for a meal. Kristina is uncomfortable around Kiefer. Kiefer is excited about their date. Kristina brings up the issue with how she dresses. Kiefer thinks that Kristina is still “bothered” about the matter. Sonny intervenes and tells Kiefer to leave. Kristina defends her boyfriend. Kristina doesn’t want anything to do with Sonny. Sonny is heartbroken by Kristina’s coldness. Sonny tells Kristina that he wants to have a relationship with her. Kristina feels bad so she asks Sonny to join them. Sonny cringes as he watches Kristina reach for Kiefer’s hand. Sonny suddenly stands up and says that he needs to leave. After Sonny’s departure, Kristina admits to Kiefer that she “hates” her father sometimes.

Lucky visits Luke at the casino. Lucky says that the hospital took his DNA sample for the paternity test. Luke remembers that today is the test. Luke asks Lucky what he plans on doing if the baby is his. Luke reminds Lucky that he has always wanted to be a father. Lucky isn’t naïve about Elizabeth anymore. Lucky believes that Elizabeth is “poison” for him. Lucky says that he talked to Liz and she is okay with everything. Dante shows up looking for Lulu. Lucky is happy to see Dante. Lucky comments that Dante will soon be a cop for the PCPD. Luke doesn’t want to listen to any cop talk so he leaves. Dante vents about his issues with Sonny. Lucky gets a phone call. Lucky tells Dante that he needs to check out a “possible break-in”.

Elizabeth is getting ready to leave Shadybrook. Robin pays Liz a visit. Elizabeth confides to Robin that she is scared about what will happen. Liz recalls her bad luck with relationships, citing her problems with Lucky and Jason as examples. Robin praises Elizabeth for facing her fears head-on. Elizabeth announces that Nikolas wants to marry her. Robin is surprised by the news. The women put on their coats and leave the room.

At the hospital, Helena meets with the lab technician conducting the paternity test. Helena produces an envelope filled with cash. Helena wants the tech to do as she says.

Olivia runs into Johnny outside of the diner. Olivia and Johnny embrace. Johnny is preoccupied. Olivia senses that Johnny is still bitter toward Sonny. Johnny quickly kisses Olivia before leaving in a hurry.

At the hospital, Lisa tells Epiphany that she has Nikolas’ sample ready for the paternity test. The lab tech asks for the samples to conduct the test.

Ethan and Jennifer enter Kelly’s. Kristina is mad that Ethan is out on a date. Kiefer is amused by it and says that Ethan has moved on from Kristina. Kiefer leaves the diner. Ethan flirts back and forth with Jennifer. Kristina watches in disgust. Ethan implies that Jennifer and Bernie are seeing each other. Jennifer laughs at the thought. Jennifer maintains that she’s “single”. Kristina butts in. Ethan introduces Kristina to Jennifer. Ethan and Kristina speak in private. Ethan makes it clear that he isn’t interested in Kristina. Kristina is mad that Sam told Ethan to back off.

Patrick shows up at the Corinthos house. Patrick confesses to Sonny that he has known the truth about Dante for months. Patrick explains that he found out from Kate Howard. Patrick justifies his silence by saying it wasn’t his secret to tell. Sonny wishes that Patrick would have come clean before he shot Dante. Patrick is sickened that Sonny would shoot Dante. Sonny is irate that so many people have lied about Dante’s paternity. Sonny thinks that Patrick is uncompassionate about the situation.

Nikolas and Alexis meet at Wyndemere to talk about setting up a trust for Liz’s unborn baby. Alexis thinks that Nik is jumping to conclusions that the baby is indeed his. Nikolas wants everything set just in case.

Robin and Elizabeth arrive at the hospital. Kelly escorts Liz to a room. Epiphany and Lisa talk about the paternity test. Epiphany fears that the test will only bring on more drama. Unbeknownst to them, Helena is lurking around.

Music plays in the background as Elizabeth prepares for her paternity test, Nikolas finishes filling out the trust papers, and Lucky shows up at Bernie’s office. Lucky comes upon a suspect (wearing a Clinton mask) fleeing the scene. The suspect runs back into the building. Lucky follows behind. On the roof, Lucky and the suspect both shoot at each other.

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