GH Update Tuesday 3/2/10

General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/2/10


Written by Carrie
Pictures by Juanita

In her room at Shadybrook, Elizabeth informs Lucky and Nikolas that she’ll be taking the paternity test as soon as possible. Lucky worries that it’s too early but Liz insists that the baby will be alright. Nikolas agrees with Liz that finding out the baby’s paternity is a priority. Elizabeth is still reeling from her earlier conversation with Lucky.

At the Haunted Star, Jason accuses Johnny and Ethan of breaking into the Corinthos warehouse. Ethan is offended by the comment. Ethan maintains that he is innocent. Johnny tells Jason that Sonny needs to pay for Claudia. Johnny is bitter about the situation. Jason warns Johnny and Ethan one last time that they need to stay away. Alone, Johnny suggests to Ethan that he shouldn’t get involved in a mob war. Ethan wants to work together with Johnny, claiming that he could use the extra money. Johnny isn’t interested in the money – he wants revenge. Ethan tells Johnny that he is open to working with him again. Johnny leaves before Luke walks in.

Claire questions Dante in the courtroom. Claire fears that Dante isn’t going to help the prosecution when the trial begins. Dante doesn’t like Claire’s probing questions. Claire says that Dante will end up sabotaging the case against Sonny. Claire wants to call Dante as a “hostile witness”. Lulu intervenes and sticks up for Dante. Lulu advises Claire to be nice to Dante since he is the best witness for the prosecution. Dante is frustrated since Claire’s motives aren’t clear-cut. Claire wonders why Lulu is defensive. Lulu doesn’t want Dante to get hurt. Claire leaves the courtroom. Lulu says that she has a few questions to ask Dante before they leave. Dante is amused by Lulu’s line of questioning. Lulu asks if Dante has ever been in love. Dante’s reply is “once”. Lulu is thrilled by Dante’s answer when she realizes that he is speaking of her.

Jax barges into Sonny’s living room. Jax is mad that Sonny allowed Carly to lie to Judge Carroll. Carly doesn’t understand why Jax is bothered. Carly reminds Jax that she and Sonny will always have a connection – their children. Jax believes that Carly loses objectivity when it comes to Sonny. Jax and Carly argue about Sonny. Sonny butts in and tells Jax that he should accept responsibility for keeping quiet about Dante. Sonny raises his voice as he goes on about Jax’s involvement in the matter. Sonny makes a vague threat about getting rid of Jax. Carly looks at Sonny in horror. Jax and Sonny continue to fight about the same old issue – Dante. Jax tells Carly that she needs to wake up and see Sonny for who he really is. Jax storms out of the room.

Robin watches in dismay as Patrick and Lisa get drunk at Jake’s. Lisa playfully flirts with Coleman and Patrick. Lisa jumps off the bar into Patrick’s waiting arms. Robin can’t believe what she’s witnessing. Robin smiles nervously at Patrick. Patrick is happy to see his wife but Robin seems distracted. Robin is having a hard time dealing with Sonny’s situation. Robin is constantly reminded of her time with Stone. Patrick wants to be supportive of his wife.

At home, Molly tells Kristina that she has a ton of voicemail messages from Kiefer. Kristina is mad that Molly has her cell phone. Molly senses that Kristina is avoiding Kiefer. Kristina insists that she isn’t fighting with her boyfriend. Molly hopes that Kristina works things out with Kiefer. Molly believes that love will prevail. Kristina explains that her relationship with Kiefer is complicated. Molly comments that Kiefer is “passionate” and hopes to marry someone like him. There is a knock on the door. It’s Kiefer. Molly urges Kristina to talk to Kiefer. Kristina is unreceptive toward Kiefer. Kristina says that she’s busy but Molly interferes in the conversation. Kristina agrees to talk to Kiefer outside. Kiefer divulges that he can’t do anything without thinking of Kristina. Kiefer assumes that Kristina is dating someone else but she insists that isn’t the case. Kiefer is worried that his grades are dropping. Kristina believes that she and Kiefer are bad for each other. Kiefer says that he loves Kristina. Kristina worries that Kiefer will hit her again. Kiefer wants to spend as much time with Kristina before he goes to Harvard. Kiefer suggests taking things slow. Kristina doesn’t think that Kiefer is being genuine.

At the Metro Court restaurant, Claire and Jax meet to talk about the case. Claire believes that Carly is going to be a problem for the prosecution. Carly shows up and interrupts the conversation. Claire is smug about the trial. Claire gets up and heads out the door. Carly informs a waiter that no more customers will be admitted on the floor. Carly implies that the floor will be used for a private party. Jax is expecting a fight with Carly now that they are alone. Carly takes Jax by surprise when she kisses him. Carly and Jax start to undress each other. After sex, Carly tells Jax that she wanted to “remind” him that they belong together.

Lulu and Dante return to his place. Lulu offers to get some soup from Mike. Dante is preoccupied. Dante brings up the day of the shooting. Dante doesn’t know how to proceed with Olivia. Lulu wants Dante to be honest with his feelings. Dante confides that his feelings for Lulu haven’t changed. Lulu smiles warmly. They kiss but Lulu backs away. Lulu doesn’t want Dante to jeopardize his recovery. Dante thinks that Lulu doesn’t want to sleep with him. Lulu insists that she can’t wait to be with Dante but fears that he could have a heart attack. They resume their kissing. Dante gets into the bed. Lulu is nervous about their first time. Lulu undresses but Dante has fallen asleep. Lulu looks at Dante in admiration.

Elizabeth returns to her hospital room. Nikolas and Lucky sit in anticipation of what Liz will say. Elizabeth announces that she will be meeting with Kelly tomorrow. Elizabeth wants to take the test so everyone will know the truth. Outside the room, Nikolas and Lucky speak briefly about Elizabeth. Nik wants he and Lucky to “co-exist” for the sake of the baby. Lucky agrees to be civil for the time being. Nikolas and Lucky leave Shadybrook. Unbeknownst to them, Helena has entered Liz’s room. Liz is fast asleep. Helena makes a comment that Nikolas is the baby’s father.

Jason shows up at the Haunted Star. Jason wants to have a chat with Luke. Jason brings up the troubles at Sonny’s warehouse. Luke doesn’t understand what it has to do with him. Jason says that Johnny and Ethan are involved. Luke listens as Jason talks about the trouble that Ethan is in. Luke asks how he should help his son. Jason wants Ethan to stay out of the way or he will have no choice but to retaliate.

Michael enters the living room. Sonny and Michael speak about the arraignment. Michael is mad that he couldn’t go to the courthouse. Sonny relays that Dante stuck by his accidental-shooting story. Michael is thankful that his father is out on bail. However, Michael feels slighted by Sonny’s growing fondness of Dante. Sonny reassures Michael that he is protecting him.

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